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Portals, Oh My!

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Summary: The many different places Buffy could have ended up once she jumped through the portal. End of season 5. Many different crossovers, just short scenes.... enjoy

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What Are You Made Of?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything... not Buffy not any of the funness I'm crossing Buffy with

AN: I'm just dabbling, it's been awhile since I've done a Crossover so decided to do some ficlets, I'll see where this goes, I plan on doing ficlets on other character. Will range in length, and I'll write the crossover at the beginning of the chapter. Enjoy.

1.What Are You Made Of?

--- --- ---

When Buffy Summers jumped through the portal to save her little sister and the rest of the world, she expected the pain and was ready to face it. She could feel her bones breaking, her whole body being torn apart as she fell into nothing.

What she didn't expect was to wake up on a forest floor, surrounded by trees and it was now day time? How long had she been out for? She also didn't expect to hear growling nearby. Not stopping to take check of her injuries, Buffy flipped to her feet and ran into the clearing, stopping short at what she saw.

The biggest freaking wolves she ever laid eyes on. Stretching out her senses she knew there was something off about them.

Werewolves, they had to be werewolves and Oz had nothing on them.

But it wasn't a full moon. In fact it was day time, so what was going on?

She shook herself out of her stupor at seeing all 5 of these wolves surrounding a dark skinned man with dread locks, crouched as he stared at them.

“Run.” She cried, running towards him

The wolves and man all turned to her and she stopped again as the sunlight hit him and he... sparkled?

“Did I end up in sparkly land?” She asked no one in particular.

She blinked and the guy was standing in front of her, sniffing the air near her.

“You smell even better than she did.”

“Okay personal space much? And the smelling thing? Kind of gross.”

She heard the wolves growl and the man turned to them.

“I will have snapped her neck before you can save her.”

More growls and Buffy scrunched her nose.

“So I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're actually the bad guy.”

“Your blood calls to me.”

“What are you? Some kind of Vampire?”

She saw the wolves nodding their heads and figured if the wolves were going to be out during the day here, why not vampires?

As the Vampire sniffed the air near her again, Buffy swung, connecting with his face. He stumbled back a few steps and Buffy's eyes widened as the pain hit her hand and she grabbed her bruising hand.

“what the heck are you made of? Rock?”

His smile grew as he stepped towards her and she pulled a stake out of her belt, aiming right for his heart. It broke into splinters and then Buffy she was stumbling back as the Wolves jumped at the vampire pushing her aside.

She blinked and the Vampire was gone, the Wolves quickly after him, leaving Buffy alone.

“I was handling it.” She called after them.

--- --- ---
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