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Drunken Escapade

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Double the trouble, double the fun, double the D". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Daniel takes his cousin and her slayer friends out hunting and find something unexpected. A sequel to Polaroid Memories.

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Supernatural > Oz-CenteredziliFR131901281,60212 Dec 0912 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Buffy or the Taco Bell packet quotes.

A/N: This is the third story following Diner Favors and Polaroid Memories, which I suggest you read first. Alright so I decided to do answer a random challenge while doing this story where I have to use five of the Taco Bell quotes in a story. I decided to use the following:
Ahh... we meet again.
At nights the sporks pick on me.
Help! I can't tell where I am. It's dark and I can hear laughing.
Eat me.
I collect straws.


Daniel was walking through a supposedly abandoned building. He was accompanied by four slayers, one of which was his cousin Jenny. The other three were her friends each with their own weird obsession and only one had the legitimate excuse of being crazy. There was a small nest of demons hiding in the building that the head watcher of Ohio had said was okay for Daniel and his slayers to clear out.

There wasn't much for him to do. The girls had the demons covered. In fact the only screams he heard were the demons'. The girls were all laughing. Daniel was just poking around seeing if there was anything interesting. So far nothing. Although these types of demons were known for sacrificing college students. No one had figured out why college students yet. Although Daniel did have a theory, mostly having to do with alcohol they consumed. He walked past a closed room with a decapitated demon head in front of it. That's when he heard it. Somebody was trying to whisper. Only they were failing and slurring badly. Daniel just caught the tail end of the sentence.

“Help! I can't tell where I am. It's dark and I can hear laughing.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow at that. It probably wasn't a demon saying that. He started trying to open the door but something was keeping it closed. He grunted as he tried shoving it. “Jenny!” Daniel shouted.

His cousin and her three friends popped up within seconds. Each of them covered in blue blood but still laughing their heads off. The only spotless article among them was Jenny's camera. “Whatcha need?”

Daniel nodded his head, “Door's stuck.”

Two of the girls, Trish and Issa both kicked the door causing it to splinter in half. They ripped down the door of the walls backing off so that Daniel could enter the room. The girls quickly followed. A dead demon had been blocking the door.

There was a man chained by one ankle to the wall. He had his cellphone in one hand and a length of pipe in the other. He was leaning heavily against the wall, though he didn't appear to be injured. He looked up at them, he swayed a bit before swearing. “Son of a bitch. Slayers, every single time.”

Jenny flashed her camera making him swear again. But she smiled. “Ahh... we meet again. If it isn't Dean Winchester. The extremely delicious dish that likes my cousin.”

Trish paused in midstep, “Wait you're cousin's gay?”

“I thought he dated Willow.” Issa said.

“Yeah but Willow's gay now isn't she?” Jenny said slowly.

“Maybe it's contagious.” Trish spoke thoughtfully.

Daniel had been ignoring them in favor for trying to get the chain off Dean's ankle. However the taller man wasn't helping by trying to stand on one leg and shouting into his phone. Finally Dean fell onto his ass. “A little help...”

Trish and Issa looked over at the two men with a weary expression. “We can draw straws for it.” Trish said after a moment. She pulled about eight straws out of her pocket.

“Why do you have those?” Issa asked with a raised eyebrow.

“What? I collect straws.”


“Back up spitball shooters.”

Jenny ignored her friends and ripped the chain holding Dean to the wall. Daniel was trying to get him into a sitting position and take the phone. She rolled her eyes and snatched the phone out of his hands. “Hello?” She turned away from the men to watch her last slayer friend scour the edges of the room that were filled with boxes.

“Who is this?” A worried male voice came over the phone.

“This is Jenny. Who's this?”

“Jenny?” There was a pause. “The girl with the camera. From the campsite? Daniel's cousin? This is Sam, Dean's brother. Is he okay?”

Jenny smiled widely. “Oh yeah, don't worry about him Sammy. He's fine. He's just,” She turned back around and her jaw dropped a little. “a little drunk and currently trying to eat my cousin's face.”

Dean took a breath to say, “Eat me.” before going back to Daniel.

“I'm a little worried. Who was he talking to?” Issa said while blocking the men from her view with a hand.

Sam made a small exasperated sound, “Where are you?” Jenny rattled off the address and Sam quickly hung up after saying, “I'll be there in ten.”

The three girls were trying to look anywhere but the two men. Daniel was trying to disentangle himself from Dean. Then they all turned at a loud scream and crash. The fourth girl was destroying box after box of some sort of utensils. Once the boxes were destroyed, she began stomping on each individual utensil. After a few seconds she realized everyone was staring at her.

“You alright Dana?” Daniel asked as he finally managed to pull Dean to his feet.

Dana looked down, glaring at the floor. “At the night the sporks pick on me.”

Dean looked at Dana with a strange look on his face. “Well then make sure you beat up every one of those sons of bitches. I'm just going to pass out now.” Then he crashed to the ground.



The End

You have reached the end of "Drunken Escapade". This story is complete.

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