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Let Blood Rayne

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Summary: Willow dresses as the dhampir, Rayne, and is changed forever. Response to TTH Challenge 4979.

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It's Beginning To Rayne


Challenge Issuer "/Author-16761/Dusel.htm"

Challenge Name Let Blood Rayne.

Challenge Type Personal Challenge Category "/challenges.php?category=38"

Challenge Number: 4979

Description Halloween is the night where you dress up and be differently, provocatively. And Willow will find be dressed very provocatively when Buffy manages to get her to wear a very tight leather suit with two bracelets with plastic blades attached to them. What could possibly go wrong?

I leave it to you weather ot not you will make this into a ficlet or a full blown story. And if you do make it into a story, here are several rules:

1) No bashing of characters, unless it's Spike. It makes me laugh real hard when he gets beat up.
2) Willow will obviously be keeping her powers and abilities and well everything from Halloween so I expect lots of kick-assery to follow.
3) Willow can learn magic if you want to, but it is not a necessary requirement so I leave it to you.
4) Multiple crossings, I have no problem with, knock yourselves up since Willow will obviously need a Big Bad of her very own.
5) There are no rules about Willow's sexual life or preferences.
6) And lastly. Love what you write, so write with your heart.(meaning, enjoy writing...)

Challenge Date 28 Nov 09

Last Updated 28 Nov 09

Author’s Notes: Note, I’m AUing a bit with Rayne.

Let Blood Rayne


Major Attitude

Chapter One

It’s Beginning To Rayne

Willow had let Buffy pick out her Halloween costume and she was nervous. It was part of Buffy’s plan to get Xander to notice her. Along with the rather revealing and tight fitting leather suit that Buffy had made her wear, Buffy had given her two pairs of prop weapons. The prop weapons were a set of swords that attached at her wrists and a pair of intricately designed guns. Strangely, the guns had seemed to ‘sing’ to her. The ‘song’ was so enchanting that she had even forgot to buy her old standby ghost costume that she normally wore on Halloween. She walked out of Buffy’s room and down the flight of stairs to see Xander’s jaw hit the floor. Buffy smiled when she saw that as did Willow.

“Wow.” Xander said. “Willow, you look great.”

“Thanks, Xander.” Willow replied.

Xander quickly walked out the door and Buffy laughed. Willow walked over next to her friend.

“See Willow, I told you it would make Xander notice you.” Buffy said.

Maybe, this won’t be that bad. Willow thought.


Rayne did not know how she had been transported to this town but she knew that when she found out whoever was responsible, they would regret it. Someone charged at her yelling something that was incomprehensible and she swiftly sliced through the pirate’s sword. Hunger bit at her as she realized that she needed to feed. Rayne leapt onto the pirate and sunk her fangs into his neck. Something that she never wanted to admit about feeding like this was that there was something sensual about it. She had always gotten a little aroused when she feed. After draining the pirate, Rayne let him fall to the ground as she began to look over her surroundings in better detail. She saw that she was in a residential neighborhood and she guessed from the cars parked on the streets that she was somewhere in America. Rayne walked over to one of the cars to get a better view of the license plate to find a California license plate. Screams echoed in the night but one scream was closer and she ran towards it. A teenage girl in a cat costume was being chased by some kind of dog creature. Rayne leapt onto the creature and stuck the Carpathian Dragons into it, refilling the blood weapons. The creature stopped struggling and died as she removed the now filled Dragons. Rayne looked over at the girl who was glaring at her.

“What is this place?” She asked.

“Willow, what’s your damage?” The girl asked. “Sunnydale, hello and what the hell did you do to my boyfriend?”

“Funny, he didn’t seem rather interested in anything romantic.” Rayne said. “Your name, what is it?”

“Cordelia and what the hell is going on?” Cordelia responded.

Shots began to be heard and Rayne ran towards it with Cordelia not far behind her. Rayne saw a soldier protecting a girl who appeared as though she had just stepped out of the eighteenth century judging by her dress. The soldier’s gaze went over Rayne’s body but Rayne knew that it would which was why she dressed like she did.

“What the hell is going on here?” He asked.

“My name is Rayne and I do not know.” Rayne said introducing herself before turning to Cordelia. “It is not safe on the streets. Is there somewhere we can go?”

Cordelia didn’t reply but led them to Buffy’s house where they got in thanks to a key that the girl, Lady Elizabeth, had on her. Upon entering, Rayne knocked the girl out and had the soldier take her upstairs to set in a bedroom. Rayne’s attention was drawn back to Cordelia as she had noticed that her face was not her own.

“You mentioned something about suspecting a spell. Where did we get our costumes?” Rayne said.

“You got your costumes at that new shop, Ethan’s.” Cordelia said.

Rayne ran out the door after getting the necessary information. She shifted her perception so that she could use what she referred to as aura vision which displayed the path to the costume shop for her. However, she realized someone was watching her.

“Alright, Billy Idol-wannabe.” She said. “I see you.”

Spike came from around the corner staring at the redheaded dhampir wondering what was different about her.

“Listen love, I’m just after the Slayer.” Spike said. “No need for trouble.”

“Right, like a vampire wants to be diplomatic.” Rayne replied bringing the Dragons to bear on the two male vampires Spike had with him eliciting a laugh from Spike.

“Look, I don’t know who told you but guns don’t work on vampires.” He said.

“Really?” Rayne said before firing a pair of shots into the vampires that were at Spike’s left and right sides which dusted them. “Mine do.”

Spike took off running and Rayne decided to let him go. She had bigger fish to fry as she made her way to the costume shop. Rayne opened the door to see a surprised man standing in the shop. He eyed her.

“Well, you’re not Ripper.” He said. “I must say though you are definitely easier on the eyes.”

“Well, if you don’t talk; I’ll definitely take your suggestion.” She said.

Ethan stiffened up as he realized his spell created something that had never existed before. He took a step back.

“Can’t you take a joke?” Ethan asked. “Besides, you can’t kill me. You don’t know how to end the spell.”

“I know how to end the spell. Wrecking everything in this building should do it; I just want to know why you would do this.” She replied.

“I wanted to show Ripper a good joke.” He said backing up.

She froze time and dove at him. Rayne buried her fangs into him drinking his blood. He needed to pay for what he had done and the look of abject horror on his face told her he realized this. Once he was dead, she got off of his body and looked around the shop. She looked around and saw the bust of Janus. It was clearly the focus of the spell and she put a round into the statue shattering it. The backwash of magical energy hurled her into a wall and knocked her unconscious.


Giles couldn’t believe what was going on but was grateful that Angel had managed to tell him. He didn’t even want to think about what Ethan was trying to do. Stopping his car in front of the shop, he exited the car and entered the shop. He saw the body of his former friend on the floor of the shop. His neck bore the telltale signs of a vampire bite and the lack of blood was another good sign. Giles headed to the back of the shop and saw Willow on the floor. He surmised that whomever Willow had been turned into must have ended the spell. Kneeling down to check her condition, he was shocked to see blood coming from her mouth.

“Dear Lord.” He said. “What in the devil did Ethan turn you into?”


She hurt all over when she woke up on Giles’ couch. Buffy, Xander, Angel, Cordelia, and Giles seemed to be waiting for her to wake up. She smiled weakly.

“Hi, something wrong?” She asked.

“Giles said you had blood in your mouth but you don’t seem to be a vampire.” Xander informed her.

“That’s because Rayne was a dhampir.” Willow said as she reached up to feel her fangs. “I guess that stuck around.”

Buffy took a step away from her friend. “Giles, what’s a dhampir?” She asked.

Angel was the one to answer. “They’re a myth, a legend talked about in some circles.” He said. “A dhampir is basically a vampire/human hybrid. They’re suppose to be have powers that would make the Master look like a fledgling like...”

“Aura vision, ghost feeding, enthrall, dilated perception, super speed, freezing time, blood rage, blood fury, and blood storm.” Willow said finishing what Angel was about to say. “That was what you were about to say, vampire.”

Contempt could be heard when Willow said the word and they all detected it. Buffy looked over at her friend.

“Something wrong, Willow?” She asked. “You’re acting different.”

“I guess some of Rayne’s personality traits have stayed around.” She said before looking over to Xander. “I wouldn’t worry about Larry bullying you at school anymore.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Rayne made him her first meal after the spell hit.” Willow said licking her lips to the slight horror of the others in the room.

“You killed him?” Buffy asked horrified.

“No, Rayne killed him for attacking her. Then, she reloaded her Dragons using the dog creature that was chasing Cordelia.” Willow said picking the Dragons back up.

“What are those?” Giles asked.

“These babies are the Carpathian Dragons. Dhampir guns that are capable of killing vampires.” Willow said smiling. “Rayne dusted a pair of vampires with them so they do work on our world‘s variety of vampires.”

Xander pointed at the reservoirs of the pistols. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked.

“The Dragons feed off of their dhampir hosts.” Willow explained. “Once the reservoirs are empty, they’ll feed directly from me. Not a pleasant thought so I’m glad they’re still relatively full.”

“How much do you remember from Rayne?” Giles asked her.

“Everything and I’m hoping that the steps she took to remove her own weaknesses will hold true for me.” She said. “I definitely want to enjoy a shower and a walk in the sun.”

“What were her weaknesses?” Giles asked.

“While the sun didn’t kill her, it did hurt like a bitch. Ordinary water burned her like holy water would to Angel. I think crosses use to hurt her as well.” She said smirking at the gazes she was receiving for her use of language. “Fortunately, she found some vampiric artifacts that negated those weaknesses.”

Buffy had a stake out but was surprised when in a blink of an eye she was lifted off the ground by Willow who forced the stake out of her hand as Willow clasped her throat. Willow did not look very pleased.

“Buffy, I’m your friend.” Willow said. “Friends don’t pull stakes on friends.”

Angel charged at Willow who dropped Buffy before delivering a hard kick to Angel’s head. The vampire fell to the ground with Willow on his back. Angel cringed in pain which drew a smile from Willow.

“That wasn’t very nice, vampire.” She said to him. “You realize I could have killed you right here and there would have been nothing you could do about it. Cordelia wouldn’t have cared. Giles wouldn’t have cared. Xander would have been doing the Snoopy Dance on your ashes but it have made Buffy rather steamed with me.”

Willow got off of Angel’s back smiling as the group seemed a bit awed by Willow’s dhampir prowess. She picked up her blades and holstered her Dragons. Walking over to the door, she turned around to face the group.

“Now, if anyone wishes to apologize for unwarranted assaults, I’ll be at home. Thank you, Giles, for bringing me here to rest.” She said before leaving Giles’ apartment.

Buffy was the first one to speak. “Giles, how are we going to fix this?” She asked.

“I don’t think we can.” He replied. “There has been no record at all of a dhampir in existence and the powers that Willow has at her disposal are extraordinary.”

“One thing is for sure, the vampires in town won’t know what hit them.” Angel said.


As Willow walked across a street, a van stopped and the teenager inside could only stare at her as she passed by.

“Who was that girl?” He asked himself.


Willow finished setting up the mini-fridge that her father had kept in the basement. He had never used it so she thought it would be rather handy for the blood that she had raided from the hospital. The ability to freeze time came in handy for that. She admitted to herself to being a bit restless but she figured that might be either herself or some of Rayne poking through the surface. Her blades sat in a corner and the Dragons laid on her desk near her computer.

“Tomorrow will be different.” She said to herself before lying down on her bed and falling asleep.


A week had passed since Halloween and people were still talking about Willow. It seemed as though the little nerdy appearance she normally had disappeared and what most of the guys at school referred to as a fiery redhead had formed in its place. Today, she wore a tight fitting green halter top than accentuated her enhanced bust that had Harmony wondering how Willow found the time to get ‘work’ done and who did it. Her legs were hugged by tight-fitting blue jeans and she wore white shoes. More than a few people had been shocked by this but none were more shocked than Buffy, Xander, Cordelia, Jenny, and Giles who awaited her in the library.

“So, let me get this straight.” Jenny said. “You’re a dhampir.”

“Yes, we’ve established that.” Willow replied.

“I’ve heard stories about them but I never thought they existed.” Jenny said. “Dhampirs are more feared than the Slayer in a lot of circles.”

That little bit of trivia didn’t exactly help matters but they had to get to class. Buffy had talked to Willow about a girl that Angel had been talking to last night. She sat through a rather inane History class where Cordelia tried to prove she was inept by making a wisecrack about Marie Antoniette letting her subjects having cake. When the bell rang, they left the classroom talking about it only to have Xander pop up out of nowhere.

“So, Angel is doing something bad?” He asked. “Because that gives me a happy.”

“Well, at least you can get a happy.” Buffy said.

Willow zoned out of the conversation as she decided to play with her Aura Vision. Someone began to walk up to them with a rather sickly aura. It was disturbing to watch him approach.

“Matriculating.” The guy said when he approached them.

Buffy was rather happy to see her old friend, Ford, but Willow stayed silent. The aura he had been giving off had disturbed her and she decided to take out her frustration on a light patrol so that Buffy could spend time with her old friend. She went out on patrol alone like she had been doing since Halloween.

“Don’t you look tasty tonight.” A white male vampire said from behind her.

“So it’s true.” She replied. “The brain does sustain damage when you die.”

The vampire took another step before being decapitated by Willow’s blades. She felt a rush every time she did that but she felt another presence behind her. Willow turned to see Angel standing there.

“So, what do you want?” She asked.

“I tried to find you at your house but you weren’t home.” He replied. “I need your help.”

“With what?” She asked knowing he’d detect the contempt in her voice.

“It’s about Buffy’s friend, Ford.” Angel said. “My gut’s telling me that he’s bad news.”

Willow shrugged and sat down on a tombstone. “You’re right.” She replied. “I was playing around with my Aura Vision and his aura was sickly. It was like water was flowing down a drain.”

“You think he’s dying?” He asked. “Why didn’t you tell Buffy?”

“Like she would tear herself away from Ford long enough for me to say anything.” She said before muttering a spell that Rayne had known to hide her weapons. “So, anything else? Want me to look online for anything else incriminating on Ford?”

Angel nodded and asked. “What’s happened to you, Willow? You’ve become more angry around me. It‘s not like you.”

“Just some of Rayne’s memories that I’m sorting through.” Willow replied. “Her mother was raped and driven insane by a vampire named Kagan. He then killed the rest of Rayne’s family so that the only one that she could turn to was him. It wasn’t even a matter of cruelty for him. It was his policy.”

“Sounds familiar.” Angel remarked.

“The Brimstone Society found Rayne first. They were like the Watcher’s Council in Rayne’s world. If they hadn’t, I guess the Rayne I became last night would have made Spike look like Barney the Dinosaur.” Willow joked. “I’m going home now.”


Willow, Xander, and Angel walked to the Sunset Club. When she had found out that Ford’s story was bogus, they knew they had to check out this club. Willow was rather disgusted that everyone was dressed as a vampire or at least what they thought a vampire dressed like. She dressed in her costume that she wore on Halloween night. It felt appropriate somehow.

“You’re new here.” A blond Goth girl said coming up to them.

“No, we come here all the time.” Willow said.

“It’s okay that you’re open minded. We’re here to celebrate the Lonely Ones.” The girl replied.

“Lonely Ones?” Xander asked.

“She means vampires.” Angel said coming from behind them.

Willow zoned out of the conversation as she noticed something with her Aura Vision. Something large appeared in her sight some distance away and she was curious about what it was. She walked back up the stairs and once she cleared the doors, she ran towards it. It was quite large and gray with large spikes on its shoulders as well as deep red eyes. The demon stared at her like she was its next meal and Willow summoned her weapons back with a similar spell to the one that hid her weapons away.

“Let’s play.” Willow said smiling.

Xander and Angel followed the sounds of the gun shots to find Willow battling the demon. Angel’s jaw dropped to the floor when he saw the condition that the demon was in. Xander noticed the look on Angel’s face.

“Com’n, don’t we need to get Buffy and help Willow.” Xander said.

“You have no idea what that is, do you?” Angel said. “That’s an Okara Demon. They weigh over three tons and it is on the hunt. When they are on the hunt, they are almost unstoppable. Look at the condition of that thing. Buffy couldn’t do that much damage to save her life.”

The demon roared as Willow leapt onto its back. She used her blades to slice through the demon’s neck until it’s head fell off. Willow walked over to Angel and Xander smiling.

“Is something wrong?” She asked. “I don’t have bowel in my hair, do I?”

Angel shook his head. “That was impressive.” He said. “I’ve seen those things decimate towns before when they’re on the hunt.”

Out of the enhanced hearing range of Angel and Willow, a group in a surveillance van that was marked as “Lucy’s Laundry” had watched the entire battle. A bald man in a suit smiled when he saw the manner in which Willow had dispatched the demon they had released.

“It would seem that Rupert Giles has not been honest with his reports.” The man said. “Two hours after she returns to her home, send them in.”


They broke into Willow’s house through the back door not knowing that her house came with a security system. The alarm began to blare alerting Willow and her parents to the intrusion. Ira got out of bed armed with a baseball bat and told his wife to stay there. He exited the bedroom only to fall over as a bullet went into his skull. Sheila screamed as a man dressed in black shot her with a burst from his sub-machine gun. Willow leapt out of her bedroom and charged the man. She delivered a swift kick to his arm causing him to drop his weapon. Picking it up, she unloaded the weapon into his skull. He fell to the floor and Willow began to police his weapons. Grabbing another clip for the SMG and his pistol, she held the man’s K-BAR in her hand as another assailant came running towards her. Willow hurled the knife at him embedding the blade in the man’s skull.

A grenade was thrown by someone who hid around a corner and Willow ran out of the hallway and through her bedroom before the blast rang out. They were waiting for her as they fired at her but she had activated her ability to freeze time. She pointed the pistol at fire one shot each towards two of the men before dropping the sidearm and wrapping her arm around the third man. Willow restored the flow of time to normal and the man she held was shocked when he saw the redheaded dhampir had her arm around his neck and the last two men he had in his team lay dead.

“Who sent you?” She asked demanding an answer.

“The Watcher‘s Council.” He replied.

“Why?” She asked giving him a hard squeeze.

“One of our sources was talking about you, dhampir.” He said. “We were ordered to bring you in.”

“You just became my next meal.” She said sinking her teeth into his neck.

Willow realized that the same feelings that Rayne had when feeding were also passed on. The arousal shocked her a bit but she dropped the body to the ground after draining him. The next few moments were ones that she zoned out on but she found herself knocking on a door. Jenny Calendar opened the door to see a crying Willow standing there.

“Willow, what’s wrong?” She asked.

Willow collapsed into her arms crying. “My mom and dad.” She said as she sobbed.

Jenny didn’t need to ask what the girl was crying about. She led the girl into her apartment and to her couch.

“Is there anyone I can call?” Jenny asked noticing the girl was tiring out.

“My aunt, Samantha.” Willow said. “She’s probably the closet relative I have even though she lives in Colorado.”

Willow grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote two phone numbers on it. When Willow finally fell asleep, Jenny dialed the first number. Getting no reply, she tried the second number noticing it seemed to be a work number given the fact that there was an extension written as well. After a few rings, she finally got an answer.

“Major Carter, who’s calling?” Samantha asked.

“Hello, this is Major Samantha Carter I’m guessing.” Jenny said wanting to make sure.

“Yes it is, is there something I can do to help you?” Samantha asked wondering what was going on.

“My name is Jenny Calendar. I’m a teacher at your niece’s school.” Jenny began to explain.

“Is something wrong with Willow?” Samantha asked. “I know Sheila and Ira are working a lot but Willow seemed to be happy the last time we talked a couple of weeks ago.”

“I don’t have all the details but Willow’s parents have just died.” Jenny said. “I don’t have all the details but Willow’s okay. She’s sleeping right now.”

After a pause, Samantha replied. “Tell her I’ll be out there as soon as I can.”

“I will.” Jenny said before Samantha hung up the phone.


Samantha Carter ran down the corridors passing Teal’c, Daniel, and O’Neill. The worried look on her face worried them as well and they followed her to General Hammond’s office. Samantha knocked on the General’s door before walking in.

“Major Carter, is there something I can do for you?” He asked.

“I need to request a leave of absence.” She said. “My sister and her husband died tonight and I’m worried about my niece.”

“Request granted.” Hammond said. “I was going to schedule SG-1 for downtime anyway after your last mission.”

“Thank you, sir.” Samantha said before walking out of his office.

“So, Carter, need some company?” Jack asked.

“You don’t have to go.” She informed him only to see him shake his head.

“Carter, you’ll need company on this one and Daniel could use the sunshine.” Jack said poking a bit of fun at Daniel’s expense. “Besides, it’s just Southern California. There won’t be anything there weirder than what we deal with.”
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