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Harris Luck 2, is luck contagious?

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Harris Luck Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Harris luck, when Xander's loved ones are threatened a real beast will come out. Mixed in with Resident Evil 5

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilTTrunksFR1823,994034,10525 Nov 0914 Dec 09No

Welcome to hell

Here’s Xander Luck 2 Chapter 2, for disclaimer see earlier chapter.


Xander mentally sighed as he walked down the main street of one of the Kijuju autonomous zones main settlements. He’s arrived last night and to say things had gone badly would be an understatement of major proportions. First of all the damned airport lost his suitcases, so he’d been forced to buy the stupidest looking outfit he’d ever seen. A white coat, more like a suit jacket, with black Tiger stripes, same for the pants, the shirt started out white and turned black on the bottom the middle a light and then dark grey. White shoes, which he’d tossed out keeping on the pair of black Nike’s he’d been wearing, and black glasses.

Luckily he’d also bought an ammo belt and a holster for the revolver he’d brought. Eight ammo pouches that the speed loaders would fit into, his revolver horizontal in the middle of his belt, so he could grab it quick with either hand. He lightly adjusted the glasses glad he’d bought them even if he looked ridiculous. Hearing gun shots he sighed truly tempted to ignore it.

For about half a second he honestly planned to do so. However as he heard a cry for help he realized he was already moving. Seeing an armed man and woman blasting away various inhabitants as well as a man pull a screaming female into one of the buildings he knew they wouldn’t make it in time.

Xander grabbed one of the windows pulling himself in he went with a hunch and threw in a flash bang.

Half a second later he was in even as he watched the African man about to jam an injector into the female almost like a scene from a western he’d pulled the revolver which seemed to jump into his hand and fired a single bullet the man’s head went back as his brains were blown from his skull. He gently put his arms on the girl even as she held him and sobbed. He heard something about a boyfriend, and having to leave. Suddenly the door was kicked open even as Xander pointed his pistol at the two armed people he smirked seeing a familiar face, “Chris?”

Chris Redfield looked at Xander, raising an eyebrow even as he said, “Xander, what are you doing here?”

Suddenly Xander fired a bullet dropping one of the strange men even as more crowded in, Xander saying, “Less talkie more shootie, you guys got an extra scattergun?”

He fired at the pissed of locales and neither Chris nor he was surprised when all their shots were head shots. They’d been through something like this before, something where head shot’s were your best chance. Even as they backed up, Xander noticed a hot ebony woman to his right saying, “Well Walsh got yourself a Zoe.”

Chris shook his head still firing even as he clicked empty and dropped his gun saying, “Ammo count black.”

Sheva was next she’d only had eight clips to begin with dropping it she said, “Me too, you got anything good Malcolm?”

Surprised the female got the reference he said, “I got a surprise or two, but for it to work we will mostly need luck, but I’ve got 18.”

As he clicked dry he ejected the bullets loading his second to last speed loader he said, “Make that eight, squeeze as tight as you can together.”

Immediately they did so as Xander pulled out an Amulet even as he said four words in rapid Arabic suddenly the creatures stopped charging at them. They looked around as Xander hoped these things were stupid and impatient. After about three minutes one of the things said something and turned heading out of the room.

Even as the last creature left he kept the illusion up for another minute before nearly passing out in exhaustion. Breathing deeply he put the amulet away lying on the ground. Xander looked at the ebony warrior expecting questions however she just raised an eyebrow, “A craft user, interesting, I didn’t’ think Americans believed in the arts, much less practiced them.”

Chris seemed surprised, “You know about magic?”

Sheva rolled her eyes, “Yeah partner, I lived on the oldest continent some say most of the arts started here, also when I was a kid a group of vampires hired by umbrella wiped out our village.”

Xander shook his head imagining what that would look like as he said, “So Zoe, you got a name?”

The female nodded, “Sheva, Sheva Allomar, what’s yours?”

Xander nodded, “Alexander Harris, you can call me Xander.”

The two shook hands even as she commented, “A Colt peacemaker, those are a bit ancient aren’t they?”

Xander smirked, “It’s a modified double action meaning I don’t have to pull the hammer back, and the cylinder’s been enlarged to hold eight bullets, I’ve also upped the round to 45, and revolvers don’t jam.”

Sheva nodded even as she said, “So what are we going to do about ammo, and her, we can’t take a civilian to a safe zone, and still catch Irving.”

Xander seemed at a crossroads saying, “Hm, what are those things anyway, they remind me of Ganado, but that can’t be.”

The female obviously near going into shock spoke, “T-t-the locals c-c-c-c-called t-them M-m-m-ma, Majin.”

Sheva nodded, “The local word for demon, interesting, well Xander, can way you can help out.”

Xander nodded, “Come on, I have a source who might be able to help if he hasn’t already run.”

Less than five minutes later Xander was pounding HARD on a door. Finally a true Majin opened it, his skin dark blue two little red horns he moved for them to come in. As Xander led the way he said, “Hey Aran, sorry to be back so quickly, but turns out your town’s gone to hell, any help would be appreciated and paid back in full.”

The demon nodded, “I was just planning to leave Mr. Harris, however I assume you and your friends will be staying to deal with the swine that did this?”

Xander nodded saying, “Yeah, but do you mind doing me a favor, and taking this girl with you, we can’t do it ourselves but I know you could help us.”

The demon nodded saying, “I can do this for you if you’ll do something for me.”

Xander raised an eyebrow, “What?”

The man handed Xander what almost seemed to be a dinner matt. The demon explained, “That Matt teleports simple baubles, since everyone in the village is dead any interesting baubles you find I want you to teleport them to me using it, I’ll even give you back the cash, as well on the right side I’ll have a menu for you to trade cash for guns or ammo.”

Xander nodded saying, “Okay but can you spell out carrying cases to allow a bit more room, ideally 16 would be perfect.”

The demon nodded spelling Xander’s coat to hold more as well as his ammo pouches. He then did the same with Sheva and Chris. Xander nodded to the demon in thanks the Demon saying, “Good bye for now, I look forward to many trades.”

Xander nodded as the demon left he went behind the counter, picking up a sawed off pump action shotgun he filled it with slugs and shot double stacking it. It held eight rounds in its ammo tube. He then poured out the box of shells and filled one of his pockets full.

Even as Chris and Sheva grabbed other weapons Sheva got an M-16, and loaded up while Chris did the same with a Gatling gun.

They each also loaded up with as much as they could carry of their basic hand gun ammo, Sheva took a bow and arrow figuring better to use that then to be weaponless again. Each fighter took six grenades and a medical spray each before heading out.

Our trio of adventurers managed to make it quite a way without running into too much trouble. Eventually arriving at Alpha location they were surprised that instead of seeing Irving they saw BSAA corpses. Walking through the building Xander felt a steady rage grow. Never once noticing the ripped out throats of the agents.

Finally Xander guarded the two BSAA members' backs as they got the info from their dying ally. He was tempted to try a healing spray but even he knew sometimes too little could be too late. As the two lightly mourned their brother in arms, Xander headed forward starting the elevator on its slow trek upwards.

Once the group reached the basement they were seriously surprised to see more corpses. Noticing the keycard door Xander walked around, the two BSAA members watching his back. Once he grabbed the key card they headed back to the door only to freeze as they heard the noises of a crowd. Everyone’s eyes widened as the lights were blown out and dozens upon dozens of yellow eyes were glaring at them.

Suddenly a large creature looking to be made from large amounts of snakes and worms lashed out with a tentacle. Xander barely ducked in time, Sheva jumped it like a pony horse, Chris however had been tackled by a vampire seconds earlier and in turn was slammed with bone breaking force into the wall.

Xander pulled his shotgun firing slug after slug and shot after shot into the creature only for it to grow more enraged. A thousand tentacles fired from the creature, or at least it might as well have been, Xander only survived because a vamp had grabbed him from behind, lifting him over the tentacle assault. Hitting the ground Xander realized he had no choice, even as he pulled two grenades he said, “CLOSE YOUR EYES!”

Chris heard Xander closing his eyes even as he kept firing at the tentacle holding Sheva by her throat.

Sheva closed her eyes as her knife slipped from her hand not meant to cut rock hard substances even as the two BSAA fighters realized this might very well be their places of death, Xander tossed the grenades.

Suddenly everything stopped before a loud, bone jarring, white flash and “boom” filled the room, instantly the yellow eyed creatures screamed only for seconds later Sheva to be dropped as they all felt an extreme heat so much so Chris would swear he had light burns on his body.

Xander’s heavy breathing was heard even as he said, “Heh, looks like Majinvamps don’t like fire any more than the normal type.”

However suddenly a loud roar filled their ears as Xander said, “FUCK, it’s still alive, but it didn’t like that fire, Sheva, remember that massive incinerator?”

He knew the female had nodded as he said, “Okay head towards the control panel and when I say now throw it.”

Xander moved instinctively away from the tentacles. Shooting at the creature with all his skill, he yelled, “Chris, we’ve got to.”

Chris cut him off, “Xander, that thing broke all of my ribs, I can’t move, not really anyway, but I’ve got a plan, you get it this way and I’m going to roll this Acetylene tank you jump it then shoot it, that should give you some time.”

Xander nodded even as he shot at the thing saying, “Hey ugly, come get me.”

Sure enough the creature followed Xander Chris yelled as his strong arms pushed the tank, “Xander twelve O’clock.”

Xander nodded, jumping he fired even as the creature took the tank into itself. Passing Chris he kept moving even as Chris threw an incendiary grenade right for the creature. It howled in pain but didn’t go after Chris, even as Xander ran. Xander absentmindedly threw a tank down running he jumped into the incinerator as he jumped out he nodded to Sheva. Breathing heavily only for the thing it suddenly rip the falling last door up even as Sheva yelled, out to the still blind Xander, “Xander, it’s trying to get out.”

Xander blinked, glad his eye sight was returning even as he went to move out of the creatures way one of its tentacles grabbed his leg it was trying to pull him in. Pressing the trigger he realized his gun was empty dropping it he said, “SHEVA I’M OUT!”

Sheva tossed her gun even as Xander was being pulled into the large oven, he aimed firing a couple of Rounds while this did force the creature back into the oven it took Xander with it.

Xander aimed the now nearly empty gun at the creature, putting all his hope into a single bullet he said, “See you in HELL you HENTAI REJECT!”

Xander then pulled the trigger setting off one of the red tanks, which set off the other four. This blew the creature HARD into the large oven, even as it blew Xander out he slid along the ground for a bit breathing heavily as he tossed Sheva her gun even as the creatures death wails killed the room.

Xander smirked after it ended he triggered it three more times before giving Sheva his med spray to fix Chris even as he moved into the large oven. He was a bit surprised to see a rare jewel there. Picking it up he traded it for cash and bought himself a new med spray even as he bought a shotgun that would hold more rounds, and had a blessed barrel, because he seriously doubted those would be the last vampires they’d run into. Reloading the gun, he headed back to see his teammates, even as he brandished his new revolver which now held ten shots he headed back to meet up with his team mates knowing this was just the beginning.


SO yeah, what do you think I tried to make this boss battle as epic as possible. I’m probably going to be cutting out some of the more filler stuff. Tell me if you think I cut too much out.

Also, tell me what you think of the boss battle, I tried to make it as epic as possible.

So yeah, please review Ttrunks out.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harris Luck 2, is luck contagious?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Dec 09.

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