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Una Familia

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Summary: After Buffy dies for the second time a new slayer is called at Hogwarts, and thus wackiness ensues. Post-OotP and after Tabula Rasa.

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Hard To Explain

Author's Notes: I still can't believe I have author's notes. And reviewers. My fics are usually handed to my friends in my blue notebook and as soon as they're done all they have to say is "Sounds cool. You should write more."

Oh and by the way, Ginny got called when Buffy died again jumping off the tower to save Dawn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 2

Hard to Explain

The black silk sheets clung to the cold skin on his chest that was still damp with sweat. At first he had thought what had happened in the dungeons below was just a dream, but he was jerked back to reality when he realized how weak he was and the dull throbbing of his back.

"Mother," he called out hoarsely hoping she would be there as she always had. When he was a small boy she would sing to him and stroke his silvery blonde hair until he had drifted off.

"She's not here. She's dead."

That voice, Pettigrew. Draco gripped the sheets as the last moments he was awake came back to him. "What the hell did you do to her?" he cried. He pushed himself off of the bed and turned to look at the short, haggard man sitting in front of him. He stood, steadying himself on the carved mahogany bedpost.

"I killed her." Draco looked about ready to pounce when the seated man added," Do you really want to hit me Draco or do you want answers?"

"Answers to what? You killed my mother you bastard, that's all I need to know." He spat.

A slight look of surprise shot over the elderly man's features, "Your father didn't tell you?"

"Malfoy's aren't exactly known for their abilities to share. It doesn't-"

Before Draco could finish his sentence the man drew his wand out and muttered a binding charm, leaving Draco's limbs useless at his sides and tied to the bedpost.

"Now. You are going to shut your trap and listen. The Dark Lord has a purpose for you."


Hermione Granger raised her right hand, bag clutched in her left, prepared to knock on the door to the Burrow. She paused and began to contemplate actually entering the dwelling.

*This is ridiculous, I have to go in they're expecting me and my parents have already driven off so it's not like I can go back home. But, if I do go in, I'll see Ron and somehow we'll end up fighting.* She always ended up getting in an argument with Ron, perhaps because if she didn't then she might end up doing something that would jeopardize her friendship with him.

She was never good with boys, when Viktor Krum asked her to the Yule Ball she mumbled something incoherent and walked off. He had asked her twice more before she could actually voice some sort of a reply.

But it was different with Ron, she had never felt nervous or uncomfortable with him, or Harry for that matter. In truth she had never had more than friendly feelings towards the Boy-who-lived, but ever since her fourth year she had been having more than friendly thoughts about Ron. Whenever he was around she felt so at peace and so energetic she could run around the quidditch pitch until her legs gave out from beneath her.

Maybe this year she would-

"Hey Mione!" said Ginny Weasley who was now grinning in the doorway in front of her.

"Hi Ginny."

The bushy-haired girl pulled the slightly shorter one in a tight hug before pulling back and taking a good look. The Ginny she had known looked almost like a different person from this girl, true she hadn't grown an inch after her fourth year, and her eyes never seemed truly innocent after the incident in the Chamber of Secrets, but something had changed this summer. There was an older, wiser look reflecting back in the gold flecks of her eyes and the darker skin under her eyes made her look tired, worn.

Ginny grabbed Hermione's bag from her hand and lead her by the elbow into the living room where Mrs. Weasley was knitting in her rocking chair. Before she knew it Hermione was being hugged again and welcomed the warmth of it. Mrs.Weasley had always seemed a second-mother to her, like practically everyone else.

"Oi! Ron! Remmie! Mione's here!" Ginny shouted up the stairs.

"Remmie?" Hermione asked, now freed from Molly's grip.

"Yes, Professor Lupin has been staying with us during the summer and has been teaching Ginny fifth year DADA. She's going to be taking sixth year classes next year with you and Ron." Molly beamed at her only daughter as she headed to the kitchen to prepare tea.

"Wow, Ginny that's great!"
Ginny replied with only a small smile and began to speak when Ronald Weasley practically ran down the narrow stairs heading towards the two girls. He was followed at a slower pace by Remus Lupin who gave Hermione a nod and said," It's good to see you Hermione."

"You too Professor." She replied, turning back to Ron, who was much taller than he had been end of term.

"It really is great to see you Herm." he said, pulling her into a quick, friendly hug.

*That's right, friendly don't weave too much into it. He's just glad to see you.* she thought.

"C'mon I'll get you settled in Ginny's room." Grabbing her bag and following Ron up the stairs, Hermione realized just how much she missed him.


"You see boy, The Dark Lord has many a servant working for him, with many different abilities, but there is one kind of servant he doesn't have."

*One who's sane.* Draco thought angrily. He glared at the sallow-faced individual before him.

"A seer. The cuts on your back, done by your own mother's hand, the spell, then of course, her blood spilled over the open wounds is going to cause you to see things. Visions. It is of the utmost importance that you tell me what visions you have and what you see. What magic was done to you down in the chamber last night, the magic that causes you to see the past, present, and most likely the future, is old magic. Dark magic." Pettigrew then stood, obviously weary, but much more confident now that Draco was bound.

"The power used to make you see is only a fraction of the Dark Lord's strength. Understand that you will do as he, or I instruct." Pettigrew reached toward him and grabbed a handful of his thin blonde hair. He pulled until Draco was looking him directly in the eye and said, "If I find out you have had a vision, and I will, and have not informed me then what you went through last night will seem like paradise."

Peter Pettigrew began to walk toward the door and turned to release Draco from the invisible bindings that were beginning to leave bruises. Draco fell to the floor.

"You should rest, school starts in a few days. I expect the visions to start sometime around your first week of school so I will be expecting your owl. And since your father is currently in Romania gathering more supporters, you're all alone. Good-bye. Sweet dreams."

Draco weakly pounded his fist on the carpeted floor. He couldn't get up and had trouble moving. He was still incredibly weak. He closed his eyes and instead of falling asleep to his mother's voice, or simply the memory of her, the one good thing in his life now gone, it was the words spoken by one of the people he now hated more than anything that saw him off into sleep.

You're all alone. . .Sweet dreams.


Escorted once again by aurors, and Mr. Weasley, and in his opinion the whole bloody Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter stepped onto the porch.

"I think I can handle Harry from here," Arthur said, "no Deatheaters or dark creatures in the ten inches to my doorway."

"He's right. C'mon you all, we need to get back to the Ministry." Nymphadora Tonks replied, giving Harry a wave and grin as she headed off with the rest of the aurors.

"Mr. Weasley before we get inside, I'd like to ask you something." Harry said.

"Yes, Harry?' The older man replied.

"Well why did I get to come to the Burrow? I mean there aren't any Deatheaters or dementors in Surrey, and you did go through all this trouble to bring me here. Didn't Dumbledore say it was safer for me to stay with my aunt and uncle?" He saw a puzzled look cover the balding man's features and heard him reply, "To be honest Harry, I don't know, but it was Dumbledore himself who requested that you be brought back to the Burrow before school starts so I suppose it's safer for you here. Now, let's get inside, it's almost dinnertime and I do believe Molly is making an excellent roast."

Stepping inside what he called his second home, Harry could smell tea and hear familiar voices. One of which seemed extremely like that of-

"Remus?" Sure enough there was one of James Potter's best friends, sitting in between Ron and Ginny.

"Hello there Harry, good to see you." The werewolf replied, standing to give him a small hug and motioned for him to sit down next to Hermione.

"Hey Ron, Hermione. It's great to see you all again. Hello Ginny, Mrs. Weasley."

"Hi Harry." Ginny replied.

"Oh Harry, my dear, it's wonderful to see you and oh! You and Arthur must be starving. Dinner is ready if you would like to eat, my dear."


About an hour later, as everyone began finishing their meals and Mrs. Weasley began to clear the plates away there was a loud noise that sounded somewhat like a 'pooft!' coming from the living room fireplace.

The six residents of the house quickly jogged into the room to see the head of Headmaster Dumbledore smiling at them. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb the entire household, I merely wished to speak with Professor Lupin for a moment. Hello there Harry. I see that you made the journey all right."

"Yes, sir, I was umm just wondering-"

"Why I allowed you to return to the Burrow since we are in the middle of war?" Harry blinked, slightly shocked by the Headmaster's bluntness, but nodded in the affirmative.

"That question will be answered shortly." The elderly wizard replied, glancing quickly at Ginny before returning his gaze back to Remus.

"Well, we'll leave you two to talk then, up to bed you four." Arthur said, heading toward the kitchen leading his wife by the elbow.

The four students all retreated up the stairs after wishing their professor and headmaster a good night.

"I have the slayer Faith here at Hogwarts, she has agreed to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts with you." Albus Dumbledore said with a smile.

"We'll see how long until she wants to teach along side me when she finds out I'm a werewolf."

"It doesn't seem to bother Ms. Weasley that her watcher is not entirely human." Albus responded.

"That's different, Ginny's known me for years and she-" Remus sighed. He had come to look upon his slayer within the last three months with something akin to fatherly affection. "I don't know. She just manages to act like I'm just a normal person, that I'm -"

"Human? You are human Remus, don't ever forget that. You were not born to be a werewolf, but you have shown true strength in dealing with it."

Eager to change the subject, Remus asked, "And what of the other slayer. Buffy I believe her name was."

Albus gave him a more serious and thoughtful look, replying, "That is a little more complicated, I have not been able to get in touch with her or her watcher and the start of term is approaching. She may not also be able to come for some time. It may be around a month before she may be ready to join us at Hogwarts. It matters not at the moment, Voldemort is not going to make his move for some time and we have two slayers already, just in case." Dumbledore gave a sigh and smiled again, "You have a good slayer on your hands, Remus. But I'm afraid I must get back to mine at the moment. Goodnight."

"Good night Headmaster." And with another pooft! the head was gone from the roaring fireplace, leaving Remus Lupin on the sofa which he was now falling asleep on.


Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Ron all went to their rooms after saying their goodnights.

About an hour after she and Hermione had laid down, Ginny heard Hermione quietly get up and sneak out of the room. She followed, grabbing her robe, a minute later. Following the quiet whispers leading to Ron's room, she opened the door and saw Harry, Hermione, and her older brother sitting on the bedspread.

"Ginny, what are you still doing up?" Ron asked, a bit put off by his sister's presence.

"I never fell asleep, I wanted until Hermione got up to talk to you two in private." At that Hermione's cheeks turned pinker and look a bit guiltily at Ginny.

"I know it's always been just you three and you tell each other everything, so I thought it best that you find this out from me instead of Hermione." Ginny bit her lip and began to fidget with her hands a bit nervously.

"I came to tell you the real reason why Rem-Lupin spent the summer with us."

Hermione instantly became concern for her best girl friend, "What's wrong Ginny? Is something the matter? You know you can tell us anything right?"

Ginny gave her friend a sad smile. "I know that that's why I'm telling you now. But you have to understand that this is a complete secret, only Lupin and Professor Dumbledore know, and I intend to keep it that way, understood?"

They all nodded in the affirmative, concern written across their faces.

Taking a deep breath the red-haired girl said, "I'm a vampire slayer."


Faith sat back in the large, cushiony sofa in her room located in one of the teacher's wings. Next week classes started, but thank God she was going to be assisted by another professor. What was it? Looping? Lupine?

When Dumbledore had explained to her about Hogwarts, wizards, and the history of Lord Voldemort thus far,
she found it really confusing. But when he had explained to her that Professor Lupin not only was going to help her teach the students, but that he as also the watcher of a the slayer that attended the school she felt a little relieved, despite her nasty little meeting with Gwendolyn Post. She really hoped she didn't wind up torturing this guy like she did her last watcher. From what Dumbledore had told her he seemed like a pretty cool guy, and his slayer really liked him so he couldn't be all bad.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her boss walking into her room.

"I hope you like your quarters. How are you doing so far?"

"Well, I'm five by five boss man, but this school is great. If I went here I wouldn't have dropped out."

"Wonderful," he responded with delight. "By the way I had your clothing and personal items delivered from your old apartment in Sunnydale."

Faith looked down at her orange jumpsuit, it would be great to change into some of her clothes that wasn't as florescent.

"I'll leave you to your own devices now. Goodnight Faith."

"Wait, Dumbledore?" The old man clothed in deep purple robes turned to face her. "Thanks."

He merely nodded and left, closing the door behind him.


"What's a vampire slayer?" Harry and Ron asked Ginny in unison, while Hermione sat still on the bed looking at her hands much paler than usual.

"A vampire slayer is the chosen one. One is born in every generation. One girl in all the word born to rid the world of vampires, demons, and the creatures of darkness. When one dies another is called." Hermione answered. "There was a book on them writer by awatcher in the very back of the school library. But wait, that would mean Professor Lupin is your watcher?"

"You can't be serious, you can't fight creatures of darkness. You could get hurt." Ron whispered fiercely.

"It's her destiny Ron, you can't change what she is." Hermione retorted.

"Oh yes I can. I'm her brother-"
"Ron, you're being stupid-"
"Stupid? She's the one who gonna go fight all these demons and stuff."

Harry managed to make eye contact with Ginny during Ron and Hermione's bickering and she motioned for him to follow her. They crept out of the room unnoticed by the two engaged in an argument nearby.

Ginny lead Harry to her room closing the door behind her, the pale blue of the walls instantly calming her.

"So, you're a slayer?" he asked, taking a seat on a chair by the desk in the corner.

"Yeah, chosen one." She sat on her bed, feeling incredibly tired.

"I know how that feels." She looked at the boy across the room, he too had seen his share of demons. He too had been singled out and put in danger repeatedly. She never really realized how much they had in common.

"Look Harry, I know you have Ron and Hermione, and they're all you ever really needed, but I'd really like it if we could be friends."

He immediately nodded and stuck out his hand to shake hers.

"Friends. Besides, it'll be nice to have someone to talk to about this destiny stuff."

"Same here." After a moment Hemione came stomping into the room and laid down feeling annoyed and exhausted.

"Well, I better get back to Ron's room. Night Ginny, night Hermione."

"Night Harry" Hermione and Ginny replied.

Glancing at her brown-haired friend, Ginny new tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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