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The Prince's Diaries

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Summary: Xander Harris is about to discover just why having foreknowledge of one's family is a very good idea. Xander's Real Family type story.

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Movies > Princess DiariesSithicusFR1334,56915714,34014 Dec 0910 May 10No

A Pauperish Prince

Author's Notes: Hello one and all, do forgive my absence from this tale, but I'm afraid I was kidnapped to Genovia and forced to drink tea with the Queen for eight months. LOL Ok seriously, I tried writing this thing up twice and it fell flat. So I finally just said, if it's no good I'm sure someone will let me know. Revelations are not quite there yet, I'm sure though once Xander finds out that he's a Prince there will be much refuting and nervous launghing and... Stuff. Maybe a fainting spell.

Be that as it may, I will try to work on another chapter to this soon and not leave you all hanging in the dark. Especially since this one is one of my uniquer attempts at a Xander's Real Familly story. That plus I just love the thought that all this time the normal one actually wasn't so normal. Just not in the mystical one girl to save the world kind of way or the bad arse wicca way. See he's got power, sure it's political, but that still counts. :D

On with the show.

To say Mia was nervous - was an understatement, the current Queen of Genovia was seated on her throne in the audience chamber waiting for a man to arrive. And it wasn’t Nicholas - who she still had a deep and passionate thing for - no. This was for a man who could very well be her half-brother, Crown Prince of Genovia rightful heir to the throne being first born to her late father, and a royal pain if he decided he wanted the job.

She liked being queen she didn’t want to give that up she didn’t even want to tell this Alexander about his heritage. Was she being selfish? Probably, but then again she was the first American to discover she actually had royal blood - she kind of liked being the unique one around here.

“Alexander LaVelle Harris, and Fiona Young!” the announcer cried out banging his staff on the hard marble floor in the process.

“They seriously have to announce us?” a young girl asked. She was fifteen or sixteen years of age with honey blonde hair violet hued eyes and a pale white skin tone.

“It’s a ceremony kind of thing,” the man Mia had been worrying over stated. In walked Alexander Harris. Mia was expecting a handsome man with perhaps a hint of her father in his appearance. What she got was something she hadn’t been expecting. “Your majesty,” Alexander greeted with a slight bow.

Mia stared. She tried not to, but she couldn’t help it.

“I told you not to wear that,” Fiona chastised softly.

“It was either this or my best Hawaiian shirt, and Willow ix-nayed the packing of said shirt, so this is what I’ve got,” Alexander shot back equally soft.

“Sorry, sorry,” Mia quickly apologized. “I just wasn’t expecting… Never mind, it’s not important. Welcome to Genovia,” she greeted with a warm and friendly smile. Doing her best to ignore the eye patch with the leather jacket ensemble her supposed half-brother was currently wearing, she couldn’t believe he’d come here looking like that. The shirt was ok for a prince, but the jacket just didn’t seem to fit and why was he wearing an eye patch?

“We’re pleased to be here, your majesty,” Alexander returned.

“Please, call me Mia,” she requested.

“I don’t think I can,” Alexander said with a sheepish grin.

“I guess you’re kind of nervous about meeting a queen,” Mia said, “don’t worry, it happens to everybody.” She smiled slightly.

“So, who’s this girl we’re here to give the speech to?” Fiona asked impatiently.

Mia frowned slightly. “I’m afraid she won’t be here for at least another day, her parents insisted that we - that is to say my grandmother and I, got to know you better. So as to personally vouch for you when they do arrive,” she explained.

“I see,” Alexander remarked a thoughtful expression in his lone eye. “Well, I guess the next logical question would be where do we sleep?”

“Guest rooms have been prepared for you,” Mia replied with a soft smile.

“Mia I understand our guests have arrived.” Clarisse paused in her entrance as she noticed the two ‘guests’ standing across from her granddaughter. She smiled and approached Alexander. “Welcome, welcome both of you,” she greeted taking Xander’s hand in hers and squeezing it.

Xander blinked slightly glancing between his hand and hers. “Uh… thank you.” He smiled slightly.

“This is my Grandmother Clarisse,” Mia introduced with a wary smile.

“Ah. Hello,” Xander said.

“Can we get to our rooms already?” Fiona demanded impatiently.

Xander shot the younger woman a glare. “You’ll have to forgive Fiona, air travel has a habit of making her… upset.”

Fiona shot a glare at Xander and rolled her eyes. “Whatever floats your boat,” she said.

“I’ve got to tell Faith to stop imparting words of wisdom to the baby Slayers,” Xander muttered to himself. “If you’ll direct us to our room we can freshen up for a proper meeting.”

“Of course,” Clarisse returned. “Mia why don’t you take Fiona to her room? I’d like to have a word with young Alexander here.” Her request was obviously more than that.

Mia gave a curt nod. “Well then. Shall we?”

Fiona shot her a look. She turned to Xander who indicated it was alright. “Lead the way Queenie.”

Xander almost allowed the true frustration he felt at being hand-selected by these royals out of the bag. On top of having to deal with all the stress that was going on he’d been saddled with Fiona. Fiona was a brat, plain and simple, she had an ego the size of Montana, an attitude to match plus she was taking Faith’s lesson of the bad girl approach way too to heart. If he’d had his choice in the matter he would have picked Dana, sure she was an unstable psycho who cut Spike’s hands off, but at least she was sociable.

Clarisse took this moment to study her grandson closely. He was dressed in an ensemble that definitely would not do should she choose to introduce him as Crown Prince of Genovia to the rest of parliament. The eye patch was an unexpected development – unlike her granddaughter she had recognized a scarring injury when she saw one – despite the absence of his eye not being very noticeable.

He was quite good at maintaining a level of calm assurance. That he was most likely compensating for one too many times being approached from his blind side… Well it was an interesting development. It also made her heart ache all the more knowing that her Grandson had been through something as traumatic as the loss of an eye.

The reason wasn’t important. It was just knowing that he’d suffered any level of pain to that extent.

“So…” Xander trailed off as he turned to the ex-queen, or the Queen Regent, or whatever Clarisse happened to be. He wasn’t up on all his royal etiquette and stations and stuff.

“Please would you like a seat?” Clarisse wondered indicating the throne.

Nervously side-stepping the now vacant chair Xander shook his head. “Far too tempting for something bad to happen, my luck… Not exactly good,” he spoke his tone disjointed and his message not quite clear.

Clarisse suspected he was keeping something from her, but at least he wasn’t arrogant. “It is my understanding that you have come highly recommended,” she remarked. “I had the good fortune to speak with Mister Giles after the preliminary dialogue was opened between our two organizations. He had… Very good things to say about you,” she remarked searching for a way to talk to her Grandson casually and also trying to learn more about this Watcher’s Council. They were extremely secretive; however she had a sneaking suspicion that there was more to it than what was on the surface. Call it Grandmotherly intuition.

“Uh… I guess that was while I was in transit,” Xander returned hesitantly. “Was there something more you were hoping I could help with?” he asked cautiously.

Smiling slightly Clarisse approached him and took his hand in hers yet again. “Look, let’s cut out the pretense here. I understand that you are doing something… That is to say your organization, is doing something that is rather on the delicate side, not many would offer any sort of advice in dealings with you. I even spoke to Queen Elisabeth, but she insisted that if I wished to learn all I wanted to know concerning the Watcher’s Council I should discuss it with their representative.” Clarisse smiled. “And that would be you.”

Xander hesitated only a fraction of a second, but it was enough. His smile was charming, but it was designed to bring ease. Something Clarisse could not have as long as she remained in the dark.

“I guess it’d make sense you’d want to know about us… Considering we might be called into your country now that… What was her name again?” Xander asked.

“Francesca,” Clarisse replied.

“Francesca, then, may become a target,” Xander revealed.

Clarisse froze for the barest hint of a moment with a look of pure shock on her face. “Would you mind repeating that?” she requested.

“Has your country ever had… Unusual deaths?” Xander asked.

Clarisse did not like having her questions answered by another question. Grasping Xander by the arm she forcibly stopped his nervous pacing and glared into his one eye. “There is something here that is keeping you from being truthful with me. Francesca will be targeted by whom? And what do unusual deaths have to do with anything?”

Xander let out a very large sigh. “Your Majesty, um, should I be calling you that?”

Clarisse nodded. “For now.”

Xander nodded absently. “What do you know about vampires?” he asked.

Clarisse eyed her grandson with a hint of uncertainty, but the conviction of his tone made her realize that he was being deadly serious. “We shall continue this discussion in my private chambers,” she decided beginning to lead Xander out of the audience chamber.

“But, why?” he wondered confused.

“I have a feeling we shall both need to sit down before this conversation is over,” Clarisse replied simply.

“Fair enough,” Xander said with a shrug. “Lead on,” he indicated she should continue.

Clarisse did not hesitate. All while she led the way through the palace her mind reeled with questions and misgivings. Could it be that she had made a mistake in attempting to reach out to yet another grandchild? She was certain that this question would not be so easily answered. However she would try to keep an open mind, even if her only grandson had been hopelessly brainwashed by some cult.

To Be Continued

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Prince's Diaries" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 May 10.

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