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When the world goes Topsy-turvy

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Summary: Janus asks two people to help one of his favorite humans. (This will most likely end up as a Cole/Xander pairing)

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherJacobPhoenixFR2147,8600416,2543 Dec 095 Jan 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BtVS or Charmed or the characters in those shows.

AN: This takes place during season 3 of BtVS and after the series finale of Charmed.

Chapter 1

As Cole watched Phoebe from the cosmic void he was trapped in, he realized that she was happy and all he was doing was bashing himself over the head by watching her with Coop when he felt movement behind him.

“Who’s there?” Cole asked, sure that he was alone in the void.

He saw a two faced man walk to him and smile, “Hello Cole Turner, I have been searching for you for quite sometime and I honestly expected you to be on Earth.”

“Who are you?” Cole asked.

“Me? Ah yes, I believe you would like a name to the faces and so you shall have one; my name is Janus, the god of new beginnings and I would offer you one now,” he said.

“What kind of new beginning?” Cole asked.

“In another reality there is a young man who will need help and I do not trust the guardians of that universe to give him aid,” Janus said.

“Why wouldn’t they give him aid?” Cole asked.

“Because they are self important jerks who care nothing for their champions and do everything to keep the status quo in their favour,” Janus said.

“So, why does this boy need aid then?” Cole asked.

“Because he has potential and if it goes as it is he won’t leave the rut he is in right now,” Janus said.

Cole asked, “Would I be able to return to my world one day?”

“No unfortunately you won’t be able and if I understand it correctly, there is nothing for you back there,” Janus said with an amused voice.

Cole snarled the god was right; there was nothing back there for him.

“Okay,” Cole said, “would you allow me to go and say good bye to Phoebe at least?”

“Very well,” Janus said, “but we must hurry before the powers that be know what I am doing.”

“Why? Could they stop you?” Cole asked.

“No, but they would make your new life very difficult and, trust me on this, they will stop you from interfering in every way they could,” Janus said.

“But anyways Cole, we must say goodbye to your ex wife and her family now,” Janus said

As they teleported to the Manor where the Halliwell family was gathering for a Sunday dinner surprising every one there.

“Hello,” Janus said to the assorted members of the Halliwell clan, “I am sorry to intrude on your fine selves but I bring some one to say good bye before he leaves.”

“Who?” Piper asked.

Cole stuck his head out behind Janus and said sheepishly, “Hi guys miss me?”

Piper glared at Cole and said, “Where is he going?”

Janus smiled sweetly and said, “that’s kind of need to know and I don’t think you need to know.”

Leo stared in shock at what the being said to Piper, “hey,” he said, “Please don’t talk to her like that.”

“Very well, but where Cole is going is simply none of her business as it does not involve her or her sisters,” Janus said.

Phoebe walked towards Cole and said, “Where are you going and why are you saying good bye?”

Cole said, “Because, according to what Janus said, I won’t be coming back to this universe.”

“What?” Phoebe screamed, “What do you mean you won’t be coming back?”

Janus sighed and said, “It’s because I can only bring him to the dimension where he could do some good and not bring him back.”

Phoebe began to cry, Coop went to comfort her and looked at Janus and said, “Why did you bring him?”

“Because he wanted to say good bye,” Janus said.

Paige spoke up and said, “thank you Janus, for giving us a chance to say good bye.”

Phoebe looked at Paige with surprise etched on her face and said, “What do you mean?”

Paige smiled and said, “its like this; Cole could stay in that void and do nothing there or go to this other universe and do something good and get a chance to move on.”

Phoebe thought to herself, ‘Paige is right, Cole deserves that chance to do something for himself.’

She walked up to Cole and hugged him close to her and said, “I will always treasure what we had.”

Piper asked a bit more politely, “what would he be doing there anyways? If you could please tell us.”

“Ah, you see that universe is similar your own, only there no such things as White Lighters or demons such as you are used to,” Janus said. “And right now it is guided by beings called the Powers That Be, they are similar to the Elders except, from what I have seen, the Elders give aid sometimes where as the Powers do nothing.

“Oh, they sound lovely,” Leo said.

“I would love to see them taken down a peg or two, but it won’t happen as it is right now,” Janus said.

Piper asked, “Why won’t it happen right now?”

“Because they actively discourage change in all of its forms, even if it happens to be for the best,” Janus said.

“Will he be safe there?” Phoebe asked.

“Who can say if he will be safe there or not but I can tell you, he will make a new life there for himself,” Janus said.

Cole said, “It wouldn’t matter if I was safe or not, I was slowly dieing in the void. So I am going to go to this universe.”

Janus said, “Well you don’t have to worry, I will be raising your powers to what they were when you were The Source.”

The sisters paled, “do you mean you are going to turn him into the Source of Evil?” Piper asked.

“No, I am simply granting him the powers he had when he was The Source, he won’t be The Source,” Janus said.

Cole then asked, “Will I be doing this thing alone?”

“Oh no, you will not be alone Cole. I have some one who will be aiding you,” Janus said.

“Who’s going to be aiding him?” Piper asked.

“Ohohohoho Cole, you will know her as soon as you meet her, she is a rather unique individual,” Janus said.

“That laugh doesn’t fill me with hope,” Cole said.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s in her best interests to help you,” Janus said.

“That’s a comfort, I guess,” Cole said.

“Ah, but we must be going now,” Janus said.

Phoebe ran to Cole and hugged him tightly and said, “I will miss you.”

“I know Phoebe,” Cole said.

“And now that is done, we must be on our way,” Janus said.

Cole nodded and said good bye to everyone.

Then Janus and Cole teleported to the other world.

Cole sniffed the air in Sunnydale, he said, “Where are we? Hell?”

“Close enough Cole,” Janus said, “we are on the Hellmouth, it is where the dimensional walls are the weakest.”

“Hellmouth?” Cole said, “Sounds nice.”

“It isn’t really,” Janus said, “a lot of the dark creatures of this world are drawn to it.”

“I can see why,” Cole said, “the vibes feel good, really good.”

“Yes they do to you, don’t they?” Janus said.

“So, how am I going to get close to this kid?” Cole asked.

“Don’t worry; I arranged for you to be a teacher at his school and, I might add, you and your companion will probably be the only teachers not to retire the usual way for this high school,” Janus said.

“What’s wrong with the kid’s school?” Cole asked.

“Its the only school that I currently know of that has its own obituary column in the school paper,” Janus said.

“You’re kidding me? It has an obituary column in the school paper?” Cole said.

“Yep, three to six pages long,” Janus said, “depends on how the week has been,”

“Oh, that is just shitty,” Cole said.

“Yes it is but it is an unfortunate truth with living on the Hellmouth,” Janus said.

“So, does this place have witches to deal with the demons like on my world?” Cole asked.

“Not quite, they have the Slayer,” Janus said.

“What’s the Slayer?” Cole asked.

“Ah, the Slayer is the one girl in all the world who will fight against the forces of darkness, she alone shall stand against the demons and vampires,” Janus said.

“Alone?” Cole yelled, “What the fuck do you mean alone?”

“Just what I meant to say,” Janus said.

“How old are these girls when they are chosen to fight?” Cole asked.

“Usually fifteen years old,” Janus said, “and before you go off on that, when the slayer essence was created it was a more brutal world, 15 was considered quite old then.”

Cole said, “but, but now it seems wrong.”

“Indeed it is wrong now, especially now that modern medicine has made life spans longer,” Janus said, “and to make things worse; Slayers usually die within a year of being called.”

As they walked through Sunnydale’s streets Cole was feeling shadows watching them.

He looked at Janus and said, “I think we are being followed.”

“Yes we are,” Janus said, “I believe it is Whistler; one of the power’s lackeys.”

“Why would he be following us?” Cole asked.

“Most likely he’s following me, the PTBs don’t like me very much,” Janus said.

“Might I ask why?” Cole said.

“I cause change and the Powers want a static never changing balance and that is never healthy,” Janus said.

Whistler got the courage to walk up to the god and said, with an arrogant tone in his voice, “Who is he?”

Janus looked at Cole and said, “Did you hear something?”

Cole grinned and said, “I didn’t hear anything.”

Whistler growled and said, “Answer me now Chaos God.”

Janus smiled and said, “Now I hear it again, it sounds like an angry pimple on a gnat’s ass.”

Whistler by this time was red in the face and screamed, “YOU WILL ANSWER ME NOW!!!”

“Ah, now I recognize the voice; it’s Whistler,” Janus said, “and how are you this fine night?”

Whistler stared coldly at Janus and said, “Now, who Is he?”

Janus smiled sweetly and said, “Oh, he is my baby boy. Don’t you see the family resemblance?”

Cole sighed and said, “Don’t get the pimp angry at us Janus.”

Whistler glared at Cole and said, “Now, Who. Are. You?

Janus said, “now what business is it of yours balance demon?”

Whistler said, “If you brought him here from where ever you got him it’s a threat to the balance.”

Janus smile turned somewhat malicious and said, “You mean like Xander Harris?”

“Leave the boy out of this,” Whistler said, “he will be handled by us.”

Janus rolled all four eyes and said, “Yes, like you and yours have handled the Slayer?”

“None of the other gods have complained about how we handled the Slayer,“ Whistler said.

Janus said, “that’s because the other god were taught; if they had nothing nice to say, to not to say anything at all.”

Cole by this time was trying to keeping himself from bursting out in laughter.

Whistler on the other hand was glaring at Cole.

He turned his attention back to Janus and said, “Again I ask you; who is HE?”

Janus said, “Uh, uh. You didn’t say the magic word.”

Whistler sighed, “Please, will you tell me who this guy is?”

Janus said, “Whoever said that was the magical word?”

“Dammit, tell me NOW!!!” Whistler screamed in rage.

“If you’re going to be nasty about it then I am not going to tell you,” Janus said.

Cole whispered to Janus, “are you trying to give him a stroke?”

“It wouldn’t the first time,” Janus whispered back.

Whistler calmed down and said, “Will you please tell me now.”

Janus said, “No, it’s none of your business as I am not under the Powers control.”

“Yes, but if this guy is going to be a champion of ours then it IS my business,” Whistler said.

“Your right then, it would have been your business but he is not yours,” Janus said.

“Wrong answer,” Whistler said.

Whistler walked towards Cole with the intention of taking him to the PTBs when he heard a voice behind him saying, “So, this is where you are Janus?”

Janus smiled and said, “ah Cole, that would be the assistant I promised you.”

Whistler turned around and saw a beautiful blonde haired girl in a red dress.

“Now who are you?” Whistler said angrily.

She smiled and said, “Well, my name is Glory.”

Janus smiled and said, “How was your trip here Glorificus?”

Glory smiled and said, “It was good Janus but who the hell is this guy in the pimp suit?”

“That would be Whistler, he works for the PTBs,” Janus said.

“Oh, I thought he was someone important,” Glory said.

Whistler had enough and walked towards Glory and said, “Be careful girl.”

Glory smiled and stuck her hands into his mind, absorbing his sanity.

Whistler backed away with a confused look in his eyes and said, “Who are you?”

Janus smiled and said, “You don’t have to do that right now you know Glory.”

“Yeah but he was being a pain in the ass and we can keep him in the asylum so he doesn’t go squealing to the PTBs,” Glory said.

“Ohhh, that IS a good idea Glory, I was going to vaporize him but this is SO much better,” Janus said.

Cole spoke up and said, “So who is she?”

“Ah, her name is Glorifcus and she is your aid in this matter. She is a Hellgod banished to this dimension,” Janus said.

“Yeah and Two Face here promised me a way home if I aid you and this kid and also just call me Glory,” she said.

“Ah yes, then it is nice to meet you Glory,” Cole said.

Janus smiled and said, “Don’t call me Two Face again or else you will just have to absorb energy from humans again.”

Glory sighed, “You just can’t take a joke Janus.”

“Oh, I can take a joke, I just don’t like being referred to as a villain from Batman,” Janus said.

Cole said, “So do we know who this kid is that we are going to be guiding?”

“Ah yes; his name is Alexander Lavelle Harris,” Janus said, “but he hates the middle name and he goes by Xander.”

“Okay,” Cole said, “anything we have to worry about with the kid?”

“There are a number of things; first of all I might mention he has been abused and because of that he suffers from low self esteem, he has been called the Zeppo by his ex girlfriend and his friends tend to look down on him because he has no special powers and finally if his friends find out that your half demon, they probably will attempt to slay you,” Janus said.

Cole said with a smirk and a fireball forming in his hand, “let them try.”

Glory asked, “so what are we teaching in this school?”

“Well; Cole is going to be the history teacher,” Janus said and you Glory are going to be the home economics teacher.”

“Lovely,” Glory said I don’t even know how to cook.”

“Perfect, you will fit right in,” Janus said.

Janus smiled and took Whistler to the nearest asylum.

Cole and Glory looked at each other and realized it would be a long year.


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