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Knight's Forge

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Summary: One night while Xander is Slaying he finds something

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the forged ally

The forged ally

Disclaimer: see chapter 1.
It was three hours later and the warforged man was now repaired and it had cost Xander;he now was stuck with an ally whether he liked it or not. Buffy would try to slay him in an instant as a demon and Giles was currently looking for her.

“Xander, do you have allies in your war against the undead?” the warforged asked.

“Yes, just they aren't here at the moment.”Xander responded wheels spinning in his brain as he tried to figure out how to do the patrol-thing with a several hundred pound mass of metal and wood. I mean could vamps even feed on him? And it was a him right, not a her-forged right?

“Will I get to meet them?” the warforged asked.

“I'm not sure tin-man, the fact you're here means a lot of things. Some of them not good, it could mean someone is trying to attack us when we are scattered. They have a problem with things that aren't human. I mean one of my allies is a Demon Slayer and the other one, does research on our foes guided by our leader. Who is looking for our Demon Slayer because she had to take a temporary break from her duties here.” Xander said massaging his temples.

“Forty is my name, at least that is what the creators called me. I was the fortieth one to come out of the forge. I was in the service of Cyre when I fell through the portal.” The newly-named Forty said.

“Well, we'll do it this way. Tonight we patrol and we'll try to find out more. I have to talk to someone I haven't really talked to for years.” Xander said to Forty before he led him off to an unused shed behind his house. His father once was a handyman, before he had hit the bottle hard. Xander had learned how to use some of the tools. Even building some really bad furniture out of plans in the back of some magazine. Now since he had cleaned up the place a lot there was a spot for Forty.

“I'll have to keep you here for now until we can find a better place to shelter you during the day.
Feel free to experiment on some of the furniture with tools, it's not rated to hold your weight and is at best one of my first failures.” Xander said

“This will be good for me to practice on so I can learn to repair myself a little.” Forty said.

Xander shut the door and Forty picked up a knife and started to try carving a crude figurine as he had seen Thirty-nine doing once.

Xander walked down to Andrew's house and knocked on the door, which was answered by a woman who definitely wasn't a homemaker. Mrs. Wells had moved to Sunnydale at the beginning of first grade enrolling Andrew in the grandeur of the Public School System.

Young Andrew was at best an outcast, especially since he showed up to school wearing suspenders,
Larry had mercilessly abused him ever since. Xander, Jesse and Andrew were guy friends until seventh grade when Jesse had started fixating on Cordelia and Andrew had retreated into himself.

“Is Andrew here, Mrs. Wells?” Xander asked hoping the geek was home.

“Yes, he just got back from the store and he's reading his new book on Bunnies and Burrows or is it Ebber-what?Oh you want to speak to him? ANDREW YOU HAVE A VISITOR!” she said flipping her hair and arching a brow.

Mrs. Wells was a fortyish widow, her husband being killed by gangs on PCP in the seventh grade.
She had a penchant for feeding the vamp population with her infrequent stream of out-of-town suitors.

“Hi Xander, what do you want?” Andrew asked.

“Look, can we talk in private for a second Andrew? I have something that kind of needs your expertise.” Xander said.

“What is it a book report? We don't have one due for two months in English.” Andrew said.
“Nope, something you have more expertise in.” Xander said.

Intrigued, Andrew waved him in. Together they trooped up to what Andrew called the wizard's tower .
Arrayed on three bookshelves were various D&D books stretching all the way back to the original blue box set.
“Andrew, I know you are the most observant person in the school and thus know, what's going on around town.”
“You mean the vampiric infestation? And that Buffy Summers fights them? Yeah.” Andrew said nonchalantly.
“Well, both Buffy and Willow are out of town and I'm kinda picking up the slack.” Xander began.
“What on a secret mission to destroy the vampiric master?” Andrew asked clearly excited.
“Nope, that was freshman year.”Xander stated.
“To stop a demon from bringing Hell to Earth?” Andrew asked just a little put off.
“Done that. What is going on is they are on a secret mission so classified they had to go as soon as school ended. I now have something from Eberron here and need to know if it's arrival could be a sign of something worse to come.” Xander said.

“Depends, if it's from Eberron, then things are relatively tame. It means that Eberron is coterminous with us for a certain period of time ranging from months to years. After that, it could be anything from Daanvi, a Law Realm to Xoriat, the Realm of Madness.” Andrew said.

“Ok, so this cotermy- thingy means what?” Xander asked.

“Coterminous. Andrew corrected. It means that there are more dimensional weaknesses between Eberron and Earth. However, there is a war going on there from what you said and in about 100 years their time there is going to be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb accident. Cyre will be wiped out, unfortunately, their time seems to be a year there to a minute here.”

“Will this nuclear bomb accident cause trouble here?” Xander asks Andrew.

“No, not much since it should be waning and some other plane should be waxing.” Andrew said.

A/N: Well here's chapter 2 of the Knight's forge. Doubtful of an update before Christmas.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Knight's Forge" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Dec 09.

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