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The New Dawn in Sunnydale

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Summary: YAHF Xander is captivated by a different costume at Ethan's, a costume of a missing-nin of Akatsuki. And even when Halloween is over, the changes don't disappear.

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Chapter One

Howdy Buffy and Naruto fans. I hope you enjoy my story. I've always loved YAHFs and hope this is a good one. Please read and review (constructive criticism please no flames). I'd love feedback about my story. A warning: this story will not be updated every week. My first priority is my Harry Potter and Bleach crossover on, but I promise I won't forget about this story. It'll just update more sporadically.

And in this Buffy universe, Naruto doesn't exist so nobody has any idea what Xander has dressed up as.
I do not enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Naruto. Some of the conversation between Willow, Xander, and Buffy and Xander's advice to the kids about trick or treating was from the episode Halloween.


Xander walked into the costume shop with a frown on his face and Willow and Buffy on each side of him. They had dragged him to this place even though he had his soldier costume almost ready. He watched as the girls ran off to a fancy looking red dress that Buffy no doubt wanted to wear to impress Angel. Why were all the hot girls attracted to bad guys?

*Angel is dead. As in he does not breathe. As in Buffy would technically be committing necrophilia if she ever has sex with him. Speaking of sex how the hell would that even work? Ewww icky thoughts.*

Xander shook his head to rid his mind of the nasty images. He looked around the costume store, hoping to find a cheap toy gun for his costume. As he turned his head a bit of red, black, and white caught his eye.

A black cloak with white clouds outlined in red was on a mannequin. On top of the mannequins head was a wig and a strange straw hat that had flowing bits that covered most of the face. On the mannequin’s hand was a ring with some kind of Japanese symbol on it. And on its feet were strange white and black shoes that looked like a cross between sandals and boots Before Xander even realized what had happened he was standing in front of the costume. He wanted it; The costume looked a hell of a lot cooler than some generic soldier. He looked for a price tag but could find none.

“Hello, young man. I see your looking at my newest and most unique item,” A crisp British voice said behind him. Xander jumped up in surprise.

“Holy moley, mister. Please, please don’t sneak up on me. Actually you probably don’t want to sneak up on anybody in this town. You never know what could happen since there are va… gangs on PCP all over Sunnydale. And Giles would hate to see a fellow tweedy guy fall to the evil of the town.” Xander muttered this last bit, but the man heard him.

“Giles you say? Rupert Giles by any chance? I haven’t heard from him in years.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Or G-man as I call him.”

“Well any friend of Giles is a friend of mine. I’m Ethan by the way, the owner of this establishment. Would you mind keeping my arrival a secret, I’d love to surprise the bloke. Anyway, what do you think of the costume?” Xander turned to examine the costume, missing the frightening gleam in the man’s eye.

“What is it supposed to be?” Xander asked. He had never seen anything on television, in the movies, or even in the comic books he read like it.

“No clue really. I’m sure you can come with some kind of back-story. So what do you say? Do you want it?” Ethan was eager to sell the costume and he knew this boy wanted the costume. He was so close.

“I’d love to, but-”

“Nonsense, I won’t take no for an answer. And if you promise to keep quiet about my return to Giles, it’s only twenty dollars.” There was no way for Xander to resist this offer. He nodded his head and Ethan smiled.

“Wonderful. I’ll ring you up.” With that, Ethan gathered the cloak, dark clothes underneath, wig, hat, sandals, ring, and the nail polish on the side of the mannequin that Xander had somehow missed. Ethan nearly dragged Xander to the register.

“Oh, I almost forgot a few parts of the costume.” He reached for something on a shelf below. “It’s meant to go on your head. I’m sure you can figure it out. Now, here’s the last prop for you costume.” Ethan kneeled down underneath the counter and came back up with two small packs. He opened one up for Xander who saw that it was full of some kind of knives and ninja star things “Please be very careful, they’re quite sharp. And in the other one…well as you can see it’s nothing special, but part of the costume nonetheless.” Ethan was quite excited although he had no idea who or what that costume was meant to be, but it would no doubt be fantastic. He had been calling upon Janus, asking him to give him an outfit that would cause the most chaos and it had appeared after a bright flash of light. He rung the boy up, put the costume in the bag, and told the boy to have a nice day. Then he was on his way to sell the noblewoman dress to the Slayer. Halloween would no doubt be the most chaotic the town had ever witnessed.

Xander was still standing at the register, holding his bag with his new costume inside. He had been barely paying attention to whatever Ethan had been saying. He was too schocked the by the one aspect of the kickass costume he had not seen until too late…

*Nail polish…dammit I’m going to look like such a girl!*


On Halloween, Xander spent an hour getting ready. He put on the strange long sleeved mesh shirt and short sleeved black shirt over it. Then came the pants with more pockets than he knew what to do with. He strapped the packs Ethan had given him on a belt and pulled the cloak over his body. The shoes were surprisingly comfortable, and he wiggled his toes as he slipped the ring onto his right index finger. Next he carefully put on the wig on his head and the strange metal thingamabob on his face. Then he put on the pretty awesome hat. And finally it was time for the part he had been dreading…the damn dark purple nail polish. Buffy had seen the nail polish in his hands and demanded he put it on and there was really no way to say no to her when she was that determined. Luckily she had not seen the rest of his costume, so it would be a surprise. Reluctantly he put the nail polish on his his fingernails and toenails. And he finally was prepared to go out for the night.

*Goodbye, my masculinity. I hardly knew thee.*

He walked to Buffy’s house so they could go to the school together. He knocked on the door and Buffy answered, looking beautiful as always.

“Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!”

“Thank you, kind sir. But wait till you see…” Buffy looked up to the stairs and a disappointed expression appeared on her face. “Casper.”

Willow was wearing her traditional ghost costume. She gave him a wave. Xander was not surprised. No matter how hard anyone tried, Willow would never be comfortable in a revealing costume and he was fine with that. Willow was Willow.

“Hey, Will. That’s a fine boo you got there.” Xander gave her a kind smile and knew Willow gave him one as well.

“So, Xander, what are you supposed to be?” Buffy asked with a confused look on her face. It changed to a sly smile. “And thanks for putting on the nail polish.”

Xander’s smile barely faltered and he answered Buffy, “Well, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be, but I’m going with... badass.”

“Badass? That’s it?”


“How does wearing nail polish make one a badass?” Willow asked.

“…Would you look at that? We’re almost late, let’s get going to school. Hurry, hurry!” And with those last words Xander pulled Buffy and Willow out the door and they made their way to school.

The trio reached the school and after a few threats from Snider and insulting remarks about his nails and hair from Larry, they led the kids around the neighborhood for candy. Little did they know across town, someone was about to change the town and, unknown even to him, the world.


Xander spoke to the kids about the fine art of trick or treating. “Okay, on sleazing extra candy: tears are key. Tears will normally get you the double-bagger. You can also try the old 'you missed me' routine, but it's risky. Only go there for chocolate. Understood?” The kids nodded and smiled, ready to get even more candy. “Then let’s move!”
The kids went up to the door and rang the doorbell, eagerly waiting for it to open and candy to spill into their bags. Xander smiled. The night had actually been pretty fun. But suddenly pain ran through his body. It was brief and then over.

*Maybe I ate some bad candy…*

But then the pain returned, tenfold. It was the worst in his hands. It felt as if they were being split down the palm. The pain then ran across his chest and he felt as if his chest was being split open as well. He screamed and fell to the ground. His hat drifted down and landed beside him. Little demons were running down the streets attacking people, left and right.

*What the hell is going on?*

That was the last thought that ran through his head. The pain consumed him and his vision went black. Willow, in a very different outfit than earlier, ran to him and attempted to help, but her hands just went through him. She cried for her friend and begged him to open his eyes. His body twitched and her eyes lit up with hope. He sat up, and she was surprised to see his one visible eye was now blue. Not only had his eye changed, his wig appeared as if it had changed to actual hair and was attached to his head. And then he smiled. The smile in no way resembled the friendly smiles that Xander often wore. It seemed to almost radiate a sense of madness and a promise of pain.

“Well, isn’t this interesting, un?”
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