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Exchange programs

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Summary: Half naked slayers and wizards? Oh my, sounds like the prelude to a bad fantasy porn.

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Their patrol next chapter.

Blaise smirked as he sat back on the large leather arm chair, ankles crossed, impossibly graceful limbs aligned so as to display all his bests assets to the world at large.

Willow had found him some muggle clothing after his impromptu drop-in on their meditating session, nobody was particularly surprised that the chocolate skinned man looked good even in a pair of baggy jeans and a flannel shirt. Blaise seemed to ooze confidence no matter what he was wearing, even naked in a clearing he still stood proudly with a cocky smirk and a pureblooded arrogance that screamed of centuries of confidence.

Harry wanted to punch him.

Both Marcus and Draco had immediately began reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ at Slytherin with him, adopting their school personas and generally making fools of themselves.

Though Draco was more overt about it than the more stoic and silent Marcus.

“So?” Blaise purred as his eyes flicked over to the window that looked over the courtyard.

The slayers were training there, one of the few opportunities in the dreary weather to get some sunshine and physical activity within the same day.

Draco had volunteered to ‘shadow’ them for their training exercises, offering up the flimsy excuse that he had never seen slayers go against each other at full speed.

Each and every one of his former school mates knew that in reality, all he wanted was to ogle hot chicks with superpowers.

“So what?” Marcus raised an eyebrow.

Blaise leered, “how are the women here mate?”

Percy snorted, nose still buried in one of the huge books, “each and everyone of them can break your legs three times over before you can reach for you wand.”

If possible, Blaise began to look even more excited at the possibility of violence from his potential new conquests.

“Really? How,” he paused, one perfectly sculpted eyebrow rising in amusement, “kinky.”

Harry looked annoyed, “what is it with you Slytherins? I swear, Malfoy was getting all excited that the slayers here all have a yen for beating him senseless. Marcus seems to disregard any need for diplomacy. It’s a wonder that any of you are still alive and well.”

Marcus looked at the Boy Savior, no matter how much the rest of the wizarding world adored Harry Potter- the younger man would always be a bit too much for him.

"Yes, you'll find that turning our backs on Voldemort and the Death Eaters has made us a bit prone to bouts of insanity and a general disregard for safety," he sneered.

Harry was a little too black and white, it was a wonder that he had gained the friendship and loyalty of Draco Malfoy with his views on what was good and evil.

After Voldemort, when Marcus and Draco had turned their backs on their respective families- it had become clear that at least a quarter of the Slytherins in their Hogwarts time were trying to turn to the side of good. Though not all of them could get through to the other side, the prejudices from the Order and the Ministry were almost as huge as the ones coming from the pureblood fanatics.

It had taken Marcus almost a year and a half until the Order of the Phoenix began to trust him enough to allow him to do recon for them, a year and a half wasted on pointless conversations, on whispered accusations and on generally trying to suck up to the good guys.

Marcus hated it.

If he wasn’t quite so adamant about trying to change his stripes, he would have told Dumbledore and his lackeys to go die in a ditch within the first six months of their little dance.

But as it was, he bore everything that they had thrown at him with a remarkable patience for his character. Marcus had never been a patient man.

He was known for his temper, throughout playing Quidditch he was famous for being vicious and underhanded, through his schooling- he had a reputation as somewhat of a dullard.

He knew all of this, he knew every rumor that had flown through Hogwarts about Marcus Flint- but at the time, he had never cared enough to try and change people’s reputations.

How could he with obsessive Death Eater fanatics for parents really concentrate on doing his best in Charms?

Marcus had different priorities. Priorities that focused on him not getting killed.

Blaise shifted, getting up off his chair he slinked to the window and looked outside, he turned back to face Marcus “listen, I’m getting a tad peckish. What say we get blondie from outside and go find us something to eat?”

Harry scowled, it looked like the Slytherins were banding together with Marcus having been elected the unofficial leader of their little expedition to the Slayers’ Council.

He had to consciously stamp down on feelings of disapproval and distrust with the snake house, left over from days of Gryffindor bravery and stupidity. He was a grown man now, an Auror in training and it would behoove him to act like it.

“Sounds good,” Marcus clapped on Percy’s shoulder as he began to head downstairs.

The redheaded man sighed forlornly as he stroked the back of the book he was reading, Harry had to smirk- it looked like old Perc was feeling right at home within the Council.

It’s heady mix of physical and magical had already made a convert out of him, and as long as he got to touch the really, really old books- Percy Weasley would be a happy man.

“Quit staring at me, ya freaking pervert! I feel like you’re undressing me with your eyes,geez- when was the last time you got laid?” Cordelia finally snapped like a rubber band, after fifteen minutes of Blaise’s uninterrupted attention even her sense of superiority wasn’t enough to stop her from feeling like she wanted to strangle the dark eyed young man.

Draco lifted a bleary head off the table, “he gets laid quite a lot actually.”

The blonde man was feeling worn out, apparently one of the younger slayers- Vi, had challenged him to a spar and Draco being the fool that he was just couldn't say no. Now he was dead tired with a hint of badly bruised thrown into the mix.

Blaise leered with just a hint of smugness thrown in the mix.

Cordelia looked at him with disbelief, “really? That’s a shocker.”

Blaise looked affronted, it was a commonly known fact throughout their scholastic and professional careers that Blaise Zabini was gorgeous, the fact that he used his extremely good looks to get girls throwing themselves at him left and right was a perk of his good luck and good genes.

Percy snorted as Marcus began chuckling. It was a rich sound, a bit growly thanks to his voice but full of amusement and mirth.

Dawn’s eyes flickered over at his direction from where she was chatting with Faith. It seemed that the sullen, dark haired man had caught her attention.

She wanted to know more about him, he was a mystery so far and Dawn lived for the moment when she unraveled the mysteries presented to her on an every day basis.

Faith noticed her gaze, a huge grin began to blossom on her face as she realized the possibilities for teasing that her young friend’s crush presented.

Harry piped up, “so what *is* our plan for tonight?”

Faith slid her chair over to him, “hey dollface, we’ll be doing a patrol tonight so you guys get a better idea of what we usually face.”

The wizards looked excited at the possibility of facing demons and vampires.

Draco pouted as he saw his crush get friendly with his friend, it just wasn’t fair!

So he reverted back to his fall back defense mechanism, “oh really? And how is it that you propose we go on patrol with you? I doubt that you’ll provide adequate protection from everything this god forsaken town has to offer,” he sneered at Faith.

Her eyebrows began to climb to her forehead, “geez Blondie bear, what’s with the attitude? What’s got your panties in a bunch this fine evening?”

Draco gaped.

Faith stood up from the table as she saw Dawn gather her things and Cordelia finish making threatening gestures at Blaise, she winked at him “don’t worry sugarplum, I’ll make sure to stick *real* close to protect you.”

She brushed her fingers over his spiky pale blonde hair as she followed her colleagues and friends out of the Council cafeteria, Draco shivered at her touch.

He flushed pink at his friends’ amused glances, Percy looked smug, Blaise was still leering at a fuming Cordelia, Harry looked gleeful and Marcus just cheerfully commented “you know that her definition of flirting probably includes lots of hitting and throwing you around the gym right?”

Draco grinned widely, the smile looked like it was using mostly unknown and previously unused portions of his facial muscles.

Harry shook his head in slight disgust, “good Merlin, you really *are* a masochist.”

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Exchange programs" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 10.

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