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Cordelia The Vampire Slayer II : A Scooby Reunion

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cordelia The Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Cordelia and Dawn get a visit from Anya, and find out Xander and Willow are coming to town, and they arn't exactly the good guys anymore. This is an AU story were Cordelia is the slayer in Sunnydale now. pls review, lang, adult sit, poss fem/, V

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Past Donor)DoorwayFR181310,377023,39230 Nov 0930 Nov 09Yes

A Visitor in the Night

Disclaimer: I do not own any character involved in this story, be they from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anywhere else, nor do I profit in any way from it. This is a work of fan fiction, for fans.


Cordelia tossed and turned restlessly, trying to sleep. It was late. Probably around the 4 am mark Cordelia thought, without bothering to sit up to see the alarm clock.

After the incidents at their last house with Faith and evil Buffy, they had decided they were too vulnerable there. After all, Faith was still very much alive. Cordelia also suspected Buffy was as well, but she hadn’t mentioned it to Dawn. No need to frighten the girl.

So Dawn and her had packed up and moved to a new place across town. With money being as tight as it was all they could afford was this tiny basement apartment. It had two rooms: the bathroom, and the kitchen/living room/bedroom. That’s why Cordelia was so uncomfortable. She hated sleeping on the sofa.

To be fair Dawn had offered to switch up the bed for the sofa every other night, but Cordelia had refused, wanting Dawn to be as comfortable as possible in their new place. She could live with the sofa sleeping. And it felt good knowing no one besides Dawn and herself knew where they lived.

That’s why it made Cordelia fall off the couch in surprise when the doorbell rang.

‘Who the hell could that possibly be,’ thought Cordelia in a panic. Dawn of course didn’t stir. She could sleep through a war. Cordelia picked up one of the stakes Dawn had left on the coffee table, (carving stakes was one of her duties), and walked over to the door.

She cracked the door open slightly, and peered out, trying to pick out who was out there so late. It took her a second to recognize the face. Suddenly it dawned on her. ‘YOU!” she hissed, opening the door wider.

“Hi!” said Anya cheerfully, totally oblivious to Cordelia’s contempt. “nice PJs.”

Corelia’s ‘PJs’ consisted of a torn up Sunnydale High t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. “What?” she stammered, still trying to understand why Anya of all people was at their door at 4 in the morning.

“Well, they show off your legs. You have nice legs. Not that I’m like ‘ohh baby nice legs’ or anything. I’m not like Willow ‘nice legs,’ just a friendly ‘nice legs’. Any PJs serve the purpose really. I’m not too picky. I don’t like ones with bunnies though.”

“What?” stammered Cordelia again, confused.

“You sure do ask a lot of questions.” Accused Anya, “Can I come in?”

Cordelia, suddenly suspicious, said, “I dunno. Can you?”

Anya darted past Cordelia into their apartment.

‘well,’ thought Cordelia as she closed the door, ‘at least she’s not a vampire.’

“Nice place,” said Anya, looking around, “small though. And dark. Can you afford lights?”

“Yes, I can afford lights.” Said Cordelia, annoyed. She didn’t really like Anya. She was engaged to her ex-boyfriend after all. “But Dawn is asleep, so I wont turn them on. And keep it down.”

“Oh Dawn lives here!” exclaimed Anya, “Good! I thought it was just you. Dawn is my friend.”

“What are you doing here? How did you find this place?” asked Cordelia, trying to ignore Anya’s blatant statement of how her and Cordelia were not friends.

“I followed you here. I saw you out on patrol earlier. But I wasn’t going to knock, cause you know, we’re not friends.” Explained Anya, making Cordelia roll her eyes. “But I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“Why? Wheres Xander?”

“Hopefully not anywhere near here. Him and Willow have been chasing me, but I think I threw them off. They’re not so nice anymore.”

That prompted a thousand more questions in Cordelia’s mind, but their chatter had woken Dawn. “Cordelia, who are you talking to?”


“ANYA!” yelled Dawn, shooting out of bed, and running over. She grabbed Anya in a big hug, which made Cordelia a little jealous.

“Hey kiddo,” said Anya, “you’re all grown up! Look at you! You have breasts now.”

“um, yeah.” Said Dawn. She was apparently used to Anya’ s way of saying whatever the hell popped into her head, but Cordelia sure wasn’t. She had been in LA most of the time Anya was around, and Anya had left (like everyone else) shortly after Cordelia returned to Sunnydale, so they had never really become close.

“So,” said Anya, “Can I stay here?”

“Theres not really enough room,” said Cordelia, taken aback by Anya’s bluntness again.

“Of course you can!” Said Dawn, shooting a glare at Cordelia.

“Dawn, where will she sleep?” asked Cordelia, obviously not liking the way this was playing out.

“She can bunk with me! I’ve got a big bed.”

“Yay!” cheered Anya.

“Yeah. Yay.” Said Cordelia, less enthused.

“I’ll tell you both more tomorrow,” said Anya, “but I’m really pooped. Can we go to sleep?”

“Sure.” Said Dawn with a big smile. Cordelia really didn’t like how happy Dawn was by Anya appearance.

So Cordelia went back to her sofa, while the girl she didn’t like crawled in bed with the girl she did like. A lot.

Cordelia began to assess her feelings of jealousy. She had never really thought about her attraction to Dawn. The feelings were just there. She wasn’t gay. That was Willow’s deal. But she was in love with a girl.

‘That doesn’t make sense.’ Thought Cordelia. ‘If you’re in love with a girl, then you’re gay.’

Cordelia didn’t like this line of thought.

‘I’m gay?’

Just then she heard Dawn giggle at something Anya had said or did, and Cordelia thoughts went red for a second.

‘I must be.’ She thought with resignation. She fell asleep, dwelling on that tiny giggle.
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