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This story is No. 1 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith comes home

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheShulikFR13510,82342413,54813 Dec 0917 Dec 09Yes


Disclaimer: Universal Pictures and Rob Cohen own the Fast and Furious franchise.
Whedon and Kuzui Enterprises are responsible for the Buffyverse which includes the lovely Faith.

A/N: I have too many plot bunnies in my head. This particular story will have four chapters and will cover the first film. Brian's just integrated himself into the Toretto family.

Pairing this chapter: Brian/Mia

Please, please review! xoxo

Faith stands outside of her old house, hair on her shoulders in a thick blanket that looks almost like a fuck you to the crackling heat. She knows that any normal woman would probably put hair as long as hers into a ponytail or just hell, cut it off. Faith doesn’t, it’s one of the many things that remind her of her childhood.

She leans on the bike that she came on, it’s gleaming red surface matches her nails and lipstick. She’s so nervous that she’s gone back to her high school make up, pile that shit on until the cowering girl underneath doesn’t fear the world anymore.

Are they still here? Do they still live at the old house? Mia, Dom, Vince? She sees the cars on the driveway and a hint of a barbecue table in the back. A small smile comes on her face, the house looks exactly as it did when she used to live here. She’s almost expecting her dad to come bellowing out of the front door, mock angry that she and Mia have gotten into another splash fight instead of washing his car. Dom would of course be smirking behind their father, a new trend of shaving his hair at fifteen making him look much more dangerous than either of his sisters. He’s a big teddy bear though. At least until poppa gets killed and she and Mia are dragged off to foster care.


Dom goes to jail and she and her sister are taken in by the Walkers, nice couple. They have a few other foster kids living with them, they feed the kids okay, they don’t mind when they get in scrapes between each other.

And then, Mr. Walker starts eyeing up the pretty Toretto twins. Mia is the taller one, all willowy dark elegance while Faith is still short, tomboyish. Faith’s hair is lighter, a chestnut color that shines red in the sun. Mia has their mom’s looks through and through, dark brown eyes and straight black hair that she keeps in a ponytail. Out of the three of them, Dom looks like poppa, Cuban looks with an LA mentality. Faith is a mix of both her parents.

The night that Mr.Walker finally makes his choice, it’s Faith that interrupts her sister from getting raped. He walks off with a calm smile and words of disbelief that they would risk reporting him. After all, the LA child welfare system is notorious for splitting up siblings after the age of thirteen. They huddle in the corner of the room while Faith tries frantically to find their brother. Dom will know what to do, Dom *always* knows what to do. They don’t find him, instead it’s a drunk girl that answers their house phone.

Everything is quiet for the next month and a half, and then, on a Tuesday night when Mrs. Walker is out playing bridge with her friends, Mr. Walker decides to go through with what he started before. He locks Faith in the bathroom, her kicking and screaming body twisting and jerking in his hands, Mia trying to drag him away from her sister. As she screams and bangs on the door, Mr.Walker proceeds to pin Mia down, with one hand muffling her yells he yanks down her bright blue shorts. Mia is sobbing as he unzips himself and leers down at her, terrified and in shock at what’s about to happen. Again, it’s Faith that saves her. This is the first time that she uses her Potential strength. Barelling out of the bathroom in her Winnie the Pooh nightgown she hits Mr. Walker with a baseball bat she finds lying near the bed. She hits him again and again as girlish screams of rage and fear pierce the air while her twin lies on the ground with sobs marking her pretty face into a bright red.

They both run away from the Walker house that night, packing up what few belongings they have and taking the would be rapist’s cash. They spend the next week and a half on the run, continuously wary of police and watching for their faces to be announced on the news. They never are though, so Mr.Walker must have survived.

Week three begins with Mia telling Faith that they need to find Dom, they need to reunite with their brother. This is the first big fight the twins have and it ends with them going in opposite directions. Faith gets on the first bus available, leaving for Boston and Mia leaves to find Vince and hopefully her older brother through him. Faith can’t forgive Dom for not being there when his little sisters need him, and Faith can’t forget the blood that she is sure is still staining her fourteen year old fingers.

-End Flashback-

Fuck this, she’s a slayer, girl chosen to guard the earth against the worst minions of hell. Faith pushes off her bike and begins her walk up the pathway to the door, the house is pretty well maintained despite the atmosphere of untidiness. It looks lived in, homey.

She licks her lips in what her mind screams at her to be nervous anticipation and rings the doorbell.

There’s a bounding of steps, too light to be a man’s and then the door swings open. And holy shit, it’s like she’s never left. She’s still looking her fourteen year old sister in the eyes, trying to calm her down after her crying fit in that dark house on the outskirts of LA. Except this Mia’s grown up, still girly as fuck though, a white dress with pink flowers almost mocks Faith’s own getup- black jeans and white wifebeater and heavy motorcycle boots. Absently Faith notes that her sister still wears her hair in a high ponytail before the door slams as Mia jumps on her, pulling her long lost twin into a hug. And then she’s crying, sobs wracking her skinny body, arms still tight around Faith whose eyes are leaking fat, silent tears of love and pain and relief.

Sisters are not meant to be apart, twins especially Faith thinks as she and Mia almost mold into each other in an effort to get over the pain that’s been killing them for almost a decade. Every nightmare that the other would die and her twin would never know, every fear, every birthday spent alone instead of together, every word said into silence in the hopes of the universe taking it to her sister. It all gets washed out in a torrent of tears that Faith has kept inside for the last ten years. Mia is a loud crier, she always has been the more emotional twin. Her sobs are heartbreaking in their relieved intensity, Faith’s sobs are silent but they shake the two of them until they are an impossibly united entity. The two halves of the Toretto Twins are whole again.

Brian walks to the front of the house from the back where Dom has him working on a car, he wants to see where Mia has gone to. He knows that he’s in deep shit, he’s gotten too close to the Toretto siblings. Rough and tumble Dom whose eyes always hold a bit of guilt, he is the King and this is his makeshift kingdom that Brian is about to take down from the inside. Mia is a whole other story; gentle, beautiful she makes sure that they don’t all starve to death or kill each other in a fit of post-race adrenaline. Brian’s halfway to hell because he’s fully in love with her.

He frowns as he nears the door, he thinks that he can hear Mia crying outside. Brian’s running out into the front yard before his eyes comprehend the picture he’s seeing. Mia is hugging a strange girl so tightly, their embrace looks like it’s cutting off the circulation in both girls’ bodies. The new girl is just a bit shorter than Mia, curvier, more stacked. He leaves them silently as he goes back to look for Dom, Brian knows his history lessons real well. The King must be aware of his subjects at all times.

Gradually their crying subsides into soft sniffles and watery hiccups, they’re just silently rocking each other. Still standing, probably looking like damn fools to half the neighborhood. Faith’s almost tempted to peek at the house next to theirs and see if nosy old Mrs. Rodriguez is peeking through her ratty curtains.

“Mia!” a bellow pierces the air.

Faith snorts and pulls back to look at her sister’s smiling, tear stained face.

“Is that Dom? He sounds like a fucking bear,” she asks and Mia nods, chuckling at what her brother’s reaction will be.

The front door bangs open as Dom storm outside “Mia what the fu-?”

His eyes widen comically at the sight of Faith, arms still entwined around her twin sister, goofy grin splitting Mia’s face in half. He’s silent as he looks at the little sister he lost, the one he couldn’t save.

Faith raises a very amused eyebrow as she looks her brother over “damn D, you’ve sure been eating your Wheaties, cause gotta tell ya man.” She grins, “you’re a fucking house.”

There is a small crowd gathered in the yard at that moment, anyone who considers themselves as family is watching.

At Faith’s joke a skinny, stuttering kid steps up to Dom, gaze angry as he glared at the stranger who’s laughing at his hero.
“Dom you can’t just let her fucking disrespect you like that!”

Almost absently Dom snaps at him “shut your gob Jesse. She’s my little sister.”

There is a collective silence as everyone tries to process what the big man has just said.

Faith just tightens her hold on Mia and winks saucily at the gaping kid, “Faith Toretto at ya service.” He’s younger than Dawn and Faith can see how starstruck he is by her big brother. She feels a small tinge of childish glee that he’s *her* brother, hers and Mia’s. They’re the only ones here that have the exact same blood running in their veins.

Dom runs a hand on his bald head as he eyes Faith again to make sure that she’s not a hallucination brought on by his guilt driven mind finally snapping like a rubber band pulled too thin.

Faith squeezes Mia’s shoulder as she lets go of her sister and moves slowly to stand in front of her lost looking big brother. She’s cautious as she approaches him, years of reflexes make her stick her palms out like one would to a dangerous animal. Faith bites her upper lip in nervousness as she reaches out to gently touch a bicep the size of her head.

“It’s me Domi,” her old nickname for the big brother she used to follow around like a leashed puppy brings a sheen of moisture to his eyes. She whispers “I’m home” as he drags her into his rough embrace, the feel of him rock solid. Dom smells like poppa, like sweat, car oil, something metallic and a spicy undercurrent that’s just him. He’s smelled the same way since he started helping in the garage and Faith’s slayer senses are comforted by the familiarity.

Yeah, Faith Toretto is finally home.
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