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Four Square

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Four Square and Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy and Dawn move to Forks and get tangled up in a whole new supernatural world. But they find they don't mind.

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Twilight > Dawn - Centered(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1872276,14538495261,43226 Nov 0910 Nov 10No

Chapter One

Title: Four Square

Author: Joyful

Disclaimer: Neither worlds belong to me. BtVS & A:tS belong to Joss Whedon, and Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I make no money from this.

Summary: After the Hellmouth collapses, Giles presents his “children” with the keys to new lives while he rebuilds the council. Buffy and Dawn move to Forks.

Notes: This is a response to Celebrindal's challenge “New Fandom, New Job.” This is taking place post s7 Buffy. Angel & Co are running Wolfram & Hart, but Cordelia is alive & kicking, and keeping Angel sane. Also, Connor has not been “erased.” He is, however, in England with the Devon coven (A favor Giles owed Wesley) and Connor is basically undergoing “magical therapy.” Oh, and Anya's alive. Also, I always make Faith a couple years younger than Buffy, because it feels right to me.

Rating: FR-15 for now, I think.

Notes: For Fairybloom, who's been letting me help her with “Twilight Ruby” which is a fic I adore. People should be warned that I have a massive hatred for Edward Cullen. In order for me to make him likeable, I may have to make him OOC. Dawn is 17, Bella's 17, and Jake is almost sixteen. I've got Jacob 1 grade behind Bella instead of 2. I'm futzing with the Twilight timeline a bit, having Bella show up in September instead of January. And there may be a few things I take from the movie instead of the book (Like Jake delivering the truck to Bella) because I like them that way. Also, I'm not following the challenge to the letter, because I don't think Alice would see Buffy's future. She can only see the future's of things she's been, and she's never been a slayer or the Key, but since they're basically human, I think she'll see them as fuzzy.

Challenge: “Ignoring Season 8 comics, I'd like to see Buffy get a job as a guidance counselor at Forks High School, starting at the same time as Bella. This could end up a lot of different ways, but I'd like to see Bella have a healthy relationship with *anyone*, I don't care who they are. This means not accepting creepy stalking or defining her entire personality on the basis of another person, etc. I think that Buffy and Dawn could be a good, positive role models for Bella, and would know about the supernatural side of things as well. “

Chapter 1

“All right,” Rupert Giles began. He'd rounded Buffy, Willow, Xander and Faith and had them sitting around his kitchen table in Bath. “Althanea and I have decided to give you all a present, for saving the world,” Giles said, grinning, and Althanea blew out the candle she was holding. The four young people felt a sensation of wind rushing through their heads.

“I've given you all a knowledge upgrade for lack of a better word,” Althanea said. “Basically, I gave you all the knowledge of college graduates.”

“What?” Faith said. She looked at the papers Giles was handing her. He handed everyone packets of papers.

“Willow, you now have degrees from UC Sunnydale in Biology and Chemistry. I know you were double-majoring. Xander, you have a degree in architectural design. Faith, I've just given you a history degree, because I didn't know what else you'd want. We can tweak it if you'd like. And Buffy, you have degrees in Psychology and education. You are all official college graduates.” Althanea explained.

“Giles, why?” Buffy asked.

“Because the Hellmouth was unfair to you all. And, while Anya, Robin, Andrew and I begin rebuilding the council from scratch, I have assignments for you all, if you're willing to take them.” Giles said.

“What kind of assignments?” Xander asked, warily.

“I'd like you, Xander, to lead the team building the new school in Cleveland. You'll have access to the council funds, and resources. Vi and Shannon will be going with you to keep the area relatively safe before we start moving more slayers in.” Giles asked. Xander nodded and smiled back.

“Sounds great, G-man.”

“Willow, Faith, I'd like to set the two of you up outside Boston. There's a spiritual nexus there that draws in all sorts of riffraff. Not a Hellmouth exactly, but a weak point in the fabric of reality. I want to set up a council office there. I've also arranged for you to attend Harvard for graduate school. And Faith, I'll support you in any legal undertaking you'd like to try, if you help Willow keep the area free of evil.”

“So, there will be stuff to kill?” Faith asked. She was still stunned that she had credentials. She was stunned she knew the word credentials. But she couldn't doubt what Giles was saying. She could feel the knowledge inside her head, even if she didn't remember learning it all. “And what about my record?”

“Since you were technically a minor when you were arrested and charged, all charges have been dropped and your record is sealed and expunged.” Giles grinned at her. He was glad for Faith's presence. After the Hellmouth had collapsed, the Scoobies and Faith had all sat down and had a major air-clearing session. Faith was officially named a scooby, and things were starting to be better between them all.

“Thanks, G-man,” Faith said, watching the man grimace at the hated nickname.

“I think I'll like that, Giles,” Willow said. “Where is Kennedy going to be?” The two women had an amicable break-up. They still cared about each other, but once the crisis in Sunnydale was over, they both owned up to the fact that, for now at least, they weren't meant to be together.

“Kennedy is spending the summer helping us deal with new slayers and talk to their families. After that she's decided to start her freshman year at Harvard, where her father, I believe, is a long-time legacy.” The group laughed.

“So, Hellmouth school-building for Xander, nexus-office building for Willow & Faith. What do you have for me?”

“Well, first things first, you and Dawn are required to spend this summer traveling Europe and having fun,” Giles said with a stern look. Everyone laughed. “After that, I've set up a job for you in Washington. The state, not the city. It's a small town, but it's within driving distance of several bigger towns and cities, and you'll get a car and council stipend.” Giles said.

“Shiny! What's the assignment?”

“Do you remember reading about the Cold Ones?” Giles asked.

“The non-demonic vampires?” Willow asked, when Buffy looked confused.

“Yes. Their vampirism is a form of genetic mutation caused by a magical virus. They become venomous, and their venom contains the virus for the change. Technically, they have souls. But because of their cravings for blood, most turn down the darker paths. There's a city in Italy founded by some of the oldest and most respected cold ones. They consider themselves true vampires, and most of them don't even acknowledge to existence of the vampires we're used to.”

“Okay,” Buffy said. What about them?”

“From what I've been able to tell, there are two large families—covens they call themselves, I believe—in the Pacific Northwest. One in a place called Denali, in Alaska, and the other in a small town called Forks, in Washington. This town of Forks is interesting, because fifteen minutes away there is an Indian Reservation—“

“Native Americans,” Willow and Buffy corrected automatically.

“Yes, quite right. According the council documents, certain members of the Quileute tribe have the ability to shape-shift into wolves, and live as a Pack, defending their territories from monsters and demons. The most interesting part is that the wolves have never attacked the Cold Ones. I believe it's because these vampires don't feed on humans. I want you and Dawn to keep an eye on both families—Cold Ones and Werewolves—and let us know what's going on there. This gives Dawn some time to go to a normal, non-evil high school, and finish her education. You've been set up with a job there, and I've arranged for you to begin the Master's program in adolescent psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle, if you wish. They have a full complement of night courses, and your position at Forks high school with only be three days a week. What do you think?”

When Giles finished his spiel, Buffy was very quiet for a moment. Finally, she burst into a large grin.

“Really? I get to go back to college? And Dawn can go to high school?” Buffy asked, her voice full of emotion.

“Really and truly,” Giles promised. “And try not to kill any of the Cold Ones or the Wolves, unless they attack humans first. Neither group is innately evil.”

It was only about a minute or two before all of the Scoobies were hugging Giles.


“You know, it's not fair,” Dawn lamented as they moved through the airport. “You and Faith get extra extra powers from Willow's spell, and I get nothing. I mean, I'm made from your blood!”

“Yep. Sucks, doesn't it?” Buffy grinned at her sister. “You're lucky I'm letting you learn magic. That reminds me. New school, new rules.”

“Ugh,” Dawn complained as she pushed her luggage trolley towards their waiting cab. Their new house in Forks was mostly set up for them ahead of time. It turns out that the Council had been investing wisely for millennia, and had more money than God. With Giles the official head of the council, he had access to all of the Council's many bloated accounts. Even Angel and the Fang Gang were helping, now that they were in control of Wolfram & Hart, and slowly purging the evil. The two companies were coordinating in many ways. So, Dawn and Buffy needed only to go to their new home and unpack.

“Lay them on me,” Dawn said, as she let the cabbie put the bags in the trunk.

“Okay. You need to maintain a B average. When Willow tested you, she said you're in the genius level, which I knew, but you have to actually try this time. New school, new start. Please don't flunk out.”

“Okay,” Dawn said. “What else?”

“No boys unless I meet them first. No friends over without asking,” Buffy said, but she knew Dawn wouldn't mind, those were old rules, not new ones. “No boys if your grades fall. And you aren't allowed to study anything non-school related until after your actual schoolwork is done each day. That means no Wicca, no ancient languages, no tv, no internet until homework is finished.”

“Okay,” Dawn said. “That actually sounds reasonable. Do I get to keep my phone at school?”

“Of course. Just keep it on silent.”

“Buffy,” Dawn said after they'd been quiet for a while.

“Yeah?” Buffy asked, smiling as Dawn leaned over to curl into her sister's side.

“I'm glad we're getting a second chance at this. I mean, tenth grade sucked, and it wasn't just because the school was evil. It was living in that house—after losing mom, and you and Tara—and going through all that crap. I'm glad we get to try again.”

“Me too,” Buffy said, pressing a kiss onto Dawn's forehead. “And I have a feeling your junior year is going to be great. No cheer-leading though.”

“Agreed,” Dawn said, remembering her one horrible attempt at trying out for cheer-leading back in Sunnydale. She was far too klutzy to partake of sports. “Any other rules?”

“Just standard ones. Always wear your protection amulets. Never talk to strangers on Tuesdays, and never invite anybody inside.”

“Mmkay,” Dawn promised. She fell asleep leaning on Buffy, and before long they were at their new house. It was gorgeous. It was at the outskirts of town, while still being in town, and it was more than big enough for two young women. They toured their house after unpacking. It had a decent kitchen, a bit living room, a study, and four bedrooms—two set up as guest bedrooms. In the attic was a space set up for magic, and in the basement was a huge training area. And the backyard was beautiful. No pool, as Dawn had hoped, but there was a hot tub under an awning, which made Buffy's day. There was also a covered garage that held a shiny black SUV, and a blue bicycle.

“Buffy, can I get my license this year?”

“Well, now that we're living in Washington, we'll have to look up the laws here, but if you're old enough, I'll take you for your permit test next week, or as soon as we can make an appointment.”

“Yay!” Dawn replied. “Now, can we order pizza?”


“Alice?” Carlisle asked, “What do you see?” His youngest daughter's eyes had zoned out of focus, as they did when she was getting a vision.

“There will be two new students and one new faculty member at school tomorrow,” she said. “But two of them are hazy. I can't see them clearly.”

“What about the one you can see?” Jasper asked, winding his arms around his wife.

“Isabella Swan, Chief Swan's daughter. He must have just gotten custody, because she's starting as a junior tomorrow. And another girl is too, but she's kind of hazy and green,” Alice said, surprised.

“What can you see about the new faculty member?” Carlisle asked.

“She's pretty and blonde. Let's see. She'll be starting classes at UWS, looks like the graduate psychology program. And she'll be opening mail, oh! The letter head says International Watcher's Council. The address is in England.”

“Oh my,” said Carlisle. He looked at Edward who was clearly reading his mind. Edward said nothing, so Carlisle spoke up.

“The Watcher's Council has been around since long before my time. They train the Vampire Slayer, and they watch and compile information about the supernatural. My grandfather was a Watcher.”

“So this new guidance counselor, and her sister,” Edward began, picking information out of Alice's mind and piecing it together, “Could likely know what we are?”

“Very likely,” Carlisle said. “But I'd say we should let them make the first move. They might just want to check on us, and make sure we're not killing anyone.”

“Carlisle,” Esme started, “What's a Vampire Slayer?” she asked, sounding a bit nervous.

“Well, it's never seemed relevant before, because they never come around us, but there is more than one kind of vampire—the other kind being truly demonic—and other demons as well. These vampires never choose to abstain from human blood; they have no consciences at all. And for whatever reason, they are much easier to kill than we are. Stake through the heart, holy water, etcetera.”

“That's where the legends come from?” Rosalie asked. “I thought they were just silly beliefs humans came up with to make themselves feel better.”

“No, I think I've encountered them before,” Jasper said, thinking back to his long life in the south. “They combust in the sun.”

“Yes,” Carlisle agreed. The seven Cullens spent the next several hours discussing demonology and vampires, and looking through some of Carlisle's books. While Carlisle had mentioned demons in the past, the rest of his family had always assumed him being metaphorical.

*End Chapter One*
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