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The Jewelled Bikini Revelation.

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Summary: What did Cordy do when she returned from Pylea with the worlds most expensive bikini?

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Movies > High School MusicalAdrastaSangFR71273041,3329 Dec 099 Dec 09Yes
This is in response to the Jewelled bikini challenge, as usual I don't own these things, in this case not even the plot bunny :P

Whatever happened to Cordy's jeweled bikini? She was still wearing it when they returned from Pylea at the end of Season 2. Did she turn it over to Angel and Wesley to use as petty cash? Did she sell it on the black market (or eBay) and go on a shopping spree? Did she hide it under the floor of her apartment for a rainy day?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Sharpay couldn't believe her luck, the PERFECT bikini for the summer, Troy would HAVE to pay attention to her in this, it was one of a kind, and though it wasn't designer label she could see the skill of whoever had designed it. She quickly clicked the buy it now feature on e-bay, eager to snap it up before anyone else could. This summer was going to be FABULOUS, she could just feel it.

Cordelia sighs, putting the bikini in a box to post to the winning bidder... it had only taken five minutes, she still had another ten before she needed to leave to meet Angel at Dunne point, plenty of time to drop it off in a post box on the way. The money, and it had been a LOT, would go to her parents, perhaps it might help them dig their way out of the financial hole they were still in after the business with the tax people.


Just a teeny drabble, but I'm trying to get a few of the unanswered challenges answered....

The End

You have reached the end of "The Jewelled Bikini Revelation.". This story is complete.

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