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Different Worlds

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Summary: Buffy dives into the Portal, but doesn’t fall through to the ground…on Earth, anyway.

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftWillowfanFR18510,2251237,6204 Dec 0921 Mar 11No

Moving Forward

A/N- Sorry for taking so long, but I play the game...and it is kinda addictive :p Here is a small chapter to keep ya happy, and I am working on more now.

WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~ WoW~~~BtVS~~

Buffy and Xander stared up at the massive structure. It was a cathedral on the edge of Forsaken land. The Scarlet Monastery. They had been asked to come here by Varimathras, an actual Demon. But Sylvanas seemed to have his complete devotion and respect. Buffy was, at first, reluctant, to fight and kill humans. But as they approached the Cathedral they were attacked, repeatedly. The religious fanatics were brutal and cold as they attacked. They were, in fact, attempting to kill them all. There was no talking, no quarter, just pure, murderous rage in their hearts and minds. All because of the way they looked.

So they had fought their way into the Cathedral and now stood at the door of one of the wings.

“Let’s start our search in the Graveyard.” Peridar said as they stood in the foyer.

“I believe we should begin in the Library.” Selvalersi hissed, pointing to another door.

“What about those two?” Xander asked, pointing at the other two doors.

“They are locked. We would need the keys. One of the section heads should carry the key.” Peridar said.

“The graveyard is where we should start. Both Vishas and Thalnos are rumored to be holed up in there.” Peridar said to Selvalersi. “Your Lady wants them both for their twisted “research” and the Blood Knights want them as well.” He finished.

Selvalersi nodded. “It matters little to me where we begin. We are going to wipe this nest of vipers from existence anyway.” She growled. “Lead on, Paladin.”

Peridar nodded. “That we shall…is everyone ready?”

Turgren looked up from his campfire. “Almost ready.” He said, turning the searing meat over in the pan.

Buffy sat down next to the massive Tauren. “Whats on the menu for today?” she asked.

“Tender Wolf Steak.” Turgren said, handing Buffy a plate. “Dig in. You’ll love it.”

Buffy sighed. She would kill for a regular cheeseburger somedays. While Turgrens dishes were…edible…she didn’t think she would ever forgive some of his more exotic recipes. When he tried to pass of some kind of Spider Surprise on her, she didn’t eat anything he made for almost a month. That thought brought her short as well. She and Xander had been here for almost a year. They hadn’t found anything that would lead them home and neither had Cairne or Thrall. While it was true, the leaders of the Horde had other concerns then getting them home, they received several correspondences from Thrall on the matter. He wrote with progress about once a month.

They were no longer getting funny looks from the guards in the Capital cities like when they started on their journey, which was nice, and they had garnered quite a reputation in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon. The only one with much of a reputation in Undercity was Selvalersi, which is why they were helping clear out the Scarlet Monastery.

They sat eating their meal, Selvalersi more just picking at it than eating, when they heard the outer door opening. Selvalersi stood up and hissed, sending her voidwalker Sarnuz to attack the man coming through the cathedral door. He was attacked before he could get his bearings by the massive, billowing apparition. Selvalersi turned and looked at Buffy. “Cover your eyes…this could get messy.”

Buffy grimaced and shook her head. She did not agree with Selvalersi on simply killing members of the Eastern Kingdoms Alliance, but they very often left no other recourse. “Just make it quick, Selv, we have a job to do.”

Selvalersi quickly casted several spells on the unwitting human. Buffy recognized immolate, she saw Selvalersi cast a curse, and then another spell and three quick shadow bolts. The human fell without ever drawing his sword.

“That never gets old.” Selvalersi said, heading back to the group. “Clean this mess up, Turgren. We have a job to do.” She said, walking into the graveyard quarter of the Monastery.

Turgren was already moving, stowing the pots and pouring water onto the open campfire. “You’re one scary lady, Selvalersi.” The massive Tauren laughed, picking up his two swords and strapping them onto his back. “Scary and have I mentioned how glad I am that you’re on our side?”

Selvalersi laughed. “I could show even one as cumbersome a trick or two…if only you would accept the challenge?”

Turgren shook his head. “I kill Alliance and monsters…you are neither.” He shrugged, walking in after her.

Neither he nor Peridar noticed the way the undead Warlock flinched when Turgren said that, but Buffy did. She smiled. Turgren was loyal to a fault, it seemed. And while she chose to fight, she knew that the massive Tauren would be beside her, ready to defend her or comfort her, no matter her flaws. Buffy looked at Xander, walking beside Peridar and talking about the Light. She knew others like that and wondered, not for the first time, how everyone was faring while she and Xander looked for a way home. After almost a year, had they given up hope?

Sunnydale, California

Giles led Dawn to the door and gently helped the young girl in. The wounds they all suffered were grievous and they needed attention, but that was not the reason for his care. Dawn was alone, now. First her mother, and now Buffy. The Watcher looked at the assembled group. Anya, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Spike and himself. The fight with Glory had exacted a heavy toll.

“What do we do now?” Dawn asked quietly, looking around at the group.

“I don’t know Dawnie.” Willow spoke softly. “We have to take care of you, though. There will be questions, and they might try to…” she trailed off, looking at Giles.

“Buffy had papers drawn up, and that pillock of a father of yours actually signed them with minimal effort. You are to pass into my care, should something happen to Buffy.” Giles said softly. “And the house is paid for, Buffy and I worked that out before this all began…she has enough to worry about without mundane details bogging her down.” He sighed. “We shall survive.” He said softly.

Dawn nodded. “Sunnydale needs a Slayer.” She didn’t look up.

Everyone was looking down and Tara looked around at the group. “S-she could be different now.” No one said anything. “Prison can change people.”

Giles sighed. He looked at the gathered group. A fledgling could wipe them out right now. They were in very sore shape. “I shall call on her tomorrow and we shall see.”

Willow was about to speak up, but Giles interrupted her. “We shall weigh all options, Willow.” He said. “Right now, we need to tend the wounded and recover. It has been a trying week for all of us.”

Willow nodded, closing her eyes for only a second and laying her head on Tara’s shoulder. It really was a hard week.

Tara smiled as Willow fell asleep and looked at Giles. “Will she be alright now?”

Giles shook his head. “I have no idea, my dear.” He said. “I prey for all our sakes that she will be. We could certainly use her help.”

Tara nodded, leaning back and cuddling into Willow. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Giles nodded and began tending Dawns wounds. “Indeed.” He muttered. His children were battered and very nearly broken. But they were still alive and they would survive this…they had to.
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