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Life's Unexpected Changes

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life's Unexpected Changes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander knew he was in trouble when he woke up and saw Graham and Riley looking down at him with a stranger. Gender Switch, Slash, Preg

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCaliadragonFR18317,60642517,92528 Nov 0929 Nov 09Yes


Baby Parents Xander is the ‘Mom’ of all of them.

Mac Taylor, Speed, Jim Ellison, and Don Flack Fathers of Baby Boy 1 and Baby Girl 1 – Baby is due to Scientists – Children are Aiden and Jesse reborn

Horatio and Ducky Fathers of baby Boy 2 – Baby is due to Scientists – Child is Fred reborn

Dean and Graham Fathers of Baby Boy 3 – Baby is due to Scientists – Prue Reborn

Sam, Greg Sanders, and Blair are the fathers of Baby Boy 4 – Baby is due to Scientists

Tony, Riley, and Nick Stokes are the fathers of Baby Girl 2 – Baby is due to Scientists

Ray K, Ray V, and Benton are the fathers of Baby boy 5 – Baby is due to Scientists

Chris, Vin, and Ezra are the Fathers of Baby boy 6 – Baby is due to Scientists

Methos, Leo, and Duncan, are the Fathers of Baby Girl 3 – Baby is due to the Powers – Child is Sirius Reborn

Harry, Wyatt, Remus, and Ron are the Fathers of Baby boy 7 – Baby is due to the Powers – Child is Mary Winchester Reborn

Buffy’s Kids Parents.

Xander, Tim McGee, and Spike. 1 girl.

Angel, Wesley, Xander. 1 boy.

Tara and Willow's kids.

1 girl, John Winchester Reborn

1 boy, Andy reborn

I made these changes to get rid of the incest overtones. I hope you enjoy the changes as much as you enjoyed it before.

I have decided to have Mary reborn instead of Tara, because I want Tara back in the story.

Thanks so much for all of the ideas. I’m going to keep Xander as the one who carries all the babies and I will use magick as a way for him to continue to function while pregnant. I am also going to use the Island/Bunker idea for a new home, it will also be holy ground using several different religions to bless it and protect the children and the Immortals.

Madame Director is not going to be an enemy in this story. She will actually be working to protect the group.The Island will be a place for the SG teams to go to for vacation and not have to worry about having to keep to the regs of secrecy and it will also be a place that Teyla and Ronon can feel comfortable and Teyla’s son will be safe on earth.

The blue-eyed general I have decided will be Jack. He shows up looking for Riley and Graham with Jenny looking to protect the government and themselves.

Dawn, Willow, and the other magickal people will open portals to all of the father’s houses.

The girls will not be slayers, but they will all have enhanced senses, with the magickal background and two at least will be mediums. Xander will be a boy again there will be no girl parts staying and the kids will have to be bottle fed simply because there are so many of them. Though I may borrow the idea from Vo and have one or more of the women offer to have shots so that they can give the kids breast milk.

Rick Steler and Lindsey Monroe are actually going to be tied to the Slayers. Rick because he is Kennedy’s uncle and likes Xander for protecting her. Lindsey is a slayer and I have her and Danny having a brother/sister type of relationship. That and in this AU she started before Aiden was fired and was trained by both Aiden and Danny.

Also, it will come out that the Powers didn’t make Xander a slayer, Sineya the First Slayer chose him herself and because of this when he becomes a guy again, he will still be a slayer.

Madame Pomphrey and Janet will become the medical personal on the Island as well as John Carter from ER. Bobby will agree to come to the Island to be the demon resources teacher. John will show up as the child of one other person the Powers are going to knock up, Buffy, as a gift for all that she has lost since all she has ever wanted was to be a mother. It will also give Mary and John the chance to fulfill the life as soul mates that the demon denied them. Tara is Willow’s. Joyce is Giles and Dawn’s reward for fightin.

Winky, Dobby, and other magickal creatures will be showing up to magickal nannies and help.

Methos, Faith, Anya, Spike, Dean, and Hallie are going to cause a couple of explosions when demons and Wizarding bad guys show up to try to cause problems.

I have not completely decided on my pairings, but I do know that Jenny is going to grant Gibbs and Co the right to move closer to Xander and that Denver is going to lose Team 7 since none of the guys are going to live away from a chance to be with their child and Xander.

Why Father’s were chosen.

Mac – Military background, intelligence, also has the Ancient Gene.

Speed – Intelligence, superior genes, has a base gene like Xander.

Don - intelligence, familial background, has a relative that lives in Eureka.

Jim – Sentinel Abilities, Intelligence, Military background.

Horatio – Intelligence, Police background, has a half-brother that was in military, Ancient Gene

Ducky – Intelligence, Watcher background, can converse with the dead.

Dean – Intelligence, is Actually a genius but hides it, Demon hunting background, carries the Gene to be a Sentinel.

Sam – Intelligence, Seer Abilities, Carries the Gene to be a Guide, demon hunting, demon taint.

Graham – Intelligence, Military Career, Carries the Gene to be a Guide, is an un-awakened Seer.

Greg – Intelligence, Grandpa Olaf was a Sorcerer, Carries the Ancients Gene.

Blair – Intelligence, Shaman, Guide, Naomi is a seer.

Tony- Intelligence, Heightened senses he’s one sense shy of being a full-blown sentinel, un-awakened Mage, Grandfather was an Earth Mage.

Riley – Intelligence, Military Background, carries Guide gene.

Nick – Intelligence, Empath, Familial background, Mother is an empath.

Ray K – Intelligence, Medium and Guide, Police background.

Ray V – Intelligence, Superior Genes including the Ancient Gene, Guide.

Benton – Intelligence, Sentinel abilities, is a Shaman, Law Enforcement Background.

Chris – Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement background, his son Adam is a Sentinel, his daughter Cassy is a slayer.

Vin – Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement Background, Sentinel, Shaman, and carries the Ancient Gene.

Ezra – Intelligence, Law Enforcement Background, Guide and Medium.

Methos – Intelligence, Immortality, doesn’t remember it, but is actually an un-ascended being it is why he is the oldest and why he has better control over his Quickening and can hide it. Claimed and chosen by Ares and Hades to be a parent.

Mac – Intelligence, Immortality, Guide, Carries the Ancient Gene. Claimed and Chosen by Aphrodite and Ares to be a parent.

Leo – Intelligence, Immortality, White Lighter and Healer, when Mortal he was a Guide. Claimed and Chosen by Apollo, Hectate, and Aphrodite to be a parent.

Harry – Intelligence, Immortality (Due to Magick), Healer, Magickal Abilities. Claimed and Chosen by Hectate, Bridget, Ares, and Morrgain to be a father.

Ron – Intelligence, Immortality (Due to Magick), Strategist, Magickal Abilities. Claimed and Chosen by Hectate, Bridget, Ares, and Morrgain to be a father. Both Harry and Ron are married.

Remus – Intelligence, Werewolf, Guide, Magickal Abilities. Claimed and Chosen by Hectate, Bridget, Artemis, and Ares to be a Father.

Wyatt – Intelligence, Rightful Leader of the Magickal World, Magickal Abilities, Protector. Chosen by Hectate, Bridget, Ares, Morrgain, and the real Merlin to be a father.
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