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The Third O'Neill

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Summary: During the events of 2010, someone appears that no one expected

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real FamilyKrysstiniaFR71111,3021011451,50314 Dec 0921 Apr 12No


Hey, all. Here's another chapter. Let me know what you think in a review.

Three of the four of the adults stared at her when she was done talking. “You still believe in all of that stuff?” Jack asked.

“I believe in ‘that stuff’ because it’s true,” Buffy said. “Ask Daniel about it.”

Jack and Sam rounded on Daniel. “You knew! You knew about her Slaying?” Sam said angrily.

“Yes, I did. I was the first person she told that believed her,” Daniel said, walking over to the couch and sitting beside Buffy, one arm around her shoulders. “She might not have lasted as long if I wasn’t there for her to talk to.”

“He’s the one that suggested I give Giles a chance. I didn’t want to get back into Slaying, but I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t have who I wanted as my Watcher, so I made do with the guy I had.”

“Buffy. She’s the one who’s been at the center of all your little side projects for the past year,” Sam said in realization.

Daniel nodded. “When Buffy told me that she was the Slayer, I got as many books about the subject as I could find. It wasn’t many, but it was enough to help out a little.”

“How are you progressing in your physical training?” It was the first question Teal’c asked, and Buffy shrank into herself a little.

“I’ve kept up with the Jaffa style a little, but have relapsed into a mixture of martial arts and street fighting,” Buffy said. “Giles liked that my combination of technique made it hard to predict my moves.”

Teal’c nodded. “You should spar with me so I can evaluate you and make suggestions.”

“I would be honored.”

Sam stared at Teal’c in disbelief. “You’re supporting this?”

“Buffy is going to fight these creatures, regardless of whether you want her to or not. We need to ensure that she will return alive. Therefore, while she is here, I will train her.”

“Thank you, Master Teal’c,” Buffy said, bowing at the waist from her seat on the couch.

“You can’t do this,” Jack said. “You can’t fight these things!”

“She doesn’t have a choice, Jack,” Daniel said. “There are stories about Slayers that refused their duties. They were killed. Would you rather have her alive and fighting, or dead because she chose not to?” Both Jack and Sam were speechless, neither knowing what to say.

Daniel sighed and got to his feet. “Buffy, come stay with me until they come around.”

Buffy stood up and picked up her duffel. Quietly, she followed Daniel out of the house. “What if they don’t?”

Daniel pulled Buffy close. He knew that Jack was going to have a hard time with this. He had lost his first born to gun violence, and had since been scarily protective of children. It went against everything in his belief system to have a sixteen year old girl fighting things that went bump in the night. Jack saw that as his job. The aliens that SGC saw on a daily basis were what Jack saw as the bad guys, not vampires, werewolves, and hundreds of species of demons. They went beyond his scope of understanding.

Sam, on the other hand, was a person who didn’t believe anything she didn’t see. The only time when she suspended that practice was in her lab on base. There wasn’t much room in her belief system for vampires and demons either, even though she saw and fought them earlier that week. She probably saw them as a new species of alien, and something to be studied. Of the two she was the less likely one to come around first, if at all.

Daniel was grateful for Teal’c’s support and his unwavering loyalty to those he cared about. He had noticed the way that the two interacted while Buffy was still on base. The older man treated the teen like a protege, and he stood by her side. Teal’c also had experiences with the other living beings of the galaxy, and knew aliens when he saw them. Vampires and the tentacle creature under the library weren’t aliens.

Daniel knew he would’ve had a hard time believing Buffy if he hadn’t already read legends of the Slayer before Buffy told him about her Calling. He might’ve learned to accept it as he researched the subject, but he was grateful that he didn’t have to. Buffy needed an ally, and since their talk in the hospital room, he had been that ally.

“You’ll always have me, Buffy. Even if your parents never come around, you’ll still have me. But Jack and Sam will come around. Give them a few days,” Daniel said. He stopped by his car. “Get in. I’ll be right back.”

Daniel grabbed a book from the back seat and headed back into the house. Jack and Sam were still in the living room, staring at the place where Buffy had been a few minutes before. “I know you don’t believe her, but take a look at this.” He handed the book to Jack. “It will explain a few things to you. It’s the book that I got some of my information from. When you’re done, call me and we’ll meet you somewhere.”

Jack looked at the cover. The title ‘Your Daughter’s A Slayer, Now What?’ looked back at him. “Take care of her.”

Daniel nodded. “I will. Don’t take to long. She needs to know you love her.”

Jack nodded and sat on the couch as Daniel walked back out the door. He began to read.


Buffy ended up staying with Daniel a week. He and Teal’c kept her busy honing her skills and learning more about what it meant to be a Slayer. It was the only thing that kept Buffy’s mind off of Jack and Sam.

Cassie had stopped by a few times and the girls went a shopping spree and see a movie, but most of the time they just talked. Cassie was the closest friend that Buffy had. She had grown up with Cassie as a babysitter and when she arrived in the past, they were closer in age. Both girls had unusual backgrounds, and they knew the other’s story. Spending time with Cassie helped Buffy feel less guilty about not telling Willow, Xander, Jesse, Giles, or Cordelia about where she came from, or about her parents.

Daniel walked into the living room where the two girls were talking. “Your father just stopped by, Buffy. He’s ready to see you.”

“You’re going to be fine, Buffy,” Cassie said, pulling the younger girl into a hug. “He came around. He still accepts you.”

Buffy nodded and wiped away stray tears when she pulled away from Cassie. “Thank you.”

“He’s right in here,” Daniel said, showing Buffy to the kitchen.

Jack and Sam were standing there, looking contrite. “I’m sorry I doubted you, Buffy,” Jack said. “The books Daniel had us read did a good job of helping us understand exactly what you go through. I might not be able to stop you from putting yourself in danger, but I can help you prepare for any situation you might find yourself in.”

Buffy felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders as Jack finished. She turned to Sam. “It’s better to help you with this then it is to hinder you. You have my support. I love you, Buffy.”

The Slayer pulled each of her parents into a hug. “Thank you. You have no idea what this means to me.”
“So, we’ve wasted a week, let’s not waste any more time. Change into your sweats and we’ll see what you’ve got so far.”

“You’re going down, old man!”

So? What did you think?

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Third O'Neill" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Apr 12.

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