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BMRI: Reworked

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Summary: Xander's life takes an unexpected turn for the better and new pathways open to him.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetLucifaelFR21313,28351312,39615 Dec 0916 Dec 09No

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Chapter One

Chapter 01 - Into the Blood

Angel’s Mansion

There were many times in Xander’s life that he could remember waking up and not knowing where he was, this was one such occasion. The last thing he remembered clearly was Angel’s mocking face glaring down at him with malicious delight. That did not bode well for his future at all, but then Xander had always known that he would go out like this. However, this was not quite, what he was expecting. He had soft sheets at his back, bare back at that. He had once heard Spike say Angel was a poof, having found out what that was he was now worried Spike was not far off of the mark. He could feel an odd tightness on the skin of his stomach, as he had been scratched. More power to the Angel is a poof theory, dear god this WAS NOT what he had envisioned at all. He felt that he should probably open his eyes soon; after all, it was best to get on with it really.

A slap marked his face and roused him into full consciousness with ease, his eyes snapping open and glaring angrily. What he saw though was not Angelus in full YMCA regalia; thank god, it was Drusilla. She was dressed as was her norm, almost gothically aged dress, hair long and down her back, blue eyes twinkling with dark amusement.

Xander actually found Drusilla very attractive, but at that moment in time - not so much.

“Cheating Kittens who fake sleep don’t get their cream,” she told him, like it was obvious. It was obvious to Xander, obvious she was out of her mind. He did not even like cream all that much.

Another slap followed and she hissed at him, “Naughty Kitten; It’s rude to ignore people when they are speaking to you, you know.”

Xander just glared at her, he was not feeling quite so charitable towards the dark haired vampire right at that moment. He certainly did not have anything to add to the conversation, so he remained silent.

The slap that followed this transgression was a clawed hand and it took skin from his cheek. This time he really glared, if there was one thing Xander could do it was glare.

Drusilla actually backed away slightly, much to her own shock. There was something very primal about her Kitten; it was one of the many reasons she found him so alluring. That and the stars sung such pretty songs about his life to come. “You shouldn’t glare at Mummy, it upsets her so.”

Xander cocked an eyebrow, wondering if she would realise he did not give a shit.

“Please- Please talk to Mummy Kitten,” Drusilla said, her tone now one of a hurt young girl. It was the dichotomy of her existence, youth and a strange sort of innocence wrapped up in a one hundred and fifty year old vampire.

“What exactly am I gunna say?” Xander enquired thickly, since he had a slightly split lip.

Drusilla bounced happily and clapped her hands, “I knew you’d do it,” she exclaimed with a smile.

Xander frowned slightly, “Do what?”

“Talk to me, I knew you would. You’re not like the others; you have no fear, just fire.”

Xander cocked an eyebrow again, oddly accurate of her that was, “Why am I here and Where is Angelus?”

“Daddy gave you to Mummy, told me to look after you,” she told him in defiance of the facts. Well, it was true that he had said look after Xander, but as per usual, Drusilla twisted his words to match her own agenda. It was obvious that Angelus had forgotten the ways of dealing with Dru, also what had happened on Valentines day not long past. The male vampire had wanted Xander to die not by his hand, he did not want to give the young man the satisfaction, or the respect the act would have entailed. Spike had been off rolling around the mansion somewhere so that Angelus could not find him, which left him with only Dru to deal with the young man. That was more than fine with her, she had her own agenda and reasons for wanting to deal with her Kitten. More than anyone knew about, that was certain.

Xander had a feeling that he would not much enjoy being looked after as evidenced by the scratch marks on his body. He tried to move only to realise with some chagrin he was chained to the bed. He honestly had not noticed that earlier, he had to be getting old or something. “What happens now?” Xander felt he had to ask, he was not sure why he did.

“I thought you and I could play together Kitten.” Drusilla said, jumping off the bed and walking around it in a funeral march. The walk did nothing to deter Xander’s building opinion that he was fucked.

Dru looked at him with sparkling eyes, “I’ve always wanted to play with you Kitten since Valentines I’ve wanted to play, well - before that too.”

Xander looked at her almost curiously, he remembered Valentines well enough. You tended to remember your worse moments after all. He had to wonder how she knew of him before that, they had not really interacted much or anything.

She appeared to read his mind and said, “The stars sing such lovely songs about you my Dark Kitten.”

“Dark Kitten,” Xander asked almost incredulously, Kitten was bad enough, now apparently he was a Dark Kitten.

“Yes, my wonderful Dark Kitten with claws so sharp and teeth so pointy, heart strong and such a lovely big cock.”

Xander blinked back his shock at that weird statement, and how would she know anything about the size of his manhood. He was a little freaked to find that Drusilla was looking at said area of his anatomy with a slightly hungry look in her eyes.

“You’re going to rock the world you are my beautiful Dark Kitten, you are going to make Mummy so proud and happy.” she went on, her eyes still glued to his crotch, oddly he felt the need to cover up - even though he already was. Was this what women meant when they said someone was undressing them with their eyes?

Dru suddenly started to crawl on the bed, licking her lips, “Will you look after Dru my darling Kitten?”

Xander had no idea how to respond to that question, but tried anyway, “How would I do that. Angelus will kill me, if you don’t.”

Dru came almost nose to nose with him, her eyes boring deep in his, almost seeming to search his soul. That struck his as extremely odd, considering she more than likely did not have one of her own. “I’ll make you big and strong; powerful enough to make the bad daddy go away.”

Okay, now she had caught his interest. He hated Angelus, and he was not a fan of Angel either. Both of them hurt Buffy all of the time and he considered Buffy one of his girls. His Girls were like a family to Xander, or were his family in a way, just in a not having the same parent’s way. Thank God, considering the things he and Cordy got up to in the Janitors Closet, and the things he would quite like to do to Buffy as well. Hell, in all honesty there were a few dreams in there about Willow as well if he were true to himself.

“Do you like that idea Kitten; do you want to be big and strong, to become my Dark Kitten?” Drusilla asked her voice hypnotic and eyes deep with some emotion that Xander could not identify at that moment, it looked like Hope, but that could not be right surely?

“The idea has merit,” Xander admitted vaguely, now she was so close Dru was really screwing with his thought processes. His eyes flicked down, and then quickly back up again. From where she was bent over in front of him, her dress had sagged at the front, showing an expanse of cleavage and a hint of shape beyond that. As his eyes went back to the dark vampires, he saw amusement and not a small amount of lust in their depths. That confused him more than a little, he wanted to know why she wanted him at all. He never really understood it when people found him attractive, he was sure Cordy would come to her senses soon enough, let alone a partially mad vampire. Though it just had to be his luck that most of the attractive women that found him attractive had something not quite right about them, with Cordelia it was her fall from status and the pain from that. With others, it had been everything from needing life force to fertilising egg sacks and some in between.

The next thing he knew there was a set of soft, moist, but cool lips on his. It was an entirely different sensation from kissing Cordelia and it was not bad, not bad at all. A tongue pushed at his lips and he found himself reacting almost out of instinct lips parting and tongue touching hers. They duelled for a moment, Dru shifting forward enough that she was able to kneel in front of him and hold his head with one hand.

Xander suddenly let out a slight yelp as he felt her use her spare hand to grope his groin, her hand working at his fly. He backed off as best he could and looked at the supposedly insane vampiress in shock.

Her eyes were heavily lidded and lips kiss swollen, the look behind them screamed of arousal. “Mummy is going to make you big and strong Kitten, oh- You’re already big,” she said the last in a purr that hit Xander in the libido and made his cock jerk in her grip. She chuckled slightly a very sexy throaty sound that did not help Xander keep control. Of all the people, he would loose his virginity to; he had never thought it would be a vampire. Even one that was as hot to look at as Drusilla indeed was.

She worked his shaft with a couple of sure strokes, making him painfully hard in her cool grasp. Her eyes flicked down, just looking at his manhood for a long moment. Then suddenly she backed up and down so quickly Xander jerked in surprise. Only to then exclaim, “Oh Fuck,” as she dipped her head down into his lap taking him into her mouth and sucking so hard he saw lights in the back of his eyes.

This was quite possibly the most surreal moment in Xander’s life, but damn she was good at that. The noise of her fellatio hit him hard, the slurping suction sent off fireworks in his mind and he felt himself sagging back onto the bed.

“Hmmm, I love the way you taste Kitten,” she told him, “Such a nice big hard, warm cock,” she went on, her voice studied seduction.

Xander did not have a chance to formulate a reply before she was licking her way down his shaft before sucking the base into her mouth a little; he swore he just managed to get a little harder.

Suddenly she shifted positions her mouth coming off him with a wet noise. Xander looked sideways to see a court shoe by his head. He traced the foot to an ankle, up a nylon-coated leg to a garter and then lace. It was a nice view, but what really caught his eye was the dagger sheath in place at the tops of her stockings. “I will make the pain go away after Kitten, I promise,” Dru told him as she drew the wickedly sharp dagger and held it in a light grip.

Xander’s eyes flashed open in shock; he should have known the pleasure would have a price he did not want to pay. Just for once, he would like to hear the price before getting the goods in hand. “Urh-” he began, only to stop as she ripped off what was left of his shirt, and then worked on his pants, pulling them off hard enough to tear the denim and cause him no small amount of pain.

She smiled down at him wickedly, “Naughty Kitten is still hard,” she scolded playfully, taking him in hand and giving him a few pleasurable strokes, she appeared to forget what she was doing for a moment, just stroking him rapidly. To the point that Xander started to find it hard to focus, even on the black blade of the dagger that seemed to fill his vision only a moment ago.

Then the dark haired vampire seemed to realise she was forgetting something and stilled her motion. “Later Kitten, I’ll let you do naughty things to me, now I must make you big and strong,” she told him, her voice oddly soft and eyes focusing on him in a way he was not used to seeing from her.

Xander had nothing to say, his eyes fixed on the blade.

“The pain won’t last,” Drusilla told him still with that oddly gentle tone, “And then we will see where fate rolls his dice.”

Before Xander could make a comment about that, he shouted in pain as the blade bit down on his chest. A thin line of blood appeared in its path as Drusilla traced a line with this dagger. His eyes filled with fire Xander glared at her, “I was just starting to like you,” he commented angrily.

Dru actually looked oddly contrite, but straddled him and continued to trace a design across his chest. The pain from the blade was actually manageable; he had suffered worse from a beer bottle. Oh how he loved his parents for all they had taught him. There was an odd burn though, which made him wonder if there blade was poisoned.

To add insult to injury Drusilla began to hum in an oddly tuneless way as she cut into the flesh of his chest.

“What the fuck are you doing you crazy bitch!” Xander demanded to know in an angry tone of voice and at a high volume. The burn was now becoming less and less manageable as she worked.

“Do not be like that Kitten, you’ll be better soon,” Dru said with actual tears in her eyes.

This would have made Xander worry if not for that ever-increasing burn from his chest. From his chest was right, as it now appeared to be spreading around his body.

He bucked in an attempt to dislodge her, but he did not have a lot of movement available to him and he just caused the blade to bite deeper than before.

“Shhh, Shhh,” she cooed to him reaching forward with one hand and stroking back his hair, “It won’t last- One way or the other”

“Oh I feel so much FUCKING better to hear you say that,” Xander said with scathing sarcasm. He figured he was allowed that since there was a vampire using him as a drawing board and a knife as a pen.

Dru looked at him for a long moment smiling slightly, “Such darkness in my Dark Kitten, you must let it out, let it flow.”

Xander growled at her, his eyes flashing in anger, “I’ll show you darkness; let me out bitch!”

“Ohhhh, naughty Kitten is being cruel to his Mummy, no cream for you!” she said, her normally dreamy voice sounding oddly mocking.

Xander growled, "I don't even fucking like cream," but was largely ignored.

Xander was brought up on the Hellmouth, born and bred there. His parents were abusive bastards that had made his life hell at times and occasionally hurt him. This meant that there was a lot of Darkness lurking in the depths of Xander’s soul. It was bubbling up to the surface now as it often did in times of great stress. Once he had nearly killed a boy for hurting his Willow because of that Darkness and it was not something that went away. It was banging against the cage he held it in his mind, shaking and rattling the bars and thrashing around in anger. It wanted to come out to play, to fight, and to tear the one that was hurting him apart. He let it, and it flowed out of him and into his body like an ice-cold river. The pain went away; or rather, it was suddenly ignored. His eyes seemed to get darker and he glared at Drusilla with murderous intent, “Let me up.” he said, his voice oddly calm.

Dru shook her head, long hair flying around she did it so hard, “No Kitten; I can’t do that. You’ll kill Mummy before she’s done else.”

“Damn right I will bitch let me up and I’ll at least fuck you hard first.”

Dru paused, and looked at him steadily for a long moment, “You see Mummy wants her Kitten, you’re using it against me.” she told him, her voice sounding damn near amused and slightly proud. “Clever kitten may get cream after all,” she purred to him, moving her self against his still hard shaft. Then she smiled sexily, but went back to work.

“When I get out of here, I’m going to make you wish you were never born.” Xander told her, still in that calm voice, it was glacially cool, and the look in his eyes was damn near scary to the vampire.

“Such wonderful darkness will make such a marvellous weapon my Dark Kitten.” Dru told him, her lower half still moving so she was teasing his hardness.

“You want to fuck me, let me up and I’ll bang you so hard we’ll break the bed.”

Dru paused again, “When I’m finished you and I can play all night long Kitten.”

Xander growled at her, his tone becoming less cool, “You won’t survive that long,” he told her.

Dru smiled, “Fates dice tell of all our times Kitten. If mine is to be tonight, so be it. I hope you fuck me first though.”

Xander blinked, then threw back his head and actually laughed, “Oh you’re something else, Princess.”

She smiled softly at him, then with great care and attention she cut a lightning bolt shape overlaying the oddly concentric design she had previous etched.

Xanders back arched and his mouth opened as primal scream of utter pain was ripped from him. The design glowed blood red, beams of the light reaching a metre above his form. The sound from his throat went supernatural, powerful enough to blow out the large window above them shattering it and sending the thick curtails flying away on an invisible wind. Deep arterial red moonlight washed over the pair of them making the room glow with its splendour.

Xander just suddenly stopped screaming, flopping back onto the bed and his eyes snapping open to look unseeing in her general direction.

Drusilla held completely still, her attractive eyes looking at her Kitten with some worry tingeing her gaze. Then he focused on her and it was as if someone had speared her where she sat.

“What the FUCK was that?”

Drusilla smiled wistfully, “The Mark of Arangor,” she told him, “Pain like no other known to man or demon Kitten, it is the first step towards making you strong.”

“It hurt like a mother fucker,” Xander commented with a remarkably mild tone.

Drusilla smiled at him gently, and then scooted backwards off of him, “Ohh Kitten” she said looking back at him, “Still so hard you are,” she said, then reached to the side and pulled on a lever. Suddenly Xander was free, his restraints removed by that single device. He sat up and looked at the beautiful vampire in front of him; he wanted revenge for the pain. More than that though, he wanted release for the feelings that were building within him, powerful feelings as old as the human race.

The tableau held as the two looked at each other, and then moving fast Xander got to his feet and slammed Drusilla against the wall behind her, his hand around her throat. She did not need to breathe, but it was not a great feeling to have your windpipe crushed like that. He stared into her eyes for a long moment, and then he moved forward letting go of her throat, and grabbing her by the back of her neck. He pulled her to him strongly and their lips mashed together before they melded together in an animalistic kiss.

Xander pulled back, and Dru nipped at his bottom lip with a slight growl that was as sexy as it was a surprise, he looked at her steadily and said, “You’re not what you appear are you?”

She smiled in a feline fashion before stretching her neck to get at him, her lips moving sensually against his in a departure from before. Then her tongue went into his mouth and all bets were off, she tried to put her hand on him but Xander grabbed them both before they hit flesh. He then slammed them above her head and held them there with one hand, breaking off the kiss to smile wickedly at her. “Nor am I,” he told her, kissing her neck hungrily as she mewed in pleasure, one of her legs cocking up and curling around his back. Her moist sex was just brushing against his hardness, which spurned him on. He used his spare hand to push up her dress as far as he could, revealing her naked lower half to the air. Then his hand slid between their bodies and rubbed her mound of Venus, sliding along her already slick folds. She purred in a sexually charged way, kissing his neck as he kissed hers.

Xander jerked back when she bit him, blood flowing steadily from the wound, “A biter hey?” he commented, "Two can play that game, Princess," and then he bit her on the neck in turn. She growled, and pushed her lower half against him, rubbing herself against his hand as hard as she could, seeking some release from the pressure building in her loins.

Xander happily let her rub against his palm, feeling her wetness on his hand and the slight throb where they were pushed so hard against each other. In truth, he did not really know what he was doing, some instinct was driving him, telling him to touch her there, kiss her here. So he did as instinct declared, kissing her neck where he had just broken her flesh tasting the copper of her blood on his tongue. She replied by biting into his neck again, and this time he did not back off. He let her do it, he had been bitten before, but it was nothing like the erotic sensation he was feeling from Drusilla. It had hurt, like a fire; this was a fire of a very different and much more enjoyable type. He sucked a little on her neck, making her moan into his skin as he drew some blood from her, she did the same, just a little and enough that the sensation ruled the day not a feeding frenzy.

Xander hooked one of his fingers, his index, so the next rubbing pass she made slid his finger in through her lips and sank into her sex. She stopped suckling on his neck and let out a gasp as he breached her core. A throaty and erotic moan escaping from her blood stained lips.

He let another finger join the first and for a moment, she held still before pushing harder against him, thrusting his fingers deeper into her pussy. He then moved his hand back and thrust them back in a few times, penetrating her to the last knuckle with two fingers.

“More,” she breathed into his ear, nipping the lobe as she did so, her breath tingling against his skin.

Not one to say no, Xander did as he was asked; spreading her as he thrust his fingers into her body his thumb hitting her clitoris with each movement. She yelped with pleasure every single time he did it then moved her hips so she was rubbing against that thumb with his fingers nestled within her.

The scene stayed the same for a few moments as her pleasure began to mount, her urgings becoming more desperate as she moved against him and he helped her along.

He smiled in a feral way at her as he backed off a little, then removed himself from her moist sex and grabbed the front of her dress.

She looked at him, her eyes wild with passion and some annoyance at being left as she was, then he jerked downwards, holding her dress in his hand ripping it from her body straight down the front.

She let out a gasp, then a growl of arousal as she looked into his hungry expression. Xander held back though, just looking at her body. Cordy had bigger breasts, quite a lot bigger and more curves. Dru was still amazingly erotic to him though, slender with modest breasts, her body pale and otherworldly. Each perfectly formed breast tipped with a dark brown nipple that stood proud and hard. His head moved almost of its own volition, his lips attaching themselves to a nipple.

She let out a moan as he suckled on her, his tongue toying with her nipple in the heat of his mouth. Then suddenly the warmth left her. She was about to complain when she felt him attach to her other nipple, tongue swirling around and making her sigh in pleasure, her body still moving in enticing ways as she pushed her breasts towards him. He fitted a little more of her breast in his mouth and gave a strong suck. She showed her pleasure with an expiration of sound that made his cock jerk against her.

He pulled off her and used his grip on her hands to turn her and throw her so she was bent over the bed. He took a hold of her hips with a strong grip and growled out, “I’m gunna fuck you so hard.” His mind was almost entirely on autopilot as he lined up and thrust into her with a single stroke. She was more than ready for his entrance, but it still made her head snap back with its animalistic suddenness. Her mouth gaped as she stretched around his shaft and he was testing her limits, she was so happy her kitten was such a man.

He pulled back to the point of leaving her then pushed back into her, slowly this time, so slowly Dru thought she would die of the beautiful torture of the feeling. A long drawn out sigh of a moan spilled from her full lips, her eyes wide open and face beautifully erotic. He slammed home the last inch making her yelp not in pain, more surprise. Then he pulled back out as slowly as he had sunk into her, before slamming back in hard and fast making her cry out with an erotic sound.

Hands holding her slender waist now, he pushed her so he came out, and then pulled hard so he slid back in to her lubricated opening. “Oh fucking hell,” she cursed as he repeated the process, this time so hard she swore he was about to come out of her throat. “Deep, big kitten.” she purred as she moved leisurely this time, moving so she seemed to feel every bump, every vein on his shaft to the crown which finally left her labia leaving her feel empty in a way she never wanted to feel again. “In, back in Kitten, Please- I beg you fill me up,” she said in a rush, her words almost desperate sounding. “Please, if you do I promise I will make you so happy, show you a world you didn’t know existed.” she told him, sounding remarkably clear.

Xander looked at the tatters of her dress covering the gentle arch of her back, flawless skin visible in places that he ached to taste. “Alright,” he purred, just touching his tip to her outer lips using his pelvic movements to tease her with a gentle rubbing motion. A mere centimetre of movement spread her lips around his crown, and then he slid into her with deliberate and achingly slow speed. Her whimpering pleas to pound her to orgasm ignored as he enjoyed the silky sensation of her sex wrapping itself around his cock. He kept up the speed until he was hilt deep within her, his pelvis pressing against her pert backside, holding her hard against him and filling her up. With a fluid movement he drew out of her, the pure bliss of feeling as her body tried to hold him in place was a wonderful torment for them both.

Drusilla realised she was whimpering, she did not care one iota. She begged him to fuck her, to make her come hard and fast, but he just kept on giving her that superb anguish of slow glossy sliding. After an impermissible amount of time for them both Xander tired of the game, his thrusts becoming more desperate and faster. He slipped into the velvety glove of her body with increasing passion and urgency. The meaty slap of their bodies meeting louder and louder as he thrust into her. Control slipped away to be replaced with pounding desire, each meeting greeted with erotic utterances from them both. His balls tightened ready for his release even as Dru’s cries became more needy and unrestrained. The plateau of pleasure reached them both, holding for scant moments before they were launched off of the edge together, free wheeling through space as she fluttered around his spasming manhood, her nipples harder than ever and sex watering they came together.

Xander lost himself in the moment, Dru didn’t, she held on turning them around with a swift movement as she came down from her orgasm, her mind still swimming she managed to swap positions but then realised she was facing away from him. She rode his still stiff cock for a moment, uncaring of her predicament for a glimpse of time. Carried away on the sea of sensation he had conjured within her, and then finally she moved around, keeping him inside of her body for as long as she could her slick sex twisting around on his shaft. Then when she was facing him, she moved down to his neck. Her long hair spread across his chest and lower face as she bit into his neck lustily. Her greedy slurping did not even reach Xander; he was blinded and deafened with his first orgasm caused by penetrative sex.

A few moments of deep drinking followed and Drusilla pulled back, slicing her wrist with the discarded dagger, she held the bleeding appendage to his mouth. Completely unaware and fading fast from blood loss Xander drank of her, then something went through him and he drank more deeply.

As he suckled her wrist Dru took advantage of his surviving hardness rocking against him, reaching her plateau again easily as he drank her. Then as his head dropped back on the bed, a second milder but by no means, less enjoyable orgasm hit her, she rode it out before flopping forwards onto Xander’s broad chest, breasts pressed against him, naked skin to naked skin.
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