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BMRI: Reworked

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Summary: Xander's life takes an unexpected turn for the better and new pathways open to him.

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Chapter Two

Chapter 02 - The Childe of the Rising Moon

Sunnydale High, Day

A fully recovered Buffy walked down the hallways of the large high school feeling better about her self than she had in a long time. There was still the problem of Angel, or rather Angelus, but even weak and ill she had taken out a demon. With Angelus’ action with Miss Calendar, she would not hesitate now. She would do what had to be done. A voice from behind her interrupted her thoughts

“Can I have him back now?”

Buffy turned to be faced with the Queen of Sunnydale with arms crossed and looking angry as hell.

“Huh?” Buffy replied.

Cordelia raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “My boyfriend, I take it now you are all up and about he isn’t playing guard dog?”

“What?” Buffy said confusedly. She was starting to become annoyed. Cordy rolled her eyes and sighed at the denseness of slayers.

“You know tall, dark hair ,kinda goofy but good looking. Goes by the name of Xander”

“No, I haven’t seen him. Should I have?”

“Yes he was guarding you like a good puppy,” Cordelia said the green-eyed monster arising in her.

Buffy stared at her a little stunned by her words. “I didn’t know,” she said slowly. Then shook herself, “I don’t know where he is, I saw Giles this morning; he was waiting for me.”

“Fine,” Cordelia said and left in a huff.

Buffy mentally shrugged and made her way to her first class.

Angel’s Mansion

Drusilla looked down at the face of her childe, he was so handsome to her he astounded her. Oh, the things he had done to her the night before; she had never felt so sensual. Her sex life as a vampire had been violent rutting for the most part. Last night, to her, had been extremely special and the man that had made her feel that way was special to her. She had done what she could to make things turn out the best they could. Now she had to wait and see what woke up, a monster that would ruin the world, or perhaps something else, something that would be her salvation and maybe others as well. The stars were being unclear on that point, which was very frustrating, but they had never led her astray before. She honestly doubted that they would lead her astray now, it was just the possibilities of the moment, or the moment from last night that were unclear. Her kitten had such amazing darkness inside of him, darkness that could turn the sky to blood if fate decided that was what was to be.

He was special, very special, even now as he slept he showed how utterly amazing he was to her. His chest was rising and falling in steady breaths. That should not be happening for a start; she reached out the heat of his body burning into her mind via her cool hand. There was another thing that was not supposed to be that way either; he should not be warm. He looked a little different that morning as well, more defined facially and his musculature as well. He looked ever so slightly older in some indefinable way. She thought he was the sexiest man ever to walk the face of the earth. It was her opinion and she would defend it against all comers. As she would defend him against those that wished him harm.

It was, of course, only right that he be special. After all, she was special too in her own way, she had not sired before Spike or since, Spike had been special once as well. He had been such a loving poet at heart and a mummy’s boy to boot only that had all changed. She should have listened to Miss Edith and the Stars about Spike, she knew that now, that is why she had listened so well this time. Spike hurt her in so many ways, and would continue to do so for many years if not for her Kitten.

Her eyes were gentle as she looked down on Xander’s sleeping form, her hand still resting on a defined pectoral muscle. Her fingers idly tracing its shape softly and so lightly he probably barely felt it. For such a dark haired man he was oddly hairless, not that she minded that one tiny bit, it just struck her as another way in which he was so uniquely him.

She shifted slightly; still wonderfully sore in all the right places, another way she thought he was special. He had filled her up so much last night in all the ways that counted that she knew she was forever bound to him come hell, or high water. A sultry smile curled her generous lips, blue eyes sparkling with lust as she noticed his erection growing. It seemed her kitten was an early riser; her hand moved from his chest and meandered down his body lazily. Then her slender fingers curled around his manhood, just holding him in her hand for a moment.

A smile graced his face even in sleep, that odd lopsided smile that had filled her dreams so often. She wanted to kiss it, but held off, she would wake her sleeping kitten for sure, but there were better methods to wake a man than a mere kiss. Her hand smoothed up his erection, gently and just touching, sliding up his smooth skin curling around his crown in a touch that made his hip’s jerk slightly. Her smile still sultry she shifted back on the bed lying down so she was at an angle to work with her hand and be close to what she was doing. Her hand continued its soft ministrations then it began to speed up a little causing Xander to groan in his sleep.

She cocked an eyebrow at him; he should be awake by now. She sped up adding a twist to her motion to entice him further, which caused more groaning but no sign of him awakening anytime soon. She actually smiled slightly in fond amusement and moved around so she was astride his ankles; her head now level with his crotch.

Her head sank down and she awoke her sleeping kitten.


Xander stalked through the empty hallways and rooms of the mansion feeling edgy. He had never felt as trapped as he did at that moment, moving in the darkened mansion hiding from the sunlight like a rat. He hated that feeling, truly hated it. His mind was awash with tumultuous feelings, the urge to hunt was strong, to feed until he was full to cause death and mayhem. Yet, there was another strong voice telling him not to do these things, to hold off to think and not to just act. The strong voice calmed him slowly, but did not remove the feeling of being trapped in this prison from the light. He came to a stand still, chest heavy with repressed rage, it did not matter that he did not have anything truly angering him, the feeling of entrapment was enough. He needed to get out of there, to check on his girls. It may seem odd that a vampire would care about anyone or anything but, he did. Deep down in his guts was the urge to protect those he saw as family, about those he cared. It had always been a strong instinct inside of him, now it was a driving force of his personality.

He had a new girl now as well, Drusilla. No one could have predicted the strong feelings he had for his sire, not even Drusilla herself. Yet they were there seething in with the rest of his calling. He had been awoken in a most pleasurable of ways that morning and he had been both hungry and horny. Both needs were met by his sire; she had gotten him some blood and then submitted to his mercies. Long had they partaken in the pleasures of each other’s flesh, at first it had been animalistic rutting. Then after the forceful need had been sated, they had relaxed into each other and made what would normally be called love. Only love was a function of the soul, and he did not think vampires could have a soul without intervention from, say a Romany. Yet he felt it inside of him, an odd voice of conscience and more that strong voice that kept his more primal screaming to a dull roar. He was not like other vampires, he already knew that, he could feel it deep down and it was not just that he had retained his soul. There was more to it than that, he just could not place a finger on it at that moment in time; He Just Knew.

He looked out into the garden at the back of the mansion, admiring the view for a long moment, the sight calming him down significantly. Dru had not shared why she had done what she had done the previous night, other than the stars had sung about it and about him. He realised that was likely the only answer he was going to get for the moment. He would figure out the rest himself, he just wished he could go into the light, check on his girls.

He sighed to himself, the anger fading away a little as he watched birds flying in the sky and hopping around in the garden he could see. His entire life seemed to have led to the night before in some indefinable way. Meeting Willow and Cordelia, then meeting Buffy and loosing Jessie, fighting vampires, one of which of course he now was, and fighting off Angelus to save Buffy. It was to his great pleasure that he had managed to hold off the master vampire one last time before meeting his end at the end of Angelus’s fist. At least the bastard had not gotten his Buffy. For she was HIS Buffy and in a way always would be, the same way Willow was his and Cordy was his; Possessive, most certainly, did he care, not one tiny bit.

The thought of ending himself had already crossed his mind, saving Buffy the trouble. Then it had occurred to him that a vampire would not care about that, and since he did, he was going to be no problem to her. He loved them all, he would not hurt them and if he was ended who would properly look after His Dru. That is what she was now, his Dru - His Princess, after all. It was his duty to protect her from Angelus’s wrath when he found out what she had done the night previously. He would certainly be angry; Xander knew that the vampire would have wanted him dead. That, obviously, had not happened - quite the opposite in fact. Xander felt more alive now than when he had been alive. However, he still breathed, his heart still beat a rhythm in his chest, that meant he was alive did it not?

He certainly had needs that a man would have, a living breathing man. Despite the fact that Dru was fast asleep from their earlier sexual encounter, he felt very much ready for more. He debated waking her, but did not want to make her overly tired. He glanced at his watch wondering if he had left her long enough.

The time stood out to him clearly, but that was not what was bothering him. He looked down and around finding that he was standing in a pool of light cast by the large French windows in front of him. He glared at his arm intently; it was as if with his scrutiny his skin would remember his vampiric status. Whereupon it would bust into flame sheepishly remembering what was expected of it. Nothing happened in the ten minutes he stood there just looking at the sun hitting the skin of his arm. Sun was in fact hitting him all over his body.

He looked down at his tattered clothing, seeing patches of bare skin all of which was bathed in the glory of the sunlight. A wolfish smile appeared on his face, his eyes sparkling with humour and enjoyment. Another glance cast at his clothes made him realise that if he was going out he needed a change of clothing. Angelus was away, about his size and thus his wardrobe was now fair game. With a suddenly cheerful stance and a jaunty whistle, Xander walked off towards Angelus’s quarters.

Sunnydale High

Willow, Oz, Giles and Buffy looked at each other with worry. Xander was nowhere to be found. His parents had said he had not come home the night before. Cordelia had not seen him and Giles had not seen him since the night before. Cordelia was due to meet them after her practice session and they did not have good news for her.

Willow looked on the verge of tears and was being comforted by her boyfriend Oz.

Giles was looking a little harried as well. With the loss of his love and now this so soon on its heels, he was feeling his age keenly. If they lost Xander as well, it would go hard on the watcher. Buffy was frankly shocked at how keenly she was feeling the worry over Xander. She felt as though someone had taken her leg off and she was tottering around with out full support. That Xander had become so important was news to her, but it did not lessen the pain any.

“Whoa, who died,” a familiar voice asked, with amusement in the tone. As one, the group turned to face the stranger. He was dressed in leather jeans, blood red silk shirt and was wearing a sexy smile. A leather jacket was hung loosely from a finger on his shoulder. If it were not for the fact it was daylight they would believe it was a vampire.

“Xander!” Willow exclaimed and dove at him. Xander caught her and hugged her gently, casting Oz a wary look. The young man seemed pleased to see him, which was good. The hug was soon joined by Buffy who grappled them both in a tight hug that almost crushed Willow. It would have crushed Xander as well but he was made of sterner stuff these days.

“Hey, get your mitts of my boyfriend,” said Cordelia as she arrived. “And where have you been, and who dressed you”

“Hi Cordy, I missed you, too,” Xander shot at her sarcastically.

The smile Cordelia shot him could have melted an icecap. “Hey baby,” she said and joined the hug.

Xander smirked, “Now this I could get used to,” he said jokingly but his mind was fully of images of just what he would like to do.

Buffy swatted his arm as she broke her hug. “You Wish,” she said then shook out her hand. He was surprisingly solid.

“Yeah, Dweeb Boy, in your dreams,” Cordelia said with an edge.

Xander’s smile captivated her clearing her mind of the insult she had lined up, “You know I want you Cor…” he said leaning forward and capturing her lips with a loin searing kiss. Her knees started to knock and she finally caught herself and pushed him away.

“We’ll continue that later,” she whispered in his ear breathlessly. As he was now facing away from them all they could not see, the truly evil smile that appeared on Xander’s handsome face.

Using a breathy voice he pulled Cordelia hard against him and said into her ear, “Bet on it.”

Cordelia feeling that her heart was about to leap out of her chest could not let go of her boyfriend, “So what’s with the new look?” she said.

“Never mind that, where have you been,” Giles said irritably.

Xander looked at Cordelia. “Change of image, tired of the dweeb look.” He looked at Giles, “What, can’t a guy sleep in?”

“Your Mom and Dad said you didn’t go home last night,” Willow informed him.

“Come on Wills, you know them. They were passed out when I got home, didn’t even know I was there.”

Willow blushed slightly at Xander’s smile and the look in his eye. It was not friendly it was damn right dirty.

Giles cleared his throat with embarrassment, “Ah, it appears a lack in communication has caused confusion.”

Xander shot him a look, “What?” he said creasing his brow.

“We thought you were dead,” Cordelia told him.

“The reports of my death have been exaggerated,” Xander quoted, ‘slightly,’ he added internally with a slight chortle of amusement.


The door opened to the not overly large broom closet that now stood in for a bedroom for a certain couple. A beautiful chestnut haired young woman backing into the dingy surrondings and lightning them with her mere presence. Her eyes darted around a little annoyance flashing on her beautiful visage and she glanced down at her watch. This was the time she had and Xander had agreed on, where the hell was he?

Just then she felt strong hands slowly curve around her waist at the tops of her hips and she smiled slightly. She leaned back against a broad chest that smile still present on her face. She knew who was holding her without even looking. That odd combination of comfort and heart racing thrill she felt when his hands were on her meant it could only be one person. Only one man had ever undone her and that man was Xander.

"I'd thought you'd forgot - sneak." She said, her tone warm and lightly mocking as she settled back against his chest. Arching her neck up to capture his lips in a searing kiss that went on for a good long time. When they finally parted her heart was racing and she was breathing hard her eyes molten.

"Forget this - never," he said recapturing her lips in an even more passionate kiss that lasted less time but worked even more to heighten her arousal. She pressed back against him, smiling seductively when she felt the bulge she had put in his trousers. She wasn't without signs of arousal herself, but she did so love that she could do that to him, and that it was her that had done it. That was the important part to her, she had always had a way of turning on men, but for some reason it meant more when it was Xander. He made no demands of her, in fact they hadn't gone too far as yet, not pushing her boundaries much at all. Frankly she felt he would be surprised what she would do for him that she wouldn't dream of doing for others.

Xander felt that in some way he couldn't quite grasp, sensing it coming from her in almost palpable waves of desire. The desire to give him pleasure and to get some herself. He wasn't sure HOW he knew, but he was sure it was coming from her, and not his own imagination. He wondered how to truly test that he was 'feeling' was for real. The obvious answer was to push and see what happened. Their relationship hadn't gone much past light, above clothes, fondling so far that and some blistering kisses. It wasn't that he didn't like the kissing, making out was great - but he would quite like to push the envelope. After Dru had awakened his desire and knowledge of how damn good sliding into a woman could feel, he wanted more of it. He wanted as much as he could get in point of fact. His hands curled around laying on Cordy's toned stomach, still above clothing. Then he gently tugged on her blouse with one hand making the material hitch upwards a little. Just enough to touch her warm smooth skin below.

She moaned slightly and he took that as encouragement, moving so both his hands were under her top. Still resting on her stomach he played with her skin there making her positively purr at him. As he once again kissed her his hands began to drift upwards on her flesh gliding towards the lower curve of her breasts. He hit the hard bottom edge of her bra, and since she was making small mewing sounds of encouragement he pushed upwards. Her blouse lifted along for the ride and finally his hands curled around her generous breasts, holding perfection in his hands Xander became harder than ever. Cordelia for her part was swimming with pleasure, he was finally pushing a bit and she liked it. It was almost as if he had read her mind, lifting her desire for more from the top of her head.

Xander broke the kiss breathing hard, "You're so amazing," he told her his eyes intent and passionate as he looked down at her upturned face. She smiled at him in the way she seemed to reserve for their cupboard moments together. Then unconsciously swished her backside gently across the hardness in his trousers.

Xander growled softly, almost a purr and kissed her neck making her moan in turn. His hands cupped in a more firm way on her breasts. He felt even through the lace that her nipples were becoming quite hard at his gentle ministrations. He ached to feel her bare breasts, and moved his hands away much to her shock. She was about to pull away, to tell him it was alright and that she was not only fine with the touching but liked it, when she suddenly stopped. He was undoing the buttons on her blouse, slowly almost teasingly. His dark eyes drumming into hers, not only was it sensual but she realised he was giving her the chance to say no.

No way was she going to do that, not now - probably not ever. Eventually her Blouse parted and she turned to face him shrugging it off of her shoulders and let it fall to the ground uncaring of where it fell.

Xander greatly wished she would take off her Bra at that moment in time. Then she reached up behind her and fiddled a little, a hunch of her shoulders and the Bra sagged. He smiled, sexily at her as she stood bra just drooping slightly showing a hint of what lay beneath. She looked into his eyes, waiting for something. Xander wasn't sure what, he really didn't want her to stop though. Again she reacted to his unuttered thought and smiled coyly, then another shrug of her shoulders and the bra was sliding down her arms and pure perfection was laid bare before his blistering gaze. He'd thought how Dru's breasts were smaller and they were, but both women had something amazing about them. Cordelia had beautiful breasts he would freely admit, and damn he wanted to touch them.

Cordelia looked into his burning gaze and reached forward taking him by the wrist and with a sexy little smile moved his hand on to her left breast.

Even through the roaring desire in his mind Xander realised something very important. For whatever reason, or however it was happening Cordelia seemed to know what he wanted and was reacting to it. It gave him an amazingly erotic sense of power and he had a feeling this was a power he would enjoy greatly. He had to wonder at the limits of said power, and just how it worked. The why's and how's could wait though, for now he had a wonderfully sexy woman that seemed more than willing to submit to his desires. He looked at his girlfriend with a heavy lidded gaze as she arched her back a little, pushing her breast in to his hand more firmly, moaning slightly with a mixture of desire and frustration. He found his other hand almost of its own volition raising and cupping her other breast in his palm. She smiled and arched a little more, pushing herself into his grip. He moved his hands slightly using his thumbs to flick across her nipples, feeling the skin there and making her gasp erotically.

His smile became so wicked it damn near had it's own set of horns as he watched her mouth move around another moan, such a beautiful mouth and that shape it made was driving him wild. He moved in kissing her forcefully, his hands now starting to glide around her naked torso making sure that he also toyed often with her breasts. How was it possible that any woman was so beautifully erotic and how the hell had he gotten her. He knew he wasn't what he was thankfully, but dear god in heaven how had he managed it was beyond him. He loved all his girls, he really did and Cordy was now one of his girls. Of course the thought of having Buffy in this position managed to make him even harder. He smirked slightly, as he backed off looking at Cordy who seemed to be almost floating on a wave of arousal now.

He concentrated a little, smiling as she worked the zip on her skirt, opening her eyes to look into his with a heated gaze. Without uttering a word, or in any other physical way making a sign of what he wanted Xander did his best to let her know what it was he wanted.

The message seemed to carry loud and clear as she turned away from him, then slowly and teasingly she worked off her skirt. First over her hips and then sliding down the length of her toned thighs and then the entirety of her legs. She stepped out of her skirt casually kicking it away, turning to face him again she posed for him with a little smile on her face.

He looked at her, mentally begging her to remove those lacy panties she was wearing and much to his surprise she smiled seductively and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her knickers. Then slowly, so slow it was making Xander champ at the bit, she pulled them down. Her breasts swinging forward free and unfettered as she did so. She also kicked her underwear away and stood before Xander naked but for her heels. Her toned, slightly tanned body in it's astounding glory laid bare to his hungry gaze.

"You are staggeringly beautiful," he told her as she straightened up. His mind was a swirl with possibilities for this new ability and at the same time of how incredibly sexy she was to him. Frankly wanted he wanted to do right there and then would leave the poor woman bruised so he tempered that reaction, just about. He moved like a striking snake, reaching out for her and taking a hold of the back of her neck and pulling her in for a kiss that left their old make out sessions in the dust. His other hand rested on her hip before moving around and just curling on the curve of her ass. He pulled her to him hard, his passion over riding his cool a fair bit.

It didn't worry Cordelia one bit, she liked the fact she was making him loose control like this, her arms wrapped around him and pulled him just as tightly against her, if not more so. Her tongue plundered his mouth, her breasts pressed flat against his chest. Her leg coming up to curl around his waist she pulled herself up so she was resting in his arms now with both legs curled around him. The kiss broke and Xander came face to face with her breasts. He wasted no time, kissing, nipping and sucking one breast before finally taking her nipple into his mouth and toying with it a little. Then he sucked hard and pulled off of it, making her gasp and making a wet noise as he did so. She looked down into his up turned gaze, her heart hammering she was so turned on at that moment, naked desire burning in her chest. His dark eyes making her feel so damn sexy with the look they held in their depths.

"Xander…" she said, surprised at the rough sound of her own voice.

"Cordy," he replied looking at her, his own voice not much more than a low growl.

"Can I suck your cock," she said then looking a little surprised. She hadn't meant to say that, she really hadn't it was like it just popped in her head, but she was far from adverse to the idea.

Xander smiled, he liked this ability he REALLY liked it. "You think I'd say no to offer like that?"

She smiled at him seductively. Then clambered down from his arms and sank slowly to a squatting position in front of him. Xander found his eyes tracing down her body and then tracing her legs until finally his eyes came to rest between them, her position hiding nothing from his highly aroused gaze.

His smile became predatory as she worked his belt undone and then fly. Then the smile became almost wolfish as she reacted to his desire and used only one hand to hook him free of his underwear. The other began to trail down her body, moving all the way down from her lips down the front of her body pausing at her breasts and finally sliding between her legs. "I'm so wet for you," she breathed, apparently not noticing her works instead just licking her lips and looking at the prize she had uncovered, "So hard, and long," she breathed, "So big, I've dreamed of this." She told him and then smiled slightly up at him in an enticing way, "It's bigger than I'd imagined."

Xander damn near beamed at her, he hadn't prompted that little speech at all, that was pure Cordy and dang but she'd just managed to make him even harder with it too. Her hand moved softly up and down his steel hard shaft a couple of times as she eyed his cock hungrily, her hand working it's magic between her legs as she did so. Her eyes were molten with desire and pure lust was coming off of her in heady waves. The odd thing was Xander could FEEL it coming off of her, and it felt good it felt REALLY good damn near addictive in fact. It felt a little like when he had fed, but not quite somehow it was actually better than that, it was intoxicating. She was intoxicating, her very presence was turning him on now, the sense of her, the smell of her and the feel of her hand on his shaft as he looked down at her playing with herself. The sense of power he had over her was no small thing either, he had no wish to 'control' her, but having some control was interesting in how much it was turning him on at that moment in time.

Any further thought was sent out of the window as her head ducked forward and a hot mouth wrapped around the top of his man hood. "Ahhh yeaahhh" Xander drawled with a smile on his face, a hand resting at the back of her head caressing her hair, but not forcing her to do a thing, just riding her motion as she began to bob her head.

He already knew that Dru had more - experience in this regard but Cordy was by no means bad. He had once heard someone joke that sex was like chocolate in that even bad chocolate was still good. This was far from bad, and it was DAMN good. Her lips worked around him as her tongue slithered around the base of his shaft, then she sucked for a moment before using her tongue again. His mind blanked a little as he just felt pleasure it was his entire world and he was living for it. He suspected he could live FOR it in fact.

Her hand began to work in a twist up and down his length moving in time with her hot mouth, she paused a moment to spit on the end of his cock, lubricating him but wasted no time in taking him back into the heat of her mouth.

Xander looked down at the beautiful woman sucking his cock a big fat lazy smile crawling across his face. One day as the new him and already things were improving. He supposed that he should be doing the vampire thing and killing her or something. No way he was doing that. One, he felt a horrible pang at the thought of hurting any of his girls in that way. Two, why waste her like that, because she was turning out to have some talents he rather liked. Three, he really didn't feel the need.

Xander wasn't the most moral person, not even before he was a vampire. He had a cold edge to him that made him dangerous to vampires even when he was human. That said, now he was a vampire it would probably become a very dangerous trait. Dangerous to others that was, because if someone even thought about hurting one of his girls, and that certainly included Dru, they would die in blistering pain.

Shaking away the darkness just a little he tightened his grip in Cordelia's hair making her moan around his shaft and sending even more pleasure through his system. He pulled her off of himself with a little force, she popped off the end of his cock and looked at him with a heated gaze, her fingers still strumming against her pussy and playing with her clitoris. The wanton look of her made Xander's cock jerk in her grip. He smiled sexily down at her, "Does that feel good Cor? Touching yourself like that, is it good - or would you like more?"

Cordy gasped, a near miniature orgasm hitting her as she trembled at the thought of what he was offering. Trembling with desire that is, "Oh god Xan, fuck me please god fuck me now."

Xander pulled her up by the hair, not roughly but forcefully then span her around and pulled her tight against his aching manhood, "I'm going to fuck you so hard Cordy, I've wanted you for a long time and I'm going to take you now, you want that hmm?"

"Oh yes, please yes," Cordy breathed. Her backside moving in enticing circles against his throbbing manhood.

Xander purr made her tremble as he said, "How do you want it Cor?"

"In me," Cordelia said fairly unhelpfully, but extremely sexily as her tone of voice was rough with rampant desire.

In truth Xander was still very much learning by this point, that said he had a feeling and it was another of the exterior feelings he'd been getting since she had entered their little den.

He glanced at the door, worried that somehow someone would hear them now they were going to be making some serious noise. He knew somehow that Cordelia was not the quiet type. Information flowed across his minds eye. A book he had once read, knowledge blossomed in his mind as the page became clear and the spell formed on his lips. "Adversium Silencio." His voice sounding strange and a pulse of power flowed out of him. The door sparkled for a second and the room became dead feeling, like someone had drapped it in wool.

Cordelia was too far gone to even realise her magically inept boyfriend had just pulled off a combination spell.

Following through on the sense he had gotten from his girl friend Xander pushed her head forward and she went with the motion a sensual smile on her face as he used his other hand to lift her leg at the thigh, making her rest her heeled foot on a shelving unit. "It's like you now what I want," Cordy breathed as she felt him press against her entrance pausing for a moment.

"I do, I know your every desire Cordy, and I'm going to make them come true."

Cordy breathed that little bit harder at his voice and words, "Even…"

"Even that," Xander assured her, then the time for words was gone and he pushed his hips forward and breached her core.

Cordelia lived up to his expectations as she yelped, "Fuck me it's big," and pushed back a little harder forcing him deeper still into her self.

Xander smiled, he had a feeling he'd never get tired of hearing that. "You make me so hard baby," he purred and then took a nice firm grip of her hips. "Are you ready?" he asked, some instinct telling him to ask her considering what he was about to do.

"If I was any more ready we'd drown," she breathed in a fuck crazy voice.

Xander smirked for a second, smiled and then pulled back slowly easing out of her. "Cordy…" he said getting her attention.

Cordelia growled, why was he still talking? "Yes?" she damn near snapped at him.

"I love you," he said and drove into her hard enough that she yelped, then she let out a protracted moan of absolute pleasure

Then he pulled slowly back out again, making her sigh, "I love you too." She said just before he drove back into her. Then he set his pace and began to drive into her repeatedly her mouth gaping open as she uttered sounds of her enjoyment in ever increasing volume. Her breasts bouncing with each thrust, hard nipples standing proudly, her hair flowing around her head as they moved together. Their bodies meeting with a wet smack of flesh on flesh as Xander pounded into her just exactly as she wanted him to, lighting every nerve in her body on fire as he did so.

She was so turned on by all that had happened she knew she was about to come, and it was going to be mind blowing she knew that already. The fact they had just gone leaping over their previous boundaries didn't worry her at all. All she cared about was the feeling of him inside her, pushing her boundaries there instead. Filling her in the most pleasing way possible. All that mattered was that pound, pound, pound as he slammed into her seeming to get deeper with each and every thrust.

But she needed just a little more, just a tiny bit more and she would come she knew it deep down.

Suddenly her world exploded as Xander reached around and down, hands playing her clitoris line a pianist. Her mouth gaped open, her scream of ultimate satisfaction amazingly loud in the enclosed space but Xander didn't care. As soon as she started to spasm around his cock he joined her, the extra sensation driving him that extra nanometre and sending him into climax too. The world dissolved into gray as their brains tried to cope with the extra sensory input. Minds blanking to that personal nirvana we all go to during such times bodies melded together they both called out their pleasure for a long moment before first Xander and then a little while afterwards Cordelia relaxed, the sound trailing off.

Then there was silence for a long while, then sound came back slowly. First their ragged breathing, and the sound of shelving units settling back against the wall.

Suddenly Cordelia let out a sort of half chuckle, "Ohhhh wow," she breathed out an astounding smile on her face as she looked back at Xander. "Just wow"

Xander smiled at her sexily, "Same as Cor, same as." He breathed out, as even his breathing was still slowing down after THAT experience.

"I am SO yours," Cordelia said, not even really thinking about what she said, just knowing she meant every word.

Xander smiled, "Yes you are, don't ever forget it baby, don't ever forget."

The End?

You have reached the end of "BMRI: Reworked" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Dec 09.

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