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Knight's Forge

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Summary: One night while Xander is Slaying he finds something

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Chapter One

The Knight's Forge

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Eberron belongs to Wizards of the Coast.
A/N: I said I'd work on Warden Xander when RL became normal, but this story has been nagging to be written for a while. RL is not normal yet so hold off for book 2 of the Warden Xander series.

It was during the summer Buffy had ran away from the Hellmouth that Xander had an experience that made sure he stuck with the Good Fight. Willow's parents had dragged her off to a conference in Florida and Giles was off searching for his Slayer.

Xander was patrolling by himself which was ending up a zilch except for this weird portal thingy that appeared in a graveyard one night. That night was another slow one, netting a zilch and Xander was about to leave and go Bronzing when he saw this glowing orange pinprick of light behind a mausoleum.

It kept enlarging until Xander could see a pitched battle between an obviously evil wizard dude dressed in black who was even cackling as he threw bolts of fire from his hands and was directing skeletons against a group of men at arms and what looked like knights carved out of wood and steel.

Eventually, the evil wizard dude was stopped but not before one of those knights fell through the portal. Then the orange thing closed, even quicker than it had opened.

Xander was confused, should he try to move the guy? Maybe he should try to get the armor off and tend to some off his wounds? Xander looked at the guy he was six feet easy, all of it had to be muscle unless the wood helped out a lot more.

Suddenly the thing spoke in a deep voice; “Fleshthing, where in Khorvaire am I?”

Xander was now even more confused. “Khorvaire? Never heard of it. You're in SoCal, in the USA.”

“USA? Is that on Xen'drik?”the thing rumbled interrogitavely.

“Well, let's get you patched up. Can you stand?” Xander asked.

“Yes, repair is good. Are you an artificer or magewright?” the thing rumbled.

“No, but I know a good smith.” Xander started helping the thing over to Allison's. Allison was another girl he knew that had survived on the Hellmouth since kindergarten, her father was one of California's few remaining bladesmiths. It helped that she was a geek, like Willow and was learning to be a bladesmith from her dad.

They stopped at her garage door where her forge was. It had a table where she had some of her work mostly hammers and swords.

Alli as she liked to be known, was banging on a piece of metal with her forge hammer.

She heard them after Xander yelled for her the third time.

“Hey, Xander. Nice re-enactment suit, need a fix for it?” She said brushing her dirty blonde hair behind her.
“Well, Alli can I let you in on a secret?” Xander said hoping she wouldn't call him crazy

“Sure, I can keep a secret, you can tell me anything.” Alli said perching her goggles on her forehead.

“Well, you know why this town has a problem with gangs on PCP and there are a large number of deaths by barbecue fork?” Xander said.

“People are stupid? Xander c'mon tell me already. You can't tell a person you have a secret and not tell them!” Alli said hanging her hammer by her waist.

“Well, the supernatural is real.” Xander blurted out.

“That's all? Geez, I figured that out when a sword I made got glowy.” Alli said.

“And this is not a suit. It's a guy and he needs you to repair him.” Xander said.

“Xander, c'mon he can't just lay down on my forge and just be fixed! Take him to a hospital! I can fix armor, but I can't fix a sucking chest wound!” Alli said reaching for the portable phone near her forge.

“It's true magewright, I'm wood and metal and I need to be repaired.” the thing rumbled.

“Oh, like those warforged dudes Andrew Wells was talking about. I get it, uh I'll have to check what's broken first.” Alli walks over and starts looking.

“Hmmm, a half melted metal panel, a crushed joint and a bent sword; easy as pie to fix. That'll be at least three hours and Xander, it'll cost you, not much but it'll cost you.”

A/N:I think I've got another chapter at least demanding to be written. I need a name for the warforged, nothing of the warforged named in the Eberron books. Should Alli become a Scooby?
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