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Who Really Wants to be in Hufflepuff Anyways?

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Summary: Anya is sorted and has a fit.

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Harry Potter > Anya-CenterednamegoeshereFR71161051,47223 Nov 0923 Nov 09Yes
I don't own BTVS or HP

Who Really Wants to be in Hufflepuff Anyways?-

The Scooby Gang watched as Anya sat on the stool waiting for Dumbledore to place the sorting hat on her head. In the spirit of things all the teachers from Sunnydale decided to be sorted, just to see how things would have gone. And Buffy thought it was unfair that Dawn was the only one that got to be sorted.

Buffy and Xander both got Gryffindor, Willow and Andrew (Go figure) was Ravenclaw, while Spike had joined Dawn in Slytherin. It was time for Anya.

Anya's eye start to twitch and her head shake. The hat opened it's mouth, “Hufflepo-mmmfff”

Everyone watched as Anya took off the hat and started to beat it against the stool she was sitting on a moment ago. Buffy ran forward and grabbed Anya, allowing the hat to fall to the floor. As Anya was pulled away the hat croaked, “Slytherin.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Who Really Wants to be in Hufflepuff Anyways?". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking