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Buffy's turn to be Dawn.

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Summary: After jumping through the portal Buffy ends up being the little sister, and the key, 500 years in the future.

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: JayneAdrastaSangFR181010,43887326,0489 Dec 0926 Oct 10No


Disclaimer: If you recognise it it belongs to Joss Whedon, I'm not going to repeat myself every chapter.

She was floating in green light, as voices spoke around her, but she didn't think they knew she could hear them.

"She's breaking all the rules, it was supposed to be the Key that jumped, how about we just send her back a moment before she jumps over and over again until she lets the Key jump."

"We can't do that, removing free will is definitely against the rules, and really she didn't break them, she found a loophole, I suggest we do the same. There's no need both girls dying, I say we close the portals."

"But she's not really the Key...."

"Look, we can sit here for an age debating before we allow time to move on, or we can just say that the blood was the Key, and as both their blood was the same, essentially the Key DID close the portals..."

"But there can't be two Keys."

"Well, as I said the blood was the Key, it just happened to BE in both of them, the girl Dawn was just a vessel for the blood, not really a Key... I think we can spin it enough to get away with it on this one, but obviously we need to transform the Key again... so I say we leave the girl Dawn, and give this Buffy a choice, she can be the Key if she wants, and if we ever put the Key in human form again she'll get to keep this one, give or take a few years and maybe a tweak if she needs it to fit the back story... same mind, two sets of memories, I think it'll be a good deal for her if we ask..."

"But she's the slayer... we can't just get rid of the slayer, and even if we did would she still be the slayer when she was back in this form?"

"She's already died once, and had a successor called, I think we can call that returning things to how they were, and as being a slayer is part of how and who she is now, I think we can turn a blind spot on that front, although we'll not put it in the back story, it'll be like she's just been called."

"I'll do it." Buffy forced the words out.

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