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Dawn and the photographer.

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Summary: Dawn/Jimmy, and the man of steel in his shiny spandex, just a lil one-shot to fulfil a challenge that's been lying around gathering dust.

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Television > Lois and ClarkAdrastaSangFR1311,638039669 Dec 099 Dec 09Yes
I do not own these fandoms... 'nuff said.

A.N. I felt like completing a random challenge so I went to the unanswered challenges, started with the oldest ones and popped through a few pages until this one caught my eye... hope everyone enjoys it, especially the wonderful site founder Jinni who posted said challenge goodness knows how long ago.


The battered yellow school bus rolled up in front of a hotel and ground to a halt.

"Right, we'll just focus on getting to sleep tonight and worry about finding someplace better to stay and a way to pay for it tomorrow..." Buffy tried to put on a brave face as the Sunnydale refugees emerged from the bus. They'd stopped off in Los Angeles long enough to heal and pick up some supplies, but she knew she couldn't stay around Angel for long, and after all they'd been through those of the group who didn't have families to return to were reluctant to split up, so here they all were in Metropolis trying to make a new start in life.

The next day Willow and Giles began the search for a house for them all, while keeping an eye on Xander, who still hadn't adjusted well to life without Anya, and despite their best efforts Andrew would insist on trying to help him 'feel better', as the blonde felt partly responsible. Fortunately Andrew, like the slayers, was out looking for a job. Unfortunately for the Daily Planet, they were advertising for a fact checker...

"So you're a martial-artist slash librarian slash scientist?" Perry asked after reading the highly edited and adjusted resume. "You don't really look like a martial-artist.."

"I'll have you know I have been getting quite a bit of training lately." Andrew replied indignantly, leaving out the bit where pretty much everyone had given up on him as a lost cause except Buffy, and he wasn't entirely sure that wasn't just to keep him from cheering up Xander... but then why wouldn't she want him to cheer up Xander?

"Ok, you seem a good enough kid, you can have the job, Jimmy will show you around. JIMMY!" He called the boy in.

"Yes chief?"

"This is Andrew, he's the new fact-checker."

"Yes chief. I'll show you where to get settled." Jimmy led Andrew around the office, introducing him to everyone before setting him up with a desk. There was just one problem as far as Andrew could see... why were all the computers so old? Well he'd wait a bit before pointing it out, he didn't want to upset people on his first day. Humming happily to himself he got to work.

When they all arrived back at the hotel almost everyone seemed to have good news. Giles had found a house big enough for them all with only two to a room. As they had decided on the slayers only looking for part-time work Buffy had got a job as a fitness instructor at the local gym, Faith was teaching self-defence, most of the mini-slayers had got work in bookshops or cafes and the others hoped to hear back soon (Metropolis seemed a surprisingly easy place to get a job), Dawn was working at the Library, even Willow had applied for a job between magicking the bank into giving them a mortgage and finding a place to buy and was looking forward to interviewing with Lex Luthor himself the next day. They were all chattering away happily when the slayers sat up for a second, exchanged a look and headed for the door, with everyone else except Xander, who didn't seem to respond to much these days, and Giles, who was used to taking a back seat and wanted to keep an eye on the boy, following after. There in an alley, only a few streets down from the hotel, a group of thieves were stealing some woman's purse. There hadn't been many muggers in Sunnydale as the vampires usually ate them, but a person being attacked was still a person being attacked.

"Go easy, we just want them unconscious." Buffy warned the slayers as they blocked the alleyway. "I suggest you let the woman go."

Jimmy appeared beside Andrew, he'd also heard the screams from his apartment nearby.

"Jimmy stay back." Andrew whispered, he didn't want his first new work friend getting hurt. He wasn't sure how he'd explain it when the slayers started kicking butt, even in kung-fu movies nobody really moved like a slayer, it would be clear something was different about them. That was when a blue blur from the sky turned into a man standing at the far end of the alleyway, was he wearing spandex? "Wow..."

"Weird..." Dawn muttered from beside them.

"If you think that's weird, at one point we had some thieves running round in suits that made them invisible." Jimmy turned to face the attractive girl next to him. Dawn decided to ignore how little that phased her and instead commented to Andrew on the far side of Jimmy as they watched Superman disable the thieves even quicker than the slayers would have, and with significantly less bruising.

"He runs around in blue and red spandex. Skin tight spandex. You *don't* think he's a know..."

"God I hope so... I mean... a little what Dawn?"

"Dawn, that's a lovely name, so full of hope and stuff." Jimmy commented awkwardly, not sure he quite understood what the conversation was about.

"Thanks." She shot a strange look at Andrew before holding her hand out to Jimmy. "Dawn Summers, and you are?"

"Jimmy Olsen, I work at the Daily Planet, I was showing Andrew around earlier."

"Right well, spandexman over there seems to have everything under control, shall we head back to the hotel?"

"You mean Superman? And you're living in a hotel?"

"Only for a few more days, you can come join us if you want, we were about to have dinner." Dawn invited.

"Dinner, oh goodness, I need to go sort that..." Andrew ran off with one final ogle at the superhero.

The next day Jimmy headed into work with a light heart and a bouncy step, stopping off to get Andrew on the way there so they could walk together, although he was a little disappointed that Dawn was still asleep so he couldn't say hello. As they went through the front doors they bumped into Lois and Clark, literally, spilling Lois's coffee all over her.

"Oh just great, this is my favourite blouse, I hope it doesn't stain."

"I'm so sorry, I hope it comes out, it should do, I mean the girls are always getting stuff all over their clothes and I always get them clean, which believe me is not easy with all the bl...ueberry juice stains." Andrew blathered.

"It's ok, who is this Jimmy?" Lois asked.

"This is Andrew the new fact checker." Andrew stared wide eyed at Clark as Jimmy gave him a weird look and continued the introductions. "And this is Lois Lane and Clark Kent, our star reporting team, they were busy yesterday so I couldn't introduce you."

"I saw you last night." Andrew said to Clark, making him even more concerned by the look Andrew was giving him. "You were amazing, fighting those robbers... wasn't he Jimmy?"

"What? That was Superman..."

"Superman? I think your fact checker friend might need his eyes checked, Clark looks nothing like Superman." Lois replied scathingly

"Right... right... your secret's safe with me." Andrew nudged Clark and hurried off with a slightly crazed look in his eyes.

"Well that was weird..." Jimmy shrugged and went to follow his friend. "You know, actually, now I think about it you do kinda look a bit similar..." Lois mused.

"Well... I have been meaning to tell you for a while now... but... I am Superman."

"What? You're...?" Clark cut her off by motioning that Andrew was approaching again...

"I don't want to bother you... again... but are you free tonight, Dawn's suggested I invite a few friends over from work, I think she likes Jimmy, and I wondered if maybe you'd want to come too?" He looked hopefully at Clark, all signs of a crush clear on his face, making both Lois and Clark feel incredibly uncomfortable...

"Thanks that sounds lovely... but... err..."

"We've got plans." Lois cut in. "For a very long talk."


The crossover is with Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman.

The pairing should be Dawn/Jimmy (it's really more of a pre-pairing but I tried to put a bit of potential there)

Must include:
-- Jimmy can't find out about what goes bump in the night, though there can be some 'near misses'. (check)
-- Lois getting into an accident with something 'staining' such as red wine, ink, spaghetti sauce, etc.
-- Token mention of Lex Luthor, if not an all out appearance in the fic. (check)
-- The line: "If you think that's weird..." spoken by one of the Metropolis crew, followed by an anecdote that Dawn and/or Scoobies doesn't think is weird at all. (check)
-- The line - "He runs around in blue and red spandex. Skin tight spandex. You *don't* think he's a know..." (check)

-- A Lois revelation that Clark is, in fact, Superman. (check)
-- None of the Scoobies being fooled by Clark's 'disguise' once they really get a good look at the Man of Steel. (Checkish, only had one Scooby see both)
-- Some mention of any Smallville episode and/or character such as Chloe, Gabe, Nell, Whitney, etc. (not gonna happen, as far as I'm concerned Smallville is a revamp not a prequel, kinda like the new star trek film)
-- Xander making some crack about Jimmy taking inappropriate photographs. (I so wanted to put this in but I couldn't see how)

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn and the photographer.". This story is complete.

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