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Buffy's Hammer

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Summary: A troll is beating up Thor and Buffy saves his ass. Part 2 Thor's missing and Buffy is rounding up the usual suspect. Part 3 Buffy (with Faith tagging along) is knocking on the door and has a little chat with Odin.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Buffy-CenteredWhiteWolfFR1336,64241816,14631 Oct 034 Nov 03Yes

Busting Thor Out

Title: Buffy's Hammer

Author: WhiteWolf

X-over: The Mighty Thor (Marvel Commics)

Spoilers: for all season

Summery: Buffy (with Faith tagging along) is knocking on the door and has a little chat with Odin.

Subtitle: Busting Thor Out

The doors to the Halls of Heros, Odin's throne room, burst open with a crash.In the doorway
stood two small female figures wearing leather pants and leather dusters. One was a brunette
carrying a tall, slender man. The other one was a blonde holding a hammer up in a knocking

"Knock, knock." The golden maiden spoke mockingly.

She stepped forward, followed by the dark-haired maiden. Their movements spoke of danger
and years of fighting.

"Oops, I think I knocked a little too hard."

"Who dares ...?" Odin's voice was full of power and intimidation.

The brunette cut him off effortlessly. "Wow, like father, like son. Loki said the same thing
when we summoned him."

Without effort, Faith threw Loki at Odin, sitting on a throne at the other end of the Hall. Loki's
limp form bounced and skidded halfway down the aisle, which divided the hall down the
middle. He came to rest lying between the long tables that the many Norse Gods filled. All of
them were staring at the spectacle before them, having stopped their eating, drinking, and
merrymaking at the surprising entrance of the two maiden.

"What did you do to my son?" Odin yelled angrily at the two maidens.

"It all started when I found this little hammer lying on the street." Buffy held the hammer high
to give Odin a clear view of it.

"Mjolnir?" Odin paused to control his anger. "So the rumours are true."

"Yep, little old me can pick up a little hammer." Buffy approached Odin and stopped when she
came to Loki's unconscious body, Faith right behind her. "Hammer minus Goldilocks means
Goldilocks is in trouble. So, I started to round up the usual suspects. I started with Loki and
guess," Buffy's smile turned to a grimace, "what he told me?"

"That I have Thor." Odin answered.

"Yeah, and I want him." Buffy quipped back.

From the table at her right, a man stood up with his axe in his hand. "How dare you speak to
the Allfather like that, wench?"

His threatening pose as he started toward Buffy was lost on her. She didn't even look in his
direction as she threw Mjolnir at him. It bounced off his face and back into Buffy's
outstretched hand as the man fell back, unconscious.

"Don't you hate it when people interrupt you while you're having a nice, civil conversation
with someone?" Buffy was using her innocent act.

More people began drawing their weapons but Odin told them to stand down before turning
his attention back to the intruders.

"You think that because you carry Mjolnir you can walk into my house and make demands?"
Odin's voice attempted calm, but the tension was evident in it.

Buffy looked at her hammer. "Nah, this is just a bonus. Are you going to bring me Thor or do
or do I have to take this place apart brick by brick until I find him myself?"

Odin laughed, but it wasn't a pleasant laugh. "Do you really think that a mere mortal can
defeat me?"

"No." Buffy said, deadpan.

"What do you mean by 'no'?" Faith turned, shocked and angry, to Buffy.

"We have a few disadvantages. For one, he is a powerful god." Buffy tried to explain.

"So what, that never stopped you before." Faith reasoned, still not understanding.

"The second disadvantage is that we are on his turf, in his house. We are attacking him, so to

"Ahh, we are the semi-bad guys here." This Faith understood. Slayers aren't supposed to be
bad guys.

"More like only semi-good guys." Buffy corrected her.

"So why are we here if we can't win?" Faith was a little confused. Buffy didn't go into battle
thinking she would lose or without a backup plan.

"Neither can they." Buffy nodded toward Odin and his subjects.

"A stalemate?" Faith grinned.

"Not really, we are probably going to die." Buffy turned to Odin. "But not before we take this
place down and take half his men with us. And then all the vultures and jackals of the Nine
Worlds will descent on Asgard to feast on its bones."

Buffy made sure that Odin knew the price he would pay if he allowed this to escalate into a
full-blown war.

"Asgard has fought bigger threats than you, child." Odin said to Buffy. "And was victorious."

"Yeah, and every time you 'faced bigger threats', Mr. Allfather, Thor was right there to lead
the charge, help win the war, and be all big and tough afterward to show all that Asgard was
still strong!" Buffy stood her ground with a straight back and a fierce stare. "Do you really
think that he's going to do that again now that you've thown him in your dungeons?"

Buffy saw doubt in Odin's eyes. 'He really doesn't know his son.' She thought in
disappointment. She had hoped against hope, for Thor's sake, that Odin trusted his son even
though his lack of knowledge was to her advantage. 'Thor would never deny aid to anyone
who needed him, even if they had wronged him.'

"Thor is a son of Asgard. He would never abandon us." A black haired goddess stood proud in
a group of men ten feet away from Odin. Buffy recognized them as Thor's best friends and his

Buffy ignored them, but was glad that some still had faith in Thor. Her attention was fully on
Odin. "Did you even ask your son why he disobeyed you?" Buffy didn't wait for Odin to
answer. "Knowing him, he was busy rescuing somebody or was needed on Midgard."

Then it clicked for Buffy. "That's why you are ticked off at Thor. It wasn't just because he
disobeyed you, otherwise you would have put this bastard," Buffy kicked Loki in the abdomen,
"in the darkest dungeon. You can stop faking, Loki."

Her last words were directed at Loki, who stirred and opened his eyes. He stood halfway up
before the Scythe was at his throat again. He gazed up at Faith, who grinned back down on
him. Odin was looking worried at the sight of the Scythe poised at his son's throat.

Buffy continued. "He choose Midgard over Asgard. This is an ego trip." Buffy laughed. "It's
your own fault. You taught him the lesson of humanity a little bit too well."

"Who are you to lecture me?" Power was radiating from Odin.

"I'm Buffy, the Slayer. The Chosen One." Buffy continued as if Odin hadn't asked a question.
"You really don't know your son. He helps those who 'need' help." Buffy paused and held a
staring contest with Odin. "Your son had chosen. There is no reason anymore for you to keep
him locked up."

Odin's expression was blank, his voice empty of emotion. "Baldin?"

One of the men that stood with Thor's friends walked to Odin and knelt in front of his
sovereign. "My Liege."

"Bring me Thor."

"Aye, my Liege." He rose to his feet and walked past Buffy toward the door. As he passed her,
she gave him a bright smile, which he couldn't help but return. When he left the hall, Faith
spoke up.

"Damn, he is hot. It's a shame we can't stay a few days. I bet he's got some stamina, heck, he
is a god after all." Faith grinned at Buffy. "Joker, if you don't want to lose your head, I
wouldn't move an inch, if I were you."

Faith felt Loki squirm and raised the Scythe a little, but didn't draw blood.

"I want you to let my son go." It was a clear order from Odin.

Faith wanted to retort something back, but Buffy interfered. "Let him go, Faith."

Buffy's tone was clear that Faith shouldn't perturb Odin. Faith rolled her eyes. She found it
highly unfair that Buffy could annoy the Big Man but she wouldn't let Faith have some fun
too. Still, she understood why she shouldn't make Odin more agitated. Buffy was walking a
fine line, Faith knew, but it was nevertheless still unfair. She pulled the Scythe away from
Loki's throat before unceremoniously kicking him away.

The Hall was quiet as they waited for Thor's arrival, and even Loki stayed unusually subdued.

Baldin entered the Hall with Thor next to him in shackles. Thor noticed Buffy immediately.

"Buffy? What are you doing here?"

Buffy ran over to him and threw her arms around him. "I was so worried. I'm here to bust you
out of those filthy rat infested dungeon and to put your father in his place."

Thor stiffened and looked up to where Odin was standing. Odin wasn't looking happy with
him and neither was his beloved, who stared jealously. When his eyes met Loki's he saw pure
hate as well as gloating satisfaction.

"What is Loki doing here?" There was anger in Thor's voice.

Buffy leaned back to make eye contact with Thor. "After I found your hammer, I thought Loki
was behind your disappearance, but when I had a little chat with him and he told me it was
dear old dad." Buffy let go of Thor and noticed the shackles.

"What's with the shackles?" She looked up. She shook her head in disapproval. "He isn't
going for the father of the year award, is he?" Thor laughed. Buffy smiled. She hung her
hammer on her belt around her waist and stretched her hand toward her fellow slayer. "Faith."

Without hesitating Faith threw the Scythe to Buffy, who caught it without looking at it. With
four well placed hits, the shackles dropped to the ground. Buffy threw the weapon back to

When Thor returned his gaze to Buffy, she was holding Mjolnir again. "Hope you don't mind
me keeping your hammer for a while, because I don't want to seem weak in front of your
father. I don't want to give him ideas about attacking me and getting away with it."

Thor looked worried by this. He knew how protective Buffy was toward those she considered
friends and he was proud to be counted as one. He had no doubt that his father and Buffy
would butt heads and he didn't know who would come out victorious.

"You can keep it for now." Thor decided.

"Good." Buffy put her arm through his and steered him toward Odin. "You bow or kneel for
him and I'll break both your kneecaps."

Thor had no doubt that Buffy meant it. When they reached Faith, Buffy stopped and held Thor
tightly. She obviously had no intention of letting him get any closer to Odin. Thor saw the
stare between Buffy and Odin. There weren't many who could stand up to Odin. Thor thought
it would be best to break the staring contest.

"My Liege, you sent for me?"

"Aye, your ally requested your release." Odin answered.

"Demanded." Buffy corrected him.

"She has also said that you have chosen Midgard above Asgard." Odin wasn't happy with
Buffy's side comment.

"Your priority is protecting the weak instead of the strong." Buffy corrected Odin again, while
looking at Thor.

Odin wasn't in a good mood but still kept his calm. "Is this true?"

Thor looked from Odin to his beloved to Buffy. Buffy simply gave him a reassuring smile.

"Aye, my Liege." Thor said it with a straight face. He couldn't lie to his father.

Odin didn't like the answer but wasn't surprised by it. "From now on you are banned from

Loki looked happy. Thor's friends looked dispirited and his beloved, anguished. Thor himself
was saddened by his father's judgement. Buffy squeezed his arm in reassurance .

"Don't worry, Goldilocks. How long can he be mad at you? One century or two? I'm sure he
will get over his pride after you save Asgard a couple of times. You can't believe he can do it
on his own, he needs you." Buffy caught herself too late to recognize that the last part was
highly offending for the Allfather.

And she was right, her reassurances didn't settle well with Odin.

"Insolent wench!" Odin was powering up and pulling back his left arm. His hand was glowing.

"Oh, shit. I think I went a little too far." Buffy put Mjolnir between herself and Odin, and
pushed Thor behind her.

An energy ball flew at Buffy and hitting her hammer. The impact threw her into Thor and
together they were thrown out of the hall, hitting the wall across from the door. They made a
big dent in it.

"Uh, your father has a nice punch in his energy balls." Buffy said, a little shaken from the
impact with the wall. Fortunately, Thor had cushioned her impact.

A second later Faith ran out of the Hall. "Let's go. I think we have overstayed our welcome."

"Lady Faith is right we should go. I have no interest in fighting my fellow Asgardians." Buffy
and Faith could hear the pain in Thor's voice, but both wisely kept quiet.

Buffy picked herself up and helped Thor to his feet. Thor led them through the corridors and
out of the building. When they reached the outside, Buffy handed Thor his hammer so that he
could get them home. But before he could swirl Mjolnir, Loki approached them with a big grin
on his face. He was gloating at Thor's misery.

"Your friend has done something I couldn't have dreamed of. I almost was planning to forget
the humiliation. But then I wouldn't be me." Loki's smile turned into a grimace. He turned to
Buffy with a glare in his eyes. "You are going to pay for my humiliation."

"Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots," was Buffy's nonchalant reaction.

"If I can't get to you, I'll get you through your friends and family." Loki grinned evilly.

Buffy stiffened up and her glare was freezing. "You get near my family or friends and you're

Buffy turned to Thor and didn't wait for a response from Loki. "Let's get out of here."

"You harm her family and I will forget that you are my brother." Thor gave his half-brother a
glare and swirled his hammer above him. They departed, leaving a grinning God of Lies

Three months later, Baldin came down to Midgard to give Thor the message that Loki was
dead. Thor was saddened, even though he hated his brother. He still remembered the good
times of their youth.

"Odin is suspicious that your friend, the Golden Maiden, is responsible for Loki's death."

Thor knew that Baldin was asking him if he knew if that was true. If he knew that Buffy had
killed Loki.

"How did Loki die?" was Thor's response.

"Somebody beheaded him." Baldin didn't care about Loki's death, but it disturbed him that a
mortal could kill a god.

Thor nodded. "Buffy might have killed him." Thor was thinking how to continue. "Tell Odin,
Loki threatened her family and that if she killed him she was within her rights. Tell him also,
that I will protect her with my life. Loki doesn't deserved to be avenged, but Buffy does."

Baldin looked surprised up. "You would fight your father for her? What makes her that

Thor laughed. "You have only seen her once and that was when she confronted Odin. Isn't
that special enough?" Thor let Baldin think about it, before he continued.

"I have fought beside her and she has allowed me into her life. She is one of the rarest gems.
She is full of life. She is a goddess in her own right, Baldin. And I would do anything to
protect her."



A/N: Hecatonchires

I know it was a little shortsighted of Buffy to make Loki an enemy, but hey it turned out for the best.
A/N: all

The consequences of Loki's death. Humm, I might put it in a sequel, but no promisses.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy's Hammer". This story is complete.

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