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Vacation - Day 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Just Sit Right Back . . .". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: First full day of a Scooby vacation

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End of Day

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: The Scoobies take a vacation . . . Sort of.

AN: Thoughts are set between asterisks (i.e. *She’s hot.*).

Since they weren’t searching through the edges of the jungle for caves, pools of water, edible foods or other things that might be needed for survival, Oz and Buffy made it back to the group faster than their outbound trip.

Giles had regained consciousness just before they got back, though he was still lying down with his damp handkerchief on his forehead.

“Giles!” shouted Buffy when she saw her watcher and raced to his side. “What happened?”

It was Xander who answered, “When you hit the three mile limit, he took a header into a palm tree.”

“Oh Giles. I’m sorry,” said Buffy as she knelt beside her father figure. “I thought we had another hundred yards or so to go before we had to turn back.”

She then turned to Xander and said, “How did you know it was me?”

“Actually, I guessed,” he replied. “And you probably would have been alright but Cordelia was strolling up the beach in the opposite direction. So that didn’t help things either.”

Cordelia glared at him for telling on her.

“Yeah. Well, if it weren’t for Oz, you’d all be stuck here since I was trying to take care of business in the surf when it happened,” said Buffy. “He was able to resist the pain long enough to drag me back or I’d’ve drowned. And I hate drowning.”

“Oh, honey,” said Joyce, hugging her daughter. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Mom,” the petite Slayer responded. “Like I said, Oz came and got me back to the shore, so other than a bit of a raw throat from swallowing some salt water, I’m fine. Slayer healing will have it taken care of by later this evening.”

“However,” Buffy continued. “Based on our survey of beach and the jungle edges along the beach, we have good news, bad news, and worse news. The good news is that we found several berry bushes that Oz is quite sure we can eat. We tried them and they’re a bit sour to the taste but should help supplement our diet. The bad news is that we think there’s a stream on the North side of the island and, as we’ve found out, it’s probably a bit further than three miles away. So that means everybody needs to travel to get there. Also, it will be easier if we follow the beach rather than try and trek through the jungle. The worse news is that we didn’t find anything that we could use that would be strong enough to restrain Oz when the Full Moon hits.”

Everyone’s face showed the worry about what Buffy said.

“There’s more,” said Oz.

Buffy hated to be the one to bring it up but did so anyway.

“Oz and I talked it over and the only solution we could come up with was to build a box out of palm tree logs that are interlocked like the Lincoln Logs are. To get it made in time, means that we stay put and start today with the construction.”

Buffy then took a deep breath before continuing, “We’ll need to dig a pit to put the box in so the sand can help reinforce the bottom and four sides. The top will have to be weighed down with extra tree trunks as well. The box itself will have to be shaped to limit the Wolf’s ability to move or get leverage.”

Buffy looked away from Willow when she said the last.

Giles understood what Buffy was saying almost as soon as she finished saying it.

The others were still figuring it out when Oz spoke up, “Coffin.”

Most everyone’s eye grew wide in astonishment.

Willow, of course, reacted a bit more vocally, as she shouted, “You are not burying my boyfriend!”

When it looked like Willow was going to advance to where Buffy was sitting near Giles, Oz intercepted her.

“My decision,” was all he said as he stood in front of the irate redhead.

“Bu . . . ,” Willow started to say with tears in her eyes.

Oz cupped her chin with his hand as he looked her in the eyes and said, “Keep you all safe.”

He then embraced Willow in a hug, which she returned, though she continued to cry.

Giles patted Buffy’s hand and said in a low voice, “It must have been hard for you both to come up with this solution.”

“Not really,” Buffy replied so only Giles and her mother could hear her. “Once we started talking about the lack of pits or caves and the poor quality of the materials we found, it just flowed from there. I pointed out that the palm logs were the only things we might be able to use as cage material but that using vines to hold them together wouldn’t work properly as they were too weak. Oz brought up the Lincoln Logs bit and that got me to thinking we’d have to build a box. It also made me think about how to keep the Wolf from using its claws to tear through the palms and weakening them so it could break out. That’s where the coffin-like concept came from and I hate myself for thinking of it. Of course Oz doesn’t hate me even though he doesn’t like the idea either. As he said, it’s to keep us all safe.”

“Yes, well with our current situation, there are going to be several less than ideal solutions to the myriad of problems we will face,” said Giles.

Thinking back to the issue of clothing, Joyce silently agreed.

After resting a bit, Buffy and Xander looked through the items he and Giles had salvaged from the wreaked boat. Using a couple of lengths of pipe and some wire, they were able to fashion a crude ax that Buffy could use to fell some palm trees. Two other sections of pipe became a hammer and chisel to cut the grooves needed to interlock the tree trunks. Unfortunately, there were not enough large pieces of pipe for any other sets of tools.

Willow did remember a history lesson about American Indians using hot coals to help hollow out logs to make canoes and they ended up using that method to make it easier to form the interlocking grooves.

Because of her anger over their present situation and the only viable solution to keeping Oz and everyone else safe, Buffy would have worked all night long felling trees if it weren’t for the fact that the chopping noise would have kept everyone else awake.

She did stay up later than the others to tend the fire and keep watch for any possible predators the island might have, though it was doubtful as they had only heard bird calls throughout the day.

When she finally did lie down to sleep, after waking Xander for his turn at watch, she snuggled next to her mother for warmth. She noted that Cordelia had done the same earlier on the other side of her mother. Willow and Oz were also spooned together. Prior to waking him up, Xander had been back to back with Giles to share warmth.

As she drifted off to sleep, Buffy wondered how they were going to cope being all alone on this island. In the TV Show, there were never any serious hook ups other than the Howells, who were already married.

Willow and Oz were already a couple.

From the telepathy incident, she knew her mother and Giles had been intimate, twice, already and her mother had enjoyed herself immensely. And boy did she wish that memory could be scrubbed from her mind. Children should not know such things about their parents. However, she could see the possibility that they would gravitate towards one another as time went on and Buffy did want to support her mother if such a relationship would help her feel less alone. Despite how wigsome that might make Buffy feel.

That left her and Cordelia to possibly make a move on Xander. True, Cordelia and he hadn’t gotten back together but they weren’t as antagonistic with each other as they had been when they first broke up. And having dated Xander before, Cordelia might have the inside track for starting things up again. Whereas, she had turned him down for Spring Fling back in Sophomore year. Not to mention, being head over heels for Angel all through school, whom Xander loathed. Not the ideal starting point for building a closer relationship with her Xander-shaped friend. Especially if it appears that she is only doing it to keep from being the odd girl out.

*Being stranded here might keep me alive longer,* she thought. *But it looks like I’ll still end up alone. And that will make it appear longer still.*

AN: Thus ends Day 1 on the Island. The next installment, presented in a new story of the series, will probably not be Day 2 but the three days that Oz has to deal with his furry problem.

The End

You have reached the end of "Vacation - Day 1". This story is complete.

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