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A New Family

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Summary: Dru is listening to the stars again, and that is how she and Spike end up with a baby. Not that Spike really had a say in the matter, who can stop a determined vampiress when babies are involved? Rated FR18 just in case.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredAoMorigirlFR1835,68914411,24123 Nov 0913 Dec 09No

Chapter One: Baby

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter, and I make no money off of this. I only get laughs. Let me know what you think! Reviews are nice.

Chapter 1: Baby

"Dru, tell me again why we are here, in a little god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere on Halloween of all nights?" Spike watched warily as a group of children dressed as various 'make-believe' monsters ran past them shrieking with laughter.

"Because Baby needs us," Druscilla skipped ahead of Spike slightly, smiling at the children and waving at them.

"I know I'm going to regret this, but who again is Baby?"

"Our Baby. Baby will be great. We will raise him and he shall call me Mummy. Miss Edith and the stars tell us it is so. Oh, how the stars speak of our little one." Dru spun with her arms our, looking up at the sky and smiling. Then she stopped, and looked down the lane. "We must hurry."

"Wha-" Before Spike could follow her, she had taken off down the road as fast as her vampire speed would let her. Spike took off after her, trying to catch up. In front of them at the end of the lane, a cloaked figure walked up the walk to a house, and the vampires could almost see the wards lift to allow him access. That moment was all the time that Druscilla needed to pass the wards and leap up the second story bedroom window. Spike was not so lucky and was left pacing outside the wards, growling and pacing. Waiting for what was going to happen.


Druscilla knew that she had to do this alone, so she smiled at the form of her Spike pacing outside the wards. Looking into the window she saw a redheaded woman come banging into the room, a little boy clutched to her chest. She looked around frantically, her eyes landing on Druscilla at the window.

"Wh-who are you?" The young woman drew the baby closer to her chest, and Dru smiled at her.

"I am a friend. Please invite me in."

"You will save Harry?"

"Yes, we will take care of the Baby. The stars say so, Miss Edith wants it." The woman eyed her for a moment before there was a crash from downstairs. "Hurry!"

She nodded resolutely, and balancing the boy on one hip, she opened the window.

"Come in, quickly." She looked around and then placed her son in his crib. "What do I need to do?"

"What's your name, child?"


"Lily, I need you to read out loud what this paper says on it. And then he will be safe." Lily took the paper from the strange woman in the white dress and looked at it closely. On the paper were two deep red spots that could only be drops of blood, and three words. Lily took a deep breath, and took the fate of her son in her hands, using the love she felt for him to do what she did.

"Patreum et Matrem secundae conditae." Harry was encircled in a golden glow, and when it faded he was still there, almost unchanged, except his features were slightly sharper. "I did it, now what-"

The door was blasted off its hinges, and she stumbled, catching herself on the crib where Harry was now sitting up and smiling at her. She smiled at him tearfully, and briefly noticed that the strange woman was no longer there, before she turned to face the Dark Lord.

"Stand aside, girl."

"No, please, take me, but leave Harry, please, he's just a boy."

"I just want the boy you foolish girl! Step aside."

"No! Please, not Harry!"

"Avada Kedavra!" The green light impacted Lily's chest, sending her falling to the floor, a look of shock and fear on her face. Lord Voldemort stepped over the young woman's body, and approached the crib. Inside of it the little boy looked up at him without fear, and actually smiled, and giggled. Voldemort was confused until the boy made a grabbing motion to something behind him and he turned around. But there was no one there. Snorting to himself, he pointed his wand at the little boy who was looking at him with his large green eyes. "Good-bye, Harry Potter. Avada Kedavra."

He saw the spell approach the boy as if it was in slow motion. At the last moment, the boy's eyes flashed a golden color, and the spell rebounded off of the child, heading straight for Lord Voldemort. He watched his spell come back at him, and he had barely enough time to flinch, before with an explosion that destroyed the roof of the house, his soul was wrenched from his body.

Outside the wards, Spike watched as the wards collapsed and the second story of the house caved in, the explosion blowing pieces of the roof past the wards. He rushed forward as soon as he was able to, running to the area he thought Druscilla would be.

"Dru! Where are you?" Spike started tossing aside wood chips and beams, digging for his sire. Suddenly he heard a baby giggle. Turning around, he saw Druscilla standing up from where she had been crouched, cradling the baby to her chest.

"There, there, baby. Now that's a nasty cut isn't it? Mummy will make it all better." She cradled him in one arm, licked her finger, and smoothed away the blood that was sluggishly oozing out of the cut, which even then was sealing over. "See? All that's left is a scar, and if you don't like it, there's always makeup, precious."

"Dru? What in all the hells are you doing with that baby?" Spike scowled at her. There was no way that she was keeping that thing, they were vampires, vampires drink human blood, raising a human just wasn't going to work. There would come a day when it had all gone too far, one of them slipped up, and then no more little mite.

"He's our baby, Spike, he's of our blood now, and we will raise him to be big and strong, so that he can fight the bad man." She bounced the boy, and he squealed, grabbing onto some of her hair that was hanging over him, and tugging lightly.

"Baby? How can he be of our blood? Undead here, I don't think that either of us are exactly cut out for making mites. Now, how about you put the boy back and we get going before any of the people around here come to check out that not so subtle explosion, eh?"

"No Spike, he's ours, I used a spell, and it made us his second parents, so he really is our son. The stars say it." Dru scowled at him, her brow furrowing, then she turned her head back to the baby and smiled brightly at him. "Why don't we get going, lovely, we have to go shopping now, don't we?"

Spike watched her walk off in disbelief before he groaned, pinched the bridge of his nose, and took off after her.
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