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The One Girl--What The--?!

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Summary: Willow's spell Calls a *really* unusual and unexpected Slayer.

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Anime > Ranma 1/2ReallyBoredFR1514950163,2208 Dec 098 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer: Once again, I own Nothing Here! Joss Whedon and his group own Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Rumiko Takahashi and her bunch own Ranma 1/2.


Please don't hunt me down and kill me! This is a quick and dirty one shot that just bubbled up from some dark, out of the way, place in my mind!





Willow's spell Calls a really unusual and unexpected Slayer.





The One Girl--What The--?!



Ranma Saotome, heir of Anything Goes School Of Martial Arts, was running for his sanity!

Traditionally, running for his life and freedom was the usual condition for Ranma's super human bursts of speed and agility, but there were exceptions to the rule--In Nerima, there were always exceptions to the rules! Bounding across rooftops, Ranma could clearly hear the exceptions to the rules screaming in violent frustration behind him:


"Ranma Saotome! Prepare to die!"


"Come back here, boy!"

"What a haul! What a haul!"

Eh? What? Oh, yeah . . .The diminutive cackling creature, bounding across the rooftops, hurling in from the opposite direction, with a huge bulging sack over his shoulder? That was the Grandmaster Happosai. Founder of the martial arts school of Anything Goes, at least three hundred years old, and a complete pervert! His sack's contents? Stolen (or, in Happosai's mind, "liberated") women's undergarments-His "Silky darlings".

Ranma was fairly certain, that without the "Silky darlings" distracting Happosai, he would have found himself soaked, in his girl form, and wearing the laciest black bra the evil little pervert could have stolen!

"Quack! QUAAAACK!"

Ranma dodged the barrage of knives erupting from seemingly nowhere, at the command of a rabid white duck wearing a pair of thick bottle lens glasses!

"Oh, wow! Close call, Mousse!" The young martial artist laughed, weaving and twisting his body around the flood of chains and knives hurled his way by the cursed, and increasingly frustrated, Amazon male! "Ha! Missed me again, Mousse!" Taunted Ranma. "Is that it, Mousse? Is that all yo-."


The underwear stuffed sack hit Ranma hard enough to propel his body forward, feet away from the edge of the roof he had been balanced on. Now who put this swimming pool here?! Ranma indignantly demanded, changing his fall into a dive. I should have known, Ranma thought in weary resignation. She realigned her body and swam for the surface.

Suddenly, a woman's voiced asked inside his head, "Are you ready to be strong?".

Yeah, yeah, I'm ready! If not for being submerged in a swimming pool, Ranma would have shouted out her acceptance!

Silly Ranma . . .After all those years of exposure to strange magics, she really should have known better!

A surge of Power inundated Ranma, and when a soaked, dripping red head climbed out of the pool, she looked around her, contemplated a wooden lounge chair for a bare moment, and then kicked it to pieces! She picked up a long piece and, then with a cold smirk, Ranma the vampire slayer leaped into the sky!




And no . . .I can't blame this one on medication or flying space pigs.

Thanks for reading it. Good-bye.

The End

You have reached the end of "The One Girl--What The--?!". This story is complete.

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