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In Time For The Tea Party

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Summary: Hatter's always had bad luck. He just never realized how much. (An Alice story)

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Television > AliceziliFR1332,423031,8109 Dec 0911 Dec 09No

Would You Like Something To Eat

Hatter didn't have an easy time getting his new shop together. At first he thought he could just disappear in the background again. But everywhere he went, a few days later he see a couple of suits nearby or worse he'd see March. For some unknown reason to Hatter, Mad March had taken a keen interest in him.

So he started gathering things he'd need. He decided to use the spot where March had found him to set up shop. It took him about a month before it was ready. He even named it Tea House after the shop that the Rabbits had shut down. Then he sent out Doormouse with free samples and the message to come to the Tea House for more.

It didn't take long for the Tea House to be filled, with people screaming for emotions. He let Doormouse take care of it for the most part while he stayed in the background of this business. Not that it helped him much.

He was wandering through the city when he was grabbed and thrown close to the edge. Two young emaciated men held him to the ground while an older man trained a gun on his face. Hatter didn't struggle, “Calm down fellows.”

“You run the Tea House.” The older man said. “How do you get the elixirs?”

“If I tell you what will you do for me?” Hatter asked.

“How about we don't kill you?” One of the men responded.

“I've got people to do that if I do tell. If you really want some elixirs, you've got to come to the shop. Tomorrow's a good day, we get new supplies in the morning. Though you fellows look like you could do with some food rather than emotions.” Hatter said slowly waiting to see if the men got the hint. The older man was the first to nod. He gestured to the men and the three quickly disappeared into one of the buildings. Hatter laid still for a moment. Just as he was about to get up he felt himself being pushed over the edge. He slammed his right hand into concrete. The ground crumbled under his fist and he had a handhold.

“Ain't that an interesting trick.” Hatter gave an inward groan. March must have been following him again. Which meant that he was killing time because the Queen hadn't given him anyone to kill recently. Hatter pulled himself back up and stood quickly. He tried to walk around March but his arm was grabbed. “The Queen's been asking about you.”

“After five months, the Queen's asking about me?” Hatter sounded skeptical. He had hoped that the Queen had forgotten about him. He had seen the effect of the emotions on the people of Wonderland. Before everyone had been whispering about resistances and overthrowing, now people were just screaming for their next high. He had hoped that was all the Queen wanted out of him. He only kept the shop because in times like these it was the only certain income.

“Who were they?” March asked.

“No idea. Can I go?” Hatter tried to pull away.

“Looked Resistance.” March threw a knife in the direction the men had run. There was a loud scream. He ignored the sound, staring at Hatter. “Suppose to kill any that I see. Good for moral. You see any more of them let me know.” After a second he let go, walking towards the sound of the scream that was still high in the air.

“What of the Queen?”

March shrugged, “What about her?” Then he was gone as well.

Hatter did the only thing he could. He ran, back to his shop, where the only screams he heard were for elixirs. He gathered some of the food he had in the back into a pack. Then he prepared to wait, it would be a long one.

That morning when the suits dropped off the shipment of emotions, in the windows of dark buildings Hatter saw movement. He grabbed Doormouse. “Take this pack to that building over there. Leave it near the entrance. Make a bit of noise, not a lot, and then get the hell out of there.” Doormouse nodded.
The men finished loading the supplies into the shop and strode to the scarab while a ten of spades was walking towards him.

“Mad March was suppose to talk to you. However he got a tip about Cheshire so no one can find him. What have you found out about the Resistance?” The Ten asked.

“The Resistance, I haven't heard much about them. I don't think there's much left to them.” Hatter watched Doormouse slip back into the shop out of the corner of his eye. “If there is anything left to them, they're all probably starving like everyone else in this city.”

“Hmmm,” the Ten frowned, “I think that's good news.”

Hatter shrugged. “That's all I've got.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "In Time For The Tea Party" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Dec 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking