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The White Night

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Summary: Xander learns something new as he is once again captured.

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Movies > Surprise CrossoverziliFR1311,009092,95624 Nov 0924 Nov 09Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Stardust

A/N: Just a plot bunny that needed to be thrown from my head. Also I put it under Mystery just cause I couldn't find the right category.


'It's funny the things you think about when you're about to die.' Xander thought to himself. Not that this was the first time he thought he was going to die or even the twentieth. But this was the first time he was seeing flashes of his life. Things were falling into place that never made sense before. He thought of Willow and the first time he met her. He remembered his crayon speech. It had saved her. He also remembered going home after meeting Willow on his first day of kindergarten. He had been so happy to have a friend, someone to talk to. That night was also the first night that his father beat him. He had no idea what he had done wrong. He saw a bottle by his father's armchair. When he got older he assumed that the bottle was one of Jack Daniels or some other beer. However now he knows the truth, it was just water. The alcohol came later when Tony realized that he would have to continually beat him, because Willow made Xander happy.

Another memory floated to the surface of his mind. Angel was the first one to ever call him the White Knight when he had defended Buffy. At the time he had assumed that he was calling him a knight, like from Arthur and the knights of the round table. It was only three years ago he finally had his own prophecy. Except he was not written as the white knight, but instead as the white 'night'. Another assumption coming to bite him in the ass.

Next was a montage of every witch, demon, and vampire who had ever gone after him. Spike had named him rightly. A nummy treat. He thought he wanted to suck his blood. But no apparently Spike was referring to the fact that he wanted to eat his heart.

Because he was not the zeppo. He was not even an ordinary man. He was a star. At least that's what the current crazy psycho witch that had him chained to this alter was trying to tell him. At the moment she was trying to choose which blue sharp knife thing she wanted to cut out his heart with. She was actually humming as she looked over the knives.

Xander groaned as he yanked at the chains stretching him across the crystal alter. He was in a god forsaken part of Africa, away from any of his slayers, friends, or contacts. He had no way of contacting anyone because his protection medallion along with his phone was by his pillow back at his camp. Even worse nobody would be looking for him because a major apocalypse was due in 18 hours that everyone was preparing for. And his flight was in 6 hours, at least it had been before he had been knocked out, which he was probably going to miss all because some god damn who do witch decided she needed to eat his heart to stay young. And for some reason she had to make him happy before she killed him. Xander had never been more thankful that he had turned down a woman for sex especially seeing how she looked now.

Xander glanced back at the witch who had finally decided on a knife and was now raising it above her head. He tried to move away but kept his eyes open. He was surprised when a sword came through the front of the witch's chest. He breathed a sigh of relief until the knife continued its path downward. He let out a shot before the witch and her very sharp knife was shoved away from him. Xander raised his head to thank what should be a- pirate... At least a very well dressed pirate and a very beautiful woman with shining blond hair.

She removed his chains and then helped him sit up. “Are you okay Trevane?”

“I'm alright, although my name's not Trevane. It's Xander.” He said jumping off the alter, “Thanks for the rescue all the same.”

The man looked at the woman, “How young is he?”

“Only three centuries, still a baby.” She responded. Xander took a step back from his possibly delusional saviors. “Trevane, you don't remember falling do you?”

“I remember falling. I fell this morning when that witch knocked me upside the head for not sleeping with her. I fell last week when a slayer didn't yell duck in time. And I fell three weeks down a hill for trying to out drink a shaman. Actually I remember falling a lot.” Xander said.

“No, when you fell from the sky. You're a star.” The woman said. “No really.”

Xander raised an eyebrow at her. “I'm a star... Like the type filled with gas?”

“You're too young for your memory to have come along very far. But I'm Yvaine and this is Tristan. You probably don't remember us.” She paused long enough for Xander to shrug. “Well there's plenty of time to explain.”

Xander glanced at his watch, “Shit, I've got an apocalypse to get to in 13 minutes.”

Tristan had been rummaging through some of the cupboards that lined the room. He let out a sound of triumph and pulled out a wide rectangular box. “Then there's only one way to travel.” He handed Xander a candle from the box. “Think about where you need to go. Don't think of anything else.” He pulled out a lighter from the box as well. “And hold on tight.” He lit the candle as Xander was about to ask why and with a rush of light that destroyed the roof he was gone.

Yvaine turned to Tristan and smacked him. “Why did you do that? It took us 30 years to find my brother because of all the pollution and you sent him to who knows where.”

Tristan just smiled and showed her the contents of the box containing a dozen or more purple candles. He took out another one, “Shall we see how Wall fares before finding Trevane again?”


The End

The End

You have reached the end of "The White Night". This story is complete.

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