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A Watcher's Watched Something on the Side...

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Summary: Answer to a challenge (I'll put the challenge at the end of the fic). The Scoobies find something unusual at the old Watcher Council Headquarters...

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Harry Potter > General > HumorAdrastaSangFR181576141,98910 Dec 0910 Dec 09Yes
I don't own Buffy or Harry Potter, if I did I think I might not be able to resist actually publishing this plot bunny on the blog that everyone would read (because I would be the owner of Buffy and Harry Potter), of course in this alternate universe it would probably be a much better drabble. However as none of that is so, here is what I actually came up with.

After the destruction of Sunnydale, and all the damage that had been done around the world, the reconstruction had to begin somewhere. Buffy and Giles decided that the best place to start had to be with the Old Watchers Council Headquarters, after all most of the books were kept deep underground in hidden stores... unfortunately with the surface destroyed it took a good few hours with Xander directing the digging crew, and lots of body-bags (after all there had been people inside, and being out of the way on it's own estate nobody had come to clear up, or mount a rescue). Buffy insisted on keeping Dawn back, with Andrew and most of the younger slayers, she didn't want them exposed to any more than they already had been.

When they finally got down to the cellars, Buffy gave each room the all clear before letting the "research squad" in. They spread out amongst the boxes, when Dawn pulled out a box of back up copies of the watcher diaries, it was covered in dust, but now that the originals had all been destroyed a complete set to work from would be invaluable, it looked like it hadn't been opened in years, but strangely the handles were relatively clean, and a scuffed patch in front of the box made it look like this had been moved frequently. That was when Dawn saw the smaller box behind the large one, in a recess. Curious she pulled it out, and realised she had found a watcher's porn stash...

"Xander!" She called out, wanting to share the joke, when suddenly she dropped the magazine in her hand with a squeal.

"Are you ok?" Xander asked hurrying over.

"Dawn?" Buffy ran in from the next room, looking around for any potential danger...

"The pictures are moving, ewwwww, that guy just..." Xander looked down at the picture of a slightly too happy guy standing in front of a kneeling girl, one who had just got a rather messy face...

"So that's where he hid it." Giles muttered, making everyone turn to him with shocked looks on their faces. "Oh, I just... " He sighed. "It's wizard porn, when I was in training to be a watcher my room mate was a squib... that's a child of a witch and wizard that is somehow not able to do magic, he decided to become a watcher instead... I always wondered where he hid that lot... Shame about poor Victor though, he was killed by a vampire on his first field assignment..."

"I'll put this lot somewhere safe shall I?" Xander asked with a mischievous look in his eye.

"Yes, well..." Giles polished his glasses in his Gilesy way. "Anyway, we should probably get back to work."

A.N. This is a response to XanLickquidluv's Spring Cleaning uncovers Wizard-Porn challenge. Another old unanswered challenge (in this case from '06 though it has been updated more recently) down, only a few dozen more to go... Go on, do your bit, adopt a plot bunny today!

The End

You have reached the end of "A Watcher's Watched Something on the Side...". This story is complete.

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