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Life's Unexpected Changes

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life's Unexpected Changes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander knew he was in trouble when he woke up and saw Graham and Riley looking down at him with a stranger. Gender Switch, Slash, Preg

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCaliadragonFR18317,60642517,92528 Nov 0929 Nov 09Yes

Chapter One

Title: Life's Unexpected Turns

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: BtVS, AtS, SPN, Stargate, CSI, Mag 7, NCIS, CM, Addams Family, Highlander, HP, Charmed, Due South, TS

Warnings: Swearing, Kidnapping, Violence, Sex, Slash, Het, Gender Switch, Pregnancy, Angst, AU, Unbeta’d

Disclaimer: None of the characters and fandoms in the fic belongs to me. I have no claim on any of them, though it would be fun if I did.

AN: The Addams Family is darker than they were portrayed in movies and on television. This whole story and universe is a hard AU. Don't expect canon in any way whatsoever. There won't be any Scoobie bashing either. This was inspired by Toots a wonderful author who gave me a great deal of inspiration, also from Vo, who added to it. Thanks to the Imaginings List who saw the first draft of this and encouraged me to go on.

Feedback: Any feedback would be appreciated. You can reach me at

Archive: Any list I send it to, anyone with prior permission, BC, WWOMB, TTH

Part: 1/1

Spoilers: None, most of the shows are so AU they don't follow canon.

When Xander Harris woke up in a military facility strapped to a gurney, he knew he was in trouble. When he saw Graham Miller and Riley Finn looking down at him with an older man with intense brown eyes, he groaned. All three men looked worried and Riley actually gulped.

"What the hell happened?” Xander asked in no mood to be nice. His stomach and his head hurt and he was confused. The last thing he remembered was getting off the plane in LA after Giles sent him to check on the LA group.

“The Initiative take two,” Graham answered grimly. “They were using you for their newest plan for the super soldier.”

“Oh man, what did those whack jobs do now? Can you let me up?” Xander asked frustrated, nauseated, and tired.

“Um… no,” Riley answered with a weak smile. The older man looked at him in confusion; it was obvious that Riley was a worried and afraid. He was a highly trained soldier, why would he be afraid of a one eyed boy barely out of his teens, even if the boy did fight demons. The only one not surprised by Riley’s reaction was Graham, who was just as worried.

“Ri what the hell was done to me?” Xander snarled angrily his eye darkening. Riley gulped and took a step back.

“They made you pregnant none of us had anything to do with it please don’t kill us?” Riley babbled out worriedly.

The rest of the soldiers and law enforcement officers looked at Major Finn in shock. The man had been worried when they found the boy he identified as Xander Harris, but they were shocked to hear the man babble.

“WHAT?” Xander roared, slamming upwards and breaking the restraints holding him, causing the law enforcement officers and military men to step back in alarm. He lunged off the gurney and turned around looking at the people around him.

His eyes went to several people in handcuffs, “You motherfucking bastards I’m going to gut you and use your intestines to crotchet a tea cozy, and then curse you to spend eternity as a demon’s whore!”

Riley let out a shaky breath, “He took that better than I expected.” Riley said in relief. The men that didn’t know Xander looked at him in consternation, this was better than expected?

“Mr. Harris…“ The FBI agent in charge began.

“My name is Xander you want me to answer use it. I want to know everything that you know and I want to know now. Anyone trying to keep anything from me I will obliterate. I’m not fucking happy and I still have to find Spike and the others. How the fuck long have I been here?” Xander demanded spinning to face Riley who swallowed harshly.

“Three months, they used others to perfect their technique and then kidnapped you and implanted the embryos they created. You’re three months pregnant, they kept you mostly drugged, that’s why you don’t remember anything. Spike, Angel, and the others are all in England with the Council.” Riley answered in a rush, knowing Xander was going to kill someone.

“Embryos? How many embryos?” Xander demanded.

Most of them were wondering why Xander seemed to believe that he was pregnant by scientific means. Most of them wouldn’t have believed it, but then only Graham and Riley had been on the hellmouth and knew that the improbable happened there all of the time.

“Eight, functional embryos.” Riley answered softly; truly afraid Xander was going to explode and in doing so hurt the good guys too.

“I’m having a fucking litter! ARGH!” He spun on his heel kicking the closest prisoner in the head and then going for one the soldier’s weapons. The soldier stumbled backwards trying to stay out of Xander’s reach, while not doing anything to further enrage the young man or hurt him.

“WILLOW!” Riley bellowed, knowing that there was no way he would be able to stop Xander from killing all of them.

Graham had grabbed General O'Neill and Agent Hotchner to keep them from stepping forward to stop Xander. He knew that the younger man would hate himself if he accidentally hurt someone on the side of the light.

Willow appeared the second Riley called her name in panic; she took in the sight of a freaked out Riley and a pissed off Xander. “What stupid head made him that mad?” Willow demanded before running and throwing her arms around Xander, which caused him to still instantly. While worried about Xander being so angry, she couldn’t help but be elated that her friend was back.

“Let me go Willow, these assholes made me pregnant! I’m carrying a litter!” Xander snarled glaring at the cowering scientists.

“Huh?” Willow asked, though to Riley’s relief she didn’t let him go.

“I’m pregnant and carrying eight babies!” Xander snapped his rage beginning to cool, but not disappear.

Willow whimpered in shock and horror, this was a dynamite hiding situation.

“It gets worse,” Graham, said softly, bringing attention back to him and the three men at his side. O'Neill and Hotchner tensed at the angry young man glaring back at them.

“How can it be worse?” Xander yelled.

“All of the other fathers are in law enforcement or demon hunting and you know them all in someway. They chose men you seemed to know or respect. All of them are geniuses, law enforcement, or hunters.” Graham shivered under the enraged look he received from both Willow and Xander.

“Who?” Willow demanded, hoping that they were people who would not try to kill Xander or the babies.

“Detectives Mac Taylor, Timothy Speedle, Don Flack, and Jim Ellison are the parents of two of the children. Lieutenant Horatio Caine and Doctor Donald Mallard are the parents of a child. Dean Winchester and I are the parents of a child." Graham paused shaking slightly.

"Sam Winchester, Greg Sanders, and Doctor Blair Sandburg are the parents of a child. Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo, me, and CSI Nick Stokes are another set of parents." Riley interjected as Graham got control of his emotions.

"Detective Ray Kowalski, Constable Benton Fraser, and Detective Ray Vecchio are the fathers of a child. Special Agent Chris Larabee, Special Agent Vin Tanner, and Special Agent Ezra Standish are the parents of the last child.” Graham answered almost shyly; a little afraid Xander would reject him and the other fathers.

Xander blinked in confusion before turning to look at Willow and then back at Graham. “Damnit! You know what this means?” He said glaring at Willow.

“Chris won’t let you work with the council anymore and Jim will pull out the handcuffs again, while Dean screams for the chains?” Willow asked quietly, though freaked out she was fighting laughter.

Xander crossed his arms and pouted, “Why am I always the bondage flavor of the month? Speed threatened bondage the last time I saw him too."

"For that matter, the only ones on that list that didn’t threaten to tie me up and keep me safe were Nick, Graham, Tony, Blair, Greg, and Ezra. Even Benny threatened to tie me up and he’s a Mountie! No one does that to any of the other Watchers, how come I’m so special?”

Willow giggled and shrugged. “I don’t know everyone wants to keep you. The slayers are just as bad. When they find out your pregnant there might be a riot or at least a large party. I don’t want to tell Stella, Calleigh, Ziva, or Caitlyn that you’re pregnant. Those are four scary slayers. Not to mention Momma Alexx or Naomi.”

Xander paled and looked at her in alarm. “I’m going to be lucky to have a moment of privacy and oh god… my little ones are going to think I don’t want them anymore. Willow! How am I going to do this? It was hard enough for them to let me go long enough to come to LA and check on the Fang Gang and then missing for months. This will scare them to death. I can’t abandon my girls.”

“We’ll figure out how to get them all here. You know you can’t go back to Cleveland or New York.” Willow said worried.

“Of course not, I am having my kids anywhere near the hellmouth or the void. I’ve had enough problems in my life from being conceived and born right on top of the hellmouth. I’m not putting my litter through that.” Xander said frustrated.

“Wait you were born and conceived on top of the hellmouth?” Riley demanded his eyes wide with shocked horror.

“Yeah, it’s why I’m a demon magnet, Giles figured it out after I was the only one to be able to accurately find every hellmouth we know of now. They call to me.” Xander answered with a shrug. Riley moaned that explained so much.

“We could buy a new building in the states and set you, the babies, and the younger slayers up there. It would also give us a safe place to send injured slayers.” Willow said thinking seriously.

“No winter! I’m sick of snow.” Xander said seriously. “Not Los Angeles either, I don’t want to live here.”

“So that leaves Miami and San Francisco as the only two places I would set you up.” Willow said, thinking of the strong protectors that lived in both places.

“I love the Halliwell’s, but I draw enough weird shit on my own, there is no way I need to make their lives even more dangerous. If I were in Miami, I would at least be close to Speed and Horatio. Though I don’t know what the others would do or even if they want to have anything to do with the kids.” Xander said with a sigh.

Willow hugged him again and then whimpered, “Faith…” she trailed off while Xander paled.

“Oh no… she’s… Willow!” He wailed, “She’s gonna make the others seem like puppies. Plus the others, Wednesday, Dawn, and the other kids are gonna blow things up. My babies and my crew are gonna never let me go anywhere by myself."

"Not to mention the last time Dean and Faith were around each other they broke three couches, knocked down a wall, and blew up three buildings, and caused an international incident!” Xander’s eyes were wide with horror and the knowledge of the damage his two friends and fierce protectors would inflict.

Willow cringed and began to wring her hands, “Maybe they’ll be so surprised about the babies they won’t cause another international incident.” She said hopefully, not even bothering to think they wouldn’t cause destruction after all they were Dean and Faith.

“Willow this is my crew and the Duo of Destruction you’re talking about. I was in perfectly good shape, and only being held hostage by MI-5 to check the Slayers reaction times. They nearly killed the James Bond peoples. Only Giles giving them a stern talking to saved any of the agents. The US Government has knocked me up! They’re going to freak! I like the US, the government is so-so, but we can’t let them take out the military!” Xander began to hyperventilate.

“Breath, breath, it’s going to be okay. Riley and Graham have taken the poopie heads into custody and they’ll be punished. Right?” She said spinning to look at Riley and Graham with a panicked expression, eyes wide and full of horror.

“Absolutely! Not getting away with anything, no way, if I have to I’ll shoot them myself, just don’t sick those guys on us!” Riley said frantically, turning grey. He had been there for Xander’s rescue and still had nightmares.

Graham shuddered, that was just freaking scary. O'Neill and Hotchner shared a look of horror they remembered hearing about that. It was the talk of the intelligence community, the fact that Gibbs of NCIS laughed through the whole thing scared a *lot* of people.

“Uhm… How ya doin’?” A nasally voice asked from nearby. Everyone spun to face a geek in a fedora and polyester clothes, his face pale, and his smile fearful.

“Whistler?” Xander asked confused, recognizing the man from one of Buffy’s many rants at the Powers and their messengers.

“Hey kid, I hate ta do this, but I got orders and well you just got tapped. Some’a the kids are rebirths, and you have DNA connections to a few new fathers, and you’re gonna have to be changed ta have the kids. Sorry, tell the slayer this ain’t my doin’ and I want to keep my ribcage.” Whistler said grimly and then waved a hand and disappeared.

A scream sounded, “MY PENIS!” Xander screeched looking down at his womanly body. He turned to look at Willow and whimpered. “I wanna go home now!”

“Holy shit!” Graham squeaked in shock, while the rest of the men cringed and shifted to protect themselves at the magickal sex change.

“I’m killing them!” Xander yelled, but Willow grabbed him before he could move.

“We’ll be in touch!” Willow said frantically before disappearing with Xander.

“We are so fucked!” Riley whimpered and covered his face.

The rest of the group could only wonder just how they were going to explain this and if they were going to make it through the fiasco without losing their boy parts.


When Xander and Willow arrived at the Council headquarters, it was in the middle of the dining hall. The Scoobies were all sitting together and sagged when they saw the lovely young woman in the hospital gown with her. Each had hoped that Willow was going to Xander. “I guess all she found was a new slayer.” Faith said grumpily her words echoing through the silent hall.


Stunned exclamations descended over the hall and eyes widened in shocked disbelief. “Xander?” Dawn asked hesitantly as she slowly made her way over to the pair. Xander spun to face her, the back of the gown fluttering to show a shapely figure.

“Dawnie, I’m pregnant with eight babies from 20 or more m…men and Whistler changed me into a girl! The Powers told him to and I’m A PREGNANT GIRL SLAYER!” Xander screeched before fainting, everything finally catching up with him. The closest slayer, Wednesday, caught him before he could hit the floor. Gentle arms surrounded Xander and Dawn knelt by his side holding his hand and looking at Willow in confusion.

“What just happened?” Buffy demanded as she rushed across the room to sit at her sister’s side. She didn’t try to take Xander away from Wednesday, the little slayer was to scary to mess with and she and her family had claimed Xander as their own.

“I’m not sure of everything, but I’ll go get Riley and he can explain.” Willow babbled nervously before disappearing. When she reappeared, she had both Graham and Riley with her. Graham let out a sound of distress and knelt by Wednesday, placing his hand on Xander’s shoulder.

“What the hell happened to the Whelp Cornfed?” Spike demanded as he made his way over with the rest of the Scoobies, knowing better than to question Graham, the boy only seemed to speak to Cornfed, the Whelp, and Wednesday.

Riley sighed and grimly began to explain what they knew and what happened after they found Xander. When Riley informed them who the fathers were, they all looked down at the unconscious Xander and the distressed Graham.

“Holy shit!” Rona said staring at the pair in shock. Xander chose that moment to come to looking around him in confusion.

“I had the strangest dream.” Xander murmured confusedly.

“I’m sorry Xan, but it wasn’t a dream.” Graham said gently.

“Oh damn, I’m a girl, a slayer, and carrying a litter. On top of that I’m nearly naked and this floor is cold!” Xander groaned sitting up and looking around him in frustration.

“Yeah,” Riley said softly.

“I need clothes and I need to see my slayer babies and then I need to figure out who the other fathers are. After that I need to contact the other fathers and move to Florida with my litter, my crew, and my babies.” Xander pulled away from Wednesday and stood looking down at himself in frustration. “I want my penis back, Wills please summon Whistler and find out when I get it back and who the other Fathers are. Buffy, don’t make a hat out of Whistler and no one else hurt him either!”

“But Xan…” Buffy began.

“No! Whistler got a shit job and you aren’t hurting the messenger. Treat him as you would a Scooby. If you can forgive Spike for nearly killing us for several years, then you can forgive Whistler for doing what powerful beings order him to do.” Xander said shaking his finger at her.

“Wednesday, Dawn, you come with me. I’ll need you to help me with my girls,” Xander told the pair as he looked around him. He was surprised to see his babies sitting at a table nearby staring at him wide-eyed and afraid. “Ah he…ck! Come here girls.” Seven preteen slayers rushed Xander and wrapped themselves around him babbling happily now that he was there, even if he was a girl.

Willow muttered a spell under her breath and brought a startled and terrified Whistler to her. She shouldn’t have been able to summon him, if she could that meant she was more powerful than the Powers had counted on. Xander turned and faced the demon and sighed at the fear in his eyes. “Hey Whistler, have you had dinner?” he asked gently, trying to ease the elder demons fear.

Whistler blinked in confusion, but shook his head. “Come on let me get dressed then we’ll sit, eat and you can tell me who the other fathers are and suggest where I should set up.” Whistler shot a look at Buffy, noticed that she wasn’t making a move towards him, and then nodded at Xander.

The next hour was a time of confusion and revelation for Whistler, other than Angel, very few champions and people that Whistler dealt with treated him nicely. For Xander Harris, who had more reason to be angry than anyone, to treat him nicely and offer him a meal, was confusion and touching to the elder demon who had no close ties to anyone since he was forced into the Powers service as a young demon.

Throughout the meal, Xander answered his girls’ questions, filled plates, cut up food and generally acted as parent to the young girls. “Where do you live?” Tami, a slayer from Arizona asked Whistler, she was five.

“Nowhere, the Powers keep me on the move.” Whistler answered somewhat sadly.

“You can live with us, Poppa Xander gave me a home, and I lived on the streets.” Gail, a British slayer said, she was nine and living in an ally when Xander saved her from a demon.

Whistler blushed and looked over at Xander expecting him, her to be upset. “So you moving in or what?” Xander asked with a grin. He wasn’t quite certain why he wanted Whistler into their lives, he just knew the demon needed someone on his side. When Xander looked at Whistler, he could see a slave of the Powers and someone who was as used and abused as the Scoobies and their allies ever were by the PTB.

Whistler swallowed back his shock and nodded. “Great, now where do you suggest we settle? I’m thinking Florida, Miami in particular.”

“Actually, the Witch had the right of it, you’ll be better off settlin’ near the Halliwell family since one of the babies is Prue Halliwell reborn, plus Leo and Wyatt Halliwell are two more additions to the father gene pool. However, Miami would be the second safest place in the world and with Dawn’s help we could set up portals to connect to each of the fathers homes and to the Halliwell family. You should also know that Methos and Duncan Macleod are also parents and with them Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley that’s two more kids, not three.” Whistler said softly.

Xander blinked, “How am I supposed to carry ten kids to term?”

“That’s where changing you came into it, if we had kept you as a man it woulda killed you and the kids. The other thing is that Mary Winchester and your Jesse are being reborn to you and so is Aiden Burns, Prue Halliwell, and Sirius Black. Most of the kids will be magickal in nature, with genius mentalities. With you being a slayer your body will be able to adjust to the changes in it and absorb the magicks building in the babies.” Whistler told him, still hesitant about what his words would bring.

Xander closed his eyes and sighed and then, “LEO! REMUS! I NEED YOU AND BRING HARRY, RON, AND THE SISTERS WITH YOU!

As his voice died, the two men were there with the people requested and Oz was with them. The group looked at Xander in confusion wondering why the magick keyed to Xander had called them to this woman. “Who are you and why do you smell like Xander?” Remus asked confused, nearly swooning in delight at the smell of the young woman. Oz was in the same condition, though his wolf was screaming she was pack. There was also the fact that only a Scooby should have been able to call them there the way that this unknown female had.

“Because I am Xander, the Powers changed me into a girl after the US government knocked me up. Then the powers added two more to my litter. So now, I am carrying ten babies five of which are rebirths. One is Prue and another is Sirius. The other three you don’t know.” Xander said calmly, though still freaking out.

The group gapped at him. “It gets worse or better depending on how you look at it. The Powers used the essence from seven other people beyond what the whacko scientists did. Leo and Wyatt, Methos and Duncan, and Remus, Harry, and Ron are the parents of two other kids.” Whistler added gently and a touch fearfully.

Harry sat down in shock, not noticing he was sitting on the floor. Ron and Remus blinked in shock while the sisters all teared up at the thought of their sister coming back. Leo was shocked that they had used himself and his son to bring about the birth of a child.

“How many other fathers are there?” Piper asked she was glad that Prue was a rebirth, given a second chance, but she was also angry that they used her husband and son to bring about the birth of a child, especially as her son was only three and she was pregnant with her third child.

“Twenty.” Dawn answered as she came to stand by Xander. That caused them all to gawk at Xander in shock.

“I have to get them all together and explain what is happening. Two of them are already here, Graham Miller and Riley Finn.” Dawn said patting Xander’s back. “I could really use you guys help, since the Wizards can apparate and the White Lighters can orb it would mean getting them here sooner.”

“We’ll be happy to help,” Leo said looking at the others who were coming out of their shock. All of them nodded and Dawn gave them a bright smile.

Xander cringed and wondered if he would lose the friendship of people, he had come to care about. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them, the group was looking at him in worry. Xander gave them a wan smile and looked over to see that his kids had finished their dinner. “While you gather the guys I’m going to give the girls their baths, read a bedtime story, and put them to bed.” The little slayers stood and carried their plates over to the conveyer for the dirty dishes and then waited while Xander put his own on it. After they finished this chore, the eight disappeared from the dining room. Rona and Wednesday followed to help him and because they did not want him out of their site. Connor, Carlos, Kit, and Jordy also followed as they had been helping their little ‘sisters’ while Xander was gone.

“Okay we’ll all go to the farthest flung first and I’ll have you guys help me bring them here first. Is that okay?” Dawn asked looking at the group. They all nodded.

“I’ll help too,” Willow said as she came to stand by Dawn. “I’ll take Harry and Ron, you take Paige and Leo. Between the two teams, we should get them here quickly. Of course, it’s going to be more than just the fathers that come. Their teams and families will want to show up.”

“One can only hope that Amanda will behave.” Giles said with a sigh. The remaining Scoobies all snickered.

“You’re just afraid she’ll try to get in your pants again.” Faith said with a leer. Giles blushed causing the group to laugh again.

The magickal group disappeared, in the hour they were gone Xander and his crew had the girls bathed, dressed for bed, a story read and the little slayers asleep. Once the little girls were asleep Xander and the others made their way to the common area of his suite of rooms and were greeted by the site of the babies’ fathers and their families and friends.

Dean leered at Xander, still having no idea that the beautiful woman in front of him was a man. “Stop looking at me like that, you only like girls and I am getting my penis back!” Xander snarled at him, confusing Dean and the others.

“Huh?” Dean asked, while Sam gapped in astonishment.

“Xander?” Jim asked baffled, his senses were driving him crazy and he wanted to lick the woman in front of him, even as his senses told him that she was Xander Harris.

“Yeah, the Powers turned me into a girl, a slayer, and I’m carrying a litter and several of you are the fathers!” Xander snapped unhappily, thinking of the reactions and the bondage to come. “Also before you think of it, again, I am a slayer I can break out of chains, handcuffs, and ropes now.”

“Not if their magicked!” Dean snarled before turning to glare at the Scoobies and the crew. “Someone want to explain what the fuck is going on here?” he demanded of the Scoobies, Faith in particular. Faith grimaced and rolled her eyes.

Faith then in her own ‘gentle’ style told everyone what she knew. Benton, Greg, and Ezra began to snarl. Jim fainted, Blair and Speed sat on the floor, much like Harry had when he learned of what happened. Methos smirked and stalked over to Xander, slowly moving around the boy turned girl and gave him a hot, sexy kiss. Xander moaned and swayed, unlike Dean Xander had had sex with Methos. In fact, Xander had lost his last virginity to Methos thanks to a pissed off Kennedy. She had deluded herself into thinking that the reason Willow broke up with her was because Xander didn’t approve of her being a lesbian, completely discounting that Willow and Tara had broken up because of Willow not Xander or his supposed dislike of Willow being a lesbian.

The three days that the spell from the wish had been in affect Xander had learned even more about sex than Anya had taught him and that was saying a great deal. Kennedy, however, got her ass kicked by two seriously pissed off slayers, Willow, Dawn, and banned from any headquarters Xander was staying at for as long as she was a slayer.

Xander thought it was stupid and screamed at all of them until they calmed down and actually apologized to Kennedy since all of them had at one time or another blamed Xander for something that was out of his control. Pointing out that they had all at one time or another used magick, a taser, or brute strength against him and if he could forgive them why they hell should he not forgive Kennedy?

Kennedy was now one of Xander’s main supporters and if she hadn’t been out on a hunt would have actually been at Xander’s side. Like Faith, she was yet another loose cannon when it came to Xander’s health and well-being. Willow gasped as she remembered that she hadn’t told Kennedy that Xander had been found and disappeared to where her former girlfriend was fighting. When she arrived, she took in the fact that the slayer squad was outnumbered and that Kennedy lay wounded. With a snarl of rage, Willow called on the White Magick that she possessed and quickly slayed the demons and moved the women together. “I found Xander,” she told the exhausted slayers, who all perked up at that.

When the group arrived back in Xander’s sitting room Xander and the others surged to their feet, the Slayers all froze; looking at the gathered men and that the slayer that none of them knew. Kennedy blinked tired eyes and looked at the new slayer, recognizing the eye patch over her eye. “Xanner?” she slurred confusedly before fading away.

Xander ignored the men looking at him in shock, the wickedly amused Methos, and his friends; instead, he hurried forward and lifted Kennedy into his arms.

“Giles contact the infirmary; we need to get the girls treated.” Xander ordered as he began to usher the fighters out of the room. “Are anymore of you injured?” he asked looking at the dazed women.

“Bloody Hell! You are Xander! How did you end up a girl?” Hermione Granger asked as she slumped against an agitated Harry Potter, best friend and adopted brother. Ron was already moving to his sister Ginny, while Remus was moving to an exhausted and addled Luna Lovegood. Ming, one of the other slayers just stared and shook her head in confusion; while Miley glared and wondered who it was she had to kill.

“The Powers changed me so the liter and me wouldn’t die. The Initiative part two knocked me up while I was still a boy and they changed me to keep me alive. Over half these people are the daddy’s of my litter, which is ten kids. I promise to explain more, but you guys need to see a doctor.” Xander said gently as he started herding the women, Remus, Ron, and Harry out the door.

Rona and Wednesday went with them while Giles used his cell to alert the infirmary that they had incoming. “Dawn, Graham, Riley, please take care of our guests until we can return. The rest of you try to behave and don’t scare or break anyone.”

Carlos and Jordy snickered at the innocent looks that Connor, Buffy, Spike, Faith, and Dean immediately adopted. It would have been more believable if most of the group didn’t remember the last time they were together and the massive amount of destruction they inflicted.

By now, Jim had come out of his faint, while Blair was still staring after Xander. “I’m going to need your help Chief; he makes me want to lick him when he’s a guy! My senses are going haywire.” Jim said with a groan, covering his eyes in frustration.

“Thank God, I thought it was only me!” Vin Tanner exclaimed with a relieved sigh.

“Nah, the Whelp has that affect on the enhanced; it’s why most demons and slayers are attracted to him.” Spike said with a smirk.

“How do you explain the bondage thing?” Dawn asked her friend, who grinned and opened his mouth to respond.

“Don’t go there Spike!” Buffy yelped suddenly, Spike tried to look innocent again, but Connor and Dawn both snorted and rolled their eyes.

“We just want to keep and protect him.” Sam answered innocently; Spike was envious that the boy could pull it off.

“Plus he looks hot all tied up and achy for sex.” Methos answered cheerfully, not the least bit embarrassed.

“Oh look it’s a male Anya,” Cordy said as she appeared.

“Cordy!” Willow, Buffy, and Dawn squealed, while the Fang Gang looked on in shock. The three Scooby females rushed forward and hugged her tightly.

“Cordelia,” Gunn and Angel said in a near whisper. Connor looked at her in fear and was ready to run at the first harsh word. He had the memories of the time with Jasmine and felt sick each time he remembered it. Cordelia was his mother in every way that mattered and Jasmine had destroyed and twisted that. Thankfully, when his memories returned the memory of what he had done and had done to him was blunted.

Cordelia went to Connor and hugged him gently, “It’s okay Connor, I understand and I never blamed you.” At those words, Connor sobbed and clung to her. “The Powers have sent me back because they have made another change. One more child has become a rebirth. They have saved Fred’s soul and one of Xander’s children will carry her soul.”

“What else?” Xander asked from where he and the wizards had returned with Harry, Ron, Remus, Kennedy, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Rona, Wednesday, and Giles. Ming and Miley had gone back to the dorms.

Cordy looked at him and sighed. “In exchange on you not calling on vengeance and for payment of taking in and giving Whistler a home the Powers are returning the dead not chosen for rebirth. That means me too, I’m the only one that has not been given a chance at rebirth since I once ascended I can only be reborn if I descend and live out the remainder of my life with the council. They will also be giving back Doyle as a gift for the horror that my life was before I slipped into the coma and died.”

“What is the downside, because I am not seeing one, unless they are saying I’m not getting my penis back, because if that is the case I’m killing them all?” Xander snarked, afraid he was going to stay a female.

Cordy laughed and blew him a kiss. “You are getting your penis back dork!”

“Well okay then, what’s the downside?” Xander asked mollified that he would get to be a Xander shaped boy again.

“Isn’t being pregnant and losing your penis for seven months bad enough?” Cordy asked with twinkling eyes.

“It’s bad, but I get babies and if I’m lucky this body isn’t a virgin and Methos seems willing to have sex with girl Xander as much as he was boy Xander.” Xander answered with a smirk.

“Anya turned you into a real horn dog!” Cordy snarked secretly pleased by his teasing and lack of rage towards her as a representative of the Powers.

“Yeah well I got used to having sex several times a day and night; though being a Dad has changed that a bit.” Xander said with a shrug.

“Several times a day and night?” Sam asked wide-eyed. He wasn’t the only one staring at Xander in shock. Xander just grinned and shrugged.

“Sometimes more on the weekend or at least that is what Anya told us.” A blushing Willow said with a giggle.

“Good lord,” Giles groaned covering his eyes. “Willow I thought we promised to never repeat that conversation or any part of it after Buffy nearly hyperventilated and Dawn and Spike started asking for details and pointers.”

Willow giggled again at Xander’s look of confusion, “Huh?”

Buffy rolled her eyes and walked to Xander wrapping a hand around the new feminine waist. “Anya decided to tell us about your sex life in great detail and how she enjoyed the weekends because you didn’t work and could pleasure her more. Then she started in on the tongue technique and the thing you do with your hips. Plus how happy she was that Cordy introduced you to yoga.”

Xander cackled, “Oh man, An must have been in a mood. Who pissed her off?”

“Giles and Willow,” Spike and Dawn answered in unison grinning.

Xander laughed again, “Anya only did that when she was pissed, she knew that it embarrassed most of you and she liked making you guys blush and clean your glasses. My girl had a twisted sense of the absurd.” The laughter fell away and he looked back to Cordy who looked down sadly and shook her head.

“Cordy?” he asked softly, his heart suddenly pounding painfully.

“She was a demon for over a thousand years Xander,” Cordy said in answer.

Xander screamed in rage and pain, he pulled away from Buffy and walked away, unable to look at them and not want to break something. Tears fell down Cordy’s cheeks as she watched Xander leave. Knowing she had shattered Xander’s secret hope.

“What just happened?” Speed asked watching Xander leave, shaken by the sound of rage and pain that had escaped the young one.

“Anya was once known as Anyanka, she was a demon for over a thousand years, and she caused the deaths of thousands in her time as a demon. The Powers did not grant her access to the higher realms. She went to a hell dimension. They will not bring her back.” Cordy said softly.

“NO!” Buffy cried out in horror and pain, collapsing in on herself as she thought of the place Anya’s sacrifice had led her to. Willow burst into tears and Dawn fainted. Giles and Spike began to growl while Faith pulled a keening Andrew into her arms. No one knew what to say to the group as pain encompassed the group and the one that they had all gathered there to discuss.

Xander stomped out the main doors of the council building and away from the complex. He made his way to the edge of the wards and screamed for D’Hoffryn. The Elder demon arrived in a cloud of demonic fire. He cocked his head to the side and realized that the woman standing in front of him with a soul screaming for vengeance was Xander Harris.

“What has happened young one?” D’Hoffryn asked confused and a touch afraid.

“Anya, they sent her to HELL! You have to get her out!” Xander screamed, sobbing in anguish.

D’Hoffryn’s shoulders slumped and he conjured to chairs. “Sit young one, we must talk.”

Xander collapsed into the chair and looked at D’Hoffryn in pain, silently begging the demon lord to save his beloved friend. Xander knew there would never be anything between himself and Anya, but friendship, ever again but he needed her back.

“Anyanka is in my palace right now, since my realm is technically a hell dimension she is safe there. The only way she can return is if I send Hallie with her. I did not end my daughter’s life as I led everyone to believe, but I did tie her to my realm alone. To release one I must release the other and the only way to do that is to tie them to a slayers familial line, so says the Powers.” D’Hoffryn said sadly.

Xander looked at him for several minutes and then started laughing through his tears. “Those fucking Powers! I’m a slayer, a pregnant slayer, D’Hoffryn. If you bind them to my line they will be free to wander and make their home among us once again.”

D’Hoffryn stared at him for several minutes before he burst into laughter, and they said that demons played games, the highest demon was nowhere as manipulative as the Powers.

Hallie and Anya appeared together both of them staring at the slayer in front of them, Anya tilted her head to the side and tried to figure out why the woman seemed so familiar. Xander stood and pulled Anya in his arms kissing her with the same love and passion that they once shared, tempered now by friendship and joy. When he pulled away, Anya gapped at him in shock. “Xander?”

“Xander?” Hallie asked dumbfounded, blinking in astonishment.

Xander nodded at both women and then proceeded to tell all three demons what had happened. They were stunned and Anya snickered once or twice as Xander told her of the things that had happened since she died. Eventually Xander stopped talking and D’Hoffryn patted the young man turned woman on the shoulder and disappeared. As he left, time returned to its proper setting. What had taken Xander hours to explain had only taken seconds in real-time.

Buffy looked up as Xander walked back into the room, when she saw who was with her Buffy screamed in joy and ran across the room tackling Anya and hugging her tightly. Seconds later the rest of the group, each of them wanting to hug their returned member, swarmed the two women.

“How, the Powers…” Cordy trailed off as Xander hugged her gently.

“They told D’Hoffryn the only way Anya and Hallie could be returned is if they were tied to a slayer’s familial line, I’m a pregnant slayer so he tied them to the litter, freeing them from hell and letting us have them back.” Xander said with a smile for his former girlfriend. He was holding Hallie’s had and looking at the people in the room who were looking around them in confusion. “By doing this the Powers keep their word of not sending Anya back and we still get her and Hallie on our side and back in our family where they belong.”

“Fucking Powers!” Faith complained as she came to stand beside Xander and the other two women. The trio agreed with her.

“Not to diminish from this good news, but can you please tell us who the babies father’s are? I mean you told us that we were brought because several of us were the Dad’s and that Xander’s carrying 10 kids. So who’s who?” Speed asked as he slowly stalked Xander. Xander sighed and shook his head, he pulled away from the girls and went to sit on the nearest sofa. Speed shook his head, pulled Xander up, sat down and pulled Xander into his lap.

“Once he’s a boy again you won’t be able to do that.” Buffy said with a smile.

“Wanna bet?” Xander asked with a sigh. Horatio, Eric, and Alexx all laughed in amusement.

“How did you meet Speed and Horatio anyway, you never said.” Buffy grinned as Xander squirmed around until he was comfortable and then grinned at her.

“Well as you know Giles decided that I had spent too much time in Africa and decided since I attracted slayers and such I needed to use that skill in a safer environment of the states. Of course, I ended up running into different trouble in the states.” Xander said grinning sheepishly.

“Uh oh.” The Scoobies said in unison, Xander pouted, which made her look adorable.

“It wasn’t my fault. I was walking down the street minding my own business when this guy comes running down the street with a gun. This big bald guy, Frank, and Horatio were chasing him. He grabbed me to use me as a hostage and well…” Xander trailed off and those that knew Xander, the Xander since Sunnydale cringed.

“Did ya put the idiot in the hospital?” Vin asked, remembering what happened the time a gun runner grabbed Xander.

“Yes, he dislocated the man’s shoulder and kicked him into a light pole.” Eric answered.

“Ouch.” Graham said eyeing Speed, who smirked at him.

“It is good you did violence, it is a shame that this creature was not removed from the gene pool.” Wednesday said in her dry way.

Dean gave her a fierce grin of agreement, he, Sam, and the Addams family got along very well. In fact, when they were in the US the Addams insisted that they stay with them.

Xander sighed and shrugged.

“What he failed to mention is that when we brought him back to the station he was propositioned by no less than seven criminals, and demons came up to him and beg for safety, and one that offered her son if Xander would not hunt during their breeding season.” Calleigh said with a laugh.

“It’s not my fault people keep wanting to have sex with me! I don’t ask for it.” Xander said frustrated.

“I had to threaten to disembowel many while we were together. I even had one sent to another dimension of perpetual children’s shows as a punishment.” Anya said nodding in agreement.

They all stared at her in surprise, all but Xander, who knew and Hallie who helped. “There is a dimension that is perpetual children’s shows?” Chris Larabee asked hesitantly, oddly enough this freaked him out worse than finding out demons and aliens existed.

“Yes, it is the hell we send bad demons too.” Hallie told him cheerfully. “The worst offenders are killed or sent to the dimension that Barney comes from.”

The group shuddered as one, “See I told you guys Barney was a demon!” Xander said triumphantly. Anya raised an eyebrow. “They didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let any of the kids watch the show.” She nodded at that.

“Yes, Barney is a demon, so is Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.” Hallie said easily. “Kermit the Frog is an education demon, or at least the creatures that bred the television versions of them. Kermit is a cool guy, very smart and funny.”

The humans all gaped at her, while Xander giggled. “I got to meet him finally; he’s awesome, though he flirts a lot.”

Faith shook her head in amusement; it was weird looking at the stunning woman in Speed’s lap and knowing that she was really a he and that he was Xander Harris. That female Xander was a slayer was a whole other weird. Faith looked over at Buffy and Willow and noticed the two women were looking at Xander with affection and bemusement. She was thankful to see she wasn’t the only one thrown by the situation. They were Scoobies, but this was weird even for them.

“So the fathers?” Ezra asked eyeing Xander like he was a tempting morsel. Xander sighed and took a deep breath.

“Well first there a ten kids. Mac, Don, Jim, and Speed are the dads of two of the babies. Horatio and Ducky are the fathers of a baby. Dean and Graham are the fathers of the next baby. Then Greg, Sam, and Blair are the fathers of the next baby. Then Tony, Riley, and Nick are next. Followed by Ray K, Ray V, and Benton. Then Chris, Vin, and you Ezra. Next are Methos, Leo, and Duncan. With the last fathers being Harry, Wyatt, Remus, and Ron.” Xander looked at the group nervously waiting for their responses.

Speed put a hand on Xander’s stomach and he could feel the slight swelling of Xander’s stomach and was awed. “You upset we were chosen?” Dean asked, suddenly nervous.

“Nope, I was relieved that the fathers were at least people I knew that were good guys and were not oogies of the night.” Xander said with a shrug.

“That’s good because if you even think about patrolling in your current condition I shall be forced to tie you up through the remainder of your pregnancy.” Ezra said calmly, his gold tooth flashing with his shark's smile.

Xander looked at Willow who snickered and then over to Anya. “Did you put a bondage curse on me?”

Anya cackled, “No, but tying you up is fun.”

Xander groaned causing the group to laugh. “There’s more though.” Xander said gently.

“What is it?” Sam asked worried.

“I should tell this part, since I gotta break some news to Buffy and Willow.” Cordelia said suddenly.

“Okay,” Xander said warily, while Buffy and Willow eyed her uncertainly.

“Several of the children are rebirths. The rebirths are people who some of you know, people who's lives were taken prematurely to aide the balance and plans of the Powers, both light and dark. Aiden Burns, Jesse McNally, Winifred Burkle, Mary Winchester, Sirius Black, and Prudence Halliwell are the rebirths that he is having. Buffy and Willow are having twins as well. One of Buffy’s is Xander, Tim McGee, and Spike’s child. The second of Buffy’s is Angel, Wesley, and Xander’s. The first of Willow’s is a girl it is John Winchester reborn. The second of Willow’s is a boy it is Andy Trudeau reborn.” Cordy blurted out.

Buffy stared at her, “What?”

Willow just gapped in astonishment.

“You, Willow, and Xander are three months along. The Powers wanted to gift you with the family you always dreamed of. That and they didn’t want to bring back Prue and Mary and not have their soul mates be reborn as well.” Cordy told them with a nervous smile.

Tears gathered in Buffy’s eyes and she placed a gentle hand on her stomach. “Oh.” She whispered awed.

Willow wasn’t sure if she was thrilled or terrified, maybe a bit of both, she also noticed no father’s were listed for her and she wondered why.

“I have a question, why was Xander used as either the mom or the dad for twelve of the kids?” Blair asked curious.

“Because of what he is.” Whistler answered. “He’s a natural medium and a well spring.”

“I beg your pardon?” Giles said coldly, blue eyes flashing with rage.

Whistler nodded. Giles swore long, viciously and in every language he knew. The Scoobies stared nervously.

“Giles?” Buffy asked worriedly.

Anya stared in disbelief. “How in the nine hells did I miss that?”

“Is it a bad thing?” Faith asked, suddenly worried for her friend.

“No, but it does mean that Xander will have a guard with him whenever he leaves the Council protective boarders.” Giles said calmly.

“There is one more thing.” Cordy said, knowing this was also going to upset Xander and knowing there was no way to stop it.

“What?” Giles asked truly worried.

“Xander is now immortal, not the Methos type of immortal either. He is truly immortal.” Cordelia whispered.

Xander stared at her, shaking his head. “No.” He whispered. Cordelia closed her eyes and nodded, tears falling down her face. “Please, whatever I did, I won't do it again, please I can't...” He trailed off, shocked and broken.

Willow and Buffy burst into tears and Giles pulled Xander away from Speed and into his arms, holding the young man turned woman as she cried out her heartache.

Anyone else would have thought that immortality would be a gift, but those people were not Scoobies, they hadn't lost too much and too many. They weren't practically soul-bound to their two best friends and the man they considered their father.

Dean and Sam looked away, shocked and horrified by the news. Methos closed his eyes and made a promise to himself that he would protect Xander for as long as they walked among mortals.

“Xan... you aren't alone, you won't be alone.” A soft voice said, pulling their attention to the beautiful blond that just appeared in the council chambers.

“Tara!” Xander called shocked. It was too much for him. He had too many shocks, after just coming to from three months of captivity and drugging. Xander collapsed and this time he didn't wake back up. His collapsing caused an outcry, while Willow was pulled into Tara's arms and kissed within an inch of her life. It was shocking to see Joyce walk over and kneel beside a worried and shocked Giles.

Wednesday moved to Xander again, pulling him into her arms once again. She looked around at the newly returned and growled at anyone who got to close. She closed her eyes and a few minutes later the Addams family appeared in a spiral of flames looking around at everyone with calm, deadly eyes.

Morticia made her way through the group of suddenly nervous Scoobies. Wednesday looked up at her mother and watched as the Matriarch of the Addams line knelt by the Matriarch of the Scoobies. The two women shared a look. Joyce smiled calmly at Morticia who returned the smile. Making her pale beauty shine through. “What has happened to Alexander Wednesday? Why is he a female?” Morticia asked calmly.

Gomez raised an eyebrow and looked at Giles who had stood and moved away from the women and an unconscious Xander.

Wednesday calmly explained to her mother what had happened to Xander and about the children that she was carrying. When she told of his newfound immortality, Morticia nodded in understanding, it would have devastated Xander.

“Tara, you said there was more news? That Xander would not be alone?” Willow asked softly, confused and scared, even as she rejoiced in Tara's return.

Tara looked down and sighed sadly, “You, all of you have been given immortality by the Powers that Be. Along with those that fight at your side and those that are to be returned. They say it is a boon.”

Giles swore again, his eyes dark with anger. Tara nodded, like all gifts by the Powers, all they were a double edged sword. Their dead were being returned to them, but would know that they would never be able to go back to Paradise. It was an act of cruelty and everyone there knew it.

Methos tried not to loose control, but he could not help it. He knew that he was among those that would live on. He now fought for the Council and he knew that meant he and his fellow immortals had been removed from the game. On one had it was a relief, on the other it was shocking and it hurt to know that he was gaining this boon at the cost of immortality on those that saw it as nothing but a pain induced curse.

“What of the children Xander and Buffy carry?” Ezra asked, his face tight with anger.

“They will gain immortality as they reach their 21st birthday.” Joyce said softly.

Whistler looked shocked and Cordy looked sad. “I had no idea, I swear, I woulda told you immediately.” Whistler said looking at Buffy, who nodded sadly.

The thought of being Immortal made her want to vomit, but at least she wouldn't be alone. Faith took her hand and squeezed it slightly, knowing how much this was hurting both Xander and Buffy.

Not long after the group had learned about Immortals, they had a movie night, just the adult Scoobies, and for some reason the conversation had turned from bad acting to talk of immortality. Xander had been the first to admit that he was thankful that he was a normal human in that regard. The thought of outliving everyone he loved and having to go year after year without the chance to go to his ultimate rest was frightening. Everyone else had agreed. Many might strive to be immortal, but no one of the Council ever would have. They had seen how the immortals they knew suffered. To know that you wouldn't have the chance to pass on was a curse.

Buffy personally knew what Heaven was like and knowing she would never be allowed to return to the peace and joy she had there was a blow to her. Yet, it was tempered with the knowledge that she was going to have children. She, Buffy Summers, slayer and dead yo-yo, was going to have a child. She was immortal. Her family and friends would be with her. Maybe it would make things easier on all of them that they would be together.

“On another front the Powers have created a place for Xander off the coast of Florida. There is now an Island that exists between space. It is a sacred place now and no one with hostile intent will be able to get on the Island. The Powers are also asking that you allow the Stargate Program a stable portal to the City of Atlantis and the people that live there.” They all looked at Doyle who smiled slightly.

“Xander is going to be so stoked; he wanted to go to Atlantis when we heard about it.” Andrew said subdued. The others laughed softly, that was true. Xander had actually out geeked Andrew when they found out that aliens were real.

Jenny walked out from behind Doyle and caused Willow to shriek and run forward, pulling her into a hard hug. Jenny laughed and hugged her back. Cassie was pulled into a hug by Buffy, while Kendra made her way to where Xander was lying. She and Wednesday shared a look and Wednesday allowed the Jamaican slayer to pull Xander into her arms.

No one interfered; they knew that Xander felt Kendra was his first failure to the Slayer line. Her death broke him as much as Jesse's death had. He never got over what happened to her. The deaths that followed only tempered Xander into a quiet, passionate, and deadly protector for the children he had adopted as his own.

Connor and the other children began to stalk to where Xander was lying. Dawn knelt beside them and they all looked up at the adults looks of rage and pain on their faces. Joyce reached out and gently cupped Dawn's face in her hands. “Mommy.” Dawn sobbed and allowed her mother to pull her into her arms. “What did we do to be punished so bad?”

Joyce sighed sadly and rocked her daughter. “You did nothing wrong sweetheart. Unfortunately, you all did far to well. The Powers have seen the future, they have seen a time when the world is overrun by demons, because they allowed you all to pass on. This is their way of protecting the future.”

Spike snarled viciously as he saw one of the returned, he hadn't even known she was dead. Dru walked over to him and smiled serenely. There was no insanity in her eyes. She was completely sane. Spike was happy for her, but had no idea what it meant for her or for the others. He watched as she walked through the group and made her way to Xander's side. “Poor dear, so much sorrow, mixed with joy.” She said gently.

Dawn's eyes widened in stunned silence. She pulled away from her mother and hugged Dru. “Are you okay?” She asked softly.

“I'm fine, being human doesn't actually hurt. The Powers pulled the demon out of me and my visions with them.” Dru said with a gentle smile.

“I realize that we have sprung a great deal of information on you, but I am exhausted and I would like to take this up tomorrow. Xander will need all of us and he will need to know that the men who's children he is carrying will still support and care for him. Would it be possible for you to stay here this evening?” Giles asked looking at the gathered men and that were the fathers of his child's children.

“I'm not going anywhere.” Graham said, moving past Giles and over to Xander, where he lifted the young woman up and into his arms.

Xander's 'children' gathered to his side and Graham carried Xander up the stairs leaving the others to decide who would stay and who would return the next day.

Next Day, Nearby Location ...

“He is the one, he is the Paradox Child. This proves it Xander Harris must die. He has already destroyed too much of our work and so must the children he will birth. It does not matter what the Powers wish, we have to kill them.” A dark haired man said coldly as he turned to face the room holding his fellow followers of the One Way.

“Quentin Travers tried to kill him Douglas and look what happened to him in the process. It is because of us that the First was unleashed to begin with. We allowed Quentin to use magick to corrupt an innocent young witch, in the process he has now made her the most powerful woman on the planet and led to the loss of our control over the Council. If we go after Xander Harris and his offspring, you will affectively bring war down upon our heads. The demons and immortals will kill us and the humans will hunt us. It is foolish to try.” Victor Jameson said coldly. Victor was in fact Cory Raines, immortal and friend to Xander Harris. He had met the young man through Methos when Cory and Amanda had stopped into harass the older man. Cory had fallen for the dark humor and wickedness of Xander and the rest of the Council. It was rare that he met anyone mortal that he could admire and come to like, Joe Dawson being one of the few, but he had embraced the Council and they let him be naughty when he wanted and didn’t scold the way that Duncan sometimes would, until Cory and Amanda got sick of it and pounced him.

That the men he had been spying on for years before he met Xander in person wanted to kill the young man turned woman and the children he was carrying enraged and worried Cory. That Xander was the Paradox Child was not really that surprising, though it was also worrying.

Cory watched as the men argued among themselves, before all save himself and one other voted unanimously to kill Xander and his children. He and the other man stood and left the room sharing a look. Connor Macleod looked murderous. They had to get to the Council and tell them what was happening.

An hour later arrived at the manor house the Council had transformed into a place of peace and wonder for the child warriors and the adults that lived there. Much of that could be attributed to the vision of the Core Council and the ones who had fought with them the longest. They wanted this to be a haven for the children. Especially as most of them were to unsure of themselves to live in a city.

Several little slayers all of whom swarmed them for hugs and kisses met Connor and Cory. The two Immortals were thrilled by their moniker of Uncle to Xander's horde. The children led them to where Xander was sitting quietly staring out into space. Joyce and Morticia were sitting beside him, while Cordy was pacing and ranting about something. Most of the Council looked amused; Giles looked vaguely horrified, while Gomez looked bemused.

“Cordy, I am not wearing a short skirt and high heels. For one thing, I'm pregnant, for another I'm a man in a woman's body. If I have to dress like a woman, I want to dress like Tara.” Xander said quietly, looking over to where Tara was sitting beside Willow. Tara gave him a serene smile.

“How are you going to go shopping? I ask because Douglas and his group of bastards as decided to kill ya and your bairns.” Connor growled out softly as he came to sit down. Cory nodded and Cordy glowed for a minute.

“They are being dealt with by the Powers, both sides. Killing Xander will destroy this realm.” Cordy said confused.

“We found out that Xander is the Paradox Child.” Cory said, looking at the reaction of the elder members of the Council to this.

Methos stared at Xander in shock, Cassandra paled, while Anya, Hallie, and Giles swore viciously. The others just looked confused.

“What is a Paradox Child?” Willow asked subdued, by all that she had learned and by the knowledge that Tara knew all that she had done. It didn't matter that Tara still wanted to be with her, Willow still had deep shame for what she had done before and after Tara's death.

“It means that sometime in the last 23 years, time has reset itself, and the only person that did not exist when it restarted, the one who was given life because of the turning of time, was Xander. That he is here is a show of the Paradox of time. It means that the Harris's were not his parents, but merely the ones that ended up with him. He is actually the Child of Time and Chaos.” Giles said in a shocked voice.

“It explains why he defies prophecy and why he is a well spring as there is literally only been one other person born as a well spring in over 5000 years and he was a descended being.” Whistler said looking straight at Methos who looked stunned.

“Wait, Methos is a god?” Cassandra demanded.

“He is a descended being, not a god. His descending caused him to go insane for a while. We can return the memories, but it may cause more harm than good.” Whistler explained.

“No. I don't want my memories back, if they drove me insane, I won't take the chance of returning to what and who I once was.” Methos said harshly, looking over at Xander, who smiled at him in understanding.

“Giles there's some military dude and a red headed woman here to talk to Xander.” Dawn said as she ran into the room. She smiled at Xander, who winked at her and Giles stood, scowling.

“I will go see who they are and then return.” Giles said, no one was getting near Xander that could possibly be a danger to him.

The group watched him leave and Xander turned back to stare out the window. “Xan?” Dawn called and went to sit beside him. Xander turned to look at her and just pulled her into a hug when she teared up. “Sorry.” She croaked out.

“It's alright.” Xander told her in a soft voice. All of the Council was still subdued from learning they were immortal.

The group looked up when Giles returned with the people in question. “Xander, these are General Jack O'Neill and Director Jennifer Sheppard of NCIS. They wish to talk to you about making restitution on what the NID did to you.” Giles gave Xander a careful look, but Xander just smiled.

He looked at General O'Neill and smiled. “You were one of the ones that rescued me.” Xander said calmly.

Jack nodded, “Sorry about the whole knocking you up thing and getting you changed into a girl by the Great Wo Wo's in sky.” Jack said with a shrug and a grimace.

Xander snickered and he wasn't the only one, they were going to like this guy.

“Director Sheppard, Tony, Gibbs, Abby, and Ducky are around here somewhere.” Xander said looking at her respectfully.

Jenny smiled. “I know I saw them as I was coming in. May we sit down?”

“Of course, please have a seat? What can I do for the US government?” Xander asked looking from one to the other.

“Well when President Bartlett heard that you were the one that the psycho brigade and impregnated, he nearly had a stroke. He said we were to come beg for mercy and give you anything you wanted, anything at all.” Jack said with a grin.

Xander's eyes widened and he stared at them in shock. “Um okay... well the Powers have provided a safe haven for me and the litter. One of the things that they asked is that we offer a permanent portal between Atlantis and the Island I will be living on. So I guess... I wanna see Atlantis and meet Rodney McKay, he seemed really bitchy and snarky and I wanna see the Star Gate and meet Daniel Jackson. We have some books on the Ancients and the ring and I want to see if they would like to read them and if maybe Dr. Jackson could translate one of the Prophecies that are in Ancient for us. McKay is a genius with computers and things have been really hectic, but we found this really cool doohickey and I want to see if McKay can identify it.

Um... maybe you could see about looking over the database Oz and Willow have come up with and see if you guys could use it. The spy guys over here and have been using it and its helped stop some demonic mafia dudes.” Xander shrugged and looked over at Giles for help. “What else should I ask for?” He asked in a whisper.

Giles chuckled and patted Xander on the shoulder. “Taxes.” Cordy said distinctly. “He doesn't want to have to pay taxes for the rest of his life and that goes for any Council employee and organization working in US held territory.”

Xander blinked opened his mouth, shut it at the glare and nodded. “What she said.” Xander squeaked looking at Cordy in confusion. Cordy merely smiled her sharks smile and pinned the two older people with a sharp look.

Jack raised an eyebrow, “You're an ascended aren't you?” Jack had a sense of them now.

“I descended to be with the dweeb and the rest of this dysfunctional group.” Cordy said with a sharp smile. “I also want to meet Daniel Jackson. We can start a club for fools who went to the great boredom in the sky.”

Jack chuckled, “Oh I like you people. I guess it's a good thing since my new duties are to you. I am officially the US governments liaison to the Council. So I'm going to need to find a place near your Island to live. As for McKay and Danny, when I tell them you are building a portal to Atlantis they may try to kiss you. McKay so he can get to earth and chocolate and Danny so he can see Atlantis.”

Xander laughed and looked over at Willow who grinned and was bouncing in her chair; she had always wanted to meet Samantha Carter. She was a genius with computers and astrophysics. “Can Andrew and I meet Samantha Carter? We've adapted several electronics with magick and we would like to get her input on what we've done. Xander he could live on the island, I'm sure there will be plenty of houses.” Xander shrugged and nodded.

Jack looked surprised by this, but also pleased as he had a feeling that Carter, Vala, Cam and Danny would want to live on the island so that they had access to the Portal to Atlantis. Vala wouldn't let Danny go anywhere without her and Cam followed Sam, so that would work. Teal'c had moved back to train the new warriors in the free Jaffa armies, so maybe he could talk them into building a stable portal to their friends world.

Cordy smirked, “Consider it done Jackie Boy, the Powers want to see the Slayers trained by some of the female Jaffa warriors.” Jack blinked at her in surprise, but she just smirked.

Jenny looked between the General and the group and smiled herself, this was going much better than she hoped and she had a feeling the President would meet the demand of no taxes. Which considering what they were getting in return was very little asked. Of course, Jennifer Sheppard had no idea that the people in front of her were immortal.

“I will talk to the President about your requests.” Jenny said with a calm look.

Xander and the others nodded and Xander stood, stretched and with a final look at Jack and Jenny, left the room. He made his way down the halls and then outside. When he rounded the back of the building, he was attacked. Xander ducked the blow to the head and slammed outward, hitting his attacker in the stomach and staring shocked by the distance that the man flew. He had forgot that in his new feminine form he was a slayer.

Faith, Dean, and Connor came running up from the west as Xander hit the ground and rolled away from the man trying to shoot him. The gunshot brought people streaming out of the buildings to see what was happening. Methos threw himself on top of Xander to protect him and the babies, getting shot once before Faith broke the man's hand and Dean punched the other one out.

“Xander?” Willow screamed as she rounded the building.

“I'm okay! I'm okay.” Xander called quickly, calming her down slightly.

“Who's bleeding then?” Giles demanded as he rushed over.

“I am bloody bastards shot me. This was my favorite shirt!” Methos growled sitting up. They all watched as the wound closed itself. Jack and Jenny were staring in confusion, but their attention was primarily on the four men who had just tried to kill Xander.

“What are you going to do with them?” Jack asked, glaring at the men.

“Give them it MI5. We promised that any crimes committed by a human on British soil would be given to them.” Giles said grimly.

“Oh can't we have them?” Tony asked baring his teeth in a smile. Xander noticed that all of the fathers were standing in a half-circle slowly beginning to surround the men who had tried to kill him and his litter.

“Nope sorry, Giles promised to give them over after the girls and the Winchesters made them all cry. Giles thought it would make them feel better.” Xander said with a shrug when they all looked at him in disbelief.

Dean and Sam smiled proudly. “A couple even pissed their pants.” Dean bragged. The group snorted in laughter, breaking up the tension.

Xander stood again and then sighed as he took in the blood on his borrowed clothes. “I definitely have to go shopping now. I have to replace Dawn's clothes.”

“Armed guards and the limo.” Giles said sternly. Xander nodded, but sighed again.

“I'd rather just transfer over to San Fran and go shopping there. Piper said there were really good maternity stores there.” Xander said quietly, being a girl was weird.

The women shared a look and smirked. “We'll all go.” Joyce said serenely, quietly thinking she would be needed to protect Xander from the girls and their shopping obsession.

Xander nodded. “Just so you know, if anyone tries to put me in pink I'll find a way to make you pay. No fru-fru crap. I may be woman temporarily, but I'm still a Xander, and Xander's do not wear pink unless they are in a Hawaiian shirt. Think Tara style of dress, with a bit of Willow thrown in.”

Tara and Willow beamed at him and Buffy stuck out her tongue. Xander just laughed. He turned to look at Methos. “If I have to go to shopping hell, guess who gets to come with me?”

Methos looked at him as though he were insane; Xander couldn't hold it in and laughed. “Sorry, just teasing. I wouldn't make anyone go shopping with me and the shopping Queens.” He snickered again when Methos narrowed his eyes at him.

“Becoming a girl turned you evil.” Blair said laughing.

Xander snorted, “I was evil way before I became a girl. I have just been on my best behavior around most of you. Trust me; I haven't even begun to get evil yet. I'm a boy turned girl, I'm carrying a litter, and I'm a slayer. You better hope the Powers decided I didn't need mood swings.”

Everyone paled at that. “Shit.” Faith hissed and looked at Cordy who looked horrified.

Whistler stared and then disappeared for a minute. When he reappeared, he was smiling in relief. “The Powers decided that you would miss the mood swings for the sake of the nonviolent demonic community. Their top Seer, the one higher than Cordy, saw you wiping out the lower realms during a mood swing and causing demons to beg them for sanctuary.” Xander cackled, turned, and walked away humming the theme song to Jaws.

Buffy shivered, “Willow?” She asked in a whimper. The last time Xander was like that, they had to pretend to be the Chocolate Goddess and deliver the chocolaty goodness because Xander had been in a bad mood and the demons were pouting that he was picking on them.

Willow's mouth had fallen open and she was staring after Xander in horror. “Willow?” Tara asked gently hoping Willow could stop Xander.

“Chocolate, bloody hell! Find the damn Godiva's! I'm not having another demon cry on me about being picked on by Xander.” Spike growled out, looking horrified.

Jack burst into disbelieving laughter and so did everyone but Spike, Buffy, Joyce, Dawn, Giles, and Anya. They were just staring after Xander. “Maybe he'd be appeased by dynamite and the chance to blow something up?” Dawn asked Giles, who just shook his head.

“What are you all talkin' about?” Dean asked amused and worried.

“Xander was turned into a Catman by a demon for three weeks just after the thing with the Initiative. It pissed him off and he ran off tormenting the demons on the hellmouth, making them cry because he was stronger than most of them, could climb trees and declared that kitten poker was the enslavement of his people. I think the only demon he didn't pick on was Clem and that was because he was to busy hanging out with him watching movies and eating cheetos.” Buffy said with a grimace.

“The demon finally turned him back because they figured as a human he could cause less damage and would maybe leave their poker games alone. The demons had said they would kill the one responsible if he didn't change Xander back. We staked some of the vampires because they were just pathetic.” Spike added, grimacing.

Faith stared at him for a minute and then swallowed. “Was it anything like his two week targeting of Fang and Wolfie?”

“Worse I'm afraid, three times worse.” Giles said cleaning his glasses. “He was nicer to Angel and Oz, after all he *liked* them.”

“We need to find chocolate and explosives, soonish.” Faith decided.

Dean snorted. “It can't be that bad.”

“Dean you remember what he did to those demons that had Jaz?” Faith asked.

“The ones he started the prank war with because they were nice enough to save her?” Dean asked hopefully, he was getting a bad feeling.

“No, the ones that tried to buy her from him.” Faith said with a grimace.

“Shit! We definitely have to find chocolate and explosives.” Sam groaned, those demons had begged the group to kill them or save them from a manic Xander and his friends.

“Yeah.” Willow agreed.

“He's really that bad?” Ezra asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Xander made a two hundred year old demon beg for mercy. He somehow got his hands on a spell that sang care bear songs every time the demon talked about his plans for world domination. Xander nicknamed the Leader Uncle Cuddly-Poo and got a group of Ternal'c demons to call him that every time they saw him.

Xander then painted the doors to the idiot’s lair in bright pink and put puppy wallpaper borders on the windows. That was just for offering to buy a slayer. Xander was still a guy then.” Dean said, causing them all to stare at him in horror.

“That was actually the nicest thing he did.” Sam said quietly.

“Bloody hell.” Duncan said eyes wide, shuddering.

“I don't know, I thought it was funny.” Connor Angel said grinning widely.

“The look on that demons face when the Elder of the Ternal'c demons called Idiot boy that was freaking hilarious.” Dawn agreed.

“Especially since they chanted it and offered to sing more care bear songs and hug him.” Jordy said cackling.

“And he couldn't do anything because Ternal'c demons are extremely dangerous and they would have eaten the idiot.” Rona added, smirking.

“Dear you weren't near such horrors were you?” Morticia asked Wednesday.

“Yes, I offered him the spell. I remembered the evil bears from camp.” Wednesday said blandly.

Morticia sighed, “You poor dear. Those evil bears won't stop following you around.”

Wednesday nodded.

“They're like bunnies.” Anya said with a nod.

“Yes with their evil cute tails and noses.” Hallie agreed with a shudder.

Tony was laughing silently, mainly because both Chris Larabee and Gibbs were agreeing with the women. “It's like My Little Pony.” JD said cringing.

“JD! We agreed, you would never mention the evil that was My Little Pony.” Buck said, turning pale.

“Is it just me or are all of us more afraid of children's programming and what most people consider fluffy, safe things than demons?” Buffy asked suddenly.

“It's not just you.” Joyce said patting her daughter on the back and trying not to laugh. This group was so cute.

Two Hours Later…

Xander looked around the magickal bazaar and sighed in relief. After much discussion and two arguments, it was decided that they would all be safer going to the Neutral Demon Shopping Realm. Xander still thought it was funny that all of the words for it were capitalized, but he also loved the place. It was one section of the world that *everyone* connected to the council could go to and shop safely. No one attacked the group and anyone trying would immediately be frozen in place until they behaved themselves. The realm also took currency from anywhere in the world and would change it back into money to shop in the Realm. What was more, they honored the slayers for their duties and treated the girls nicely.

Xander had also made several friends in the realm after saving a ground of Shonasha clan children. The Shonasha were the remnants of the neutral Old Ones, who escaped and created the Neutral realm when it became clear that the humans were going to win the war for their realm. In addition, the Shonasha had a habit of taking in children thrown away by human societies.

Any good that was in a slayer also came from the Shonasha, as the demon that was used to create the slayer was half Shonasha and half Tilianko demon. The Tilianko is where the hunter and violent aspects of the Slayer came into play. Both clans had formally announced that the Slayers were their rightful children and that had actually cut down on the number of attacks the Slayers faced since the calling. It also meant that when there was an apocalypse the Council had a place to send their non-combatants for safety.

Xander noticed that several of the demons were looking his direction fearfully; Xander turned to look behind him and realized with a start that he was the one they were eyeing fearfully.

One of the younger Shonasha demons carefully made his way over to Xander. “Xander, did a demon make you a girl?” Illyasha asked wide-eyed.

Xander snickered, suddenly understanding why everyone was nervous. “No Illy, why don’t you go get you parents and the Elders and I’ll tell everyone what happened.” He said before hugging the young Shonasha, who at four years old was already taller than Xander. “Besides, I brought a present for you. Isn’t it your birthing day tomorrow?”

Illy squealed happily, “I turn five tomorrow, I’m going to be a big demon! I’ll go get Mommy and the Elders, why don’t you go wait at Missus Mike’s café?”

Xander grinned and nodded, watching as the young demon ran off. Xander and the others went to the café and took a seat. Mike, a male Fortuna demon, waved as they entered his café.

“Hey Xander, when did you become a girl?” The blue man asked as he brought over drinks for the group. All of the women were amused that Mike already knew what they wanted to drink. Joyce thought it cute that Mike was called Missus. Buffy and Dawn explained to the women that didn’t know, that in Shonasha culture women were called Mister and men were called Missus as it was the men who bore the children.

When Illy returned with his mother and the elders, Buffy, Dawn, Kit, Rona, Wednesday, Willow, Kennedy and Xander all stood in greeting. The others, Morticia, Joyce, Kendra, Cordy, Dru, Tara, Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Alexx Woods, and Amanda Delacroix, followed their lead.

The three older females nodded at the group in respect, while Ylanisha, Illy’s mother, smiled in greeting. “Light Mother, you have returned to your children.” Olinia said in greeting to Joyce, nodding to her in respect from one Matriarch to another. Joyce nodded back in respect. “Dark Mother, you honor us with your presence.” Olinia said to Morticia, who nodded regally. “Earth Mother, welcome to our realm, may you know only peace here.” She said to Piper, who nodded her thanks. “Water Mother, welcome ot our realm, may your clan be blessed.” She said to Alexx, who smiled serenely and nodded in greeting.

Olinia then turned to Xander and Buffy, still unnerved by the fact that both were pregnant and that Xander was now female. “Mother of Warriors, Knight of Warriors, we welcome you back to our realm and ask humbly what has befallen the Knight Protector.”

Xander motioned them to be seated, and then with the help of his friends explained what happened to him. When he finished there was silence in the café. “Knight Protector, we mourn for your immortality but promise our continued allegiance to the Slayers and their leaders. When the mortal realm becomes too much to bear, know you will have a home among us. We would also like to offer you a portal from your new Island to our realm.

Xander was shocked and quickly thanked the Elders for the gift. They left soon after and Xander turned his attention to Illy, giving the child his gift. Illy squealed happily at the large set of legos and Lincoln logs that Xander had bought for his birthday, the Shonasha children loved anything they could build and take apart to rebuild later. Xander grinned at the demon child who ran off to show his friends his gift. Ylanisha joined the women at the table and they all finished their drinks. Ylanisha agree to show them to some of the better maternity areas and the group headed out to shop.

Xander was relieved to see that he could find plenty of clothes that he liked along with things that he would need in his new state. Joyce, Alexx, Amanda, and Morticia kept the girls from going too far in their quest to shop for Xander, reminding them that in seven months he would be a male again and would have no use for the clothes any longer. They also kept the girls from buying clothes they liked for when Xander was through with them.

Hours later the tired but happy group made their way back to the Council compound. Xander yawned and smiled sleepily as he saw several of his friends and baby daddies waiting for them to return from off realm. Xander looked at the men in dread. Looking at the men, Xander got the impression that they were plotting. Methos snarled at them and made his way to Xander, lifting the tired boy into his arms and carrying Xander up to his chambers. Xander lay his head on Methos’s shoulder and fell asleep before they arrived. He felt safe in the knowledge that Methos and Joyce would protect him from the plotting of his babies’ fathers.


When Xander woke up from his nap, he was surprised to see Faith sitting on his bed playing his PS3.  “Hey Faith.”  Xander said, yawning and sitting up.  She paused the game and turned to grin at him. 


“Good nap?” She asked, “You been asleep for three hours.  B decided that someone should be here when you wake up and I had to get away from the crowds before I snapped and tested someone’s immortality.”


Xander laughed, “The kids acting out?”


“Yeah, seems like they’ve decided to prank the baby daddies.”  Faith said causing Xander’s face to light up in glee.  She laughed, knowing that Xander wanted a little more time without conflict and proposals.  “The only six they haven’t targeted are Methos, Jim, Ezra, Chris, Mac, and Graham.  I’m not sure why, though Connor muttered something about danger and liking his ass where it was.”  Xander rolled on the bed laughing at that. 

Xander reached up and pulled her down so she was lying by him on the bed.  “So, how are you, really?” Xander asked her gently.

Faith sighed and turned on her side so she was hugging him.  “It sucks being Immortal, but I get to stay with you guys so I can handle.  It’s just… what if B gives up again? She’s immortal… how will we help her get back to being Buffy if she gets so tired again?”

Xander smiled, he knew what she was thinking.  As much as Faith and Buffy tried to deny it, there was a deep bond between the pair.  They had a connection that none of the other slayers, except Kendra, would understand.  Buffy, Faith, and Kendra were a Charmed Trio themselves.  They were the only naturally called Slayers living.  Like the Halliwell sisters, they had a lot of power behind them and would be a force to be reckoned with in the demonic community. 

“Buffy won’t have that worry any longer.  She isn’t the only slayer and what’s more she isn’t the only first called or the only slayer to be returned from the dead.  You died for seven minutes three months ago, Kendra was just returned by the Powers and Vi died for a whole two minutes.  Kendra has Buffy beat on the time between resurrections, though Buffy’s been dead more times.”  Faith laughed at Xander’s words. 

“What got Buffy before is that she was the lone slayer doing the duty.  Plus, she had lost Joyce, Tara had died, she felt that she was being looked to and pushed to be the only one with the answers.  We all screwed up, I had my head up my ass, and Dawn was young and didn’t really get what it meant to be a slayer.  Willow was absorbed in her magick and Giles had issues as well.  Anya had no idea how to deal with Buffy because she was having issues of her own.  You were in prison, Oz was gone and well, things were bad, really bad.”  Xander sighed sadly. 

“Things are different now, Buffy’s not alone, and Joyce is back.  Buffy’s going to be a mommy.  Giles and the rest of us are giving her the support that she needs.  This time she won’t have a reason to go suicidal slayer, this time she can have her slice of normal and still be the slayer she was meant to be, the mommy she was meant to be.”


Faith smiled, “I get it, thanks boy… er, Xander.”


Xander laughed at her flub and the two got up and went to find the rest of their family.


When they made their way into the main areas of the Core Council chambers Buffy was showing several of the slayers chosen to be a part of the Core what they had bought that afternoon.  Luna was humming as she looked at the clothes.  “I think I want a baby now, I’ll have to go shag Neville until we get it right.” 


Ginny fell over backwards laughing and so did the other slayers.  Luna’s personality was a big hit among the slayers and the council.  Xander burst into laughter and bounced over with an amused Faith following.  “Can I be there when you tell him that?” Xander asked eagerly, causing the group to laugh again.  Xander may have been turned into a woman, but he had a sense of mischief a mile wide and loved to see people taken off guard by Luna’s personality, especially people who should know how bizarre the loony slayer could be.


“Of course, I’ll tell him at dinner.”  Luna said serenely.  Xander laughed wickedly, this was going to be fun.


“Look Xander, Mom and Morticia picked this out for you.”  Buffy said making room for him to sit beside her.  Xander looked at the t-shirt and giggled. 


“Beware, I’m pregnant and I AM a weapon of Mass Destruction! I love that, it’s so me! Did they get one for you?” Xander asked taking the black t-shirt from Buffy.  Buffy grinned and pulled out a baby blue one. Xander burst into laughter again.

“I love the Mom’s their awesome.” Xander said gleefully.

“Speaking of Mom’s, mines coming over today.” Ginny said with a smile.

“That’s great! Is your Dad coming, I have some more books and magazines for him.” Xander said, he loved the Weasley parents and the feeling was mutual. Xander was the one to meet the Weasley’s when he came for the girls who had been awakened by the spell. Surprisingly they had little problems with most of the Wizarding World, especially as they had helped Harry end the war and the Dark Lord quickly.

Some Wizarding people loathed them, but they were also the ones who wanted Voldemort to win. Surprisingly many former Deatheaters, whose children the Council had taken in, were not among those that perpetually looked down on the Council. The War had taken its toll on many of the older family lines and no one would do anything to jeopardize their children’s futures.

“Yeah, Mum said she could give you tips on how to raise a horde, since she and Dad did it. That and she wants to give Willow and the other wiccans some hearth spells she thinks can be converted into Wiccan magick.” Ginny said with a grin.

The Weasley families work and alliance with the Council had greatly helped their financial status as Willow had found a Wiccan dark curse cast on the family. By removing it, the families luck had changed for the better.

“That will be so cool, I love the spells your Mom brings, and they challenge us, even though their supposedly easy spells for your group.” Willow said as she and Tara came over to sit with the group. Tara smiled at Xander, who winked at her.

Ginny giggled again. When she found out she was a slayer, she was sure it meant she was going to have to leave her family behind. Instead, she saw them more now than she did when she was younger. All of the family had portals to the main Council House. Her brothers, when not working, spent all of their time in the manor and her parents were over every other day.

The twins were a favorite among the Scoobies as they were fun to be around, didn’t mind getting filthy if it was needed and loved to run obstacle courses for the slayers that included gags from their shop and spells the two commonly used on the rest of the family. The Slayer’s always knew that there would be chaos and ooze when the Twins ran training that day. They loved it.

Charlie would take them on a run through the dragon sanctuary to see if they could get past the dragons without being seen. Usually the slayers made it through without anyone noticing. They got ice cream, chocolate, and new weapon of their choice.

Ron and Harry lived on the Council grounds, but had a vacation home at Harry’s ancestral home in the Rivera. Since the pair had only been married for a few months they were gone more than on site as they enjoyed their first year as a married couple.

Bill also became a member of the Council teachers. He showed the slayers ways to get out of magickal traps when brute strength was needed instead of magick. His wife, Fleur, helped them find magickal creatures that would be willing to help the slayers train, but would not hurt or kill the slayers. The French beauty and her family were around the Council as much the Weasley clan.

Xander spent the next hour just laughing and hanging out with his best friends and the women they looked after and had befriended. Xander was still reeling from being a woman, a pregnant woman, but with the help of his family, he knew that he would be able to adapt and make it through this.

The End for Now
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