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Unlocking the Dark

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Fan Art

Summary: Faith/Dawn photo manips! I didn't give Faith a second thought, until I stumbled upon a Faith/Dawn drabble, and got hooked.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Fanart
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Dawn/Faith
AlisonKayFR15162,95004016,9307 Dec 0926 Apr 12No


Faith was always crazy. She had been psychotic. She had been a sociopath. She had been a homicidal maniac, criminally insane, a murderer, a thief, a complete and utter bitch, but she had never, ever, in her entire life, as a slayer and even before that, felt the need to protect one thing with such certainty, such conviction, that she would become all of those things, all of the different types of insane, just to protect it. This insanely protective, ridiculously jealous, and undeniably crazy in love. But no, not any longer, today, she had become just that. Dawn Summers is Faith's life, her reason, her heart, her soul, and all the other crap they say in in the movies. Finally, Faith understood. She understood why she had always been the outcast, the bad girl, the rebel, the dark slayer. Faith understood why Buffy had always been the good one, better than she could ever be. Love. It was cheesy, it was lame, it was everything Faith was not, and yet, here she was, body creating a protective cage of flesh around Dawn, gun in hand and grim lines set into her face.

None of the Scoobies noticed Faith and Dawn training together, sharing glances from across the room, both being absent from a few meetings. None of the Scoobies noticed that Dawn was never alone anymore. The Scoobies did not notice a change in Faith. She stopped making innuendos remarks, to, well, everyone. She stopped picking fights with Buffy, she stopped going clubbing. No longer were random men and women leaving Faith's room in the morning, looking completely startled to find a house full of people on their walk of shame.

And no longer was Faith lost. No longer was Dawn alone.


I do not own the characters or the pictures. I just manipulated them :)
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