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Explains everything

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Explains Everything". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy takes Dawn and moves to Forks, Washington where a new lucrative job along with a university scholarship awaits her. ~Nominated for best Twilight Cross and best portrayal of Buffy~

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Twilight > Multiple PairingsShulikFR153792,90538478140,35222 Nov 0917 Jan 10Yes

Family Night

Buffy and Co belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Actually I think they may just belong to Mutant Enemy and/or Kuzui Enterprises now.

Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

Response to Anneliese's BtVS/Twilight Challenge.

Dawn has just turned eighteen in this story, she's going into her senior year of high school. Having missed a year of school while dealing with the First in Sunnydale, and the whole town evacuating- she's going to be a bit older than the other kids in her classes.

Buffy's twenty five.

A/N- I'm throwing out the first chapter for the challenge, and depending on the reviews- we'll see if I stick with the story. I have the storyline in my head, complete with the pairings and the intros to the Cullens.

I'm very anti-Twilight, (Team Spike all the way!), so this is my way of challenging myself to see if I can actually write Edward and Bella as sympathetic characters.
Also, I'm going to be messing with the Meyer mythology a bit because let's face it- sparkly vampires suck. It goes everything in vampire lore, and it's just illogical. If vamps were that hard to kill, what would stop them from taking over the human population? Also, if vamps with Dracula-like gifts were as common as Meyer wrote them to be, chances are that the humans around them would be dead, dead, dead. Seeing as how the Cullens are a major anomaly in the Meyer vamp world, there really would be nothing standing between vamps like James, Victoria and Laurent and the humans they view as snacks.

So- be prepared for me to shift things around. Probably in a major way.

“Hey Buffy! You’ve got mail sitting on the countertop!” Dawn’s voice yelled out somewhere from upstairs as her older sister sighed. The girl had just turned eighteen and she *still* behaved like a young teen sometimes.

Buffy dumped her bag and papers on the high chair nearest to the door and went into the kitchen, shrugging off her jacket with one hand while the other one was opening the freezer and taking out an extra large everything toppings pizza. The pounding of feet alerted her to her sister’s presence and Dawn squeezed her five foot nine frame past Buffy as she reached for some chocolate milk.

“Oh hey cool, we’re having pizza for dinner” Dawn was a lot more optimistic about life now that she didn’t have to share her sister with everybody that needed Buffy to be their general.
Buffy smiled at her much taller sibling “we’ve been having pizza for the last week in a row, you don’t have to act like you still like it.”

Dawn huffed and then grinned unrepentantly “Buff, you know I don’t care what we eat. I just want to spend time with my older sister,” she jumped up and with a throwback to her younger, coltish grace she enveloped her sister in a hug. The Summers sisters stood like that for a while and then Dawn jumped back to her seat, sprinkling cinnamon on top of her chocolate milk.

Buffy wrinkled her nose “ewww, how can you drink that? Doesn’t it make the milk go bad?”

“Nope, if you drink within the first five minutes before the cinnamon completely dissolves it gives it this nice foamy taste” as usual, her little sister’s tastebuds were completely wacked, either by funky monk engineering or by some cosmic joke that the Powers were surely laughing at to this day.

Buffy moved towards the mail on the counter, flipping through every letter she casually asked “Have you heard anything from the guys lately?”

Dawn stilled her movements of joy at consuming her yucky beverage of choice and looked at her sister carefully.
“Sorry, I haven’t talked to them since LA.”

Two years ago.
After the destruction of Sunnydale, when the bus full of injured potentials turned into healing slayers rolled into LA, the first place that they looked to for help was Angel who was dealing with his own apocalypse. She and Faith were the first to volunteer to help him, while Giles and Xander refused anything to do with ‘Deadboy’ as Xander kept referring to him. That was the second big rift in their relationship. The first one was of course the moment when they decided to kick her out of her own house, not content with her style of leadership they voted to disgrace the only person who had stood between annihilation and them time and again. Sure Buffy came back, sure she saved the day but after that night when she had felt as the lowest of the low, that night when she questioned her living purpose- she never quite forgave her friends, the ones that could betray her so easily and then act as if nothing happened.

During their stay in LA, it was Giles who was the most excited about reconstructing the new Council, about starting over the support structure for the hundreds of slayers awakening all over the earth. Willow was busy, basking in the glow of newfound love with the eighteen year old Kennedy to worry about the fact that the oldest slayer alive only came down to join the others for meal times and spent the rest of her time cooped up in her room, talking with either Dawn or Angel. Buffy’s sister was the only one to come up and apologize for her betrayal, sobbing tears of remorse she crawled into bed with her and spent the whole night talking, rehashing over old wrongs, mending broken fences and bonding more than they had in the previous three years. Angel, beautiful brooding Angel was another surprise. Buffy no longer looked at him with longing, with the faint hope that someday he would be the one to ‘taste her ready cookie dough’. As stupid as the analogy had been, it was right. She couldn’t spend the rest of her life waiting for him to forgive himself, she was twenty three years old and she was tired of living in the shadows.

So Buffy planned, with her sister backing up her every move she planned for the rest of her life. They talked about their hopes and dreams, what they wanted most from the world and Buffy realized now that all the slayers were activated, she really didn’t have any obligation to stay with the rest of the gang. The gang who were too busy ignoring the leader they so easily betrayed, they weren’t factored into Buffy and Dawn’s plans. Buffy talked about how she wanted to finish her psychology degree, despite that evil bitch Maggie Walsh she still felt passionate about helping people. Dawn talked about her love of art, her feeling of closeness to their mother whenever she was in an art gallery or a museum. She talked about the fine arts programs in various colleges and Buffy, for the first time in a long time, *really* listened to her sister.

It was Faith that surprised them the most though. She and Robin came up into Buffy’s room one night, holding hands and carrying a briefcase. She grinned her usual cocky smirk and then proceeded to destroy Buffy’s expectations of the old Faith Lehane and became somebody much closer. Somebody that Buffy owed her new life to.

She sat on the bed between the two sisters as Robin leaned casually against the doorway, keeping an eye out for any eavesdroppers.

“Faith,” Buffy cautiously greeted her sister slayer who had been conspicuously absent from most of the meetings.

“Hey B,” her face fresh from the harsh makeup she normally wore, Faith was beautiful and happy as she shared a smile with Robin.

“Listen B, I know that I never got the chance to apologize for what happened, but I am. Sorry, I mean. I’m sorry.” She laughed a little self consciously.

Buffy smiled at her gently and squeezed her hand, “ I know that you never wanted that to happen. And you did apologize, on the porch.”

Faith cleared her throat and opened the briefcase.
“Yeah thanks. Listen, I know the rest of these idiots are planning for you to take the lead on building the new council but I somehow don’t think that’s really your cup of tea,” she took out a bunch of papers.

“I know that you really liked working that counseling job, and despite everything the hellmouth threw at ya- you were good at it,” at that point Robin came closer and sat on a chair by the bed.

“Buffy you’ve dealt with everything that high school could throw at you, I really believe you’ve made a big difference in these children’s lives.” The bald black man smiled at Buffy, their previous animosity was almost gone.

Buffy could only gape as Dawn took her hand and sat squeezing it in nervous anticipation.

Faith continued. “So me and Robs here, we’ve decided to give you a little going away present. There’s a high school in San Diego hiring a guidance counselor, and well- Robin nominated you for the position. We sent all your old papers into there and you have an interview next Wednesday.”

Buffy couldn’t speak as she just threw herself at her sister slayer, hugging all the air out of her. If Faith had been a normal girl, the blonde would probably have broken a couple of her ribs with the force of her hug.

That night was the biggest scandal the Scooby gang had ever had, complete with lashing out at each other, accusations being thrown back and forth. Nothing was getting resolved, and at four in the morning Buffy had stood up from where an angry Xander was still blaming her for Anya’s death and told them that whether they liked it or not- she was leaving, and taking Dawn with her. There was nothing for her there anymore, she didn’t need to lead them, didn’t need to protect them. And more importantly, she didn’t want to.

That was two years ago and the lines of communication still remained closed between the former best friends.

“Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!” her sister’s voice brought the blonde slayer out of her reverie.

She smiled at Dawn “sorry, zoned out there for a second.”

Dawn snorted as she began opening the mail “Yeah, more like for five minutes.”

The older, more mature sister stuck her tongue out as she began setting the table.

Dawn’s voice stopped her right as she was pouring OJ into the pitcher.

“Hey Buff, you should probably read this letter.”

“My hands are busy, just read it out loud to me,” Buffy replied while continuing to set dishes down. Living with her mom taught her about the importance of aesthetics, so the sisters always had a small bouquet of fresh flowers on their dining table. Buffy smiled as she smelled the fresh, summery scent coming from the orchids.

“Here’s the gist of it, a high school in Washington is asking you to come for an open counseling position. They’re even prepared to throw in a university scholarship for you and a partial scholarship for me for next year,” Dawn’s voice rose in excitement.

Buffy stopped in her tracks, money had been alright but now that she was finishing her Bachelor’s and thinking about doing a Master’s in Youth Psychology and Dawn was finishing up her junior year of high school, they really needed to start thinking of their options on how to pay for their respective educations.

“Where’s the high school?” Buffy didn’t let her voice rise in pitch, knowing that celebrating too early could result in catastrophe as Murphy really had a thing for taking all the happy out of her life. Two years away from the hellmouth and Buffy would rather be cautious than sorry.

“Forks, Washington. Hold on,” Dawn jumped off the chair and raced for her laptop in the living room. Bringing it back with her she was already reading the statistics of the town.

“Everything looks good, it’s a dinky little town with only about four thousand people but it’s really close to the University of Washington where we’d be going to school. Plus, it has a really good fine arts program going on at their high school” Dawn grinned as she raised her eyes to her sister.

“Buffy with the salary they’re offering you, we’d be able to save up so much more than we’re saving here. Everything’s always cheaper in small towns, “ she imparted this nugget of wisdom with a sage nod of the head.

“Let me see that letter,” Buffy raised her hand for the job invitation. Looking over it, a twinkle of real excitement began to sparkle in her eyes.

“I’m going to call Faith, see what Robin says about the school. We’ll decide once we get all the info.” She was still looking at the letter, a look of wonderment crept onto her features.

“Buffy, this could really be the answer to all our questions. No more supernatural, no more weirdness- just the Summers sisters making it in the wild.”

Buffy grinned, “I hardly think that Washington constitutes as the wild Dawnie.”

“Yeah well, they don’t have a mall in Forks. You have to drive thirty minutes to get to the best shopping, but apparently they have some really cool boutiques once you get there.” Dawn murmured, aware of her and her sister’s need for retail therapy.

Buffy mock gasped and raised a hand to her chest “My Lord! However will we survive without a mall in town?” unconsciously she was almost parroting Giles but Dawn didn’t feel the need to call her on it.

The oven dinged and as Buffy brought the pizza to the table, she smiled for real this time.

“We’ll see Dawnie, but if everything turns out to be okay- then this could really be the answer we’ve been looking for.”

Dawn flipped her waist length hair over her shoulder and pronounced dramatically, “Forks doesn’t know what’s coming. Cause watch out Washington! The Summers girls are coming to town!”

She and Buffy dissolved into helpless giggles at her overdramatic posturing and settled down into their dinner, full of joy, jokes and more love than most sisters shared.
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