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Una Familia

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Summary: After Buffy dies for the second time a new slayer is called at Hogwarts, and thus wackiness ensues. Post-OotP and after Tabula Rasa.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingscelesteFR18612,9830215,90228 Oct 0311 Jan 04No


Disclaimer: Not mine, so if you sue me then I'll introduce you to my friend Mica. She's not afraid to go back to prison. A faulty disclaimer is nobody's friend.

Chapter One


Harry James Potter sat on his bed listening to the snores of the Dursley's downstairs, he couldn't sleep. Nightmares of last year still haunted him. At night he could still hear Sirius's voice. The entire summer had been completely devoid of any news as always.

The letters Ron and Hermione sent were as always, his lifeline. He couldn't wait until someone, probably aurors, would pick him up tomorrow and take him to the Burrow. He missed the place that he had thought of as his second home after Hogwarts. Sometimes he felt as if nothing had changed since the summer after his first year, but then he would remember whenever he saw a flash of black through the corner of his eye, or whenever his skin would burn, reminding him of only a fraction of the pain in his heart since his godfather's death. The yard work the Dursley's had him doing lately had left his skin darker and added a little muscle to his otherwise thin frame but the sunburn he had received was almost unbearable.

He tossed onto his side and began to drift off, suddenly tired. Sleep overtook him for a few hours before he awoke again.


Draco Malfoy lay on his stomach, shirtless on the floor in one of the dungeons in Malfoy Manor. He had fallen asleep in his room, he was sure of that. How in the hell did he end up three floors down? He must have been drugged or cursed, he could barely move.

He heard whispers near him, two voices, one male female. He recognized his mother's voice immediately, the haughty tone now telling the man in an almost shout something.

"You won't do this to my son! My family has served the Dark Lord for years! My husband is in hiding now! You can't do this! Tell him to choose someone else, tell him to-"

"Imperio!" shouted the other.

"No." Draco whispered, seeing the light from a wand shoot out and hit his mother in the chest, causing her to stumble slightly.

"Quiet boy," the voice spat. "Pick him up and put him in chains Narcissa. We have work to do."

"Yes, Master Pettigrew." His mother answered in a small murmur. Mrs. Malfoy helped her son up to his feet, a dull look in her normally bright blue eyes. She leaned him face forward against the wall, cuffing his wrists with large iron shackles.

"Now Narcissa, pick up the knife. You know what to do." The voice commanded.

She took a knife that was laying on a small table wrapped in velvet cloth. Draco could hear her footsteps and managed to make out the word, "Please." Before he felt the cold steel cut into the pale skin of his back.

He didn't know how long he was down there, screaming as his own mother cut into his flesh again and again. He could feels the blood and pain rolling down him in beads as time went on. After what seemed like forever, he could no longer feel the knife, but his entire body was pulsing with pain.

"And now Mrs. Malfoy, the grand finale. Are you ready? Give me the knife now." Said the male voice, Pettigrew, his mother called him. He would remember that name for the rest of his life. And what happened next would haunt his dreams.

"Vide ab sangue ex matre!"

Draco found the strength to scream when felt hot liquid of his mother's blood hit his open wounds. And then it all went black.


Running through the forests behind the Burrow at around midnight chasing a shadowy figure, a fifteen-year-old Ginny Weasley stopped suddenly and listened to her surroundings. She heard the crack of a twig not five feet behind her. She turned quickly and rammed her wand into the chest of the black-glad outline behind her, fangs bared, ready to pounce.

The person, or demon, was reduced to ash at her feet just a moment later. She began to walk slowly to the edge of the forest where the backyard to her home lay in wait, along with her watcher.

Three months ago, two days after her fourth year had been completed, she had been told of her destiny, her calling. She was the vampire slayer, the chosen one, of three of course. (The history of the other two that existed in America had been briefly told to her, but she didn't really know the specifics.) It was her fifteen birthday the day she had been called. *Happy birthday, could be your last. * she thought to herself bitterly.

She didn't hate her new role, it was nice to feel important for once, to feel powerful. But the danger of her 'calling' came to her quickly. The first night she her went slaying with her watcher. Remus Lupin arrived on the doorstep on her fifteenth birthday looking the same as he ever was except his eyes shone with sadness and what seemed like hope. Albus Dumbledore accompanied him, a fright for her mother to be sure, especially ever since the Ministry of Magic incident.

They had told Molly Weasley that Lupin would resume the position of DADA teacher at Hogwarts the following year, but with an assistant. He also told her mother that Ginny was going to be allowed to take her owls over the summer and get a year ahead in DADA with daily tutoring from her former professor.

Molly was of course delighted, as was Ron once hearing the good news, and insisted that Lupin stay with them during the summer to make Ginny's lessons easier. The house had been empty and strangely quiet since Fred and George moved out last May.

It wasn't until the night of her first lesson she had learned what Lupin was really doing there. True, he did tutor her during the day, and she had taken her DADA O. W. L. yesterday when a very bored man appeared and gave her a short quiz, disappearing shortly after.

She spent most of her nights patrolling Ottery St. Catchpole in secret, which suddenly seemed to have it's share of vampires. Remus, or Remmie as she began to call him, had told her that as a slayer evil would follow her. Remmie had instructed her not to tell, and if she had to, only those she knew could keep it a secret. No one knew about her with the exception of Dumbledore. She knew however that Hermione would suspect something, especially when she noticed Ginny wasn't in her bed after midnight and the window was wide open, when she arrived tomorrow along with Harry. So, tomorrow night she would tell them Ron, Hermione, and Harry all together when her parents had gone off to bed.

She had always known she would fight against Voldemort and the Deatheaters, but being the slayer meant an entirely different kind if fighting. It terrified her really, but she tried to keep her mind off of the battles that lay ahead of her. It seemed Harry Potter wasn't the only one with a destiny.

She had seen Harry on Platform 9 3/4 and he had looked so tired. Ginny didn't care about Harry the way she once had. Her childish crush had grown into a somewhat brotherly affection over the past few years, especially after last year, but it almost broke her heart to see him like that. She had seen that same look on Remmie's face whenever the subject of Sirius was mentioned. She tried to ask him about it once, but his quickness to change the subject and train her almost viciously in the room that had once been Percy's was enough to let her know he was still dealing with the death of his best friend.

She heard a familiar voice say, "It's been a while, I was beginning to get worried." She looked at Remus Lupin, his dark blue eyes filled with worry. "Don't worry, got my wand. And super fighting capabilities."

"Still you were gone awhile." They began to walk together to the backside of the burrow.

"You should get some sleep Ginny. Big week coming up. School's starting again." He said in an almost fatherly tone.

"Don't remind me. Do I have to go? Can I just spend all my days and night killing evil things that try to kill me?"

"You have to go if I have to." He replied with a smile.

"Night Remmie."

"Please stop calling me that."

She grabbed the rope that hung from her window and began to climb as her elder apparated into the house with a 'pop!'.

"Lucky bastard," she muttered, crawling in her window.



The prison door to Faith's cell opened to reveal the silhouette of the warden that had become the bane of her existence during her oh-so-comfy stay in the Women's Correctional Facility. The bars, walls, and even inmates began to mesh after a while. She needed to get out of here soon, or she'd go insane. Again.

"You got a visitor." He spat. He motioned for her to follow. Running a hand through her wavy brown hair, the slayer stood, expecting to be lead to see Angel in the normal visiting room. He hadn't visited her lately. Her recovery was due greatly to him and his never ending patience with her. I guess when you have a lot of that when you're gonna live forever.

Instead, she was lead to one of the room in which prisoners would discuss their cases with their lawyers in order to get an appeal. She certainly didn't need an appeal and certainly didn't have a lawyer.

Entering the room once the warden had left her alone, she saw the back of a tall man with long white hair. He was wearing what looked like a long dark blue dress and a pointed hat.

"Who the hell are you?"

The old man turned, two twinkling, but sad eyes looking straight at her.

"Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." He replied.

"Sorry name doesn't ring a bell."

"I am only asking you to listen for a moment. This is important Faith." There was something in his voice, she'd heard it in Angel's before. This guy was different. He seemed to know things, things that obviously saddened him. She could tell by the way his eyes looked. Might as well hear him out. What else did she have to do anyway?

"You've got my attention, you've come to see me why?" Taking a seat and evaluating the man in front of her, Faith sighed and sat back. "This ought to be good."

"There are evil forces rising. More evil than you have ever faced. I need you to fight it. I need the slayer."

She sat up suddenly,"How do you know what the slayer is? Who are you really? What evil?"

"As I said before my name is Albus Dumbledore, and although slayers may be secret in this world, they are certainly no secret to the wizarding world."

"Wizard huh? Well, Albus, as you can see I am currently indisposed of at the moment, maybe you should check back when my parole comes up in a few decades. Besides, why don't you just get Buffy? I'm sure she's all with the down of evil forces. There is more than one slayer now ya know?"

"This requires more than just one slayer. The world is going to need every strength it can get. I can get you out of this prison and give you shelter in England at the school I run. Buffy will join you soon, I hope." He said looking a bit worried.

"And how exactly are you gonna get me out of here? If you didn't notice there's barbed wire, rabid dogs, really ugly women with bats, you get the idea."

"One of the greatest pleasures of being a wizard is being able to use magic. There is something else. Since you will be staying at Hogwarts I think you should know that another slayer has been called at the school. You may meet her and her watcher, if you agree to come with me. I'm sure you will have much to discuss."

"Another slayer?" she whispered. She looked down trying to organize her thoughts. Buffy couldn't be dead, he'd just said that she was going to join them in England. With the new slayer. That was the least of her problems. She had changed. She knew it. But what if she made another mistake? What if-

Dumbledore cut off her thoughts by stating, "Faith do not fret, you are not the person you once were. Trust me when I say more people will die if you do not come with me."

Out of this prison, she'd bend over backwards to get out of here. But if she did get out of this place would she be able to behave? Yes, she had to. She wouldn't let another innocent die, and if she just rotted in her cell while some evil lord tried to take over the world, or possibly end, it that would definitely happen. Plus, new slayer? Could always use a sparring partner.

"When do we leave?"

"In a few moments. Marvelous. Just Marvelous. Although, may I ask you a favor?"

Faith raised one eyebrow and responded, "Depends, what is it?"

"How do you feel about teaching?" he said with a smile.

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