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Vacation - Day 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Just Sit Right Back . . .". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: First full day of a Scooby vacation

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: Greywizard.
Summary: The Scoobies take a vacation . . . Sort of.

AN: Thoughts are set between asterisks (i.e. *She’s hot.*).


Previously on Xan-igan’s X-Isle:

Just then the boat erupted in a ball of flame. Proving that Murphy, at least, was not among those affected by the ignore curse.


Oz jumped over Willow and covered her with his body. Giles did the same with Joyce. Xander was closer to Buffy than Cordelia but Buffy shoved him away from her and toward Queen C, so he ended up covering her. Buffy, herself, stood and scanned the heavens for falling debris.

Several tense moments, and several nearby thuds against the sand later, Buffy called out, “All clear.”

“Alright,” shouted Xander. “What’s the deal with shoving me at Cordelia?”

An indignant “Hey!” resounded from Queen C for the implied slight to her character.

Buffy sighed and said, “Slayer eyesight cannot pick out debris falling towards us if I’m playing ostrich. Slayer speed and agility means I can dodge and duck said debris easier. Slayer strength and speed means I can move you out of the way of debris that is too big for me to divert, and with only three locations instead of six to protect much easier to handle. Plus Slayer healing means any injuries I may get while diverting debris will take less time to recover from. Besides if it turned out that there was more debris at one time than I could handle, your protective efforts would be more effective covering just one person instead of two. As it turned out nothing really big came our way and nothing at all came directly at us. Not sure if it’s luck or a side effect of the ignore spell but, I’m not complaining.”

“Point,” said Oz.

Xander looked quite chastened over his outburst. Despite knowing for two and a half years that Buffy could take care of herself most of the time, he had been thinking of grabbing her and huddling over both her and Cordelia. Her actions were perfectly reasonable to ensure everyone’s safety.

*I just hate being the damsel,* he mused. *At least Soldier Boy had memories other than how to blow things up.*

“Fine,” he said. “However, now that the immediate danger is over, we need to get organized if we’re to survive. Oz, how long?”

“Three days,” came the reply.

No one needed to ask the topic.

“Better than nothing I suppose,” said Xander resignedly.

Spying a pad and pencil in Willow’s shirt pocket and plucking them out, he said, “Giles, you and Mrs. Summers head up to those trees above the high water mark and begin digging a shallow pit we can build a fire in. Once that is done, start writing down the clue the Mayor gave us and anything else he said. We’ll review it all later to see if there was anything else important we might need to know.”

Turning to Buffy, he continued, “As you pointed out, you’ll heal faster than the rest of us so you’re on wood retrieval detail. Try not to get burnt but we’ll need any pieces of the boat that are on fire already so we don’t have to waste time getting one started once the sun goes down. Pieces of metal and non burning wood are your next priorities for tool making and keeping the fire going.”

“Oz, you and Willow head down the beach as far as you can without loosing sight of the wreak and see if you can spot any signs of a stream emptying into the ocean. Cordelia and I will go the other direction looking for the same. If the Mayor truly wants us to suffer a long time in exile, there has to be some source of fresh water somewhere and I’d like to check for signs along the beach before we start searching inland for a well or pond.”

“Hold on a minute Dweeb,” said Cordelia indignantly. “Just who put you in charge? Oz is in the role of the Skipper.”

“Ah, but I am the crew and a good crew knows what to do without being told,” Xander responded.

To which Oz said, “True.”

As everyone headed off to their assigned tasks, one more reluctantly than the others, Buffy pulled her Mother aside and whispered to her, “Um, you need to be careful of your skirt. The Mayor really skimped on the clothing allowance. For everyone, I think.”

Both Mother and daughter had slightly red cheeks as Buffy left to fetch the nearest burning object and Joyce made her way towards where Giles was waiting for her. Her hands surreptitiously confirming Buffy’s unstated message. Joyce’s cheeks got redder as she remembered that Oz had been beside Buffy helping her and the others off the boat.

She was grateful that being in the cabin meant she wasn’t soaked like Xander and Oz were. She was certain both her white skirt and blouse would become transparent when wet.

“Are you alright?” asked Giles as she reached him.

Smiling awkwardly, she replied, “Nothing to worry about just now. Let’s get the pit ready, shall we.”

Deciding that whatever was going on with Joyce would be explained later, he got to his knees and began to scoop out sand from the middle of an area clear of dead fronds and small plants.

Joyce took up a position perpendicular to him and began scooping out sand as well.

She occasionally glanced his way and was able to note that the Mayor had tailored Giles’ trousers to the right correctly but failed to make proper allowances for a man of Rupert’s endowments. She also wasn’t able to determine if Buffy’s assumption about their wardrobes’ shortcomings applied to everyone or not.

Buffy arrived shortly with the first of several burning planks. Joyce noticed that Buffy had not only ensured the planks she was handling were burning only on one end, but had coated her hands with wet sand as an additional insulation to allow her to touch the wood should the non-burning part be hot.


Xander and Cordelia returned from their reconnaissance first.

Giles and Joyce could hear Cordelia complaining loudly about the Sun doing bad things to her skin for lack of proper moisturizing products, long before they saw the duo.

“Nothing that way,” Xander said indicating the direction they had checked out. “Got to a point where the beach curved back and arced around to another point that looked to rise about 30 to 40 feet from sea level, assuming the trees there are about the same height as these. We might be able to use it as a vantage point to scope out the size of the island. Not sure how far off the other point is though, but it looks to be a long walk. No visible sign of a stream outlet along the beach from what we could tell.”

When Willow and Oz showed up a few minutes later, Willow had his shirt wrapped around her head with several palm fronds sticking out to shade her face. Her very red face and not from embarrassment. The sleeves of her shirt were also rolled down but the backs of her hands were red as well.

Joyce noticed Willow’s condition first.

“Oh my, Willow! What happened!”

“With the craziness of our situation I forgot I didn’t have any sunblock on,” the redhead replied. “If Oz hadn’t noticed when he did it would be a lot worse.”

“I told you the Sun would be bad without moisturizers,” chimed in Cordelia to Xander.

“I fear Cordelia is correct,” stated Giles. “While Willow’s fair skin makes her more susceptible to sunburn, we will all need to limit our exposure to direct sunlight until our skin has made the adjustment to our current environment.”

“Coconut oil,” interjected Cordelia.

When everyone looked at her, she said condescendingly, “It’s a main ingredient in many cosmetics and skin care products.”

“While that is true and there appears to be an abundance of coconuts around, exactly how do you get coconut oil from a coconut?” asked Joyce.

“Shred the kernel. Mix with some water. Press the wet shreds and collect the coconut milk. Wait for the oil to separate from the coconut milk,” replied Willow.

“Figures she’d know,” said Cordelia.

“Well, I consider that a good thing since, as the Mayor so nicely pointed out, we have no reference books to look stuff up in,” snarked Buffy.

“Well, that still means we need to find fresh water,” said Giles. “We might be able to use sea water to get the oil, but if we want to be able to drink the milk as well, fresh water is a must. We don’t have the means to distill salt water into fresh water for even one of us to survive on let alone all seven.”

“On that note,” said Xander. “Did you guys find any evidence of a stream?”

Oz just shook his head.

“Not even a whiff?”

“Wind’s from the ocean,” Oz replied.

“Coconuts contain juice and the inside of the shell is edible,” said Willow.

“That makes for a rather bland diet, but should at least provide for our immediate needs,” said Giles. “Why don’t we take a break to drink and eat something before discussing what more we need to do to survive here?”

Everyone agreed.

Buffy, Oz, Giles, and Xander set about gathering up nearby coconuts, concentrating on the greener ones as Willow indicated they would have the most water in them.

While they were doing that Joyce talked with Willow and Cordelia about their clothing limitations and found they were also lacking certain items.

Cordelia admitted she had been aware of her dearth of a complete outfit since waking up in the cabin but hadn’t had a chance to speak to the other women about it yet to see if it was just her. She had captured the front panel of her dress between her legs when Oz had helped her off the boat, so she was fairly certain she hadn’t flashed him.

Willow said she had been so caught up in everything that she hadn’t really noticed, but a quick check proved that she too had less than a complete set of clothing.

All three women agreed that the Mayor really was a cheap bastard.

Further discussion was tabled as the others returned with their first meal on the Island.

Buffy’s first attempt to crack open a coconut with her bare hands resulted in it being smashed and her splashed with the juice. She was the only one not amused by her sudden liquid coating. She went and washed off in the surf before making another attempt.

Joyce loaned Buffy her jacket as the water had made her blouse cling to her in such a way that it might as well be transparent.

Her next attempt was with a section of pipe she’d found in her scavenging. Both she and Oz assured everyone that it had not been part of the boats fuel system and was safe to poke holes in the coconuts. This produced much better results as far as Buffy ending up splash-free.

They didn’t start talking about their situation until after everyone had drunk the juice out of at least one coconut and had eaten bits of the first smashed one.

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