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Ask And You Shall Receive

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Fan Art

Summary: Gift art for Christmas 2010.

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Multiple Crossings > Fanart(Past Donor)PaxFR13163026219 Dec 099 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer: None if the images used for this fanart are mine. No infringement intended. No profit being made.
A/N.: FaithUnbreakable was generous enough to write a Christmas gift ficlet and I felt inspired, so would like to return Christmas cheer in gift fanart. She requested Buffy/Eric Northman, possibly dark and that blends properly. I hope that especially the last part is accomplished. Alexander Skarsgard needs to get on to his people to book him photoshoots. Sharpish. Same for HBO!

Fleur Du Mal

The End

You have reached the end of "Ask And You Shall Receive". This story is complete.

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