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A League of Their Own

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Justice Society". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: This is what happens when you give Xander too much creative control

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. BTVS = Joss, Justice League = Warner Bros.

AN: Just the beginning of an example for one of my challenges (#4997: The Ultimate Comic Book Challenge). There'll be five other stories in the series, 'A New Fate', 'Power', 'Blackbird', 'Trick of the Light', and 'Justice Society', which will be written when I get around to it. I have a mild form of ADHD, so... yeah.

AN 2: For the sake of simplicity, Dawn is fifteen in this fic. I wanted a Wonder Woman-esque character, and I just couldn't see an eleven-year-old being allowed to join a Super team. It may or may not happen in DC comics, but dammit, I'm gonna be responsible about it! So there.

AN 3: Also, this contains responses to the 'A New Fate' challenge by MajorAttitude, and the 'Buffy/DC Comics' challenge by cloudleonsgurl. Basic summaries, Xander dresses as Doctor Fate, and Buffy, feeling guilty over the thing with Larry, allows Xander to pick out her costume. Yeah, it's kind of stupid of her, but it works as a plot device.


Chapter 1

Xander grinned to himself as he entered the costume shop. Fate had smiled on him for once. A vamp he’d dusted the night before had dropped a wallet filled to the brim with 20’s and 100’s. Sometimes, life was good.

Humming lightly to himself, Xander moved through the various costumes, looking for one that would suit him. It wasn’t until he came across the ‘magic’ section that he found it. A blue body suit, with golden gloves, boots, cape, belt, and helmet. The cape had a large collar, similar to what one might expect Dracula to wear. The helmet was round on top, with two areas for the ears to fit into comfortably, and came to a point at the chin. There were two eyeholes, but no other openings were obvious. Xander grinned.

“Doctor Fate.”

“Do you like the costume?” Xander turned quickly, seeing an older British man smiling at him. “I based it entirely on him. A bit of hell to make, but I believe it was worth it.”

Xander was impressed. “You made this?”

The other man nodded. “Indeed. My name is Ethan, and this is my store.”

Xander nodded in return. “Cool. And yeah, I love this costume. I mean, it looks just like him! How much is it?”

“$200 for the night, twice that to purchase,” Ethan said. “And, of course, there are plenty of accessories you may wish to use. If you go with this outfit, I’ll throw them in for free.”

“Done,” Xander nodded, pulling out four hundreds. “Now, let’s see what you’ve got…”

By the time he was finished, Xander had gotten a new cape, red with gold trim and an even higher collar, a large pendant with the label ‘Eye of Agamotto’ on it, and a scepter with the symbols of Isis and Osiris on it. Before he could leave, however, Buffy pulled him to one side.

“Um… Xander?” she looked rather nervous, all things considered.

“Yeah? What’s up, Buff?”

She took a breath. “Look, I’m really sorry about what I did earlier with Larry. Willow explained that he’s been picking on you for years, and I probably only made things worse. So, even though I know it’s not really all that much, you can pick out whatever costume you want me to wear. I won’t complain, no matter what it is.”

Xander almost opened his mouth to say that this wasn’t necessary, but the look on her face made him stop. She really was feeling low, and she wanted to apologize properly. With a shrug, he grinned. “Are you kidding? Letting me pick out your clothes is one of the most dangerous things you can do. I think this’ll even us out perfectly.”

She smiled gratefully. “Thanks, Xander.”

He waved her off. “Don’t worry about it. Now, let’s pick something out.”

They searched for a few moments, until Xander came across what he wanted.

“Hey Buff, you’ve got a decent pair of jeans, and some heavy boots, right?”

She shrugged. “I’ve got the jeans, and I can get the boots. Why?”

He held up a black T-shirt, with Superman’s crest on it. “Well, with a leather jacket, I think this’ll do nicely. Maybe a pair of sunglasses, too. Oh, and these…” He held up a pair of red gloves.

She took the items. “So, what, I’m supposed to be Super-Biker-Girl?”

He grinned mischievously. “Sure. Let’s go with that.”

She glared at him mildly but, keeping her promise in mind, she nodded. “Alright. Combat boots, leather jacket, and jeans. Got it. Anything else?”

Xander looked around quickly, and grabbed a solid yellow decal in the shape of the Superman shield. “Here. Put this on the back of the jacket.”

Nodding, Buffy went to pay for her almost-assembled costume, while Willow walked up to Xander, an eyebrow already in the air. “What did you dress her as, Mister?”

His grin widened. “Promise you won’t tell her until after Halloween’s over?”

Rolling her eyes, Willow nodded. “Promise.”

“Well, you remember when Superman first showed up in Metropolis a few years ago?” This question got him a nod. “Well, me and Jesse got to talking about him, and we thought of what we would wear if we had his powers.”

Willow shot a look at Buffy. “And that’s what you chose?”

His face falling somewhat, Xander shook his head. “No. That’s what Jesse chose.”

Willow’s face fell also, and she let the matter drop. “Okay. Well, can you pick something out for me? I’d rather not go as a ghost again.” Truth be told, that’s exactly what she wanted to go as, but Xander looked like he needed cheering up again.

It worked. “Sure! Maybe something in black…”


Meanwhile, Cordelia Chase had watched as Xander had picked out Buffy's outfit. The things he’d picked out were tacky, and would make Buffy stick out… which was just freaking perfect for Halloween! Dammit, how had he done that?

“Do you require assistance?”

Cordelia managed not to jump at the sneaky approach of the shop’s owner. She’d been shopping for years, and was used to it by now. “Yeah. I need a superhero outfit, one with some flash.”

Ethan smiled slightly, looking thoughtful. “You know, I think I have just the thing. Follow me.” He led her to a small rack, pulling a costume off of it, as well as it’s corresponding headgear. “How’s this? I believe that young woman, Doctor Light, wears something similar to this.”

Cordelia looked it over. It was a mostly-black leotard, though the gloves, boots, belt, cape, and crown were white, as were the shoulder pads and belt. She smiled. Perfect.

“I’ll take it.”


Dawn Summers glared as her sister left without her. She was always doing that! Sighing, she continued through the costume shop. She could walk home with Xander. He wouldn’t forget her… she hoped.

Looking through the various costumes, she wondered if this would be a good opportunity to try and catch Xander’s eye. She was fifteen, after all, and the dating pool that was Sunnydale high could be summed up in one word. Limited. All she had to do was get the right outfit. And then, quite suddenly, it was in front of her.

Knee-high red-and-white boots, a red bustier with gold across the chest, and a blue sports-bikini bottom decorated with stars. Long silver bracelets, gold belt and crown, and for the finishing touch, a golden lasso. It even came with a black wig, and a sword.

A wicked grin spread over Dawn’s face. Xander wouldn’t know what hit him.


Several hours later, a lone voice in the back of the costume shop uttered the word, “Showtime!” A wave of magic spread through Sunnydale, causing great changes.

The gods noticed, but didn’t pay the event much attention. Only two gods felt a pull that caused them to look closer. Janus, one of the Lords of Chaos, noticed because one of his acolytes had called upon him to power the spell. The other god, was his polar opposite: Nabu, one of the Lords of Order.

Nabu didn’t know why he felt a pull to this place. It was a Hellmouth, a place aligned with Chaos, and the spell was powered by Chaos. It was repugnant to him. And yet… there was something bringing his attention here. Somewhat confused, he took a closer look. What he found was a bit surprising.

A young man had dressed as his champion, Fate. Since the spell had caused all who dressed in the enchanted costumes to take on the persona of whomever the costume represented, it had forged a temporary connection between the young man and Nabu. It was doubtful that the connection had been intentional, but it had occurred, nonetheless. Intrigued, Nabu looked into the young man’s past. These findings were no less surprising than the first.

The young man, Xander, was a demon hunter, one who fought for those he loved. He did this freely, and with no thought for himself. In fact, he had dressed as Fate because of an unconscious desire to be able to protect them more effectively. He would actually make an ideal champion… With a nod, Nabu entered Xander’s mind, temporarily suspending the transformation spell.

“Greetings, Alexander. I am Nabu.”

Xander’s response was tinged with both confusion and fear. “Who?”

“An old god. You may know of me through my champion on this plane, Doctor Fate. It is I who gives him the majority of his powers.”

Xander relaxed, slightly. “Oh. Okay. Um… Why are you talking to me?”

“The mage who cast the spell on your costumes inadvertently connected you to me. I became aware of your situation, and decided to rectify it. If you are willing, I will end the enchantment on your clothing, and replace it with my own. You would become my new champion, with powers similar to those of Fate.”

Xander didn’t even have to think. “Okay. Do it.”

“As you wish.” Flexing his proverbial muscles, Nabu shattered the Chaos spell, and began imbuing the items Xander wore with his own power. Other than the Helmet of Fate, his accessories were significantly different from what Kent Nelson wore. The Eye of Agamotto, for example. While the Amulet of Anubis, which Doctor Fate possessed, granted many impressive powers, the Eye could do everything it did, and more. It was essentially a large energy conduit that responded to it’s master’s will. The Cloak of Levitation Xander wore was simple in comparison, granting flight capabilities, and conforming itself to whatever shape the wearer might need.

Finally, there was the Scepter of Osiris. This item served a two-fold purpose. It was both a powerful magical focus, and capable of opening portals to the afterlife. While Nabu hoped his new champion wouldn’t think of calling upon armies of the undead, such a thing would most likely prove useful.

His work finished, Nabu spoke once more. “You are now ready. Your helm will give you the vast arcane knowledge I possess, as well as a functioning connection to me, should you require my assistance. Go now. Put an end to this Chaos.”


Xander abruptly found himself back in Sunnydale. With a twirl of his new scepter, he set out to find the center of the Chaos magic… only to be distracted by a young woman being attacked by a small demon. Quickly, he cast a binding spell on the demonic imp, and the woman ran. Again, he began searching for the spell caster… and again, an innocent found himself in danger.

Rescuing the second victim, Xander decided to solve the more immediate problem first. Looking around, he spotted who he was looking for: Buffy. He flew over to her quickly, trying to think of what to do. He grinned as a thought came to him. If Nabu could actually turn him into Fate…

Buffy shuddered as a flash of light surrounded her. She looked around, confused. “What the…” she spotted the floating magician. “Xander?”

“The one and only, Buff.”

She glared at him. “You dressed me as a boy, and didn’t even tell me! What kind of name is ‘Connor Kent’ anyway?”

He rolled his eyes, though she couldn’t see it. “Buffy, is now really the time for this?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Fine. But we’re going to have words about this later.” She looked at the many demons running around. “Guess it’s Slaying time.”

“Not quite,” Xander said. “They’re all just children, or teenagers like us. You have to contain them, not kill them. You can do it.”

“How?” she asked. “I’m a Slayer, remember? Capturing isn’t exactly my thing.”

He nodded. “True, but I just gave you an upgrade. Everything Connor Kent could do, you can do. Good luck with that. I have to find Willow now. She went as that Raven girl from the Teen Titans. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw a couple other heroes flying around. We need some crowd control.”


Willow was the first to be found. Xander waved his scepter, and the spell was done.

Willow shook her head slightly. Her normally exuberant behavior was gone, replaced by a cool, calculating exterior. She looked up at Xander. “Am I…?”

He nodded. “You are. Don’t worry, I purged the half-demon aspect during the process. Your powers, while the same in form, come from Nabu. He gave special permission for this instance. Still, your emotions will cause your powers to go out of control, if you let them. Be careful.”

Willow nodded, and took to the air, eyes peeled for any signs of trouble. Xander searched for any other of the cape and cowl brigade, finding two more heroes. When he saw who they were outside of their costumes, he groaned, but cast the spell anyway.

“Harris, if I find out you set this whole thing up on purpose, I’m gonna kill you!” Cordelia screeched.

“Calm down,” Dawn said, glaring. “We’ve got work to do. Your shouting isn’t going to help this situation at all.”

“Indeed not,” Xander said, wondering idly when he’d started using Giles-isms. “Buffy and Willow are already on the job. Just make sure no one gets hurt, while I see to ending the spell.”

Cordelia’s glare didn’t let up, but she took to the air, spheres of light appearing in her hands. Dawn wasn’t far behind her, swinging her lasso at rogue demons. Xander, satisfied with the situation, held up his scepter, searching for the chaotic vibrations of the spell. He found it easily and, with an Ankh-shaped portal, went straight to the source.

He found himself back in Ethan’s shop. Extending his magical senses, he found the mage hiding behind the counter, presumably in case any of his creations came after him. Xander bound the older man with a quick spell, and telekinetically lifted him into the air.

“Ethan Rayne. Greetings. I am Fate.”

Ethan smirked. “No you’re not. I recognize those things you’re wearing. You’re just a teenager playing dress-up.”

Xander nodded once. “True, that’s how the evening began. However, your activities gained the interest of an old god. He chose me to represent him on this plane of reality. Now, I am Fate. I would suggest you choose yours wisely.”

Ethan considered the younger man’s words carefully. If he was telling the truth, it was definitely in Ethan’s best interest to cooperate. If not, then his powers would vanish with the spell, and Ethan could escape. “Fine. Break the Bust of Janus.”

Xander looked over at the spell focus. Nabu’s magical knowledge told him that breaking the bust was hazardous. While it would end the spell, there might be unforeseen consequences. However, as the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Xander approached the bust, and with a mental command, opened the Eye of Agamotto. The Spell’s energies immediately flowed into it, with only the slightest prompt. In seconds, the spell was ended.

Xander turned back to Ethan. “Good. Now, as for you, I think you need some time to consider your actions.” He paused for a moment, trying to think of where to store the mage. Doctor Fate would have just thrown him into the Tower, but… Xander grinned. That was it!

Lifting the scepter, Xander began chanting in a forgotten language. The small store began to shift, changing it’s appearance to that of an ornately decorated room. It only took moments for the transformation to complete itself.

Ethan looked around, confused. “Where are we?”

“My new home,” Xander informed him. “This shall be your room. Do not attempt to leave. The wards here will not react kindly to that. Food will appear when you ask for it, as will other harmless items, such as clothing, or a bathroom.” Summoning another portal, the new Fate disappeared.

Ethan looked around, and brightened. He might have been trapped, but at least his cage was gilded. It was a definite improvement over the Kaznian dungeon he’d ended up in once…


Once Xander had brought the others to his new Tower, they all sat in one of the more comfortable rooms available.

Willow was the first to speak. “So… what happened, exactly?”

Xander let out a sigh. “Short version. The guy who ran the costume shop was a Chaos mage, who turned us into our costumes. Nabu found me, and gave me real power. I tried to go after Ethan right away, but I needed a way to keep everything contained. You know the rest.”

Buffy toyed with her hair idly. “Well, there are worse things, I guess. This Tactile Telekinesis is actually pretty cool, although… I don’t really feel my Slayerness anymore. It’s weird.”

Xander, who had removed his helmet, scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. “About that… You know how Superman is an alien?”

Buffy nodded. “And Connor was half-Kryptonian. So?”

“Well, can half-humans be Slayers?”

Buffy blinked. “…Oh. Wow. Okay.” She shrugged. “Whatever. If Connor’s memories are anything to go by, I’ll be stronger with my new powers, anyway. No problem.”

“You and me both,” Dawn said, flicking her now-black hair behind her shoulder. “This Amazon gig is awesome. I’m pretty much ageless, I can fly, I’m stronger, faster, and these bracelets are just too cool. I don’t think it gets better than this.”

Cordelia crossed her arms defiantly. “Well, I’m not happy about this! I’m connected to a star in another freakin’ Solar System! How am I supposed to carry on a normal life like this, hmm? Can anyone tell me that?”

Willow gave her an emotionless stare. “You don’t. None of us can. Besides, you’re the one here best equipped to fight vampires now. You command Solar Radiation, don’t you? They’ll dust just by being near you. You’ll never have to worry about getting bitten.”

Cordelia thought that over, and sighed. “Whatever…”

Buffy smirked at the cheerleader, before turning to Willow. “How are you doing with all this?”

The former redhead shrugged. “I’ll survive. I don’t have to worry about Trigon using me as a portal as soon as I turn eighteen, so I figure I can cope with the rest of it.” She turned to Xander. “That’s what you said, right? That I have no connection to Trigon?”

He nodded. “Yep. Trigon’s an agent of Chaos. I couldn’t use him to fuel your powers even if I wanted to. I’m strictly an Order kinda guy.”

Willow relaxed visibly. “Thank you.”

He smiled. “No problem, Will.”

Cordelia looked around at the others for a moment, let out a massive, put-upon sigh, and sat up a bit straighter. “Alright. Obviously, you guys are gonna do the whole ‘superhero team’ thing. You’re already a group, and now you’ve got the power to back it up. And I have no doubt that I’ll get pulled into it, given my generous personality.” She chose to ignore the snorts of amusement. “So, since we can’t really go around looking like copies of other heroes, what are we gonna call ourselves?”

Buffy shrugged. “I’m not copying anyone. Connor Kent isn’t running around here, for some reason. Believe me, with the way he loved to get in front of a news camera, there’s no way we’d miss it.” She frowned. “Of course, I can’t call myself Superboy, and Supergirl does happen to be taken.”

“You could always go by Power Girl,” Willow said.

Buffy thought it over. “Okay. But I’m not wearing that tacky white outfit. What I’ve got on is fine.”

Xander smirked. “Just be happy Superman never put a copyright on his shield.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “What about you, Dawn?”

The younger Summers shrugged. “I guess Wonder Girl is too much to hope for?”

Xander chuckled. “I think so, Dawnie.”

Dawn shrugged, and thought for a moment. “Um… Well, I guess there’s always the obvious choice: Brawl.” She looked down at her outfit. “Oh, and this won’t do at all. This swimsuit look is fine for Halloween, but I’m not gonna be hero-ing in this.”

“I can fix that.” Xander waved his scepter. Dawn’s boots began extending until they joined with the rest of the costume, and the red portions of them turned blue, while the stars disappeared from the uniform. The red half of the bustier grew, covering her shoulders, arms, went under her bracelets, and ended in fingerless gloves. The gold bar running across her breasts moved up, forming a collar, perfect for defending from vamp bites. The final piece was a domino mask, which was made from the crown. The star was nestled in the middle. He conjured a mirror for her.

She examined her new appearance with a grin. “I like it!”

“Yeah, yeah, Whatever,” Cordelia cut her off. “What about me? Do you realize that there’s actually two people running around calling themselves Doctor Light?”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He waved his scepter once again, turning her outfit completely white. “I dub thee… Photon. Happy?”

Cordelia raised an eyebrow in his direction. “I refuse to answer to that.”

Willow raised her hand. “Actually, that’s not bad. Photons are light particles. It’s a fitting name.”

“I know that!” Cordelia snapped. “Doctor Light, the one I went as, is an astronomer, among other things. But I’m not going by anything dweeb-boy picked!”

“Do you have anything better?” Xander asked innocently.

Cordy glared at him again, but slumped back into her seat. “Fine…”

“Which leaves us with… Willow and Xander,” Dawn said.

“Not me,” Xander corrected. “I’m Fate, chosen by Lord Nabu. I don’t get to choose my name.”

“Oh. Okay.” Dawn shrugged. “Willow?”

Willow blinked slowly, a clear sign she was thinking over the possibilities. Finally, she leaned up, and whispered something in Xander’s ear. He grinned, and waved his scepter.

Willow’s clothing changed. Her cloak became a long coat, and her leotard became bulkier, taking on the shape of body-armor. It stretched down, forming around her legs, and her boots became tougher. She kept the fingerless gloves. Her face, meanwhile, became white, with lines of black running vertically across her eyes. Her lips also turned black.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Xander announced proudly, “meet Crow.”

Everyone clapped politely.

“Okay, now that we’re done with that…” Buffy turned to Xander. “Why did you dress me up as a boy?”

Xander gulped.

The End

You have reached the end of "A League of Their Own". This story is complete.

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