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Dawn, meet Cameron

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Summary: After Sunnydale is destroyed the Summers move to LA, where Dawn attends a ballet class and meets a new friend: Cameron, but will their relationship survive feuding families? Fem/, poss Het/ later, Dawn/Cameron.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)DoorwayFR181917,0251119936,2842 Dec 0929 Nov 10No

Chapter Two

(a/n: Sorry it took so long to update. Ill try to not take so long with the next chapter. Hope you like it)

Dawn led Cameron into their new house after the short ride from the dance studio.

“Buffy!” she called. “I’m home!”

“Hi Dawn!” came Buffy’s reply from the other room. “Dinner will be in ready in like five minutes.”

“C’mon Cameron,” said Dawn. She led her into the dining room area, where Xander sat reading a spider-man comic.

“Well hello Dawnicus,” he greeted. “How goes the ballet battle?”

Dawn snorted. “Not good. The floor beats me every time. Xander, this is Cameron, Cameron this is Xander.”

“Hi Cameron,” he said with an easy smile. “Any friend of our Dawny is a friend of ours.”

Cameron returned the smile, and then asked “how did you lose your eye?”

Xander’s hand wandered to the patch covering his empty socket, in an absent minded self conscious way before answering “long story. Boring story. Not really much of a story at all really,” he stammered. “I, um, ran with scissors. Who would’ve thunk it, Momma Harris was right all along. Well, besides all the talk about the government trying to implement a worldwide potato shortage conspiracy. She wasn’t really right about that.”

Cameron’s eyes narrowed. “Potato shortage? To what purpose? ” she asked.

Dawn laughed. “Don’t mind Xander,” she told her, “he tends to ramble. Oh and look, here’s Buffy and Willow.”

Buffy whisked into the room with a large bowl of pasta held in both hands. The blonde girl wore a cooking apron over her red leather pants and a black tank top. “I thought I heard a different voice out here,” she said pleasantly when she saw Cameron. “Hi, I’m Buffy.”

Cameron smiled. “Hello Buffy, my name is Cameron.”

Buffy smiled, and then turned to Dawn. “Dawn, I thought we discussed bringing new people here. As in ‘we wouldn’t’,” she said quietly while leaning in so only Dawn could hear.

Dawn glared at her sister. “It’s not my fault the only friends you’ve ever had live in this house. Some of us have to make new friends. Cameron was in my dance class. She’s actually really good.”

“I have more than two friends,” Buffy replied

“Well I don’t!”Dawn angrily shot back.

“Ok, ok,” said Buffy, putting the pasta on the table, where Xander promptly helped himself. “I’m sorry. I know all the moving is hard,” she said, then turning to Cameron “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make this awkward. You’re totally welcome for dinner. I just wish Dawn would give us more warning.”

“That’s ok,” Cameron said. “My family doesn’t like unexpected guest either.”

“Well, now that that’s out of the way,” said the red head who had accompanied Buffy into the room, “hello Cameron, I’m Willow.”


“Please, sit, eat, be merry!” said Xander in a muffled voice, due to his mouth being filled with pasta.

Cameron seated herself next to Xander, with Dawn across from her. Buffy took the head of the table, and Willow sat next to Dawn.

After retrieving a large plate of the orange pasta, Dawn looked over at Cameron, who had only about 5 spoonfuls worth on her plate. “Aren’t you hungry after that big dance’ie workout?”

“I ate before class,” answered Cameron after a moment’s silence. “I’m not a big eater.”

“Well, I’ll eat the rest of her share,” said Xander, grabbing the bowl to refill his own plate.

They all ate in silence, until Willow leaned close to Dawn “She’s a real looker Dawny,” she whispered, “you thinking about coming over to my side?”

She had said it very quietly, but Cameron’s eyes shot to Willow. ‘She must be wondering what she’s whispering, there’s no way she could have heard that,’ thought Dawn, but it didn’t stop her face from turning bright red. She elbowed Willow for the embarrassment.

“Ouch!” protested Willow.

“Children please,” said Buffy, “no fighting at the table.”

They all laughed, and after a moment Cameron joined in.

“Ok Mom,” mocked Willow, between giggles.

Cameron’s face suddenly went blank when her cell phone rang, her laughter ending abruptly.

“Yes?” she answered after flipping open the phone, and then responded “I see. I’m on my way.”

“You have to go so soon?” asked Dawn after Cameron closed the cell.

“Yes. Family emergency,” she answered, then after a seconds pause added, “thank you for the lovely meal.”

“No problem, anytime, I hope everything is ok...” answered Buffy, but Cameron was already heading for the door.

After she was gone the four sat in silence.

“Strange girl,” commented Xander.

“Hot though, don’t you think Dawn?” added Willow with a big smile.

Dawn just glared at her, but she couldn’t help but feel her face getting warm. ‘What kind of 19 year old blushes like a preteen?’ she silently berated herself.
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