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In Need of Meds

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Summary: Cordelia goes to the hospital for a fresh prescription. Spoilers for season 3 of Angel

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Television > House, M.D. > Cordelia-CenteredfanficfreakFR131413052,38624 Nov 0924 Nov 09Yes
AN: I don't own House or Angel.


“Cordelia Chase,” the doctor greeted as he walked into her room with a limp. “I’m Doctor House, I’m here to save you.”

He walked over to the stool and perched on it before starting to flip through her file. “Your brain is dying and no one can figure out why. Have any light to shed?”

Cordelia pasted a clueless expression on her face. “I don’t know.”

The man hummed to himself as he examined her brain scan. “I think you’re lying.”

She arched an eyebrow “Excuse me?”

“I think you do have some idea. Tell me this, when did it start?”

Cordelia studied her hands carefully, “ I lost a good friend of mine and a few days later I had my first… migraine.”

“It started with migraines?” he asked, watching as she nodded. “When would they go away?”

“It varied,” she answered evasively.

“Varied?” he asked.

“Well, lately they seem to last continuously,” she admitted.

“So right now…?”

‘I feel like my head’s being ripped apart? Yeah,” she admitted.

The doctor studied her expression carefully. “You’re a pretty good actress.”

Cordelia snorted dismissively. “Tell that to my agent.”

“So were you ‘acting’ earlier when you told me it was first migraines?”

Cordelia glared at the doctor, “Listen, I’m just here to find out how long I have and get a fresh bottle a pills. I know what’s wrong with me. You don’t have to. You probably wouldn’t even be able to handle it.”

“I’m a doctor, I can handle anything you can throw at me.”

“Of course you can,” she responded condescendingly.

“Now I’m curious,” House said as he propped his legs on the counter. “Are you going to enlighten me?”

“No. I’m going to get my prescription and get out,” she declared, holding her hand out.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Chase. I’m afraid I can’t prescribe the medicine without knowing the cause. Have a nice day,” he said, standing up and making his way to the door.

Cordelia’s hand and jaw dropped simultaneously. “Are you joking?”

“Not this time,” he responded joyfully.

“Wait,” Cordelia said as he opened the door. When he came back to stand before her, she continued, “I can’t explain it, I’ll have to show you.”

“Excuse me?”

Cordelia sighed heavily, “When do you get off work?”

“Ms. Chase, I feel that I must warn you that it is against hospital policy to date patients,” House admonished mockingly.

Cordelia smirked, “Trust me, you’ll be lucky to end the night alive.”

The End

You have reached the end of "In Need of Meds". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking