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Fun with the Council

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Summary: Faith accompanies Giles to deal with Dumbledore's request for help.

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Harry Potter > Faith-CenteredShulikFR181991022,54427 Nov 0927 Nov 09Yes
Whedon owns Faith, Giles and everything to do with them.

Rowling owns Dumbledore and friends.

This is a response to JoeHundredaire's 20 minutes over the rainbow challenge:
20 Minutes over the rainbow.

Willow. Tara. Kennedy. Satsu. Larry. And... well, seriously, does anyone here actually think Andrew is straight? Take your favorite LGBT character and hook them up with your crossover partner of choice. It's okay if you feed that person a Magical Mushroom of Gayness or two; the only restriction is that you start with one of the few LGBT characters Whedon put into his universe.

Warning, in case you haven't realized it from the challenge details this is a slash story. Some leering and swearing up ahead.

It's not revised as I wrote it in about 17 minutes and I'm going to bed, so anything minor- forgive me, and anything major- let me know so I can change it.

Please remember to review!

Faith tilted her chair back and clunked her boots on the table. She slowly swiveled her head back from the slowly reddening with anger Giles to the maddeningly smiley Dumbledore. Dude sure was working some serious mojo, from the twinkle in his eye to the colour of his robes- he looked like Santa that’d had a real good stocking stuffer, lots and lots of alcohol.

Dumbledore twinkled again and Giles looked like he was about to start ripping him a new one, Faith sighed. The New Council meeting with the Order of the Phoenix was a really bad idea, she didn’t know why the wizards thought that the slayers would come a’running when called. It wasn’t like the wizarding community had the common decency to warn the rest of the world about the periodically self-resurrecting maniac trying to ethnically cleanse their ranks. They had fucked up, plain and simple and now they expected the Council to come and clean up their mess? Hell with that.

Taking her favourite bowie from its sheath behind her back, Faith began slowly cleaning her nails. The methodical motion oddly hypnotic to anyone watching. Which just happened to be a large, red-headed dude that was doing a pretty good imitation of King Kong with a crush.

“Hello Miss Lehane, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about slayers,” he looked positively twitchy with excitement, rough voice breathy with poorly hidden desire.

Faith eyed him in contemplation, one eyebrow raised in a mocking gesture that he clearly missed.

She decided to humor him, “Sure big red, what’d you wanna know?”

He looked giddy as a crash could be heard from the direction of Giles and Dumbledore. A little panicked he swung his gaze over to the two leaders of their respective organizations, “Umm, shouldn’t you help them?”

“Why?” Faith didn’t even bother looking at the two old dudes, she figured that Giles could go all Ripper if the need arose. Plus he had the awesome ability to activate their specially prepared by Willow silent amulets, a silently spoken phrase in Latin and presto! No more slayer and pissed off watcher having to deal with the weird wizard folks.

The redhead in front of her cleared his throat, “Right, it’s getting a bit loud in here. Can we talk somewhere private?”

Again Faith eyed him speculatively, a big guy with toned arms he was certainly ripped enough to warrant a second look. As it was though, her attention was currently focused on an another member of their little pow wow, somebody that poor Ron didn’t really measure up to.

“Why?” she asked him again, amused as he began nervously panicking.

“Oh, I thought that we’d be able to talk better in a more intimate environment…” he was droning on, arms waving in his desire to reach her higher reasoning functions. Which were totally turned off at that moment.

Luna Lovegood had just bent over the table next to them, a tea kettle in hand she was smiling as she poured for the sitting wizards. Faith watched the blonde’s waving ass hungrily, there was just something about the girl that really pulled at her. A desire to know more, to burrow herself inside the witch’s essence until she was immersed in everything Luna.

Faith was very aware of her obsessive tendencies, God only knows she had spent enough time hashing out the first couple of years with Buffy during her prison appointed shrink sessions to know that she could get pretty crazy about somebody very fast.

With great regret she turned her gaze back to Ron who was watching her watch Luna, an unreadable expression on his face.

She leaned across the table to him, “Yo, what’s the deal with your girl Luna over there? She dating anybody?”

Ron frowned, “No…”

Sudden realization overcame his features and Faith had to resist the urge to chuckle, “Wait! Nobody told me that you liked girls, I thought that you and Seamus had slept together before!” he sounded indignant.

Faith looked at the direction of Seamus Finnigan fondly, she and what Dumbledore had termed as the ‘muggleborn’ wizard had definitely had a few good tumbles in the sack. Boy was wicked good with his hands, and knew enough stamina spells to outlast Faith’s slayer enthusiasm.

She grinned at Ron, “Me and Seamus over there did the nasty a couple of weeks back, boy’s awesome.” She shrugged, “but you know how it is. Sometimes you just gotta switch it up.”

She leered lasciviously at Luna’s very ample chest so prominently displayed in her grey v-neck.

Ron sighed as he began searching for a pen, “Oh Merlin, why do I even bother anymore? It’s not like you’re the first girl to prefer Luna over me.”

Faith grinned widely and gave a wink to the blonde whose eyes had met her own across the room. Oh yeah, the Council wouldn’t be helping the wizards- but it didn’t mean that Faith couldn’t have herself some fun in the meantime.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fun with the Council". This story is complete.

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