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Where Willow Went

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Summary: Willow get's lost. A basic working knowledge of both HP and BtVS are needed for this, but not required.

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chapter one

Title: Where Willow Went

Author: Joy


Rating: G

Spoilers: nothing of Buffy; I don't know if anything could be considered spoilers any more for HP, but I use info gleaned from all the books, so I guess there may be spoilers.

Disclaimer: For the most part I own none of the characters contained herein. They belong to there respective authors, mostly Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling. And although no disrespect is meant towards the esteemed authors, as this is a work of ‘fan fiction’ which means basically pirating their ideas and therefore infringing on their copy written works, I do humbly apologize and fall to my knees to beg for your mercies. I am a mostly penniless waif and I have nothing worth suing for.

Status: incomplete, under re-construction currently (3/24/2011, please be patient as I rework the chapters currently available and then hopefully get this story done.)

Read the Prequel: So this is Magic @

In this world that we live in there is an ongoing belief that there is no such thing as magic. Luckily there are multiple universes. For every world we know of there are ten to twenty more. I know of about ten, so what does that tell you?

In each universe there is a group of planets, one of which is Earth. On each Earth there are identical persons; the decisions they make and the dimension they live in give them different outcomes of their particular life.

I would like to pay particular attention to one person, Willow Rosenberg. In this world, she is a computer programmer. She designs websites and writes books. In one world she fights vampires with the slayer. In another she is a Master vampire. The Willow that I would like to focus on lives in a world without magic, we’ll call it World A.

Sunnydale California, World A

Willow Rosenberg lives in a big house, with her parents Sheila and Ira. They are psychiatrists, and spend most of their time touring and speaking at conventions.

Willow is ten years old, likes to read and use computers. Her best friends are Jesse McNally and Xander Harris. They’re the three musketeers and are constantly under attack by Cordelia Chase and her cronies.

Thursday June 18th, 1992
5:30 pm
On this particular summer day Willow was at the park reading ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It turned out that the tree she was leaning against was in the same spot that Harmony Kendall and Cordelia Chase were planning to use for sunbathing.

Harmony had told Willow ‘to get lost cause she was a geek and she was soaking up some of the choice rays’. This comment left an understandably upset Willow. She was walking through the trees towards her house thinking ‘if only I could get away from those two obnoxious twits’, when she really did get lost.

Spinners End, Northern England, World B

Thursday June 18th, 1992
5:30 pm
In another dimension, pretty far away, a man named Severus Snape was sitting in his garden drinking a cup of tea. Severus was the potions professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he is wont to do during the summer, he elected to be far from the school.

Severus Snape is not a people person. Never was, since he was small. The only person he ever liked was Lily Evans. She was in the same year as him at Hogwarts when they were young. She married James Potter, and thus broke Severus’ heart. But as he had joined up with the dark lord Voldemort as a Death Eater, she would never have been his. He was doing well at it until he found out that Lily was in danger; then he switched sides and became a spy against Voldemort. He was unable to help Lily and was nearly broken by her death.

So a sombre man was he that particular summer day when suddenly he heard a pop. There before him stood a small girl with a book in her hands. He was shocked, for he had wards on his property so that people couldn’t just come and go as they pleased.

This is where this story really starts.
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