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Blood of the Strong

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Slayer vs. Stargate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SG1 are introduced to the wonderful world of magic. Xander/Other Character

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Stargate > GeneralMissEFR1558,17023731,43223 Nov 0926 Nov 09Yes

Heaven and Hell, Predator and Prey

'Verses: BtVS and Stargate

Disclaimers: Do not claim ownership. Made for fun, not profit.

Warnings: Language


He didn't have to watch her. He knew how she moved. Even in daylight, when she was doing nothing more important than grocery shopping, even then she moved with unearthly fluidity. Now, it was night time, her favourite time, and she was on the hunt. No aimless prowl for random vamps. No, she was hunting, and heaven help her prey, because he sure as hell wouldn't.

He didn't have to watch the humans, either. He knew they were under observation. They always were. Hell, he'd watch a hot blonde slinking along beside a shaggy pirate, if only so that he knew where NOT to be. You didn't have to be smart or trained to know that she was dangerous, and nine out of ten adults seemed to decide his eye patch was too freaky for words. Yep, didn't need to be psychic to know people were watching them.

And yet, it was too strongly ingrained. He didn't have to watch her, and he didn't have to watch the humans, but you couldn't spend your entire adult life (and longer) at war without being aware of everything and everyone. The bouncer watching them from the club entrance, across the street and some ten yards north of their position. The couple hurriedly crossing the street as they approached. The man behind them, maybe twenty feet back. There were others, but they were all human, and unlikely to be their predator or prey. They were humans, and therefore too weak to hunt them.

And yet...

They began to turn as they heard a ghost of sound from the man behind. He heard the cough of the firearm, felt the sting of something hit his chest, and flew forward into the fray. Or tried. He saw the barrel swing towards her, and buck slightly as the other man fired. He felt himself falling even as he heard another shot, the second aimed at her. He slumped to the ground as he heard the third shot. She had managed to cover most of the distance by that time, but was now slipping to the ground, arm outstretched, reaching for their attacker. Then darkness took him.
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