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Getting There

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Chosen Truth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to The Hardest Thing. What happens next? [Chapters 1 and 2 have been heavily revised and chapter 3 is new]

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Television > X-Files, The(Recent Donor)EmonyFR1333,755152,69828 Oct 033 Apr 07No

Chapter 1

Title: Getting There 1/?
Author: Emony
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, X-Files belongs to Chris Carter, etc. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: end of Buffy, end of X-Files.
Series: The Chosen Truth
Summary: What happens next?
A/N: This chapter has been heavily revised from the original version posted in 2003.




He was out.

He had been for a year and a half.

Why hadn’t he gone back right there and then? Things had needed to be put into motion. He’d wanted to go back, to help. You don’t always get what you want. And what, exactly, could he have done to help fight against the First Evil; not really his field of bad guys.

In that time he’d put a team together, not an easy task due to its makeup. If the three men who made up the Lone Gunmen had not been there when he’d taken the proposal to Mulder and Scully he may not have made it out alive, for real this time. Mulder had taken hours to calm down enough to listen, and Scully hadn’t been much better.

He had told them his story, a modified version of the story the natives of Sunnydale had had two years previously. He had added in a few facts, such as the contacts he’d mentioned that were the middlemen between him and his real bosses were, in fact, the Lone Gunmen.

He was, by then, almost certain that the two ex-FBI agents believed his story, and had done so for at least two months. It wasn’t belief that was the problem; it never had been for Mulder. The problem was trust, they’d never trust in Alex Krycek and any trust they had once placed in Frohicke, Langly and Byers was now shaky at best, lost at worst.

Alex sighed as he thought on the situation, he had hated that the truth he’d given them had broken their friendships. Hope was the only thing he could have, hope that one day, when this was all over the friendships would be mended, and perhaps even he would have his own with Mulder and Scully.

Mulder had thought that he had the ‘truth’ in that date he’d found, December 22nd 2012, but that was only the beginning. Who knew where the end was to be; maybe they would stop it years beforehand, or in the nick of time, or perhaps this would be the one where they would fail.

He didn’t know all the answers, but they had to try. If you had the chance to stop the end of the world, wouldn’t you try? Or perhaps it was just something in his genes. All you can do is try and hope and pray.

His thoughts changed towards his cousin’s efforts at the same, at stopping the end of the world. Well, they were still here so she wasn’t doing so badly. But, the only recognition she had received from the ‘real world’ was a plastic umbrella. Yes, there had been some attention at her graduation, but not many had stayed afterwards.

He laughed. It wasn’t about fame; the rest of the world finding out how the world really works would not be a good thing. It had been better to enter the shadows and fight back.

The cameras had stopped working. He and Frohicke, Langly and Byers had seen them enter the school, Willow’s spell, Anya’s death, all but the fight underground.

The cameras had stopped. Two days previously. All that was left of Sunnydale was a great big hole in the ground. He didn’t care, not that so many people had lost their homes, their town. All he wanted to know was if his family had survived, if Buffy and Dawn were still alive.

The world was still here, but had they sacrificed themselves so that the Earth would keep on turning?

He couldn’t stand not knowing. They had yet to make contact with anyone, not even Angel.


The door behind Alex opened. Even though he knew that he was supposedly safe, he was still on guard. They may be in a secret installation underground, but how many times had Mulder, Scully or Buffy found a ‘secret’ installation?

A hand on his gun, hidden under his desk, he turned to face his visitor. It was Mulder. He relaxed slightly, leaving the gun in its hiding place. Mulder had changed in the year or two it had been since he had found the date. Yes, age had been a factor, but that wasn’t it. It was in the way he moved; he had become more aware of his surroundings. Since his arrival at their base he’d become even more aware, so too had Scully. They were becoming even more like him. Is that a good thing?

“K-Alex?” He stumbled, remembering Alex’s request. He had a file in his hands and his face told everything. The tall man thought he had found a new lead. Alex felt hope for a moment, but dismissed it quickly, he knew what the man had found and could see why he thought it was a new lead. It wasn’t.

“Yes, Mulder?”

“I think I’ve found something.”

Krycek waits, holding his breath.

“I think it was another ship.” He opened the file.

Alex sighs, “Sunnydale?”

Mulder’s face swung around, his jaw dropped in disbelief.

“H-how? Why didn’t you mention it?” His face darkened, the man obviously thinking he’d finally found Krycek’s treason.

“It wasn’t a ship. I’ve seen pictures from the pole, I know how you might think that’s what happened.”

“It wasn’t?” Mulder looked incredulous, “What else could it have possibly been?”

“I don’t know.” And he didn’t know what had caused the hole that had once been Sunnydale.

“Then how do you know it wasn’t a ship, Alex, how do you know?”

“Because I know exactly what happened up until two minutes before Sunnydale became nothing but a hole in the ground.”

“So tell me!”

Alex sighed, it was a wonder Mulder had never been to Sunnydale before, or it would have been if he hadn’t been aware of the fact that the Consortium had kept him out of there for years.

His only answer was, “Scully needs to hear too.”

“What about the guys?”

Is my answer going to destroy him further? Can he take much more of what the world has to throw at him? Can any of us? Hoping to break it to him as gently as he could Alex answered, “They already know most of what I know, but we’ll get them too.”


Buffy was sick of the yellow school bus she had been stuck on for two days. Two days that had been full of discussions, more like arguments, on what would happen next. Sleep was a long forgotten dream, for anyone on the bus.

There had been so many questions to answer, so many problems they had to tackle, and there still were.

What are we gonna do, Buffy?

What should we do about the slayers, Buffy?

We need to reform the Council, Buffy.

The blonde slayer knew what needed to be done. Any answers she had so far provided had fallen on deaf ears. They asked for answers, yet they wouldn’t hear them.

The task ahead of them would not be something they could attack as a group; they would need to split up. They would stay in close contact. She laughed, what they had unleashed on an unsuspecting world could not be dealt with from the back seat of a school bus, no matter how many teenagers thought that was true.

They needed someone in Cleveland checking on the possible Hellmouth. They needed someone to find the slayers, to build a new council, once that would work for the slayers and not the slayers for them.

And I need, Dawn needs, Alex.

She was well aware that she wouldn’t rest once she was there, but she needed to surround herself with the only family the Summers’ girls still had left. They needed him and he needed them. Of that she was sure. One of those pesky slayer dreams had struck in the only ten minutes of sleep she had caught on the bus. A flash of herself, Dawn and Alex standing around a table, others there too, a planning meeting. She was not yet sure of who needed to be there, but she knew that at the very least she and her sister had to go.

“Buffy?” Giles questioned, it looked like they were ready for the next round.

End part.
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