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Personal Interludes

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: How Alissa came about in time

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ChristyFR1535,574064,04330 Nov 092 Sep 12No

Heading the Right Way

Title: Heading the Right Way
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series....I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit.  I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Star Trek /Angel
Series: Personal Interludes #2
Word Count: 2733
Timeline: Right after “Hide and Q”
Written For: crossover100 Q prompts
Prompt: 17- Brown
Summary: Picard reflects on the Enterprise’s second encounter with Q
Author's Note: While editing some of my other stories, I found some more detailed versions of my PI series, and decided to merge both writings into one chapter per, so please reread- this is a LOT more detailed than the initial first couple chapters, and hopefully you'll understand the background of Alissa a bit better.

The Diary of Alisa Nicole Troi, Stardate 41590.5:

I've been getting better at adjusting to living in the 24th century. And, though Captain Picard views him as a threat, I have to say that I thank Q for bringing me to that mockup of 21st century justice. It was kinda like a wake up call- I was now in the 24th century and I'd better go ahead and get used to it! But, I'm also enjoying Deanna trying to help me learn to get better at my telepathic shielding. I have to say that living in this century is very interesting so far. Yeah, I miss my classes and my teachers and my friends, but it's not like I can go back- all accounts have me AND my parents being found dead after the earthquake.

She thought more about the coroner and police reports Deanna had given her about the results of the 1987 earthquake in California, and then went back to typing.

But, one curious thing, though. At the same time, the reports state that witnesses saw a flash of light and when they went over to investigate, they found my body. Up to that point, they thought I'd survived. But, with all the lights in the area busted out because of the severe tremors, how did the flash happen?


Picard was reviewing the information on the crisis at Quandra Sigma III when he was notified by the helm of a full stop due to a barrier in their path. A flash of light later, and a three headed serpent appeared to the right of them.

“Humans! I would have thought by now that you would have scampered back to your own little star system.”

Picard addressed the being. “If this is Q I am addressing, we are on a mission of rescue to a group of badly injured-“

But Q interrupted him. “We of the Q have studied our recent contact with you and are impressed. We have much to discuss, including the realization of your most impossible dreams.”

“However intriguing that may be, Q, we are in the midst of an urgent journey. Once that is completed, then perhaps…” Picard countered.

“You will abandon that mission, Captain. My business with you takes precedence. If my magnificence blinds you, perhaps something more familiar,” Q said, and in a flash, he appeared as they had first met him, clothed in the uniform of a Starfleet Admiral.

Picard tried to keep his temper in line, but Q was really stretching it at the moment. “Q, once this rescue is completed, I am prepared to listen carefully to whatever proposal you wish to make, and subject to its being acceptable-“

Q looked incredulous. “Subject to your own foolish human values? Oh come, Picard, why do you distrust me so?”

“Why? At our first meeting, you seized my vessel, you condemned all humans as savages, and brought a young lady whom we had rescued from the 20th century into a trial set in a 21st century post atomic court of horrors!”

“And because of her and your successful handling of your Farpoint mission, the Q became interested in you! Do none of you understand your incredible good fortune? These are complaints of a closed mind, too accustomed to military privileges. But you, Riker, and I remember you well, what do you make of my offer?”

“We don’t have time for these games,” Riker replied, about as fed up with Q’s machinations as his captain.

“Games? Did someone say games? And, perchance, for interest’s sake, a deadly game?” Q smirked. “To the game!”

And with a snap of his fingers, Q and the entire bridge crew vanished from Picard’s sight, leaving him alone on the bridge.


Riker looked around – Data, Tasha, Geordi and Worf were doing much the same thing. But his eyes darkened when he saw who else Q had brought along. Though, to her credit, Alissa was a strong willed young lady, much like Deanna, and only her eyes gave away how she really felt. He then looked over to the left and saw a command tent with Q lounging inside. He walked over, smiling at Q, though the being noticed it didn’t quite reach his eyes like it normally did.

“A French army marshal. And a marshal outranks an admiral,” he said as he sat down.

Q raised his glass. “Of course.” He waved his hands at the trappings around them. “All this taken from your captain’s fertile mind. Please, feel free to partake of the libations,” he said, indicating the glass by Riker.

He looked over at the other five people. “And my people?”

Q waved his hand. “Anything they’d like, of course.”


Alissa had been in her quarters but, in a matter of minutes, had ended up on this foreign planet. She sipped her iced tea, wishing it was something stronger. And she had yet to discover why this odd alien seemed to like her so much. She was just a run of the mill American...or, she had been before all this chaos with the earthquake and a way to the future. She shook of that train of thought that was sure to give her a headache in favor of trying to listen to what the Commander was saying.


She ducked behind a rock, as dust covered as Geordi. Apparently, Q thought it would be great fun to have them in a life or death battle with pit bull faced aliens dressed as French Colonial soldiers. But, when she noticed Geordi had stopped firing, she turned around and jumped back away from Q.

“Now, now, my dear, I’m not going to hurt you. But, don’t you think you should be with the rest of them?” he queried, and with a snap of his fingers, Alissa reappeared next to Riker, who glared at her, until Geordi flashed in next to her as well.

“Data, where are they now,” he asked, then paled when Data turned around with Q’s face.

“Be careful, Commander. You two had better be watchful, because they’re coming rapidly.”

With the next flash of light, Tasha, Worf and young Wesley joined them, and they all soon discovered their phasers were gone.

“Commander, they’re coming at us- and fast.” Tasha informed them.

They tried to stay ahead of the aliens, but Wesley saw one coming at Alissa and pushed her out of the way, taking one of the swords in the gut.

“NO!” Alissa cried, pushing the alien back. She turned around and saw another one advancing. “Commander, behind you!”

Riker punched the alien, but more advanced at a steady pace. Q flashed in and whispered to him. “Use your powers. You have them like me.”

Riker waved his hand and the aliens, as well as the crew, all disappeared in a flash of light, but Alissa remained. “Q, why didn’t she return with the others?”

“Because I think I’m like you now, Commander,” she said as she snapped her fingers to change into normal 20th century garb. “But, I’d rather not be gone long. I’m sure Mother is worried about me.”

Riker started at her statement. “Do you realize what you just said? You’ve never called Deanna that before.”

She shrugged. “Well, nearly getting killed kinda has a way of putting things in perspective.”


When Riker and Alissa returned to the ship, Picard asked to see them both in his ready room.

“Commander, I will speak with you first. Q has obviously given you both the powers of the Q, but you don’t have to use them. He will be forced to take them back once he finds you don't need them.”

The Commander nodded. “I wasn’t planning on accepting his gift anyway. I promise not to use it, sir.”

“Dismissed.” After Riker left, Picard sat down next to Alissa on the couch. “Now, Alissa, I understand that you have been through a lot since we first found you.”

“And now this,” she answered, crestfallen.

“Yes, but I don’t blame you for any of this. This Q entity likes to test us, and apparently decided to test you as well. Now, since you’re not a Starfleet officer, I cannot technically hold you to the same orders I gave Commander Riker, but I would ask that if you could try and do it to the best of your ability, do you think you could?”

“I’ll try, sir.”

“All right then. I’ll let you get back to your Counselor Troi's quarters.”


But when the Enterprise arrived at the planet, they found out that one of the dead was a young child that they might have been able to get to in time, if not for Q. Dr. Crusher, not knowing of Riker’s promise, demanded to know why he didn’t do something.

He turned away, angry and hurt. “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I promised.”


Once back on the bridge, Commander Riker asked that all the senior staff, with the additions of Wesley and Alissa, be assembled. “I thank you all for being here.”

“Number One, I allowed you to call this meeting,” Picard reminded him gently.

“I’m still the same Will Riker you’ve always known, but I wanted to give something back to you all. Wesley, you’ve always wished you were older,” he said, waving his hand and Wesley was suddenly 25.

He turned to Data. “Data,” he said with a smile.

“Ah, no sir. I have no wish to be human yet,” Data told him hesitantly.

“Geordi,” he grinned, as he walked over and waved his hands in front of his friend’s eyes, then removed the visor to reveal brown eyes, glancing around at everything.

Geordi smiled at Tasha. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined.” He glanced over at Alissa. “You’re turning into a real beauty, my dear.” He turned back to Riker. “I’m glad for this chance, but I wouldn’t like who I’d have to thank. Make me back the way I was.”

“Yeah, Commander. Could I be myself again?” Wes asked.

Riker sighed, but did as he was asked.

“My brother and sister, these degenerates know not of your generosity. Let us pray for understanding and compassion,” Q intoned from the side, clad in a monk’s habit.

“Let us do no such damn thing!” Picard ordered. “Look at you, Q. Do you have no identity of your own?”

“I forgive you your blasphemy,” Q spat back.

Riker looked from Q to Picard and back again, understanding dawning on his face.

“No, it’s not that I don’t need the crew; I don’t need these powers! Q, leave me to be a mere human.”

Q sighed. “Oh, very well.”

“But, what about me?” Alissa piped up from next to Beverly.

Q walked over, pushing the cowl back from his head as he came to stand in front of her. “Ah, but you see, you can’t give them back.”

This bald statement had her shooting up in outrage. “Why not?” she demanded, hands on hips.

“Why, because the Continuum is very intrigued by you, my dear. We want to see how a twentieth century girl will deal with twenty-fourth century powers, as it were, though of course we of the Q are millennia older than that.”

Alissa burst into tears and began punching Q. “It’s not right! I don’t want these powers! Why couldn’t I be back at home and my parents be alive and all this be just a bad dream? I don’t want to live in this time! I want to go home!”

“Oh, you’ll get plenty of chances to do that, once we’ve practiced a little,” Q explained calmly, allowing all her abuse.

“Q, what do you mean by that?” Picard demanded.

“Well, we can’t have her running amuck with her new powers, now, can we? We’ll have a mentor for her- me! I’ll come by every month or so-“

“Out of the question. Every four months,” Picard countered.

“Whatever. I’ll be by to train her,” he said, vanishing, only to reappear once more. “Three months.”

“Fine,” Picard said tersely.

“Good! I knew you’d agree!”


Jean-Luc Picard retreated to his quarters, setting his shower for upper body massage before getting in. He never told any of his crew, being a very private man, but some of his better solutions to thorny problems tended to come to him in the shower. And this current problem rolling around in his head was a very problematic issue indeed. In fact, he would have asked Counselor Troi for her advice on the matter, but she was currently dealing with her own version of the aftermath. And he doubted that any of his crew was going to be spared from the results no matter what decision he ended up making. He steadied himself against the side of the shower and just let the day’s events run through his head again. Jean-Luc had known his crew could handle Q and whatever he threw at them; that was why they’d spent four years training at the Academy., but then Q had brought Alissa into the mix. Knowing that her family was all dead from the 1987 earthquake, and knowing they couldn’t send her back in any case, Deanna had adopted her, both to give the child some closure but also so the counselor could teach her Betazoid telepathic techniques. If not for direct orders from Starfleet, the child wouldn’t have been on his ship at all, but there was nothing Picard could do about it now, especially since the documents Starfleet had sent him included the newspaper photo that clearly showed him on Earth with Alissa in his arms. Q had up and dropped her in the middle of that manufactured war zone with powers she had no concept of, let alone truly know how to use. Picard’s thoughts flashed back to the look on her face when, after taking back the powers from Riker when he’d demanded it, Q had told her that the Continuum wanted to see how she’d deal with being a Q. Not to mention his own look of horror when Q had then announced he’d be popping in from time to time to tutor his young charge in the ways of the Q.

He had just put on a robe when the con notified him that he had a priority message incoming from Starfleet Command. “Patch it through to my quarters,” he ordered, then nodded when the admiral’s face appeared on screen.

“Jean-Luc, is there anything to add to your most recent reports?”

“Yes sir. The being known as Q has given Alissa Troi powers similar to his own. He has expressed interest in instructing her in what he thinks she needs to know about these powers. My suggestion, Admiral, is to either send just Alissa or both her and Deanna Troi back to Betazed, so that the child might learn more about controlling her telepathy and mayhap these new powers as well,” the captain informed him, but could tell that his suggestion wasn’t going over so well with the higher ranking man.

“No, Captain. You need the Counselor and Alissa Troi needs someone there to temper any erratic behavior this Q might have. Keep an eye on her, Jean-Luc. That’s all you can truly do with a teenager. Chase out.”


Admiral Chase turned around when he heard his wife walk in. “So, how did it go?” she asked.

He sighed as he gathered her close, the sunset glinting off of her brunette hair, cut shorter again. He noticed she seemed to prefer it shorter this century. “As well as can be expected, I suppose. She has to stay on the Enterprise- at least that’s what her older self said had to happen. I hate feeling like a 24th century version of the Powers, Cordelia, but what other choice do we have right now? The older one can’t return to the timeline until the younger one has put all the pieces together.”

Cordelia kissed his forehead. “Which is why she left you, me, Willow and Spike in charge of pushing people in the right direction until it has worked out, Angel. Now come to dinner before it gets cold.”
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