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The Prince's Diaries

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Summary: Xander Harris is about to discover just why having foreknowledge of one's family is a very good idea. Xander's Real Family type story.

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Movies > Princess DiariesSithicusFR1334,56915714,34014 Dec 0910 May 10No

Miracles Happen

Author's Notes: I am going to be working on my WIPs, and have plans to post a new chapter for one of them before December 25th, which one I'll let you just chomp at the bit waiting to find out. MWA-HA-HA! But anyway, after watching Princess Diaries 2 for the third time in my life, my muse was inspired to create something quite amusing.

Post S7 Buffy and Post Movie 2.

Disclaimer: All things Princess Diaries, or at least these versions of the characters belongs to Walt Disney Studios, based on the novel series written by Meg Cabot. All things Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon, and ME Productions respectively, I don't claim anything otherwise and hope you'll enjoy this new story.


It’s been twelve weeks since I officially became Queen of Genovia, everything seems to be going true to form, I haven’t caused any international incidents just yet, but that dinner with the Royal family nearly ended in disaster. Which, as we all know, is just something that could only happen to me.

Former Queen Clarisse, otherwise known as Grandma, has just received some news which she is less than eager to share with me. Her words, not mine, running a country isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but this queen is doing her job, and some might even say better than she intended.

Now I have to go see Grandma and Grandpa Joe, how weird is that? I hope this isn’t going to be another fiasco, all I need is a real royal upset three months in to the new job, and I’m nervous enough as it is.


Queen Mia made her way into her grandmother’s chambers, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but had her fingers crossed that she was only going to be told something unpleasant concerning one of the upcoming events that every queen of Genovia needed to attend. For ceremonies sake.

When she arrived, she found her grandmother and new grandfather discussing something in soft tones. They immediately ceased upon her entrance, eyeing each one carefully, she decided to get it over with. “Ok, what’s going on this time?” she asked, resigned to hearing whatever terrible, awful, depressing and off-the wall news that they had.

“I’m afraid that something has… Well, it’s not entirely easy to explain, even I’m having trouble wondering how it could even be possible,” former queen Clarisse stated.

“It is news concerning your father,” Joe informed.

“My father, what about my father?” Mia asked, her face broke into a nervous smile. “Don’t tell me he’s really not my father after all, not after everything I’ve been through the past five years.”

Clarisse shook her head. “Of course it’s nothing like that, no, it would appear that your father wasn’t as careful as he should have been prior to meeting with your mother. And after all, who can blame him, he was only a teenager at the time, barely a man.”

“Please, grandma, this isn’t one of those ‘I have a long-lost sibling’ kind of speeches is it?”

Joe cleared his throat carefully.

Mia stared at the two of them for eight seconds. “Shut-Up!”

Clarisse frowned slightly. “I do wish you’d stop using that expression, you know it is unbecoming of a queen of Genovia,” she remarked.

“Grandma, you’re telling me I have some half-sister or half-brother running around out there, and you expect me to take it calmly!” Mia exclaimed.

“Well there’s no point in shouting, Mia,” Clarisse reprimanded. “I was as surprised and disheartened as you are, if not more so, in fact. After all he was my son, and he never once spoke a word of it to me.”

Mia paused mid-step and eyed her grandmother carefully. “Then how can we trust that what you’ve been told is true?”

Clarisse frowned again. “The family resemblance is most uncanny, despite having different mothers, I dare say the young man could very well be who I’ve been told he is.”

“Does he know?” Mia asked.

“No,” Joe replied. “And we are uncertain as to how to approach the young man, at the moment we have managed to avoid allowing anyone foreknowledge of this, if the Viscount were to hear of this he might just use it as an attempt to acquire the throne again,” he added.

“Well, we can’t just leave him in the dark, the young man has a right to know, and he is in very real danger… If word of his existence and ties to the Genovian bloodline were to get out, certain enemies of the throne might choose to target him.”

Mia shot her grandmother a shocked look. “I have enemies now?”

“You didn’t think running a country would be devoid of such things did you?” Joe wondered.

“Political enemies are a staple of any country, being smaller than most we haven’t near the number as some countries, but certainly we do have one or two. And this young man is in very real danger if he is not made aware of the situation.” Clarisse began to pace.

“So, what, do you want me to send for him?” Mia wondered.

“Certainly not, that would put up a red flag to anyone watching.”

“If nobody besides us knows about this, who could possibly be watching?” Mia demanded.

“We’re not certain if our source let slip this information to anyone else,” Joe clarified.

Mia joined her grandmother in pacing. “How on Earth are we supposed to contact this guy, not to mention I don’t think he’ll take too kindly to being told he’s descended from royal blood, I know I didn’t react too well when it was just dropped out of the blue on me.”

“There is a possibility that would allow us to meet this gentleman, without exposing any of this information to the public,” Joe commented.

Both women eyed him expectantly. “How?” Clarisse wondered.

Joe smiled. “According to my personal sources, the young man in question is currently working for the IWC, and one of our oldest laws states, that if ever we have need of dealing with that audacious body of gentlemen. Well, then we are allowed to select the contact with which we are most comfortable with, to, discuss our needs.”

Mia and her grandmother shared curious looks. “Is there a pressing need to discuss matters with a member of the IWC?” Clarisse wondered. “From everything I can recall, they are a rather, aloof and secretive bunch of people.”

“As they are currently under new management, and I happen to know that a certain, individual, recently expressed concerns to her daughters growing troubled nature.” Joe paused. “Yes, I believe we have a, most pressing, need to speak with a member of the IWC.”

Clarisse and Mia both smiled. “Very well then, since it is the duty of the queen, to make any formal requests, I believe you have a telephone call to make,” Clarisse inferred.

“Right, um, what do I say exactly and who am I supposed to be asking for?” Mia wondered.

Joe picked up a letter. “One Alexander LaVelle Harris,” he informed.

To Be Continued
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