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Explains everything

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Explains Everything". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy takes Dawn and moves to Forks, Washington where a new lucrative job along with a university scholarship awaits her. ~Nominated for best Twilight Cross and best portrayal of Buffy~

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Twilight > Multiple PairingsShulikFR153792,90538478140,28222 Nov 0917 Jan 10Yes

Welcome to town

See disclaimers in ch.1

A/N- SEE, reviewing this story will definitely make me work faster. Two updates in one day, that's awesome for a procrastinator like me!

Thank God Buffy’s driving had improved over the years, she could now compensate for the fact that other drivers didn’t have her supernatural reflexes and she wasn’t such a menace behind the wheel anymore.

Dawn smiled behind her Ray Bans as she stuck her hand out of the window, the warm wind whipped through her hair as she reveled in the feeling of sunlight on her skin. Buffy was humming one of her favourite songs as the radio was cranked up to the loudest level it could go to, a Uhaul connected to their car full of their posessions trailed after them like a big flag signaling to everybody that they were moving. Dawn smiled, she knew that she would have most likely been bitchy about yet another move but all she could do was bask in the feeling of happiness that something was going right for them in such a major way.

Buffy’s interview with the principal of Forks High School was conducted over the phone, and combined with her glowing recommendations and letters of support from her students- it was a no brainer that the school was paying for them to move from California to Washington. They decided to do the roadtrip thing, both of them had their licenses and could take turns driving if the other one got too tired. They had lots of junk foody goodness, stocking up on chocolate to keep them hyper on sugar and turkey sandwiches that Dawn made before heading out for their new life.

Dawn glanced at her sister who was singing along to the radio, her surprisingly pretty voice rising and falling along to the song. Buffy caught her look and grinned in happiness, winking at her before signaling a turn into Clallam county. Their cherry red Pontiac Firebird revved as it hugged the curves, the cosmopolitan feeling of the big city giving way to the more countryside scenery of trees and gorgeous nature.

Buffy turned down the radio, “Dawnie I can smell the sea.” The look of happiness on her face was rarely seen in Sunnydale and Dawn was glad that her sister was smiling a lot more often these days.

Dawn laughed, “Buffy, you know that we’re not in California anymore. You can’t go tanning on the beach here.”

Buffy shrugged unrepentant, and smiled again “ I don’t care, as long as I have water near where we live- I can die a happy woman.”

Impulsively, the younger sister leaned across her seat and gave Buffy a peck on the cheek. Buffy glowed with happiness and carefree goodwill as she smiled at Dawn, turning up the radio they followed the signs into the town of Forks.

Carlisle Cullen stood in his kitchen staring out into the trees surrounding his house, his arm slung around his wife Esme as they both contemplated what the arrival of their last living descendant would bring.

“Do you think we’re doing the right thing bringing them into this world?” Carlisle murmured pressing a kiss to Esme’s temple. “I mean with the Volturi and Victoria - if they find out that vampires are hiding living human descendants, there's bound to be trouble. Am I being selfish wanting Buffy somewhere close?”

Esme shook her head “no honey, she’s family. Besides, we need to see what’s going on in her life. Why there are records of her death but she’s enrolled in school. We need to make sure that she’s safe, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep her that way.”

Carlisle smiled and hugged her closer to him, as he turned around to face his assembled children- he noticed a look of distress on Alice’s pixie like features.

“I still can’t see anything about her, it’s like there’s a green mist surrounding everything she does,” Alice complained while Jasper tried to ease her worries.

“Don’t worry, we’ve received word that she’s accepted the counseling position and that she’s bringing her little sister with her. She will be going to the University of Washington to finish her degree and Dawn will be enrolling with you all at Forks High.” He and Esme had kept careful tabs on their descendants but the fact that Buffy had a younger sister still came as a shock to them. Joyce was their direct descendant, a many times granddaughter that died leaving her two children alone with a deadbeat father offering no support to them. Carlisle tried sending money to them as a long lost relative, but he never received confirmation that they received anything.

Now that Buffy and Dawn would be coming to live in Forks, he and his family would make sure to keep closer tabs on their only living relatives.

He looked contemplatively at Rosalie who was busily trying to chart the route they would most likely be taking on a map that Emmett had somehow procured. He was very surprised at the ease that she accepted her new human siblings as compared to the animosity she still felt for Bella. When he had privately talked to her about, she explained that it was because they were already family. They were the last living proof that a Cullen had walked the earth once upon a time. Carlisle smiled, Rosalie had stopped thinking of herself as a Hale a long time ago and firmly cemented her place as a Cullen daughter when he ‘adopted’ her into his little makeshift family.

Edward was brooding on the couch, his mood entirely dark ever since he prevented Jasper from attacking Bella at her birthday. Jasper had only sensed the blood with the thought of attack barely formulating in his head and Edward was on him, snarling in his rage at protecting his mate. He had forgiven his brother knowing that his control around humans was weak, but all his thoughts these days centered on the fact that Bella didn’t belong in their world. She was too fragile, too easily broken.

Carlisle sat down next to Esme and tried to focus on the movie playing on the television, no matter what happened Buffy and Dawn were coming to Forks, things were set in motion and no matter how much he would have liked- there was very little he could do to change the course of events to come.


Charlie knocked on Bella’s door again, hearing her muffled sobs his heart broke again as he thought about how much he would love to punch that little Edward kid.

“Bella you need to eat,” he called out to her. His shy, closed nature would never permit him to talk about how worried he was, about how much he had come to love his daughter living with him. So he spoke about the safest and most practical concern he could, his daughter’s need for sustenance. After coming back from the Cullens Bella spent three days locked in her room, barely eating the diner bought food Charlie would bring to her door. He knew that his cooking was garbage, so rather than make the situation worse by feeding his daughter barely edible burned eggs- Charlie Swan came by the Forks diner at three every day, picking up his day’s order and carrying it home to feed his broken hearted daughter.

“Bella please…” he called out softly, something in his voice must have gone through and the door opened. Eyes red and puffy, hair limp against her shoulders- his beautiful little girl stood there, pitiful, broken and sad.

Involuntarily his arm came to snake her into a hug that he wouldn’t have tried under different circumstances. Thankfully she squeezed as tight as she could into him, almost trying to burrow into her dad’s embrace.

As they moved into her room, still hugging, he could see the signs of Bella’s mood everywhere. Clothes strewn around, a broken vase lying on the floor. He sat his daughter down on her bed and put the bag of food beside her. He bent down and using a pan carefully picked up the shards of the vase, so that Bella wouldn’t hurt herself.

He sat down next to her on the bed.

“How’re you doing?”

Bella didn’t say anything at first, just continued listlessly chewing on a French fry.
“He still hasn’t called,” her voice was soft, hoarse with crying.

Charlie sighed. “Have you tried calling him?”

“Yeah, he’s not picking up” that Edward kid was definitely dead the next time Charlie Swan would come across him.

He ran his fingers through his daughter’s hair, softly stroking the auburn tresses he asked her “What happened on your birthday?”

Bella shook her head “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Charlie frowned as a thought occurred to him, in a voice barely controlled with anger he asked “Did he hurt you?”

Bella jumped up, crossing her arms across her chest in a subconsciously defensive gesture. “God no dad! We just had a fight…”

Charlie looked at his daughter carefully, he knew that she wasn’t telling the truth but he couldn’t really press further.

“Alright. Listen Bells, I have to go pick up the new guidance counselor for the school. She’s coming into town today and I need to show her the house, the Realtor sick- so I have to be the town’s welcome wagon.” It was a testament to his nature that Charlie thought nothing about filling in for the town’s only Realtor, it was so rare that newcomers came into Forks that he thought the introduction to the sheriff right off the bat would be a good welcome.

“Do you want to come with?” his eyes held hope that she would accept the offer, maybe come out of her room and spend time with her dad.

Bella chewed her lip and then slowly nodded. “Yeah let me just change quickly, and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

His heart jumped in joy as he smiled eagerly, “alright, just don’t take too long. They’ve been driving from California apparently.”

“What kind of crazy Californians would move to a town where it’s sunny only a couple of weeks out of the year?” Bella asked moving to pick out a clean sweatshirt from her closet.

Charlie laughed, thankful that his daughter was asking such an inane question.
“The kind you’re going to meet.”


And in the woods outside her house, Jacob Black stood looking at her window. He saw Charlie hug her and the rage that was threatening to choke him these last couple of days went down a notch. He hated the vampires with a passion, he hated seeing the girl he loved so hurt. A soft growl escaped his chest as he moved further into the woods, running to let out the excess of adrenaline in his system.
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