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Cordelia The Vampire Slayer I

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Cordelia The Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: in a world where Buffy has died, Cordelia is forced to take on the roll of Slayer. She was never meant for the job, but shes trying her best. Her only help comes from her only friend: Dawn. plz r&r. bad lang, adult sitV, Lang, Fem/

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark(Past Donor)DoorwayFR181311,218025,28130 Nov 0930 Nov 09Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any character involved in this story, be they from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anywhere else, nor do I profit in any way from it. This is a work of fan fiction, for fans.

Cordelia The Vampire Slayer

Chapter 1

Cordelia felt the warm water hit her body, and her cuts and scrapes seemed to renew themselves tenfold. She had gotten herself pretty banged up. Again. She looked down and watched the red water swirl into the drain.

But this wasn’t anything new, and tonight she had gotten off pretty light. Just a few cuts on her legs, a nasty bruise on her ribs, and a big gash just over her eye. That one stung the most. She knew it needed stitches, but right now she didn’t care. She just wanted to feel the water from the shower run down her face and body. She didn’t care about the stinging pains; she just liked feeling. These showers made her unthaw from a generally numb existence.

Day in day out; Fight, train, fight, patrol, fight, get the shit kicked out of you. These showers were just for her. Her time.

And she needed them. Ever since Buffy died, and had somehow passed her powers onto her. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ She hated that stupid movie.

But life had changed, that’s for sure. She wasn’t Buffy. She wasn’t born for this. She had the tools, but didn’t have the know-how and natural intuition. Not to mention she didn’t have a Watcher. She was just stumbling along, trying to get it right. Which for the most part, she didn’t. But she tried.

Her thoughts were interrupted by knocking at the bathroom door.

“Cordie, let me stitch you up. You’ve been in there a half hour already.”

Dawn. Buffy had asked Cordelia to always take care of Dawn, but it was more like Dawn took care of her. The last few years without Dawn would have been…well, impossible.

“Sure Dawn, I’ll just be a sec.” Cordelia called back.

She let the water baptize her once more, letting the water rush off her upturned face, then with a sigh, turned off the water and got out of the shower.

She dried herself, but knowing Dawn would want to look at her ribs she didn’t bother getting dressed. She just put on her bra and panties, wrapped herself in a towel, and opened the door to face little miss needle and thread.

“Bout’ time.” Complained Dawn. “Sit down on the sofa and let me get a look ‘atcha.”

Cordelia complied with a sigh. As Dawn was sizing up the cuts on her legs, Cordelia admired how much she’d changed in the past couple years. Dawn was 19 now, but was still very petite and thin. Her long hair made her look so young. The main change was the attitude. And tattoos. Since Joyce and Buffy died she had become obsessed with tattoos. She had two full sleeves, one filled with old school sparrows, a sacred heart, diamonds etc. Cordelia called that arm Dawn’s sailor arm, teasingly. Her other arm was covered in oriental style images. She had a big white lucky cat on her forearm, surrounded by water and a couple of Koi fish, which all lead up to a big Foo Dog on her shoulder surrounded by swirly smoke. Dawn never really talked about what each tattoo meant to her, but Cordelia thought it was mostly about having protection. She didn’t have her mom or slayer sister anymore. She had Cordelia, but she hadn’t thought so at first.

Cordelia knew Dawn trusted her to protect her now though. They had been together for years, and Cordelia hadn’t left, or died, like everyone else. They needed each other. They were all alone, and Cordelia needed Dawn just as much as Dawn needed Cordelia.

“These all look ok. I don’t think they’ll need stitches. Towel off please, let me have a looksee at your sexy tummy.” Joked Dawn.

Cordelia undid her towel, revealing her lacy red bra and matching panties. She winced as Dawn poked and prodded her sore ribs. “These don’t appear to be broken. Just bruised.”

“That’s good. They felt broken.” Admitted Cordelia.

“I bet. You’re not very good at this, are you?” teased Dawn.

“Better than you, miss constant damsel in distress.” Laughed Cordelia, before wincing again at her sore ribs.

Dawn wrinkled her nose, feeling Cordelia’s pain. “Ok, time for the big one on your forehead.”

Cordelia didn’t say anything, just nodded her compliance.

Dawn crawled on top of Cordelia’s thighs, straddling her legs so she could be closer to the cut. “lean your head back.” Said Dawn.

As Dawn was doing her stitching Cordelia was acutely aware of how close they were, and how little she had on. Dawn’s face was inches away from her own, but her eyes never left Cordelia’s forehead as she focused on the task at hand. Cordelia noticed Dawn’s lips, dangerously close to her own.

She bit her lip, almost trying to contain them from reaching out to Dawns.

“All done!” chirped Dawn, breaking Cordelia from her trance.

Good, thought Cordelia, she couldn’t take much more of that. And she didn’t mean the stitching.

Cordelia and Dawn had been close for a long time now, relying on each other, but sometimes when Dawn was so close to her Cordelia couldn’t help but have tingly feelings and less than innocent thoughts.

She looked Dawn up and down as she was putting away her nursing supplies (she had become somewhat of an expert). Dawn was so small and petite, her long hair and big eyes making her look like a girl next door type, but in contrast were her two full sleeves of tattoos that both cut off right at the wrist, and her punky clothing. She was wearing a black Misfits tee with the sleeves cut off, camouflage shorts that went almost past her knees, and blue Nike high tops. The combination of small and sweet with mean and punk rock made for an odd sight. But a sexy one.

“Cordie!” Dawn yelled, catching her starring at her.

“Oh!” stammered Cordelia, blushing, “sorry. Zoning out again”

Dawn gave her a raised eyebrow, “suuuure,” she said, giggling. “I’m going to bed now. If you need me you know where to find me.”

“Ok. Goodnight Dawn.”




“Thanks for the stitches.”

“No prob Bob. Night!” Dawn said with a warm smile.

As Dawn walked up the stares of their small house, Cordelia lid down on the sofa. Still only wearing underwear, she knew she should go to her room and go to bed, but she was too tired to make the long journey. She thought of Dawn as her head nodded into a deep sleep.
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