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Long Road Home

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Summary: Edward, Bella, Renesme and Jacob are caught in a portal and come out in a strange, strange place. Are those vampire clowns?

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ShezziFR1517500111,55930 Nov 0930 Nov 09No
A/N: Okay, so I don't actually own AB or twilight, but I thought this might be fun. It's post Rising Dawn, no definite point yet in the AB verse, but I'm wondering about a little be before Narcissus in Chains. I'm looking for a beta reader because I haven't actually been reading the books in a while and I am unlikely to have the time to now. Anyway, this idea struck on a whim, I'm not sure if it'll work or not, but I wanted to let you guys decide. Please let me know! thanks for reading. love xx Shezzi

In the living room underneath the Circus of the Damned, the Master of the City, his Second, his Human Servant and his Wolf collapsed in a pile, screams ripping from their throats. Richard’s turned to a canine howl halfway through as he shifted, the power washing over them once more before retreating, leaving them lying gasping in each other’s arms.

“What…” panted Anita, staring wide eyed at Jean Claude, “What was that?”

“Je ne sai pas, ma petite,” Jean Claude replied, his own breath coming in gasps. “But it seems to have been centered directly above us, in the Circus.” (I do not know.)

“Thank goodness they’ve already closed for the night,” she said, as the four of them made their way up the stairs.


Bella and Edward ran through the forest, Renesmee and Jacob hot on their heels, laughter ringing around them. They were out celebrating Renesmee’s 6th ‘birthday’, which fell on what would, for a human, be her second. They had let her choose the activities, and she had chosen to hunt and play in the forest with ‘her’ Jacob, and her mother and father.

Bella and Edward dodged in opposite directions as the other two tried to catch them, Renesmee giggling as she lunged for her parents. They entered the clearing where they played baseball during thunderstorms, and Renesmee tackled her father as Jacob took out Bella, the four of them going down in a tangle of limbs.

They wrestled briefly on the ground, laughter and play growls intermingling. They froze suddenly, all feeling the same thing; an odd tingling that ran over their skin, causing them to shudder violently.

“What is…” Bella started to say, when the ground seemed to ripple under them before giving way, and they fell.

They fell through light and darkness, clinging to each other as they whirled around, completely disoriented.

When they finally landed, it was with a bone-jarring thud, and it took them a moment to gather themselves. “Is everyone alright?” asked Bella, sitting up slowly. “Nessie, Edward, Jacob?”

“I’m fine, mummy,” Nessie said, pushing herself up off the ground. “Jacob?” she dropped to her knees beside the wolf, who was grimacing in pain, one hand pressed to his ribs.

“I’m fine, Nessie, just a few cracked ribs is all,” Jacob replied soothingly as he sat up.

Bella was helping Edward, who appeared unharmed, to his feet. “What the…what on earth was that?” she demanded, managing not to swear in front of her daughter, but only just.

“I have no idea…but where are we?” replied Edward, looking around. They were inside a huge warehouse, by the look of it, surrounded by all the trappings of a carnival, although it obviously wasn’t open at the moment.

“DON’T MOVE!” came a yell from the side, and a woman, two men and a wolf appeared out of the shadows, the woman, who was shorter than Alice, holding a pair of guns trained on them. “Do not move!” she said again. “Who are you? How did you get here?”

“I’m Edward Cullen, this is my wife Bella, our daughter Renesmee and our friend Jacob. And we don’t know how we got here,” Edward said, stepping forward slightly. “We were in the woods, in Washington, and suddenly we’re falling, and then we’re here.”

“I am Jean Claude, the Master of the City of St Louis, this is my Human Servant, Executioner Anita Blake, my Second, Asher, and my Animal to Call, Richard, Ulfric of the local pack. What are you? I have never smelt the like of you before, any of you.”

“I could say the same of you,” replied Edward. “My wife and I are vampires; Nessie is our child, born before Bella was turned, and Jacob is a werewolf, leader of his pack.” Before he could start asking any questions of his own, the woman burst out.

“You’re not vampires. And he isn’t a werewolf. If you were, we would know. So, try again.”

“And how would you know?” snapped Bella, annoyed now. She didn’t like being called a liar.

“Because they are vampires,” replied Anita, nodding towards her companions, “and, as previously mentioned, Richard is a werewolf. So, they don’t know what you are, it means you aren’t vampires and he’s not a werewolf. Also, I can see from here that you don’t have fangs.”

“Fangs?” asked Bella and Edward together, eyed wide.

“Oui,” replied Jean Claude, smiling wide enough to flash his fangs at the two of them.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Long Road Home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Nov 09.

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