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Seeing the Darkness

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Summary: YAHF - $20 can't buy much, but it can buy a some stage weapons, a pair of googles and a cheap, prison teacup.

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesIceWingFR1321,7701318,28523 Nov 091 Mar 10No

His Eyes Open.....

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Whedonverse, or the Underverse and it's related realities.
If you do, and you want to hand them over, along with the paperwork, I'll be happy to take them.


The first thing I noticed, before I even opened my eyes, was that it was warm...

You spend years on an ice ball, it doesn't matter how long you're off, the cold gets into your bones...

Here? Here it was warm... And there was water nearby... Liquid water... Another thing you learn to miss all to quickly. Most likely an ocean, cause of the salt. Not real close though, but within a couple of miles.

I opened my eyes, then immediately slammed them shut... Pulled down my goggles.

I hate cities... Too damn bright.

Then again, I'm not real fond of the people who live in them either...

I feel weight on my back, on my belt, and in my boot. My hands ghost across them, feeling the metal, humming, as it waits to be used, to sing.

The weight on my back, I can tell are the ulaks. Funny, I thought I lost them on Cremetoria.

Before I lost her....

And, the knife on my belt... I remember snapping the hilt off this blade I after I drove it into his skull.

And... A teacup? Why in the hell is there a prison teacup hooked on my belt?

Where the hell am I?

I open my eyes, and find myself on some backwoods colony planet, using internal combustion engines and automobiles of all things. What is this place? A museum planet?

My name is Richard B. Riddick, and for the first time in my life, I'm wondering if I've lost my mind.

And then I heard the screams.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I fade back into the shadows, before moving towards the screams.

One thing I've learned over the years, look before you leap. I may be one of the monsters, but I'm not the only one out there...

As I watch, some brunette is in a dress out of a holo-drama is being attacked by some.... Thing...

I can't help but chuckling as it's claws keep getting stuck in the layers of fabric around her legs. But, at the same time, for some bizarre reason, I've got to do something.

I shrug. Helpless woman, stupid four foot tall snarling animal.

It never sees me coming. Quick twist and it's down for good.

I watch as the woman, still trying to scramble away, twists her ankle and falls, cracking her head on the concrete.

I watch for a moment to make sure she's breathing, but it's hard to tell with that corset she's got on.

Looking around, I see and hear more of the animals nearby.

Can't just leave her here... They'll finish her off quicker than a bunch of cons in a slam would.

God damn it... I'm getting soft.

I toss her over my shoulder, and get a move on. I need a place to stash her. A hundred and ten pounds of dead weight? Last time I tried that, most of em cooked.

Too bad there aren't mercs I could dump her on... The Holy Man, he'd know what to do. Damn Necros... Me? I'll just hide her on a roof. She can call for help whenever somebody who gives more of a damn than I do shows up to wipe out these damn animals.

There's one ahead of me, between me and the building with some kind of fire escape on the side of it. I leap, using it's neck as a stepping stone for my next jump. I feel the vertebrae crunch as it starts to fall. Doesn't matter, I'm still moving upwards.

I stash the woman behind some lumber, drape a tarp over her, just to keep her hidden. Nice sized goose egg on her forehead. She's gonna feel than in the morning, but at least she'll be alive.

I ghost my way down. There's something out there, it's like a blade dragging across stone... Sets me right on edge.

What the hell is this place?

I try to find a info-kiosk, not a single one to be found. Only some archaic telecom units. I keep looking.

A piece of something blows past. I almost ignore it until I make out writing on it. I must look like an idiot chasing what turns out to be a piece of paper. Paper of all things.

Some kind of newsie. Headline section. Don't these people have flexies? How in the hell could any colony backslide this much?

There's a date on it. October 31, 1997.


What the hell is going on here? Either I've lost my mind, which I'm still keeping as a distinct possibility, or somehow I'm centuries in the past.

Keep it together!

Okay, I'm here... I'm either insane, in which case none of this matters, I'm in some kind of cryo-nightmare, which COULD be, or, I'm in the past.


The tech here looks backwards enough to be on Old Earth. So much for finding a starport and stealing a ride out of this hell hole.

Or, it could all be a dream.

Not willing to put my life on those odds.

This is some seriously weird shit.

People screaming, running around. Animals attacking... Most of these people, these sheep, they're just running and screaming...

Whatever is going on here, it's not anything resembling normal.

Story of my life.

So what the hell do I do now?

Gunshots. Well, maybe it'll be interesting at least.

The shadows wrap me in their embrace as I move towards the sounds of combat.

What I see before me, stops me in my tracks.

It's not the fool dressed as a pirate, trying his best to skewer his foe on what looks like a cutlass. He keeps overextending his reach, and...


She's making a fool of him.

I know those moves. I've seen that style.

He's so outclassed it's not even funny...

Well, yeah... It's funny...

Oh... That had to hurt. And.... Ouch... Hope he didn't need that knee any time soon.

Or the wrist.

But it can't be...

Doesn't matter that she's not facing me. I know those moves. The glint of steel in her boots.

Oh yeah, she's definitely a whole `nother animal. And, it's been a long time since I smelled beautiful.

"Are you with me, Kyra?" I whisper.
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