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Harris Luck 2, is luck contagious?

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Harris Luck Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Harris luck, when Xander's loved ones are threatened a real beast will come out. Mixed in with Resident Evil 5

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilTTrunksFR1823,994034,10525 Nov 0914 Dec 09No

The Setup

Hello Hello people of the internet. After months away I have returned, with a few bits of and pieces, this is my newest story and hopefully not a short one; I give you Harris Luck Is bad luck a virus?
Xander Harris took a hit from the cheap cigarette between his lips as he pulled his black duster style coat closer to his body. The sky was covered over and a light cloudy grey, a black day for black spirits. As Xander flicked his spent cigarette away he looked at Sheva and said so even as she held the dirty shirt to her side wound.

As he watched the cigarette’s tip cause steam he remembered how this had all started, how he’d found out Harris luck was contagious, and the day he’d signed the local BSAA’s member’s death warrants.

It has started easy enough, he’d been following leads on umbrellas agency and he knew he was finally finding proof about their stupidity and egotistical blindness. He should have known right then that thing were going to end badly.

((Sunnydale California two weeks previous….))

Joyce Summer whistled to herself as she scrubbed a pan. The white foamy soap quickly washing away as she held it under the hot water. She smiled at Dawn her daughter in mind and spirit even if their bodies were a bit different now. Her daughter smiled back, even as Joyce heard the sound of a breaking planter outside.

Joyce looked up suddenly; however her daughter just smirked and even as the lights cut out both of the Summers women seemed to stand still. Joyce felt a smirk tug at her own lips. She hoped her daughters would do her proud even as she reached back into the dish water.

((Outside Summers home, point of view of Daniel Rawson: Umbrella tactical retrieval team captain))

I swore under my breathe as that idiot Jameson knocked over a planter, I know this was a easy snatch up mission, one of many I’ve done before but something didn’t feel right. I don’t know what or why supposedly an old hag and her two daughters were the target, one around twenty, one around 16, sure three would be hard to transport but that wasn’t it. A soldier gets to know when they're the one with the upper hand, and when they're the one being hunted, and even though we had positive I.D. of them the hag washing dishes the kids bickering. Every bone in my body was screaming that this was a bad idea.

Ignoring my own temporary insanity I restated the facts to try and get rid of the paranoia, noticing delta team in position as well as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma teams: Fox , and Hound teams in place on the second story I knew we’d get them.
Taking a breathe to steady myself, I ordered, “Alpha team, Beta team, Gamma team, GO!”

((Inside Summers home three seconds later, Dawn Summers P.O.V.))

I wasn’t surprised when the lights cut off, that was entry 101, make your enemy panic and you could cut them down that much easier. However as the back door was kicked in, I showed whoever dared attack my home why it was a bad idea.
The sawed off striker shotgun kept under the table encase of vampires proved its usefulness. The muzzle flash showed my face and the look of surprise on the man’s as the slug nailed him in the chest. His Kevlar look high dollar, he might survive not that I cared firing the next three slugs as the nest three men aimed their machine guns at me.

I heard the sound of Mom’s desert eagles behind me, even as I heard the sound of flying blades. Buffy might not like guns but I’ll be damned if she isn’t just as dangerous with those throwing blades. Using the table as even more men spilled into our home, I emptied the shotgun far too quickly for my tastes but every shot was a fight ender. I crawled on hands and knees over the floor getting behind the bar mom was using for cover I said, “We need to get some breathing room, or we’re screwed.”

Buffy chose that second to land beside us saying, “I’m out of throwing daggers, any ideas?”

I quickly opened the cleaning supplies cabinet, handing Mom a can of bug spray I handed her my lighter saying, “Way into the kitchen.”

Looking at Buffy I said, “Frying pans in the sink, one to distract them the other two as shields or clubs.”

Mom looked at me saying, “Dawn, this is at best a delaying tactic, do you have a plan?”

I nodded truth was my “plan” was at best a long shot but it might work. My family nodded as I pulled myself in tight so as to not to get caught in my mother’s flame blast, I felt the heat even a few feet away, heard their screams too. However it was the sound of iron connecting with bone that told me it was time to MOVE. Grabbing one of the knives I bounced over the bar I slashed at anybody directly in my way throwing open the basement door, I ran down the stairs hoping Xander’s last present was still there.

((Upstairs Summers house, 2 minutes later))

Buffy sighed as she blocked four more of the weird bullets, rubber how she knew the sound even she didn’t know. Joyce stood back to back with her daughter knowing the Ant killer flame thrower was rapidly running out as she said, “Hm, Buffy, we may get to see if your dear mom can keep up to you in a hand to hand fight.”

Buffy smirked, “I can’t wait to see that.”

Almost as if those words were taunting the gods Joyce’s flame thrower emptied out however she moved forward jamming her knee HARD into the nearest kidnapper’s face the breaking of cartilage could be heard even as the man screamed only for Joyce to collapse his wind pipe with a straight palm to the throat. The man fell as she used a bit of jujitsu to kick his legs out from under him. Even as the guy went down Joyce had pulled his side arm unloading the clip into the next closest man’s face as casually and quickly as most women would slide on slippers.

Even as she’d been doing so and the other man had been going for his gun she’d pulled her eagle, the custom gun crimson metal plated and the hole bored so it could use slightly larger ammo rounds. She pumped her three remaining rounds into his face.

Dropping the eagle as the three remaining members of the team stepped back and brought their gun’s up she threw the empty pistol forward with all her force this threw the first man’s attack off bad enough that she was able to get in close and smash his face with the man’s own rifle.

Even as this happened she was reaching for and grabbing the man’s knife in her right hand and his side arm with her left again she fired four rounds into the Kevlar covered man’s face turning she jammed the knife in a reverse group into the neck of last live member of her “Attack group”, twisting the knife as the man backed up he pulled the trigger three dart hit Joyce in the stomach. Joyce stumbled as the man fell dead, going to remove that dart all she heard was glass breaking as she looked up to get fifty darts shot into her extremely quickly.

Buffy had handled her half dozen attackers with scary ease, once she’d gotten close the men had had no chance, as she ducked and weaved in a way it was impossible for normal humans to have any chance against.

However as she turned hearing approaching enemies from behind she saw a wall of stun darts, she bated half of them away but the rest hit her, even as she went down on one knee she threw both pans as hard as she could one smashing in an enemies face, the other breaking four ribs.

The men moved forward planning to grab this female as well even as they saw the carnage that had been three of the best tactical teams Umbrella had to offer. However at the sound of a motor they were proven why this family had managed to deal so much damage as a fifty caliber chain gun held in Dawn Summer’s arm shot to life, filling the small kitchen with bullet rounds piercing the kitchen’s walls like a Bowie knife to Styrofoam, soon Dawn was breathing heavy the gun vibrating and smoking in her hands the heavy round filled backpack with the gun still prepared to dish out more death. A few of the more determined soldiers had fired off several darts into her body. She felt her own unconsciousness approaching as she stumbled and fell.

When Xander arrived at the Summers house later that evening he was shocked to find all three Summers women tied together, a note and a plane ticket attached to their tied up forms. The note read, “We’ll be in Kijuju your plane leaves at seven.”

Xander had been heading to the Summers house to tell them of the dirt he finally had on Umbrella, but now knowing what this meant. He sighed petting each of “his girls” he pulled back on his nap sack and headed for L.A. wondering what Umbrella had in store this time.
Well folks here was Chapter 1 of Harris luck 2 , I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to your reviews.

P.S. I don't own BVTS or Resident Evil, and will make no money from this story.
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